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  2. [FFX-2] Dress sphere query
  3. How long must it have taken to do this hair every morning?
  4. So, just finished Macalania Temple............[SPOILERS SO BE WARNED]
  5. Thoughts on Final Fantasy X Summons
  6. FFX - If you could remove one character...
  7. [FFX-2] X - 2 Rocks!
  8. Do I miss out on anything?
  9. Who do you usually choose?
  10. [FFX] Playing the HD
  11. Do you like Yuna as a character?
  12. Which Yuna is Best Yuna?
  13. [FFX] Wandering Flame
  14. Stat Maxing gripe
  15. How many hours did you spend?
  16. Yuna's Besaid Butt Lift
  17. [FFX-2] Yuna's character design in X-2: Have you ever noticed...
  18. [FFX] The most amazing thing ever
  19. Favourite FFX Location!
  20. [FFX] MEGA Character super run
  21. [FFX-2] Happy Birthday FFX-2!
  22. Article: The "Real" Story About Tidus' Bad Laugh
  23. [FFX] You Can't do it kid!
  24. [FFX] Kimahri Worried.
  25. [FFX] Lulu's Overdrive
  26. Favorite Blitzball Player
  27. Was Tidus real before he became a dream? or was he created?
  28. [FFX] What religion would Yevon be compared to in real life?
  29. Do you think Tidus promiscuous?
  30. Did Lulu have an affair with Wakka before Chappu died?
  31. Does Rikku have ADHD?
  32. Brother is always flirting with Yuna.....
  33. Why does Tidus look like a woman?
  34. Final Fantasy X and X-2 Coming to Steam on May 12
  35. [FFX] Spheres
  36. [FFX] Wakka's Popularity
  37. Remaster Fanservice Anyone?
  38. Audio Replacement
  39. [FFX] What's Wrong with Final Fantasy X?
  40. Best match for Rikku?
  41. FF X-2, Best Faction Leader?
  42. ReJecht
  43. The Tidus Final Fantasy X OST
  44. what if..
  45. how...do you pronounce... tidus...
  46. Which do you think sounds better...
  47. Is X-2 Last Mission a separate game or more an add-on?
  48. Did I Cheat? (Glitch)
  49. Favorite scene in Final Fantasy X?
  50. Why does Sin attack Dream Zanarkand?
  51. Magus Sisters ?
  52. The Chillest Soundtrack
  53. Testing my memory!
  54. [FFX] Newcaster Dude
  55. [FFX] Moogle Fayth
  56. Who would be your final aeon?
  57. What is something you like/love about this game that other people hate? (X Edition)
  58. Sinspawn on the S. S. Liki
  59. final fantasy X Kingdom Hearts connection
  60. On The Calm and The Final Summoning
  61. Rikku VS Rikku
  62. The art of Final Fantasy X review
  63. crying
  64. EoFF Hymn of the Fayth
  65. Why don't
  66. TIL
  67. Lulu
  68. FFX Music!
  69. [FFX] The Morals of Tidus' Decision
  70. If Each Character Had Their Own Celestial Armor, What Would the Abilities Be?
  71. Auron and FFX-2
  72. Xbox One Release Date?
  73. [FFX] dumb questions/musings about agility
  74. [FFX-2] I feel that FFX-2 is bad and ruined FFX.
  75. [FFX-2] Fiends giving story percent
  76. [FFX] The Aurochs win their first ever game and nobody cares
  77. [FFX] FFX Soundtrack
  78. [FFX] How many times have you played the game?
  79. The Yuna Appreciation Thread
  80. [FFX-2] FFX-2 Soundtrack
  81. [FFX] FFX is best game in the series
  82. [FFX-2] I like FFX-2
  83. We're going to build a sphere around Spira
  84. [FFX] Final Fantasy X: The Lost Records
  85. Listening to Maechen ramble
  86. [FFX-2] Favorite or most memorable dresspheres
  87. [FFX] Hey, what job do you see me doing?
  88. [FFX] Why do all the Guado except Trommel have an echoey voice?
  89. [FFX] The Laughing Scene in 2020