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  1. FF: XIII Or Versus?
  2. ||--Final Fantasy Versus Trailer--||
  3. Square Enix Announces New FF Versus XIII Trailer
  4. Versus Trailer released
  5. What is Final Fantasy VERSUS xiii?
  6. What is Versus XIII?
  7. More info about Versus XIII(It's about the game's the setting and background story)
  8. Versus XIII looks so much better!
  9. Tokyo Game Show 2007 FF V XIII trailer
  10. FFXIII Versus new trailer
  11. FF Versus Mv
  12. Nomura: Square Enix blow-out at TGS, Versus XIII on hold (team now working on FFXIII)
  13. Final Fantasy Versus XIII Jump Festa trailer leaked
  14. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is coming soon... sooner than you think.
  15. FF vs XIII Protagonist Name Revealed
  16. Final Fantasy Versus XIII credits
  17. Not to sound like a rabid fanboy but....
  18. Final Fantasy XIII vs XIII
  19. Versus Character: Hans Gruber???
  20. Final Fantasy Versus XIII Multiplatform?
  21. Versus XIII Might Not Appear at E3; World Map in Question
  22. Versus XIII New: Airships Working On World Map
  23. New information on FF Versus XIII and Agito XIII from Nomura
  24. Versus XIII Not Coming Soon... Possibly by 2012 the earliest...
  25. Versus XIII and Agito trailers leaked
  26. FFvsXIII battlesystem
  28. Square Enix 1st Production Department Premier
  29. New Versus XIII Trailer
  30. Noctis and Stella theories!
  31. VERSUS XIII still not in 'Full Production'!
  32. Interesting update on Versus (saying have no fear)
  33. SQUARE ENIX re-registers VERSUS XIII domain!
  34. It's not Vapourware
  35. New Famitsu info trickles in from Nomura!
  36. Nomura reports that he now has new info about Versus XIII...
  37. VERSUS XIII music coming to Theatrhythm
  38. Please be a joke
  39. Versus XIII turning into a Duke Nukem Forever?
  40. Versus XIII not on Squenix's list of games to be shown at E3
  41. Goodbye, Sweet Prince
  42. This is becoming the new KH3 for me
  43. Surprise Surprise...
  44. Let's bring some life back to this forum
  45. Anyone still excited for this? [Versus XIII edition]
  46. So what do you hope to see in this game?
  47. Someone claims Final Fantasy V XIII will be PS4..And not Versus XIII...
  48. Final Fantasy Versus XIII - A Release Date?
  49. Fashion company calls Versus "Final Fantasy XV"...by mistake?
  50. Final Fantasy Versus XIII Info coming soon - No, really this time... maybe!
  51. RUMOR: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Coming to PS3 and PS4
  52. If Eidolons are in this game - which ones would you like to see?
  53. I guess this forum's name needs to be changed...
  54. Final Fantasy Versus XIII becomes Final Fantasy XV #E32013
  55. Character speculation
  56. Gameplay Trailer For Final Fantasy XV - #E32013
  57. Will this Phoenix Down the FF franchise?
  58. What do you want to see?
  59. Nomura: Final Fantasy XV Could Have Its Own Mini-Series
  60. Some people in Japan aren't happy about the look of FFXV
  61. First Japanese Voice Actors for Final Fantasy XV Announced - #E32013
  62. What's up with the red soles?
  63. So I just watched the old Versus XIII trailers again
  64. The music behind the game
  65. A Mainstream FF as a Different Genre?
  66. Final Fantasy XV was almost a musical
  67. It's time to look fabulous, chew gum and take names...
  68. Character Designs
  69. Should FFXV remain FFVersusXIII?
  70. Article: Final Fantasy XV aiming to be the most profitable Final Fantasy to date... sometime
  71. No new FINAL FANTASY XV information at Tokyo Game Show 2013
  72. Hajime Tabata and his team are working on FINAL FANTASY XV
  73. FF XV already has an action figure in the works!
  74. Look at all the old people!
  75. FINAL FANTASY XV's Battle System Won't Be Based on Lightning Returns
  76. FFXV Trailer for PS4
  77. What would you prefer not to see?
  78. I want to thank this game...
  79. Get your bets in!
  80. So is this the whole playable cast?
  81. FFXV Love The Way You Lie
  82. So are you excited?
  83. Which character looks the most interesting?
  84. Summon Magic
  85. WANTED: Some brief content for an FFXV section
  86. Savior of the Franchise!
  87. fucking behemoth good lord
  88. Final Science Fiction: Too much realism?
  89. Sidequests?
  90. Omnis Lacrima and Somnus - FF15 soundtrack discussion
  91. FFXV @ E3 2014?
  92. Watching the trailers back to back...
  93. What Final Fantasy 15 can learn from Game of Thrones
  94. Stella has the cutest little earrings
  95. Boys Club
  96. Limit Breaks
  97. No Final Fantasy XV at E3 this year
  98. I also want this game on PC
  99. Which will come out first?
  100. What kind of villain are you hoping to see?
  101. So what do you think the customization system will be like?
  102. I hope this game has Moogles
  103. What is the "Light"
  104. First Numbered Action RPG
  105. Who is this guy? Mysterious Hooded Man in Final Fantasy XV
  106. Himefu
  107. Summons in Final Fantasy XV
  108. What are you worried about?
  109. Treasure Spheres/Boxes
  110. Fan Made Music
  111. Something new and something borrowed...
  112. What is known about the story?
  113. Seen any good FFXV Fanart?
  114. Eight years and counting, so what have you been up to?
  115. The game looks...
  116. 15 Works of Art for Final Fantasy XV
  117. FFXV's lead programmer has left Square-Enix
  118. 15 Things I want to see in Final Fantasy XV
  119. Will Final Fantasy 15 be at Tokyo Game show?
  120. FFXV Website Live
  121. Article: Final Fantasy XV demo announced for 2015 with Type-0 release date
  122. Article: New Final Fantasy XV trailer at TGS
  123. Tetsuya Nomura is no longer the director of FFXV
  124. Luna?
  125. New TGS Trailer!
  126. Battle System
  127. Article: Live Gameplay Footage of Final Fantasy XV
  128. Frog
  129. Final Fantasy XV Demo Details
  130. Im Defending Nomura.
  131. Article: Final Fantasy XV is about 55% done
  132. Article: Final Fantasy XV is an All Male Road Trip
  133. FF15's Ridiculous Hair.
  134. Article: Camping is actually a thing in Final Fantasy XV
  135. Fan made box art
  136. Group Photo: Versus XIII and XV comparison
  137. FF15 "more casual, one button action"
  138. Day and Night Cycles in Final Fantasy XV
  139. Article: Superbosses will be in Final Fantasy XV
  140. Why I'm excited for this game
  141. Article: Spells will be affected by Final Fantasy XV's Dynamic Weather System
  142. FFXV at Jump Festa
  143. Final Fantasy XV: What we're all thinking
  144. Will you buy type-0 just for XV demo?
  145. Prince + Open Top Car =
  146. A little early but, who's your favorite so far?
  147. Will type-0 team join XV after typo-0 is complete?
  148. Article: Nomura booted off XV
  149. SE to host FFXV & Type-0 talk show
  150. Opinion: Final Fantasy XV is a Bro Fest and I’m Okay With That
  151. Names in Final Fantasy XV
  152. Questions about the FFXV world
  153. Switching Party Members confirmed! (EDIT: No longer confirmed. Quite anticonfirmed.)
  154. Noctis will be the ONLY playable character in FFXV
  155. Tabata Demands More Car Memes!
  156. Final Fantasy XV Director Discusses the Gameplay
  157. What do you hope to see?
  158. FFXV's reception may spell the end of the Console FF.
  159. FFXV Battle System
  160. Final Fantasy XV Livestream Finally In English
  161. “Director Tabata’s Active Time Report”
  162. FFXV gets a Fishing Mini Game! News From Paris Game Week
  163. FINAL FANTASY XV Tech Demo #1 shown off in Paris
  164. New FFXV details translated from Paris and the Livestream.
  165. So what were you expecting?
  166. Red Soles
  167. PS2 Release?
  168. New trailer & Active Time Report! Confirmed for Jump Fest
  169. FINAL FANTASY XV - Demo Will Be Limited to Day One Versions of Type-0 HD
  170. Final Fantasy XV English Voiced Trailer
  171. Leaked Shonen Jump info reveals new character!
  172. Will Final Fantasy XV's Cid be a Lady?
  173. New Final Fantasy XV trailer released at Jump Festa 2015!
  174. All New Final Fantasy XV Details From Jump Festa 2015
  175. Will Cidney build us an airship?
  176. I like the car.
  177. Next Active Time Report in February
  178. New Final Fantasy XV Details From Famitsu
  179. More Final Fantasy XV news from Famitsu
  180. Official Trailer Analysis & Tech Demo (Comic Fiesta)
  181. Try to guess each character's Eidolon
  182. There will be no Car in the Final Fantasy XV Demo
  183. Final Fantasy XV difficult to complete in under 40/Episode Duscae Demo News
  184. Airship may not be in the game :/
  185. Tabata aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release.
  186. Cat Cam confirmed at new ATR event!
  187. Oglop Cam
  188. FFXV Demo: Will it get delayed?
  189. New Episode Duscae Trailer (5th of Feb)
  190. What do you want in the Special/Collector's edition??
  191. Article: FFXV Panel at PAX East
  192. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Famitsu Scans
  193. Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Title Screen
  194. Fast Travel in Final Fantasy XV: Yay or Nay?
  195. New Tabata interview with JPGames
  196. Final Fantasy XV Chocobos!
  197. Based on what we have seen so far, how do you feel about XV?
  198. Final Fantasy XV: A Retrospective (really nice video)
  199. Tabata: XV taking inspiration from VIII and older games instead of XIII
  200. Free Battle
  201. Why does everyone think Luna is Stella?
  202. PAX FFXV
  203. Tell me XV demo details!
  204. Do you think this game will live up to the hype[llo]
  205. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Review
  206. Cherished Frogs
  207. Tutorial Explaining the Battle System
  208. Goblins are douchelords.
  209. Secrets of Episode Duscae
  210. How to get to the Hidden Titan in Episode Duscae guide
  211. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Player Survey
  212. Female Guest Party in FFXV a possibility
  213. So Tetsuya Nomura does have a sense of humour!
  214. Possible new plot twist, Stella, Luna, Noctis and Aurora Theory
  215. Who is the hooded guy in FFXV?
  216. Tabata Responds to feedback (Active Time Report)
  217. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae 2.0 Coming in June
  218. Active Time Report 6.0 Stella's Fate Revealed!
  219. The female dragoon?
  220. No minimap on hud?
  221. What are your Episode Duscae 2.0 Impressions?
  222. I feel sorry for FFXV
  223. Still interested in FFXV?
  224. That FFXV Gamescom Thread
  225. Worried about Gamescon showing of this
  226. Final Fantasy XV Dawn Trailer
  227. What would get you excited for this?
  228. Confirmed to release in 2016!
  229. Gameplay
  230. FFXV Dev team Collaborating with Avalanche Studio to get a functional airship in XV.
  231. Noctis and Luna due to wed!
  232. New locations! Ido, Restalm and The Continent
  233. Final Fantasy XV Worldwide Release
  234. Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report- Live @ 4:30 PDT
  235. FFXV has an enormous map!
  236. Dawn 2.0 Trailer from TGS 2015.
  237. The Dark Haired Woman has a name in Final Fantasy XV!
  238. Chocobos and Fishing Comes to Final Fantasy XV
  239. Tabata Reveals some more info about Luna freya, the plot, camping, and DLC for FFXV.
  240. FFXV has a new weapon switching system
  241. Official Final Fantasy XV Instagram Page
  242. Moogles confirmed for Final Fantasy XV
  243. How excited are you for FFXV?
  244. Will Monster Scaling Become an Integral Part of Final Fantasy XV?
  245. Final Fantasy XV currently playable from start to finish
  246. FFXV Introduces New "Slash-Link" System
  247. A Glimpse of FFXV's New HUD
  248. Persona 5 or Final Fantasy XV?
  249. FFXV Gets Common and Royal Magic
  250. Tabata: FFXV at its best in March!