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  52. Uhhhh
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  54. FFV Warriors of Dawn
  55. Without a real life friend...
  56. Did anyone feel overwhelmed playing this?
  57. Any good ways to feel immersed in the world of Eorzea without playing the game?
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  61. >> Stupid question.
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  64. can you have sub jobs
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  75. Sad.
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  97. Summoner???
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  99. Favourite Dungeons
  100. Favourite Trials
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  102. Is it ever too late to resub?
  103. unable to download patch files
  104. Palace of the dead
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  106. New Expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood
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  109. favourite non playable race
  110. message to anyone who has killed a Sarcosuchus
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  112. Account recovery
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  114. Am I missing something?
  115. Did you get the early release for Stormblood?
  116. Stormblood thoughts, reactions, and general commentary
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  118. Have you decided what you're maining in 4.0?
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