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  1. Any tips for a first time FF3-er?
  2. Favorite Jobs
  3. Final Fantasy III Now Available on Android! ...In Japan
  5. Just a Missin
  6. Absolute Must Haves in Your Party
  7. The Question of Mortality
  8. III NES Playthrough
  9. What does your team build say about you as a player?
  10. Final Fantasy III for PSP
  11. Square Enix to release FFIII on Kickstarter Ouya system.
  12. FFIII DS vs Other systems.
  13. No shut the hell up, the Scholar is awesome
  14. It's place in history
  15. The Dark Warriors
  16. FFIII Olympic Athlete Signup Thread!
  17. Beat the DS version, attempting the NES version. EMU help needed
  18. "The one that got away".
  19. Villians.
  20. Should I pick this up again?
  21. Quick Question about NES FF3
  22. FFIII released on every system ever
  23. WK Plays Final Fantasy III (NES)
  24. Dual Wield vs Shield
  25. Who is your favorite guest character?
  26. iOS/Android version
  27. Favorite Airship
  28. Hardest Final Dungeon?
  29. How many people have actually played this game?
  30. Phoenix Down
  31. Splitting Enemies
  32. FFIII Ouya Footage
  33. The job system
  34. Best parents in FF?
  35. Gimme a challenge
  36. Earth Crystal jobs. Is it really worth the effort?
  37. At a number from 1 - 10
  38. Magus, Sage, or Summoner
  39. I want to thank this game...
  40. What jobs did you use to beat the game?
  41. Best NES Entry?
  42. What if the Four Old Men were the real Light Warriors?
  43. Would you play the original?
  44. Final Fantasy III vs. Dragon Quest III
  45. Original vs. Remake
  46. Moogles!
  47. Doga Vs. Unei
  48. Favorite Job Class (FFIII Edition)
  49. Looks like Final Fantasy III is headed for PC
  50. Is FFIII the most under-appreciated entry?
  51. How could this game be made more memorable?
  52. This song
  53. FFIII Crossword puzzle
  54. How much do you know about Final Fantasy III?
  55. Most frustrating Dungeon
  56. What do you feel is FFIII's impact on the series?
  57. FINAL FANTASY III is coming to Steam - Please Look Forward Too It!
  58. The Prototype for the rest of the series
  59. Why you no talk FFIII?
  60. T/F: My daughter is an Onion Knight
  61. What do you mean I have to turn into a Frog?!
  62. FEOK
  63. Which version is the best?
  64. But Daddy, I don't want to be a Spoony Bard when I grow up!
  65. Job Class Fashion
  66. Favorite Airship in this Gmae?
  67. Onion Knight!
  68. Anyone collect all the special Job Class gear from the master blacksmith?
  69. I started playing this game and then I lost interest and quit
  70. What are the differences
  71. What did this game do better than any other FF?
  72. Did you use your FFI party?
  73. Did you challenge the summons?
  74. Did anyone play the Ouya port for this?
  75. Chocobo around the world!
  76. Magic, Swords, and Balance
  77. Did you like the storyline for this game?
  78. Did you get a hold of FFIII before the 2006 DS release?
  79. Where do you rank FFIII in the FF series?
  80. Do you think a Four Job Fiesta is feasible in this game?
  81. Rank the Jobs
  82. Xande Vs Cloud of Darkness
  83. Thank you for the Auto-Targeting
  84. Final Fantasy III Music Appreciation Thread
  85. Which version of FFIII did you play first?
  86. What If... FFIII had recieved a Western release when it originally came out?
  87. What are your thoughts on "charactering up" the Light Warriors for the remake?
  88. FFIII-(-1)
  89. Who was the hardest boss for you?
  90. Favorite Mage Class!
  91. Noah's Gift
  92. Trivia - Final Fantasy III
  93. Favorite Guest Character
  94. The most overlooked entry...
  95. Steam/DS version party combonation questions(SPOILERS)
  96. What Jobs did you use for the final battle? (FFIII Edition)
  97. Favorite Job Class FFIII introduced to the FF mythos
  98. The Onion Knights, Children or Teens?
  99. Character/job level questions (spoilers)
  100. The Long and Winding Road: Final Fantasy III
  101. No really, what did you like about FF III?
  102. But I want Phoenix downs!!!
  103. Onion Knights or Personality Knights?
  104. When the Balance is broken, an Onion Knight shall answer the call...
  105. [DS] sans White Mage
  106. Rank the Job Classes FFIII Edition
  107. Why is this game forgotten about?
  108. Pumpkin Judges! Your Outfit: Final Fantasy III Edition
  109. Which version have you played?
  110. I've never played this
  111. Balancing the Careers
  112. Refia Makes This Look Good
  113. Why Isn't There an FFIII Four Job Fiesta?
  114. Celebrating FFIII's Music
  115. Final Fantasy III Celebrates Its 26th Anniversary
  116. FFIII Protagonists: Better as generic heroes or with personalities?
  117. Favorite
  118. Garuda (NES)
  119. whats your opinion on Midget dungeons?
  120. secret in FF3
  121. Character names in NES version?
  122. Job levels question
  123. Canoe question
  124. Final Fantasy III: Hints and Tips