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  1. Ranking the 16 Dresspheres
  2. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD - Limited Edition?
  3. Did Tidus lose his legs in Dissidia?
  4. Extra 30 mins added to Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD
  5. Cross-platfrom Shared Saves for Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster
  6. SD and HD Comparison Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster
  7. WOW these new FFX HD screens are BEAUTIFUL
  8. Episode Complete New Game Plus carryover?
  9. If you were Tidus, what girl would you have went for?
  10. First Listen to FFX|X-2s New Drama Scene
  11. FFX|X-2 HD Remaster to Feature Newly Arranged Music
  12. FFX|X-2 HD Title Screens Leaked
  13. Oh ye of little fayth
  14. Crusaders
  15. FF X|X-2 HD English Drama Scene Settles Pronunciation Debate
  16. Tidus
  17. I can't believe...
  18. 60 Songs have been Remastered for FFX|X-2 HD
  19. Check out this sexy FINAL FANTASY X themed PS Vita. Then envy Japan.
  20. Final Fantasy X|X-2 will be out in Japan this Winter
  21. Final Fantasy X|X-2 December Release date
  22. FFX and X-2 HD additional features wishlist
  23. Spira would be the best universe for a Final Fantasy MMO
  24. Let's Talk about Wakka
  25. The original FFX concept: Everyone dies at age 17
  26. "Dude! Our team is gonna rock!"
  27. Tons of new FFX HD Screens
  28. FF X/ X-2 HD NA/EU release date announced
  29. " And here I was, thinking summoners were all old geezers"
  30. The Yuna Appreciation Thread
  31. Who likes Blitzball? FFX|X-2 HD Video time!
  32. The Jecht Appreciation Thread
  33. The O'aka XXIII Appreciation thread
  34. The Blitzball Kid Appreciation Thread
  35. Favourite Location
  36. FFX-2 Ronso
  37. FFX-2 Missions/Storylines
  38. FFX-2 Who did you choose?
  39. Blitzball players with bad stats you still use anyway
  40. Is Meg Ryan really Tidus??
  42. Some FFX-2 HD Screens
  43. MOAR info on FFX/X-2 HD
  44. Even the NPCs have a trailer! FFX|X-2 HD
  45. All I Want For FFXHD
  46. My FFX Challenges journal
  47. Stop the Ronso! Save the Guado!
  48. Fina Fantasy & X-2 trophies
  49. The Maechen Appreciation Thread
  51. Split's already uploading his playthrough of FFX HD
  52. X/X-2 HD Audio Drama
  53. Seriously, I'm Alright!
  54. FINAL FANTASY X-3: Definitely, Maybe
  55. Final Fantasy X-3 Hype Thread
  56. Final Fantasy X-2.5 Novel
  57. FFX/X-2 HD: Official English Text already on game disks
  58. Lightning Returns beaten in sales by... FINAL FANTASY X|X-2 HD Remaster
  59. Tell me you like these Final fantasy Yuna cosplaying?
  60. FFX|X-2 Game Trailers preview!
  61. Which of the International version features do you like best?
  62. FFX|X-2 Brings the Love for V-day!
  63. What language does Al Bhed sound like to you?
  65. Isn't it wonderful? VS 1000 Words
  66. Tiedus or Teedus
  67. Why?
  68. Rubbing it in their faces
  69. Would you consider this game to be retro?
  70. Locky's Top 5 Fashionable Dresspheres of Final Fantasy X-2
  71. Eyes On Sings The Hymn of the Fayth
  72. X-2 Play Style
  73. Oh, Calli
  74. A look inside the (NA) FFX HD pre-order: which version is right for you?
  75. Favourite Area?
  76. Game Pros and Cons
  77. Gandof, Yocun, etc
  78. My Idea For The Braska/Auron/Jecht Prequel
  79. FF X/ X-2 HD How are you playing it?
  80. Seymour Hypello
  81. Differences?
  82. Anyone download from PSN?
  83. >> Normal vs Expert Sphere Grid (FFX HD)
  84. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD First Impressions
  85. Favorite Minor Character Voices
  86. Lines and Dialogue That Makes You Cringe
  87. I want to thank this game...
  88. Unsent (Massive Spoilers)
  89. Trema vs. Sin
  90. Top 5 Memorable Moments from Final Fantasy X
  91. A Tonberry vs. Sin
  92. >> FF X-2 looked really that bad?
  93. How many hours have you played?
  94. Best Final Boss Theme of FF10?
  95. Best Final Boss Theme of FF10-2?
  96. Do not Spiral in despair! Have fayth!
  97. Gotta catch 'em all
  98. Jiro's Journey
  99. Any EoFFers streaming this game? Marshall Banana is!
  100. Star Blitzball Player Threatens To Quit Over Pronunciation Dispute
  101. Tidus' Power Level Is Rising
  102. Holding their breath for hours on end
  103. FF X-3 isn't happening, sorry. (Various rumors addressed)
  104. Final Fantasy X: The Worst Mothers Edition
  105. Sin and Zanarkand SPOILERS
  106. Chocobos in Spira
  107. the help-Shaibana-through-this-game-thread
  108. >> Keepa cant catch crap..
  109. The Demise of the Luca Goers
  110. So anyone playing X-2 HD yet?
  111. Were Lulu and Wakka right for each other?
  112. Interpret this picture
  113. Songstress and the Matador's Song
  114. Who would make the best couple?
  115. Sphere Break - Neat Minigame or Frustrating Time-Waster?
  116. Seymour Flux boss fight strategy video
  117. Fiends learning skills automatically?
  118. Anyone else listened to the audio drama yet?
  119. Remiem Temple Chocobo Race (spoilery I guess)
  120. Who's your Blitzball Team
  121. Standard or Expert
  122. Kimahri
  123. The Tidus Laugh: Let's make parodies!
  124. Defeating Sin
  125. Aeons
  126. Do you use everyone in battles?
  127. Kimahri
  128. Cloister of Trials
  129. Hymn of the Fayth (song of prayer)
  130. Which song did you prefer?
  131. Jecht and Spira
  132. Favourite airship
  133. Let's Play Final Fantasy X HD Remaster #73 - OP? What do you mean OP?
  134. Drunk Chocobo
  135. FFX and Organized Religion
  136. X-2 is the best Final Fantasy game.
  137. [FFX] Dancing at Djose
  138. Fan speculation of Shuyin's identity
  139. [FFX] How does Auron keep his armpits so smooth?
  140. Why is Jecht half naked?
  141. [FFX] Wakka
  142. [FFX] Do you want to see more games set in the FFX universe?
  143. Official "I Want the Remaster But Don't Have a PS3" Commiseration Thread
  144. [FFX] No Sphere Grid Run
  145. [FFX] The Al Bhed are super cool
  146. Ride Ze Shoopuf?
  147. [FFX] Would you have preferred no voice acting?
  148. Will: Speculations?
  149. [FFX] Would you play a Blitzball spinoff game?
  150. Song of Prayer
  151. [FFX] Given the choice, would you choose to be a Blitzball when you grow up?
  152. Half price on PSN
  153. back in spira but....
  154. [FFX-2] The Fiend Tales in creature creation have some pretty scary implications.
  155. Inside Sin and Macalania Woods connection?
  156. pillars are the ultimate boss
  157. for the 1000th time..
  158. Does Lulu have feet?
  159. Via Infinito HD: Who has made it already?
  160. Rikku's entry to the team
  161. Lost everything!
  162. Besaid Aurochs
  163. Fun challenge?
  164. What made you buy the Remaster?
  165. Interesting Font Choices
  166. Did you like aeons?
  167. The Remastered Music
  168. Blast those cutscenes!
  169. theater option
  170. The "Original" Creations
  171. About to Start the Remastered Journey
  172. How did Anima get in Zanarkand?
  173. additional content?
  174. Final Fantasy X-2 HD: Your team
  175. Dou you want FFX-3 to happen?
  176. What do you think of Tidus's name never being said in game?
  177. Zanmato!
  178. Best Moment in FFX
  179. Lightning Dodging, Chocobo Racing, and Butterfly Catching: HD vs. Original
  180. Blitzing for some prizes!
  181. Do you like the HD?
  182. Let's not touch Sphere Grid!
  183. Are the stats maxed out at 255?
  184. >> FFX-2 HD Fiend Arena/Tournament Cups
  185. I hate the sun sigil.
  186. Ups and downs of FFX
  187. Spoilers and slow characters
  188. [FFX] What could have been?
  189. How long the story took?
  190. Favorite support character?
  191. Now where have I seen that prayer before...
  192. Nice Job NOT Breaking It Heroes
  193. Favourite FFX Female?
  194. Who Is Your Favourite FFX Male?
  195. [FFX] Give This Game Alternate Endings!
  196. [FFX-2] Your Favorite X-2 Tracks?
  197. [FFX-2] X-2's English Dub
  198. [FFX-2] Blossom, Bubbles or Buttercup?
  199. [FFX] Affection Values
  200. [FFX] I picked the expert spheregrid HALP
  201. [FFX] Thunder plains tips
  202. [FFX-2] The Best Localization
  203. Which potential couple would you like to see in Final Fantasy X?
  204. Who should Tidus have hooked up with?
  205. PS4 release of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster
  206. [FFX-2] Mascot: Why You No Love Me?
  207. Worst Final Fantasy X Minigame
  208. Would you riiiiiiide ze shoopuf?
  209. What If... Spira was the dream?
  210. [FFX] Favourite part?
  211. Would you like to see an FFX-3?
  212. Maester Seymour and the Belly of Doom
  213. [FFX-2] Now that it's been 12 years... what are your thoughts on FFX-2?
  214. [FFX] FFX the true Challenge. for me
  215. Favorite Playable character ( including temporary) in FF X and X-2
  216. FFX Minecraft Quick Build Challenge: Psychotic vs DrAssenov
  217. Help with challenge rules
  218. [FFX] Wakka and Rikku?
  219. Does anyone actually use the Creature Creator?
  220. Will you buy FFX / X-2 HD for PS4?
  221. Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster for PS4 has pre-order exclusives & new features
  222. Favourite FF X songs
  223. [FFX-2] Vita version ATB glitch?
  224. Sorry Wakka bro
  225. Sphere Break - Love it or Hate it?
  226. [FFX-2] Yuna and Tidus....broke up?
  227. Article: Once again, Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD is released! This time for PS4
  228. Most points scored in Blitzball?
  229. Luzzu or Gatta
  230. Your favorite Magus Sister?
  231. The EoFF thread of talking to your friends in Al Bhed
  232. [FFX-2] Gunner Gauntlet (Eat it, Beclam)
  233. [FFX-2] 100% without a walkthrough?
  234. [FFX] Most Useful Abilities In Final Fantasy X
  235. Let's discuss the Aurochs
  236. You are Sin! What would your version of Sin look like?
  237. [FFX-2] Y...R...L?!
  238. [FFX-2] The connection between Tidus and Shuyin?
  239. [FFX-2] Gippal, Nooj, or Baralai?
  240. Best Wakka?
  241. The opening scene is SO flawed (X-2)
  242. Never Forget Them: Kimahri and Yuna
  243. Explosive Sexual Tension
  244. [FFX-2] Brother Needs Our Help
  245. Blitzball: Great minigame, or greatest minigame?
  246. Shoopuf Racing
  247. Which FFX character would you have your back in a barfight?
  248. [FFX] Top 18 Most Touching Moments in Final Fantasy X
  249. Rank the Job Classes FFX-2 Edition
  250. [FFX] Weakest story aspect