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07-25-2007, 10:59 PM
I'm up to the final dungeon, though I can't remember what it was called, I'm playing the NES version. Right now my party members are all level 40, their Jobs being Knight, Dark Knight, Summoner and Shaman. I still don't have Leviathan and Bahamut, though I'm contemplating going back for them.

What level should I be before I try and finish the game? I once got a lot closer to the end on a really old save on a really old PC I no longer have, and royally sucked against the four Dark Crystal guardians (each of them usually killed me in two turns).

I realise there's a thread almost identical to mine (right down to the poster's party's levels), but it's for the DS version which I believe is radically different.

07-25-2007, 11:05 PM
The radical difference would probably be the extreme usefulness of the Ninja and Sage over the other classes in the Famicom version, so much that your party could consist of Ninja and Sages and you could beat the game with ease.

You will gain many levels going through the final dungeons, so do not worry about having to level up. Going through Eureka, and Sylx Tower, and the World of Darkness should have you in your mid-50s before the final boss. But a little leveling wouldn't hurt, especially if you're going to buy Shuriken. Proper damage output and healing are the key factors to beating the final boss.

I would also recommend getting Leviathan and Bahamut, since they are pretty powerful summons and can help against the large groups of enemies you'll encounter.

07-25-2007, 11:36 PM
The radical difference would probably be the extreme usefulness of the Ninja

As I recall it, the Ninja was indeed very useful in being able to equip Masamune and Ragnarok at the same time, but not actually quite as physically strong as the Knight...

07-25-2007, 11:44 PM
The Ninja can equip any weapon or armor on the FC version, in addition to being able to throw Shuriken. The Sage can cast any magic spell, including the Summoner's summon attacks. While the Ninja's offensive power and the Sage's magical prowess are slightly less than the classes that specialize in those two things, they're still incredibly powerful. A party with a Ninja, Sage, Shaman, and another Melee class would be incredibly effective in the FC version.

In the DS version, the Ninja could not equip every weapon or armor, and had a big decrease in damage output, but was still the only class capable of throwing. Sages could cast any spell, but they were limited to the lower level summoning techniques and had less spell charges. These changes, along with the rebalancing of the other jobs helped to make the Sage and Ninja not so terribly overpowered and no longer a party staple (Bard power).