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  1. New Job = Dancer?!
  2. Start again...
  3. laptop help O.o
  4. FF XI to be released for the PS2 again(it includes all expansions, including Wings)
  5. FFXI Draaaaama
  6. Having problems logging in
  7. Video of the recording of the FFXI theme
  8. The Vana'diel March--composed entirely of Uematsu motifs?
  9. I cant get a good pt!
  10. Tele-taxi
  11. D;
  12. Another New Job revealed. This time it's a Scholar
  13. Purely hypothetical...
  14. Future Changes to Final Fantasy XI Jobs
  16. Changes to the 2 hour ability
  17. Hey
  18. HELP! Online viewer, where can i find it on my CD's??
  19. Wings of the Goddess - Thoughts?
  20. FF XI:The Vana'diel Collection 2008
  21. Finding Wings of the Goddess
  22. OMG Not A Real Final Fantasy (BUT 8 BAJILION PEOPLE PLAY, IT CAN'T BE BAD)
  23. Hacked Accounts RMT - Check your computers! IMPORTANT
  24. Coming Back - Some Questions.
  25. Recent Accomplishments - 2008!
  26. Favorite final confrontation
  27. Can someone help
  28. Why I Hate Final Fantasy XI
  29. What do you hate most?
  30. New Official Website
  31. character migration?
  32. FRAPS
  33. Convenience or Cheating
  34. Switching Nations
  35. Favorite Gaming Aspect?
  36. Macro Your Life
  37. Oops... I forgot my password.
  38. Dance, dance, dance, dance, dancin' machine
  39. And here I was thinking it couldn't get worse.
  40. Looking to the Future
  41. A Single Player or Offline Version
  42. Convince me to buy this game
  43. Playonline ID, any other ways to purchase?
  44. Kaboom.
  45. *drools*
  46. Help with Payment
  47. Ok so I have gotten this game and I am loading it on my computer...what is the.......
  48. Buddy Pass for trial
  49. Thinking of doing a server transfer
  50. Major Keyboard Remapping
  51. Noob Question...
  52. Is FFXI still alive and well?
  53. Was thinking of Returning but...
  54. 1 UP Interview
  55. Should I play this game for the Dark Knight class?
  56. fees
  57. Woo!
  58. multi boxing
  59. Second trial?
  60. A question about screenshots
  61. Screenshots
  62. Cursedvagrant: That Bastard!
  63. Does Final Fantasy XI Accept Debit MasterCard?
  64. What's Yahoo! Complaining About Now?
  65. Words fail me.
  66. Level Sync
  67. Is XI Any good?
  68. Elmer's Q&A with Japanese players
  69. Wouldn't it be swell?
  70. I should know this but I don't.
  71. Registration Code?
  72. Eyes off Plays Final Fantasy XI
  73. News.
  74. I NEED HELP; ;
  75. What server do you play on?
  76. I've got a quick question about the game.
  77. Tips and Tricks
  78. Recent Accomplishments - It's 2009, yo!
  79. Endgame stuff
  80. plz helpme
  81. How much time do you put in per day?
  82. What item(s) can't you get?
  83. Dun dun da dun..dun dun DUN! (WHM Update)
  84. Crystalline Prophecy
  85. Coming home
  86. An EoFF Linkshell
  87. FINAL FANTASY XI coming to PLAYSTATION 3 System?
  88. Should I or should I not play...?
  89. The future of FFXI/Dangling plotlines
  90. Help me, Obi Wan. Help me.
  91. new game
  92. character models
  93. help me.
  94. How do you make gil? (FFXI)
  95. If Final Fantasy XI had a world map theme, what would it be?
  96. What Is FF11?
  97. Good bye FFXI... :(
  98. FindingOne
  99. Question/Thought
  100. What are your FFXI plans for the near future?
  101. Friends List
  102. Compact vs Full Keyobard.
  103. Venting Thread
  104. Anywhere to download trial other than FilePlanet?
  105. Tanks
  106. how long can char exist without ID?
  107. BLM swords
  108. AH prices
  109. Before I consider this...
  110. Final Fantasy XI Offline remake?
  111. Help us, dearest EoFFers!
  112. Is it possible to "beat" this game?
  113. Noob Question Part Deux
  114. I feel sad:*(
  115. Recent Accomplishments - It's 2010, yo!
  116. Someone awesome's about to start playing this game
  118. Three New Final Fantasy XI Expansions Announced
  119. A few questions!
  120. How much do you quest?
  121. Goodbye
  122. FFXI coming to an end
  123. Collect-ah!
  124. So, what's the state of EoFF's FFXI community?
  125. A New Challenger Approaches!
  126. So, is anyone else having this problem!?
  127. A little help
  128. Sub Job leveling
  129. It's coming
  130. Can't belive it took me this long to post this, but I retired from FFXI in Oct. '09
  131. New Weapon Skills
  132. If you get new weapon skills...
  133. Who have you played with?
  134. A Buddy Key?
  135. Returning
  136. Character Theme Query
  137. I just got level 85
  138. No worlds left to conquer
  139. server revival
  140. I'M MAKING A NEW ACCOUNT!!! (caps)
  141. A Year!
  142. question: Do people still play FF 11?
  143. playonline id
  144. FFXI UI Revamp and Speculation
  145. Thinking of returning
  146. Are the console versions hard to find nowadays?
  147. CEO = Chief Expectorive Officer?
  148. Some problems anyone know what might be the cause?
  149. New FFXI expansion revealed
  150. FFXI 8bit (FFXI Chips)
  151. New FFXI Expansion Likely to Introduce New User Interface!
  152. AMAZING PlayOnline Music!?!?
  153. Interview with Directors of FFXI
  154. Is Not Wanting to Pay Regularly to Play This a Good Enough Excuse to Play This?
  155. Would you come back?
  156. 2012 FFXI Recruitment Drive
  157. Music Customizing
  158. Intermediate Adventurer Guide - Level 50-75
  159. FFXI Olympic Athlete Signup Thread!
  160. Citizen Bleys's Abyssea Guide
  161. Is this game accessible for a first timer?`
  162. Problem solved?
  163. Reasonably how long would it take to complete this game's story?
  164. Question
  165. Best Console?
  166. Producer's plans for the future
  167. New Adventurer Guide (Levels 1-50)
  168. Square Enix's last PS2 game: Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin
  169. Article: Final Fantasy XI Double Experience Weekend!
  170. Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin New Jobs Reveal!
  171. Favourite Area?
  172. 'Final Fantasy XI' to come to PS Vita?
  173. Seekers of Adoulin thoughts
  174. Anyone still playing?
  175. So we bought FFXi. What are we meant to do?
  176. Rise of the MMO
  177. FINAL FANTASY XI: 11th Vana'versary Events
  178. MMOs are a completionist's nightmare (FFXI version)
  179. I want to thank this game...
  180. XI vs. XIV
  181. So which Job Classes did you use the most?
  182. So... anyone here ever taken on and beaten Absolute Virtue?
  183. If Final Fantasy XI went free to play, would you play it?
  184. How does this work?
  185. Anyone still fighting the good fight?
  186. If XI introduced one new race what would you like to see?
  187. FFXI UI
  188. Pandemonium Warden
  189. Favorite Race
  190. Best Blue Mage
  191. Anyone play both FFXI AND FFXIV?
  192. What make this special?
  193. Favorite Villain?
  194. I'm on a BOAT
  195. Anyone know of a good LP for this game?
  196. Who is your favorite Story Character?
  197. Do you think XI is almost over?
  198. Your first party
  199. The Story
  200. What will happen to this game in the future?
  201. Do you think this game could work as a single player experience?
  202. Do you know of anyone who has consistently played this since the release year?
  203. Convince me...
  204. New Update for Final Fantasy XI
  205. Is there any FFXI private server that EoFF is on?
  206. Rank the Job Classes FFXI Edition
  207. Final Fantasy XI Goodbyes/Retrospective
  208. Final Fantasy XI servers closed on PS2 & XBox 360/PS2 obit
  209. Questions about this and XIV