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  1. EoFF Ranks the Tunes: Qualifying round 12.
  2. New batch of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call DLC available from 5th March
  3. EoFF ranks the tunes: Qualifying round 13
  4. Comparing ATB to other gameplay modes
  5. Submit questions for our interview with Orion Acaba, the voice of Nine in Type-0 HD!
  6. EoFF ranks the tunes: Qualifying round 14.
  7. Mega 64 Tells Sakaguchi's Story
  8. Mevius Final Fantasy?
  9. EoFF ranks the tunes: Qualifying round 15
  10. If you absolutely had to choose... do you prefer the 2D or 3D FF games overall?
  11. EoFF ranks the tunes: Qualifying round 16
  12. 1 Week to go!
  13. 4 things all Final Fantasy fans should know about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
  14. A look back on Final Fantasy Type-0/Agito XIII concept art - Part 1
  15. What will you play first - Type 0 or the FFXV demo?
  16. 4 aspects of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD's battle system we're most excited for
  17. Does Active Time Battle feel more like Real Time or Turn Based?
  18. EoFF interviews Orion Acaba, the voice of Nine in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD!
  19. EoFF ranks the tunes: Last place decider.
  20. So Has Anyone Started Playing Yet?
  21. What's Your Favorite Type of Final Fantasy Mage?
  22. EoFF ranks the tunes 1-1: Jenova (FFVII) v. Clash on the Big Bridge (FFV)
  23. So, that opening cutscene before the "New Game" menu.
  24. Chapter One Discussion - ***Chapter One Spoilers Inside***
  25. Is SPP worth it?
  26. EoFF ranks the tunes 1-2: Words Drowned by Fireworks (FF7) v. The Final Battle (FF9)
  27. Chapter Two Discussion - ***Chapter Two Spoilers Inside***
  28. Which trio are you rocking as your mains? Who are the biggest losers?
  29. When do FF games start needing walkthroughs? (Specifically, IV and V need them?)
  30. Which Class Moogle are you?
  31. EoFF ranks the tunes 1-3: Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII v. Under Martial Law (FFVI)
  32. Chapter Five Discussion - ***Chapter Five Spoilers Inside***
  33. Just finished it...
  34. Your FF OTPs!
  35. EoFF ranks the tunes 1-4: The Final Battle (FFV) v. Cid's Theme (FFVII)
  36. This game in Remote Play
  37. Too much kupo, kupo!
  38. EoFF ranks the tunes 1-5: The Fierce Battle (FFV) v. Aerith's Theme (FFVII)
  39. Dissidia: Final Fantasy will be remade as an arcade game
  40. EoFF ranks the tunes 1-5: Now in "Poll included" flavour!
  41. EoFF ranks the tunes 1-6: To Zanarkand (FFX) v. One-Winged Angel (FFVII)
  42. Let'd discuss the soundtrack
  43. Altocrystarium and Promotions
  44. Concept: Final Fantasy Airship Racing/Battle Game
  45. Civil War: Cloud vs Noctis
  46. Why do we love the series?
  47. EoFF ranks the tunes 1-7: Other Side of the Mountain (FFVII) v Tifa's Theme (FFVII)
  48. EoFF ranks the tunes 1-8: The Highwind Theme (FFVII) v. Floating Continent (FFVI)
  49. Newfound respect for Deuce!
  50. Record Keeper Megathread
  51. EoFF ranks the tunes round 2-1: Jenova (VII) v. Words Drowned by Fireworks (FFVII)
  52. UK Fans - Official PlayStation Mag has a free 20 page Amano Artbook this month
  53. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review
  54. EoFF ranks the tunes 2-2: Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII v. Cid's Theme (FFVII)
  55. Have you played Final Fantasy Type-0 yet?
  56. Why Final Fantasy Type-0 HD's NPCs have driven me into a murderous frenzy
  57. Favorite Member of Class Zero?
  58. Best Final Fantasy Tactics villain *spoilers*
  59. EoFF ranks the tunes 2-3: Aerith's Theme (FFVII) v. To Zanarkand (FFX)
  60. EoFF ranks the tunes 2-4: Other Side of the Mountain v. Highwind Takes to the Skies
  61. Chapter Six Discussion - ***Chapter Six Spoilers Inside***
  62. EoFF ranks the tunes Semifinal-1: Jenova (FFVII) v Cid's Theme (FFVII)
  63. What race did you use?
  64. Eidolon Leveling
  65. Did FFVII deserve to win "EoFF Ranks final Fantasy"?
  66. Final Fantasy Record Keeper Review
  67. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD sells 1 million copies
  68. EoFF ranks the tunes Semifinal-2: Aerith's Theme v. The Highwind Takes to the Skies
  69. Final Fantasy I-IV: A retrospective
  70. Saved this bad boy from going in a dumpster today.
  71. Better Know A Behemoth: Square Actually Reads This!!!!!
  72. No motivation
  73. EoFF ranks the tunes Third Place: Cid's Theme v. The Highwind Takes to the Skies
  74. Where's 'Ten'?
  75. Which FF should I review next?
  76. Most Average Final Fantasy
  77. EoFF ranks the tunes GRAND FINALE: Jenova v Aerith's Theme
  78. Quick leveling tips for characters?
  79. Playing alternate levels on the second playthrough (New Game + spoilers)
  80. Would you rather fight One Jumbo Cactuar or One Hundred Regular Cactuars?
  81. Another Ranking List To Complain About
  82. What should I know?
  83. Help with a movie ending? [end game spoilers]
  84. Friendships/Relationships?
  85. Favorite Job?
  86. Should I buy this game? FF Type - 0
  87. ToriJ's Top Ten Final Fantasy Games!
  88. Sexiest Final Fantasy character
  89. Favorite Final Fantasy Mom?
  90. If you could make one thing canon...
  91. New Game + differences?
  92. Would you participate in a Theatrhythm: Curtain Call tournament for fun?
  93. Fynn's top 10/bottom 5 FF list!
  94. What did you think was the worst Final Fantasy game?
  95. Story vs. Gameplay
  96. Has Square-Enix successfully remastered the FF Brand.
  97. Final Fantasy VIII vs. Final Fantasy XIII
  98. If you were any job class
  99. Played time
  100. How effective are Monks
  101. Sexiest Final Fantasy Summon
  102. The NEW! new and improved Race in FF poll
  103. Favorite Version of Behemoth?
  104. There Were Four Heroes...
  105. Real-Life Celebrities
  106. Final Fantasy Agito Announced for Windows 10
  107. Most stylish FF character
  108. The Under-appreciated Elements
  109. Who'd Win?
  110. Non-Final Fantasy Character You'd like to see in a crossover
  111. FF1 White mage Challenge! ( also other thing)
  112. What should I do?
  113. Which FF character is worthy of his/her own spin-off?
  114. Which Final Fantasy Would You Most Like to See Remade?
  115. Type-0 is coming to PC via Steam!
  116. Final Fantasy Plots in 140 characters
  117. ITT Final Fantasy music remixes/renditions that give you feels
  118. Do you want to see an FF MMO set in Ivalice?
  119. It's taken a few years...
  120. The main character of one Final Fantasy suddenly is the main character in another!
  121. Sora's FF Reviews
  122. The little things...
  123. Final Fantasy Monster Trainer
  124. [E3 2015] World of Final Fantasy Announced
  125. The best airship theme in FF
  126. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has appear in Steam store
  127. Nomura hints at future remakes...
  128. Most powerful Crystals?
  129. Who is the worst mage character/job in the series?
  130. Coolest/Best Title background
  131. Which spin-offs/sequels should I play?
  132. Favourite Bahamut?
  133. 1,2,3...
  134. Black Single Fathers
  135. Worst Final Fantasy characters?
  136. He works hard for the money...
  137. Best Monk ever!
  138. Requirements For A Remake- The NES Games
  139. The Changing Times
  140. Best FF singy song.
  141. Rank the Numbered FFs by music
  142. What is the best Normal battle theme?
  143. Best boss theme!
  144. Main story themes of Final Fantasy
  145. Primagames Final Fantasy VII, VIII & IX Box Set
  146. Why do we love Final Fantasy?
  147. These Final Fantasy remakes
  148. Final Fantasy Adversarius
  149. Dragon Ball/Final Fantasy connection- Ki=Holy element?
  150. So... about the new Dissidia.
  151. Most difficult boss from each FF.
  152. Sexiest Female Character?
  153. Sexiest Male Character?
  154. best other battle theme part 1
  155. Favorite Voices
  156. First impressions
  157. Requirements For A Remake- SNES Era
  158. Final Fantasy Character Alignments
  159. Status Effects Are Your Friends
  160. Favorite Moment from each Game.
  161. Best Final Fantasy in Snes for a newbie
  162. Easiest Boss Per Game
  163. Favorite Songs from The Black Mages
  164. Least Favorite Moments in Each Final Fantasy.
  165. Heroes Don't Need Plans
  166. FFXVI: A Tale of Three Platforms?
  167. Practical Final Fantasy Abilities
  168. (FFT) Favorite Job Class
  169. The Preciousness of Limited Life
  170. I've never done that before...
  171. Can No One Surpass Aerith?
  172. Hard Hitting Enemies!
  173. Most useless spell
  174. So what do you hope to see in FFXVI?
  175. Type-0 HD Steam pre-order bonuses... is Dota items...?
  176. Which Final Fantasy Titles Are Worth Re-Buying on Android?
  177. Which real-life sports team would your favourite characters play for?
  178. Which "era" of Final Fantasy did you think had the best music?
  179. best other battle theme part 2
  180. Theatrythm Curtain Call
  181. What Would You Like to See in a New Chocobo Racing Game?
  182. Auction
  183. Which FF cast would you want to hang out with in real life?
  184. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
  185. The final confusion
  186. What was the first FF game you BEAT?
  187. Advice
  188. tffcc: Song ideas
  189. Petition for Almighty Bhunivelze all 13 minutes in curtain call
  190. World of Final Fantasy Trailer
  191. 6 Things Final Fantasy Can Take From Suikoden
  192. How are you supposed to figure everything out?
  193. Have you played one of the FF MMOs?
  194. Which FF should get the movie treatment?
  195. What is the best music track from each Final Fantasy?
  196. Delita is Jay Gatsby
  197. What's your favorite race in FFTA/FFTA 2?
  198. FF & Chill, aka which Final Fantasy game is the most relaxing?
  199. The Top 10 Greatest Final Fantasy Characters.
  200. Spooky Scary FF Forest Levels
  201. Beautiful Final Fantasies that are a joy to run around in
  202. >> Fav Biggs and Wedge?
  203. Creepy or scary FF Enemies
  204. ITT the best name you ever gave an FF character
  205. The Most Evil...
  206. Which FF protagonist is the best?
  207. Which FF female character would be the best producer of ASMR videos?
  208. New Screens for Dissidia Final Fantasy
  209. New Dissidia Final Fantasy Trailer Hits the Web
  210. Ivalive Alliance vs. the Compilation of VII
  211. Favorite Ivalice
  212. Most useless character in the series?
  213. Favorite Final Dungeon in the series
  214. Least Favorite Dungeon in the series.
  215. Good quality LPs?
  216. When was the last time you played through your favorite FF?
  217. Vanille Plays Final Fantasy XIII
  218. S.O. Completion Tasks
  219. Fynn's Final Fantasy Fmarathon
  220. How many FFs have you personally bought?
  221. A Final fantasy life simulator game...?
  222. Least favorite recurring Summon designs
  223. What if FFXVI's main character was a Mage?
  224. Final Fantasy Music Challenge
  225. Final Symphony - a musical review
  226. 99 or Bust!
  227. Which Music is which Character listening to?
  228. Most powerful FF Villain...
  229. 2015 What "Job Class" would you be?
  230. Tips for Tactics
  231. Popping the cherry...
  232. If you could only play one Final Fantasy game for the rest of your life...
  233. Rank the Job Classes FFTactics Edition
  234. Rank the Classes FFTA Edition.
  235. Do FF Characters Celebrate Christmas?
  236. Which game are you more excited for?
  237. Which of the Mainline Final Fantasy's have you beaten?
  238. Worst villain of all the ff games.
  239. Top 5 FF characters.
  240. One Extra...
  241. The Unfought
  242. Which Final Fantasy was the most difficult?
  243. The Absolutely Best Final Boss theme in Final Fantasy....
  244. The List just keeps on growing...
  245. So how about that FFXVI?
  246. Most calming FF OST
  247. NPCs or guests you would have liked to have in your main party
  248. 50 reoccurring Final Fantasy stuff
  249. Some more Final Fantasy cameos revealed for World of Final Fantasy.
  250. Which FF do you connect to the most?