View Full Version : error in ff11 installation

06-09-2007, 05:37 PM
ok, so, i disabled my account a few months ago, and i just reactivated it today, and i like, renewed my credit card number and everything, and then i got a content id and all that :skull::skull::skull::skull:, and then i went to play the game. but, then, after not playing the game for a few months, theres alot of things that need to be updated, so, i need to update it, so, i get passed the "getting files for update part", and then im on the "preparing for update part....and, when it gets to 30%, it says that theres an error po11 or something..i'll gte back to what error it is, and then it says that update was aborted....what does this mean? what should i do?

edit:theres a problem with the HDD data, and the version update failed, and the error code is.....
Error code:POL-1153, how can i solve this problem? and also, i have the option to see network connection info, and when i go, all the things have multiple numbers on the right side of them...but then it says at the bottom " UPNp Portmap(setting): Disable....know what that means?