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  1. Shadow
  2. Final Fantasy XVI 16 - FFVI 6 Remake
  3. Welcome to South Figaro!
  4. What would you have changed?
  5. Who is Gogo
  6. Ultros and his funny lines
  7. Save file!
  8. Whose story tugged on your heartstrings the most?
  9. FF6 was boring
  10. Why is FFVI such an awesome game?
  11. FFVI mobile port looks gross
  12. Balance Is Restored
  13. Terra's Theme Inspired with Lyrics by YouTuber boozinwalsh
  14. Nikeah Trench Door
  15. Final Fantasy VI Remaster
  16. To grind or not to grind?
  17. Do you teach everyone magic?
  18. Kleptomaniacs.
  19. I want to thank this game...
  20. Save Them!
  21. Final Fantasy Fan Art Character Spotlight: Kefka
  22. Best and Worst Character Themes
  23. I bet Sabin had a HUGE...
  24. FFVI - The After Years
  25. Have you ever beaten Chupon in the Battle Coliseum
  26. Funniest Moment
  27. Final Fantasy VI 20th Anniversary
  28. Do you feel this game is innovative?
  29. Ragnarok
  30. Opera Scene: Magical Moment or Silly Fluff?
  31. Did you ever use the summon spells
  32. Favrorite Sidequest in the World of Ruin
  33. Flashbacks
  34. What if Kefka never betrayed Gestahl?
  35. If you could change one thing about this game
  36. Favorite Dungeon
  37. FFVI Crossword puzzle
  39. This Game is Overrated
  41. Blitzing, or the left handed AuraBolt
  42. Favorite Character
  43. What would you like to see in a remake?
  44. FF6 Battle Themes Discussion
  45. Protect the Esper/Terra!
  46. Mr. Chupon and Seigfried
  47. Your final boss team?
  48. Locke, Celes, and Rachel
  49. Leo is useless
  50. Gau
  51. The Ancient Castle and the War of the Magi
  52. What order did you recruit the cast in WoR?
  53. Who do you want to mate with?
  54. FFVI music
  55. Most Underused Character
  56. Favorite Sequence
  57. Let's Play Final Fantasy VI (For the very first time!)
  58. Anyone get a game over at the Opera?
  59. Ultima
  60. FFVI Confessions
  61. FFVI Speed Run!
  62. Who would you have as a brother?
  63. Where would you live?
  64. Anyone ever do a CES Challenge?
  65. WoR ~ Awesome Game Design or Deal Breaker?
  66. An I idea I had about magicite . . .
  67. Ever tried a "fan mod" for FFVI?
  68. Okay seriously am I the only person who hates Zozo
  69. Umaro
  70. Oh my hero, so far away now...
  71. Kefka: Great Villain or Greatest Villain?
  72. help ne learn the attack moves!
  73. after the Ghost Train...?
  74. First Time Playing
  75. Favorite Story Resolution
  76. Did you ever complete the Mobliz Letter Quest
  77. Stupid Spoiled Brat...
  78. Do you think Final Fantasy VI has aged well?
  79. The Funniest Moment in FFVI
  80. The Unfought
  81. Favorite Dungeon
  82. This is the best
  83. Edgar or Sabin? Which Figaro Brother Do You Prefer?
  84. Nice Job Breaking it Heroes - FFVI Edition
  85. Setzer the Creeper
  86. "Dr. Cid gave my child the power of Magic..."
  87. Let's Play Stand Guard Once More
  88. What is up with Siegfried?
  89. Which character do you identify the most with?
  90. How many people used a guide for this game?
  91. So let's talk about a Remake.
  92. Favorite Boss Battle
  93. Worst Special Skill
  94. Did you know!
  95. Who is my favourite FFVI character?
  96. Nobuo Uematsu wants to make a new 2D RPG with the FFVI Development Team.
  97. Waiting for Espers?
  98. Ghost guest
  99. The Successful Experiment
  100. A bit dissapointed
  101. Final Fantasy - The 3​-​6 Chambers Wu-Tang Clan Mashup Album
  102. How does Edgar carry all of his tools?
  103. Woolsey or Slattery?
  104. Damn it, Uematsu-san!
  105. Favorite World of Balance Location
  106. Did You Know!?!
  107. Apparently the Light of Judgement is officially a thing.
  109. What Makes Terra's Theme So Special?
  110. Final Fantasy VI Headscratchers
  111. So Many Characters are Daunting!
  112. Favourite ff VI song
  113. Who do you regard as the protagonist?
  114. Final Fantasy VI Review (Spoilers)
  115. Brave New World!
  116. Who's your favorite playable character from FFVI?
  117. Locke or Setzer?
  118. Do you have to fight the Warring Triad again if you Teleport out of Kefka's tower?
  119. Setzer: A gamblin' man that rolls mugu mugu!
  120. Heartbreaking...
  121. My fever dream of a FF6 hack
  122. Any Tips For A First Time Player?
  123. What? Another secret character?!
  124. Was Kefka a good super Villain?
  125. Do you think?
  126. The Show Must Go On! Six Things You Didn't Know about FFVI Thread 2.0
  127. What's your Gau build?
  128. FFVI for Kindle Fire
  129. Biggest mess ups you made in the Game?On
  130. So, Edgar is shocked when Terra casts fire,
  131. FFVI remastered?
  132. Preparing for Dragon's Den!
  133. Noooo! FFVI Advance save state request...
  134. Sabin's Suplex Station
  135. What If... Shadow Didn't Run Off On His Family
  136. Save corrupted, anyone have a save file around first Ultros fight?
  137. Anybody tried "Final Fantasy 6 spoof" rom
  138. Article: Final Fantasy VI MAY be coming to Steam
  139. If VI were VII
  140. Oh, I see. That is certainly an interesting name.
  141. Article: Happy Birthday, Setzer Gabbiani!
  142. Celes.
  143. So I Don't Need To Finish The Game Now
  144. Happy Birthday Celes
  145. I might give this game another go
  146. Terra or Celes
  147. Just turned this back on.
  148. Who is Best! Warning Spoilers in this thread
  149. Midgar Mist and FF6
  150. Here is a Veldt formation/Rage tracking tool
  151. Recollections of Final Fantasy VI
  152. Some Other Guy Plays FFVI, Too
  153. Umaro is The Best
  154. FFVI Advance save file request
  155. Esper Procreation
  156. Where does he keep all those Chocobo's
  157. The Magic (SPOILERS)
  158. The Best Looking FF6 Female
  159. The best looking FF6 Male
  160. Remember that one time Hiromu Arakawa drew the cast of this game?
  161. Terra Tina Kefka Cefca
  162. The Failed Magitek Knight
  163. Who the hell is Ultros anyway?
  164. Best FFVI character?
  165. I Finished It!
  166. Celes vs. Terra Showdown
  167. Spicing Up the VI Forum: Top 5 Characters
  168. Final Fantasy VI Fact video
  169. still have no idea
  171. Did Banon and Arvis die?
  172. Unique magic
  173. Awesome Ocarina arrangment of Epitaph and Searching for Friends.
  174. Advice on figuring out where i need to be on a 3 year old save (GBA)
  175. (SPOILERS) How do you all like to build each character after obtaining espers?
  176. Scrapped Characters and Events for Final Fantasy VI Surfaces
  177. can someone on a computer with VBA convert my.sgm save to a .sav for me please?
  178. Kefka a pushover?
  179. Do you feel this game would have benefitted from having a smaller cast?
  180. FFVI is confirmed toi be gracing the Super Nintendo Classic Editon.
  181. How strong do you think a Magitek Knight is?
  182. Once More I Try To Finish FFVI But...
  183. Favorite Bit of Dancing Mad?
  184. Help with FFVI Advance save
  185. Favorite Esper
  186. Did Shadow ever leave your party?
  187. Raging at the Veldt
  188. Saving Cid
  189. Brave New World 1.9
  190. Did FFVI hold up for you?
  191. Hironobu Sakaguchi will be doing a Let's Play of FFVI IN March.
  192. Hypothetical question
  193. One Character Theme to rule them all...
  194. Proper Spellings for Character Names
  195. Final Fantasy 6 save file
  196. Kefka's Best Quote (2018 Edition)
  197. Corrupt Save File in FFVI GBA Cartidges
  198. Final Fantasy VI Turned 25.
  199. Characters confirmed to have died during the end of the world?
  200. Recruitment Order