View Full Version : Ending garment grid help

06-16-2007, 12:43 AM
Has anyone got any tips on how to oversoul the two eater type fiends?

06-16-2007, 01:02 AM
you could go to Via Infinito to cloister 15~19, where the Chocobo Eater is common to appear (it may take time to appear). To get the Anything Eater, you need to do the Chocobo Sidequest with Clasko. There's a link in gameFAQs that explains how to get the Chocobo Cave at Calm Lands.

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There should be everything you need to know to unlock the Anything Eater. After you get that, going to Via Infinito at cloister 41~50 (Around those numbers), the Anything Eater should appear as a random encounter.