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  1. PS4 Bundle FFXV
  2. XV will have two different battle systems!
  3. New FFXV tidbits in this week's Jump magazine!
  4. Battle clip from Jan 30 ATB!
  5. Aranea Highwind Revealed as a New Character for Final Fantasy XV
  6. The Dramatic Effects of Magic in Final Fantasy XV
  7. Young Noctis Leads the Next Final Fantasy XV Demo
  8. New FFXV Updates Coming Every Tuesday and Friday
  9. XV Has New Dungeon Info
  10. Uncovered: Release Date Predictions
  11. FFXV Turning on the Waterworks
  12. Final Fantasy XV Rumored to Release on Sep 30
  13. FFXV, The Making of 3D Monsters
  14. Final Fantasy XV Building Blocks!
  15. Airships, Cactuars, Story Length, and More Discussed for Final Fantasy XV
  16. Teaser for Final Fantasy XV Uncovered
  17. Catch Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered live!
  18. Sakaguchi gives his offical blessing to Final Fantasy XV
  19. Final Fantasy XV demo is live!
  20. Final Fantasy XV's relase date confirmed!
  21. Final Fantasy XV release & pre order dates, Ultimate Collector's Edition
  22. FFXV Turns into an Anime! Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV !
  23. Final Fantasy XV Deluxe and Ultimate Collector Editions
  24. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV CGI Movie Trailer
  25. Stand by me
  26. FFXV's Airship is a Carship?
  27. Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition sold out... in 30 minutes!
  28. Preorder the Play Arts Figures for Final Fantasy XV's Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus!
  29. Kill, Fuck, Marry?
  30. Judging FFXV's Final Fantasiness so far
  31. The Final Fantasy XV Uncovered Event Wrap-Up
  32. Final Fantasy XV Box Art Revealed
  33. Can it sell 10 million??
  34. Big Bang Digital Preorder Theme
  35. An Interview with Tabata about the Final Fantasy XV Demo and Mixed-Media Approach
  36. Pre-Registration Perks for Justice Monsters Five, the Final Fantasy XV Minigame
  37. PlayStation Access: Tabata Answers all Your Questions With Brand New Info
  38. Final Fantasy Talk: Uncovered Reaction
  39. What are you most excited for?
  40. Special Edition Xbox One Announced!
  41. Final Fantasy XV Spotlights Game Informer's May Cover
  42. GameInformer: An Extensive Look At Final Fantasy XV's First Chapter
  43. Luna will join the party as a guest!
  44. Article: Final Fantasy XV Spotlights Game Informer's May Cover
  45. More Ultimate Collectors Editions?
  46. Tabata and Sakaguchi to appear on Final Fantasy XV-focused live stream next week
  47. Final Fantasy XV Will Have Over 200 Quests
  48. Free and paid DLC coming, with possible new story segments!
  49. FFXV-inspired Bento Box - by Epic Meal Time!
  50. Getting the flying upgrade wont be easy in FF XV
  51. Next Active Time Report for XV Scheduled for April 21, 2016
  52. Chocobo themed wallpapers thanks to Final Fantasy XV!
  53. Final Fantasy XV PSN Pre-Order Bonus
  54. Become a chocobo keeper
  55. Official FFXV Forum Community Thank You Video
  56. Active Time Report XV Info!
  57. New Trailer and official Release Date for Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive
  58. 10 Years Since This Game Was Announced
  59. Final Fantasy XV World of Wonder Environment Footage
  60. Platinum Demo Gameplay (+ Commentary over FFXV's current status)
  61. The Anime is free from a library near you!
  62. New Kingsglaive Info
  63. A Day Spent with Chocobos - FFXV
  64. Noctis' age, Episode 2 of Brotherhood, and More in the New Active Time Report!
  65. Please be excited.
  66. E3 2016: Final Fantasy XV Titan Boss Demo
  67. E3 2016: Final Fantasy XV VR Experience!
  68. Final Fantasy XV E3 Active Time Report
  69. Brotherhood Episode 2 is out.
  70. First look at the Wait Mode in the battle system
  71. Do you think the monsters can step on the car?
  72. E3 2016: Final Fantasy XV Regalia Type-F Gameplay Video
  73. So Here's the North American Box Art...
  74. Choosing a Console
  75. Ravus Nox Fleuret Revealed
  76. Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV Episode 3
  77. Make Lucis Great Again
  78. Final Fantasy XV North American Box Art Released
  79. ALRIGHT I'm back on board
  80. US Theaters Showing Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
  81. Final Fantasy XV Season Pass Confirmed
  82. More Screenshots: Chocobo Riding, Food Porn, and more!
  83. Songs from Final Fantasy XV - Florence and the Machine
  84. World of Wonder trailer
  85. Final Fantasy XV DLC Update!
  86. [Gamenesia Rumor] Final Fantasy XV Has Been Delayed to November 29th :(
  87. Confirmed: Final Fantasy XV releases November 29th
  88. 50 minutes of the mastered version of FFXV
  89. First 12 minutes of Kingsglaive
  90. New Renders from Final Fantasy XV
  91. Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV: Episode 4
  92. Article: Delay Announcement Leads to Increase in Pre-orders... of Persona 5
  93. Final Fantasy Talk: FFXV Delay Reaction
  94. Meet the FFXV English Voice Cast!
  95. Anyone going to Kingsglaive this weekend?
  96. Luck is on my side!
  97. The MVP of Final Fantasy XV
  98. First Look at the Chocobo Mini-Game for Final Fantasy XV.
  99. Kingsglaive FAN review
  100. Submit your questions for our interview with Ray Chase, the voice of Noctis!
  101. Time Skip
  102. Character Deaths!
  103. Final Fantasy XV Gets a New Trailer at TGS
  104. Exclusive PS4 for Final Fantasy XV: Luna Edition
  105. Final Fantasy XV on PS4 Pro
  106. Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV Episode 5
  107. EoFF interviews Ray Chase, the voice of Noctis Lucis Caelum in Final Fantasy XV!
  108. HAPPY LAUNCH DAY! Oh, wait...
  109. The Death of Final Fantasy XV
  110. Tonberry confirmed!
  111. Reveal of Moogles in FFXV.
  112. Latest trailer: Omen
  113. Thirty Days
  114. My Ultimate Collector's Edition copy
  115. New XV demo releasing tomorrow (Japan only)
  116. FF XV should run at close to 60fps....if you have the PS4 Pro
  117. Conan plays FFXV
  118. Aaaand the street date has been broken
  119. Square-Enix Japan begins pre-orders for the Final Fantasy XV Ultimania Books.
  120. Day 1 Patch details
  121. Who has to wait 'til x-mas?
  122. Why the FFXV Bro-trip Might Not be Such a Bad Thing
  123. What happened to Somnus?
  124. 5 Things That FFXV Can Still Screw Up
  125. Don't spoil the games for others - use SPOILER tags. ##PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING##
  126. SPOILER: Final Fantasy XV Review
  127. 10 Things We Can't Wait to Do in Final Fantasy XV
  128. Final Fantasy Talk: Pre-release Hype
  129. Spoiler Free Review
  130. The reviews are in!
  131. Those who are playing today: Was it worth the wait?
  132. Let's share our first (spoiler free!) impressions!
  133. Final Fantasy XV Livestream
  134. Final Fantasy XV Launch Trailers
  135. What control scheme and combat type are you using?
  136. Chocobo Colouring
  137. Main Party Character Impressions
  138. Final Fantasy XV sells 5 million day 1, fastest selling FF title in history
  139. who want 2006-2013 version back?
  140. Spoiler and Final Impressions Thread
  141. Let Sleeping Mountains Lie - Quest & Character Spoilers
  142. SPOILERS EVERYWHERE! Who do you ship?
  143. What about them ladies? MARKED SPOILERS.
  144. How much did you mind ...
  145. Screenshots & Vids
  146. Summons (SPOILERS)
  147. [Gameplay]The Anomaly Final Fantasy XV (spoilers)
  148. Pheesh's Final Fantasy Fifteen Food (F)adventure
  149. Pitioss Ruins Thread
  150. The Regalia Type-F is the best thing ever
  151. Eyes on Final Fantasy Interviews Robbie Daymond AKA PROMPTO
  152. Who had the best voice in the game?
  153. Tabata provides an "Updated Roadmap" For Final Fantasy XV
  154. So, how about that soundtrack?
  155. Favorite ambient conversation
  156. How to easily improve the story? Spoilers within!
  157. I might have asked this before
  158. Items: What to keep!? What to sell!?
  159. Chapter 13 (Spoilers)
  160. Leviathan battle changes (spoilers)
  161. Spoiler Character X confirmed
  162. Holiday Pack DLC for Final Fantasy XV
  163. We shall fight like Princes and Oracles...and shirtless bodygaurds! It's Morphin Time
  164. Missed opportunity....Ch.13/14 spoilers
  165. New scenes in patch **spoilers**
  166. Ending speculations (spoilers)
  167. What do you think about some of these side quests?
  168. I hate Ignis
  169. FFXV Story Discussion - Did you enjoy it? What went wrong?
  170. Saber has questions...
  171. Let's Discuss Yoshihisa Hashimoto and the Luminous Engine *Possible Spoilers*
  172. If Imperials Ever Made You Mad...This is Possible Comic Relief
  173. Player glitches into unavailable terrain *spoiler**
  174. Final Fantasy XV now ships 6 million units
  175. Question about stats and gear
  176. The Moogle Chocobo Carnival will hit January 23rd!
  177. My thoughts (review)
  178. Aranea is a Savage
  179. Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report New Year Special set for Feb. 2nd
  180. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladio to release on March 28. Prompto DLC in June.
  181. DLC Update:
  182. Final Fantasy XV's DLC Updates for February and March Revealed
  183. Judging FFXV by The Cover (the Escapist video)
  184. Final Fantasy XV
  185. Spring 2017 Update Trailer
  186. Feb ATR 2017 (English translation)
  187. I'm sorry
  188. Magitek Suit v2 RAGE!!
  189. FFXV's story and narrative design are intentional, says Tabata
  190. Level 120 cap
  191. Booster Pack +
  192. Is it me or Shirota Yuu looks very similar to Noctis?
  193. Episode Gladiolus PAX Trailer
  194. FFXV Updates
  195. Fishing/Angler
  196. Final Fantasy XV will be doing a crossover event in Terra Battle
  197. My first thoughts so far on XV
  198. I hate Gladio
  199. Special: Survey
  200. Ardyn question (spoilers)
  201. A Fishing Game, Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, Coming to Playstation VR
  202. King's Knight - Wrath of the Dark Dragon, A XV Mobile game
  203. Final Fantasy XV Universe is a Thing
  204. Episode: Prompto is a 3rd Person Stealth Game
  205. New Trailer Lands for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto!
  206. Square-Enix to stream new Active Time Report on June 23rd
  207. Off-road Regalia Impressions
  208. Episode Ignis speculation?
  209. Episode Prompto Impressions
  210. How To Use Amiger
  211. Multiplayer in a single player FF because reasons?
  212. FFXV Survey: Veterans vs. First Timers
  213. A New Empire
  214. FFXV Windows Edition Coming to PC Early 2018
  215. So they're remaking it for mobile and calling it Pocket Edition
  216. So they're having an Assassin's Creed Crossover
  217. There will be no FFXV-2.
  218. No pain no gain trophy episode Gladiolus
  219. Check out this cool FFXV Parody video.
  220. FFXV Wallpapaer who's who?
  221. I still haven't had the chance to play this.
  222. Waiting or Playing?
  223. New Trailer for Episode Ignis
  224. FFXV Multiplayer: Comrades getting a song by Nobuo Uematsu
  225. When the storylines split at chapter 13
  226. New Active Time Report details several upcoming updates and content for FFXV.
  227. Comrades Multiplayer Impressions
  228. question; flying choco mentioned?
  229. What traits of past FF games did you see in this game?
  230. Episode Kenny
  231. So it's been a year...
  232. Episode Ignis
  233. So there's a 240 pound fish you can't pick up by yourself
  234. Royal Edition! And trailer
  235. Best entry in a while?
  236. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Now Available
  237. FFXV will have four more DLC Episodes, before becoming "complete".
  238. A bad graph I made to explain the puzzle piece like additions to XV
  239. The Ending ( spoilers )
  240. Are the DLC worth it?
  241. How Noctis ended up in Tekken!
  242. The 4 DLC Packs announced for 2019 are Ardyn, Aranea, Luna, and Noctis
  243. FFXV VS Sims 4
  244. Anyone know what this is about?
  245. FFXV Pocket Edition has arrived... on consoles.
  246. FFXV has a Terra Wars collab event going on and other FFXV news
  247. Tabata resigns, Future DLC cancelled except Episode Ardyn, other announcements
  248. Final Fantasy XV's Second Anniversary
  249. Square-Enix reveals key art for Episode Ardyn Prologue Anime
  250. FFXV: A New Empire made 375m in 2018.