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08-30-2007, 09:13 PM
I've got FFIII on DS, and have been playing it quite a bit lately. I defeated Titan and received the last set of jobs it looks like.

So far I have a level 40 party, with job skills:
99 Thief, 11 black mage, 8 geomancer, and maybe some 1-5s in other jobs.

40 Warrior, 20 Viking, 12 Dragoon, 24 Knight, 11 Dark Knight(the class that can kill dividing enemies).

60 White mage, .... she really hasn't been anything else.

10 red mage, 46 geomancer, 31 black mage, not much else.

I will change Refia into a Devout, but that is the only sure move I am thinking of at the moment. I hear alot about Ninja and Summoner, but the ninja will be weak for a long time against my thief. Thief with air knife and behemoth knife is doing 4500+ on regular enemies, and 9999 against wind weak. I do have Gungir, but the Dragoon's defense is not as high as the dark/magic knight. Black Belts seem ok, but defense is still a concern. Even the plate classes still seem to be taking a very large amount of damage from physical attacks, although its manageable. The geomancer is doing 2500 physical damage, and 1500-2000 terrain, but that is starting to plateau and I'd like more damage.

I like my Thief, Dragoon/Warrior/Viking/Knight, White Mage, Geomancer team... but do realize it is not as strong as some other teams.
However I feel ninja will be weak for a while, and I am hesitant about summoners. Are ninjas really that strong, and summons while powerful probably aren't plentiful like terrain. Or should I go ahead and change?

Basically wondering how a jlvl 1 ninja with no special equipment compares to a jlvl 99 thief. A jlvl1 Summoner vs a jlvl45 geomancer, and other comparisons with the new jobs.

08-30-2007, 09:25 PM
You'll want to switch to the ninja because that job has access to high power weapons like the Masamune and Moon Edge/Ring/whatever. I'm not sure if the thief has access to genji equipment, but if not, that's another reason to switch.

The Dragoon is one of the top jobs in the game, as in the syrcus tower you should be able to find 2 sets of crystal armor (mail, gloves, helmet & shield). Its weapons selection allows for one of the best overall equipment users in the game.

Also you'll want to switch from the geomancer as you'll want to be able to select your target for the Final Boss. If you have a summoner, you'll be able to just cast Bahamut for Megaflare and do crazy damage to all targets regardless.

They did an excellent job of re-balancing the jobs in this game, but there are a handful that are superior to the rest. These are: Knight, Dark Knight, Dragoon, Viking, Ninja, Summoner, and Sage. Devout and Magus are also really good.

Those first four are great because they have access to Crystal Armor. The whole point of this game is to be able to utilize the best equipment you have in the best manner, so you'll want at least one class which can equip it. For magic you're probably going to want someone who can cast Arise, so switching to the Devout is a great idea.

You should be alright, like i said, you might want to switch your geomancer to a summoner.

09-01-2007, 07:05 PM
I say keep Luneth as a knight.