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[M] Kurt - Cool Dad
12-01-2007, 07:45 PM
Who lies in a game of mafia? The mafia. Nobody else should lie. I cannot stress this enough. We need to all tell the truth or else we're going to lose.

Next he says "We shouldn't consider team rocket evil that would make Meowth look like he's in the Mafia!" That would actually support my idea that Meowth and Psyduck are both in the Mafia, and now Psyduck is trying to save Meowth's skin from being suspected.But when you actually read Psyduck's post
edit:edit: also.. maybe something we should consider.. with all the team rocket background as evil and such.. wouldnt you put meowth as a mafia? .. this is not accusation.. just reasoning.. asking what you guys think?He's saying you SHOULD suspect me of being a mafia. Sandshrew just out and out lied about that, and I don't know how he thought he would get away with it, unless he thought nobody would bother to actually read Psyduck's posts, which makes sense as they are clearly insane. This is the only evidence he tabled against me...somebody who he believes to be mafia accusing me of being mafia. This makes absolutely no sense. A mistake, perhaps? No. Here's why.
The fact that my opinion is after carefully analyzing all of your postsIf you carefully analysed his posts like you claim you did, you'd know he was accusing me of being mafia. I skimmed his post for about 5 seconds and I knew what he was saying. You lied to try to drop me in it and you knew what you were doing.
You watch guys. I know I'm on to them.... they'll probably kill me during the nightphase to keep me quiet, if I get killed during the night you better give my idea on Meowth x Psyduck being in the Mafia a bit more thought.I know you're saying this because you think we're mafia and we're going to kill you. (or to at least give that impression) But if that was honestly the scenario - and I don't believe it is - posting something like that is the ABSOLUTE WORST THING YOU COULD DO. I'm not mafia, and I don't know about Psyduck (and god knows I don't even want to begin analysing that guy) but let's suppose you're wrong about him, too. The mafia see this, and go "Right, let's kill Sandshrew to make Meowth and Psyduck cop the heat". It's a terrible strategy either way, and anybody can see that, so I think you are trying to hide something.

From the way Geodude backed him up, and the way the two of you voted together, well, I am absolutely convinced you two are in cahoots to pursue an agenda. I don't know if that agenda is good or bad though.

So here are my questions for you, Geodude and Sandshrew:

Geodude, what is this role you're hinting at? Either spill, or don't try using it as a defence in future. If you're the cop, the doctor will protect you. Scared of being targetted at night? By saying "I have a super cool role!" you've painted a big bullseye on yourself anyway, so we may as well try to use your ability before you get whacked.
Geodude, why do you want to lynch the jester anyway?
Sandshrew, why did you blatantly lie about what Psyduck said about me?
Sandshrew, why on earth did you pull that "If I am killed then they are guilty" ploy? There was absolutely no logical reason for doing so unless you're putting on an act.

Are you two masons?

Remember, Pokemon: There is no reason why a townsfolk should lie like Sandshrew did.