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Azure Chrysanthemum
12-04-2007, 09:56 PM
Here you can post creatures, animals, plantlife, and other things you want to see in Eizon. Be as fantastic as you wish, but we do ask for detailed descriptions of how the creatures act and where they live. I will never reject a creature unless it's obviously not intended to actually see play, but I will ask for more information on it before it's accepted. Depending on the detail level of the creature, you will get some money for "discovering" it.

It's also a good idea to make creatures that live in your area so you can send your mediators out to tame them and use them for whatever it is you need them for.

12-05-2007, 03:24 AM
I guess I'll add the lists of Wildlife that I am making.

Edit: New list, plains/Grasslands

Edit2: New list, Forests

Edit3: New list mountains.

Edit4: New list Arctic.

12-05-2007, 04:34 AM
As I said in the other thread. Elepharoos(cross between Elephant and Kangaroo), Bumblion(Bumblebee crossed with Lion) and Wyverns are native to my land and even ol' Nessy is swimming in me waters :D

Bumblions are half the size of a normal lion, but have intense speed. The end of their tail has a stinger and they have wings to fly about if they so wish. These wings to not take them far though. Think of their flying capabilities as a step above chicken. More like a fast hover. They are carnivorous.

Elepharoos are shaped more like a big kangaroo. The charging abilities of an elephant along with the tusks and trunk. The powerful legs make it great for a quick spring at an enemy. They are fairly docile and are herbivores.

Wyverns are pretty much what they are. Dragons that roam the skies and hunt from above. Nothing special here...just wveryns.

Ol' Nessy is of course the fabled lochness monster :D Very few have seen it but as technology grows we hope to prove it's existence and clone them for underwater supremacy :D

Nominus Experse
12-05-2007, 04:45 AM
I don't know what use it might be, but I did a rough (very rough) sketch of my country, Vaelgard.

This is surprisingly fun. I wish I knew why...

12-05-2007, 04:53 AM
Oh yeah.

Bumblions area delicacy for the rich to eat. Great source of food but due to their speed, hard to catch.

Elepharoos are wanted for their ivory tusks.

New creatures:

Tyranomoth(cross between T Rex and Mammoth). Shaped like a T-Rex but with the demeanor and fur of a Mammoth. These woolly creatures are also herbivores and their fur is a main export of our country.

Freasel - Frog like weasel. These amphibians are shaped and move like a weasel but have the skin and habits of a front. Super stretchy tongue for eating insects.

12-05-2007, 08:32 AM
Another list of wildlife. The desert.

Edit: I put all of the species unique to countries in a separate list.

Nominus Experse
12-05-2007, 10:32 AM
Been working on some of the aquatic creatures in my region:


Large, multi-finned , predatory fish of the northern coasts. A unique property of the grevmoore is that they have unusually long, slender bodies and tails: their muscular tails often times account for almost half their length and bulk. Such tails are needed in order to catch prey, as well to evade predators, such as the huarkemnell and mirgran eel.
Male species commonly reach lengths of 67 centimeters and weigh 11.49 kilograms; female specimens reach lengths of 54 centimeters and a weight of 8.46. Males have a dark blue and black pattern along their backs, a white underbelly, and vibrant vermillion markings along their eyes and gills.

Grevmoore commonly feed on smaller fishes (such as the feldon and flinscythe), the eggs of the unique aquatic creature nathir, and supplements its diet with seaweed and emberour kelp.

Vaelgardian luirana manta:

Larger, genetic variant of the common luirana manta. This form of the luirana has forgone the idea of a poisonous stinger as a method of defense, and has instead formed plates of chitin around various areas of its increased bulk. Due to the frigid waters of Vaelgard, this version of the luirana has increased its bulk and developed a thick layer of fat around its body. Although usually found to be moving quite slowly, the manta can sprint short distances – hoping desperately to find a safe niche in a rock face.

Males commonly grow to a size of 26.34 kilograms, and females many times reach a weight of 20.89 kilograms. Both sexes have cerulean backs, pearl underbellies with black spots, and deep violet tails. The only difference between male and female marking lies in the wing tips: males have vibrant violet tips.

Vaelgardian luirana manta feed on small ocean life (such as the serean plankton and budina minnow).

The feldon is a docile, medium sized fish that is considered a delicacy in most areas of the world.


The thianmathra is a larger, more aggressive relative of the hydro dragon of warmer climates. This beast of the icy deep is armed with large, imposing teeth, which it uses for hunting and combative behavior. The beast also has four limbs, of which have large fins and claws to aid in the creature’s propulsion and combat, respectively. A pointed ridge of bones lines the creature’s back, which acts as armour.

Male specimens average a length of 11.58 metres and weigh 843.26 kilograms; females measure 10.11 metres and weigh 792.14 kilograms. Females are coloured a dark violet-blue with a light blue underside and lining around the mouth. Males are pearl white with crimson markings along their limbs and eyes. Native legends nickname the creature “Pale of the Deep”.

Thianmathra feed on various species of whales, sharks, klimfaer.
There are very few thianmathra, and they live extraordinarily long lives (470 or more years of age). Only a handful have ever been found dead, and even less slain by men. Although slaying such a creature would grant the victor a fortune, the price of one’s own life is too high of a risk for any sane man.

Aerith's Knight
12-05-2007, 05:12 PM
ill draw my nation later.. im not very good though :p

Azure Chrysanthemum
12-05-2007, 06:43 PM
You guys have really gotten into the spirit of the game. All of those things are really well done and are now canon parts of this world. 5,000 gil to each of you for each creation. :)

Aerith's Knight
12-05-2007, 07:06 PM
Abegus - A winged horse creature. Said to live only in the high mountains. This is a creature of legend. There have only been reports of white Abegus. Their wings are over 6 feet wide and it can reach an air speed of over 100 miles/hour. Generally shy away from any race. Their feathers are rumoured to contain large amounts of Magicite. Impossible to capture for any PC player with a rank lower than 6, or an NPC player with a rank lower than 8. When trained can fly their masters everywhere in matters of hours.

Micuto - a small insect found in forests. They are also called the farmhouse pest, for they eat the stem of newly formed plants. A Zabbite's favorite food.

Moon flower - a mysterious flower that only blooms when there is a full moon. Its beautifull blue color gives inspiration to many artists. It is theorized that sunlight is too harsh a light for this flower, as it is rumoured to wither in a solar eclips. Only ever appeared on Judge island and the north region of the Empire.

12-05-2007, 07:41 PM
Plant life

Ironwood – This tree lives for such a long time that it has been undetermined just how long they actually do live. One has yet to be chopped down due to the Iron nature of the tree but with technological advancements, it is hoped that this tree could become a valuable nature resource.

Druista – This plant can only be found in dark caves and heavily overshadowed forests. Sunlight hurts it and gets it source of power from darkness. Not much is known about this plant and how it actually operates due to limitations of being able to study it without light. Hopefully one day we can learn how it creates energy from darkness.

Nirasta – A tree that grows to be about 20 feet tall and produces fruit. The fruit is sweet and juicy yet it is shaped like a bloated star fish.

Whey – Whey is a fast growing grain that is easy to cultivate and durable. Whey can be used to make many different foods from bread to cakes.

Illuminous trees and flowers – This unique family of trees and flowers come in many shapes and sizes. They have a curious trait in that they capture the light during the day and then at night time their leaves glow and emit their stored energy.

Psalm Tree – Looks like a palm tree, but this tree lights up the night sky in more tropical regions of the world. It also produces light berries.
Rainbow Rose – A rose which is hard to grow but it has a unique trait in that it has exactly 12 petals that form a rainbow around the flower. Each petal emits their color glow at night making it a very romantic flower.
Hot turquoise – This flower lives in shallow waters and lights up the ocean fronts at night. Many snails and smaller creatures flock to the light as a means of protection from their predators.
Napalm – A flower which has trouble opening up. During the bloom season, it is recommended that you stay away from said flowers. They continually get bigger and bigger and store more and more energy until finally it all gets released in an explosive bloom. The plant is instantly burned but the pollens are released into the air to mix and create new Napalm every year.
Alpha – Said to be the first of tree of the Illuminous family, it is a northern evergreen. Christmas has never been so easy to light up :D
Cracktus – A desert cactus that lights up at night, but due to no leaves, all the energy is stored inside the base of the plant. It has spikes just like any other cactus but these will shock you and electrocute those who touch it.

Spine Vines – Said to have a mind of their own, they move and attack. Their vines are located all over the planet and produce a delicious vegetable. The vegetable is does not come cheap though as the plant guards them as to grow more vines. They have been kept under control through natural means. Insects love the taste and have helped to keep them in check through out history. Some farmers even like to plant a few vines around the crops to prevent insects from eating their crops.

Incidiary Mantis – This is a living plant. It roams around volcanic areas and is resistant to the lava and heat of the area. It is of no harm to anyone and dies rather quick of the temperature cools down. What makes it is resistant to such powerful heat though?

Flow weed – This weed has only ever been found washed up on the shores. Through chance it was brought into a dark forest by a traveler who fell into the water. At that moment the weed came back to life. Seemed to swim and stay in the same general area through the current of the stream. Due to the extremely dark forest, it is assumed to have the same powers as Druista, by drawing energy from darkness. Due to it being a water plant, it is assumed to live near the depths of the ocean.

This world is creative to the max :D

Aerith's Knight
12-05-2007, 07:47 PM
your illuminous trees is the death flower or heavens mirror in eternal sonata.. only the name is diff.. and that its a tree instead of a flower.. for the rest they are exactly the same

12-05-2007, 08:43 PM
I assume Eternal Sonata is a videogame for some system but I can't be bothered to look it up now. And here I was thinking I was creative XP

Also Illiminous tree and flower is just a classification. They are not actually plants. Everything listed underneith is a plant under the order of illiminous tree/flower.

12-05-2007, 09:12 PM

Small, humanoid creatures (averaging 6 inches tall) that resemble forest pixies with a pouch on their abdomen similar to a kangaroo. Dwelling in deeply wooded areas, Arcolyphs are trouble-makers and hoarders. They have a chameleon's camoflauge effect and are able to group together into a shape that is often mistaken as an actual tree. Playing tricks on those who are unfamiliar with the area, they steal and magically shrink their new "belongings" to keep in their pouches. They create and use Arco Dust for this reason (to shrink items).


Giant, stubby worms. Their size is easily comparable to the mass of an average chocobo; almost bloblike. Generally subterranean, they eat all types of rock formations (Meteos and Hard Stones being delicacies of sorts) as well as the occasional plantlife. Massive tunnels and labyrinths underground are sometimes made by these creatures, but more commonly they will consume the earth in a way that fashions pits or holes. Lyrae ooze their waste out of their hides, which changes in properties depending on their rock diet.

Fal Fal

Native bird of Falowyn. They have dark green feathers, black beaks, and are roughly the size of a common owl, looking more like a falcon. They prey on large rodents in woodlands and plains. Recognized for their trademark birdcall, "Fal Fal."

12-05-2007, 10:34 PM
Monktapusatial – This is a cross between monkey, reptile and octopus. No legs, 8 tails, and is a reptile. Very domesticated and make great pets. They can be found swinging in trees in the forests.

Hell Penguins – Penguins that swim in lava/magma of volcanoes. They love to eat the Incidiary Mantis as its main food source. They have razor sharp teeth and will attack if threatened.

Meteos – This is a creature made out of rocks. It does not eat and only moves if it feels that there is a threat abound. It is extremely strong and is made up of detached rocks that are held together by its own consciousness. It lives in the mountainous regions of the world and can even be found near volcanoes.

I think I have a thing for dangerous creatures XD

12-05-2007, 10:42 PM
Dust Snake

A 2 foot long Snake that lives in the desert. Its scales match the sand, so when its not moving it becomes difficult to see.
It is a very hostile Creature.
It gets its name due to its hunting method. Its mouth secrets a highly poisonous venom. It bites down on to the sand, and lets the sand soak in its venom for 1-2 seconds. It then spits out the sand and infects everyone within the dust cloud that inhales.

Dust Venom - On smaller animals, the venom is almost immidiate death. On a human, it generally takes 20 hours before death if not treated.

When the venom enters the lounges it can pass into the bloodstream. Upon reaching the heart, it forcefully slows down the rate your heart pumps until a complete stop. Before death, the infected find themselves exhausted fast and becoming more and more sluggish. Most people pass out at the 17th hour.

This is all I got for now.

12-05-2007, 11:36 PM
i think edczxcvbnm is beating me to creative part :( ill have to get on tomorrow on think of some good stuffs for you.

Aerith's Knight
12-05-2007, 11:52 PM
Tantela bush - The Tantela bush stand at 4 feet high and is also known as the Killer bush. It wraps a vine around an unsuspecting traveler and chokes off his airsupply, its thorn causing severe bleeding. the vines then feed on the fluids released into the ground. It is believed that this was a desert plant, brought to forest ground where it adapted. the most common method of recognizing a Tantela bush is by its inability to stop ruffling its leaves. It is therefore theorized that it was not meant to have them, which gives further proof of desert origin. another method of recognizing a Tantela bush is by the tiny spikes on its leaves.

Azure Chrysanthemum
12-06-2007, 12:05 AM
Everything else is approved, 5,000 as usual.

Ed gets an extra 5,000 for Hell Penguins, which amuse me.

Aerith's Knight
12-06-2007, 12:23 AM
googelie worm - small wormlike creature of no more then 2 inches. is found in soft dirt on any continent. Can be used as a potion ingredient(catalyst for Ether potions) and as nurishment for many types of birds.

Blue mentobe - a small blue herb, found in cold parts of the world. Can be used as a potion ingredient(ice heal).

Sunrise triplet - A flower that has three heads on a single stem. It only grows on mountain cliffs facing west. Can be used as a potion ingredient(burn heal)

Histo clamper - an oyster like creature. It is 3 inches wide and lives only near coral. Its pearl shines with an ominous glow, which is the topic of many studies at magitech universities. Because of the Pearl's high value, this specie is becoming increasingly rare.

12-06-2007, 12:34 AM
An extremely fat, flying hippo. Extraordinarily stupid, the only danger these animals exhibit is when they sit on houses and people. They will eat any vegetation, even if it is poisonous. They are completely useless.They live in Arctic regions and plains.

A strange animal that "swims" through air. They have 12 long tentacles, which are very durable, and two sticky arms. About the size of a moogle, the tentacles are fried for food, and their blood is a cauterizing agent. Lives in forests.

A fat, little ball of cuteness. Found almost everywhere, they feed off of grasses, and are eaten by almost all wild animals. Little girls love them, and they are easy to raise in captivity.

The Triumphant Hero
12-06-2007, 01:40 AM
All accepted for 5,000 gil apiece.

Nightslisc - The nightslisc appears as a stretch of pitch-black sky as it floats gently around on the breeze. It presents a great danger to those who go near it's lair, as it is very territorial and lethal, but is nocturnal and usually quite safe.

Arestiagent - The Arestiagent is found near wide open plains, and is a 5 foot tall creature with powerful hind legs and foreclaws that are extremely sharp Valued as mounts in combat, these bipeds are very intelligent and insectoid.

Reghelmites - Reghelmites are extraordinarily small, but travel in immense groups and form a collective mind with the others in their hive. They have great amounts of strength for their size, and are most often very cruel pranskters, enjoying moving objects, both alive and inanimate, and hiding or throwing them.

Seltin - Seltins are common household pests that make their nest in the foundations. They spend the day hiding, and at night throw giant parties, completely trashing the house. They are three-legged and stand about 3" high

Aerith's Knight
12-06-2007, 01:49 AM
Hard stones - Found near the breeding ground of dragons, it is believed that these stones are heated several times a day. They are characterisized as black, smooth and always warm to the touch. These stones have high value for their ability to hold magic and the rarity of anyone obtaining these stones(alive).

Nominus Experse
12-06-2007, 02:53 AM
Here's a bunch of marine fauna I have been working on as of late:

Azure Chrysanthemum
12-06-2007, 08:33 AM
All accepted, 5,000 gil a piece. I'm giving Nominus an extra 5,000 because he has a lot of really well thought-out stuff.

12-06-2007, 11:09 PM

Beglars are best described as a plump version of a labrador with small antennae that extend where a dog's ears would be. Strictly carnivorous, they hunt smaller animals such as rabbits and squirrels. They are territorial and far too much of a predator to be domesticated. Being numerous in many areas of Annifontia, they are widely hunted by most races.


Small creatures that appear to be nothing but a ball of fur at first glance. Only reaching a maximum size equal to that of a baseball, they are kept as pets by Tarutaru. They only require a regular misting of water and no food intake at all. Rebu-Debu are able to speak but do not do so often. When they do, it is extremely quietly.

Aerith's Knight
12-06-2007, 11:53 PM
Phoenix - Small bird of fire, passed down through royal families. It is reborn from its own ashes, and its feathers contain ingredients needed for the creation of the legendary phoenix down potion, a powerful potion that can revive fallen people in battle.

White lymph - A mysterious white flower that spreads its pollon once a year. The pollon can be used as a potion ingredient for an elixer. Because of this proporty, the White Lymph has not been seen in 140 years. The last recorded flower was in possesion of the royal family of Denmark.

The amore seed - this plant is called a seed because of its unusual reproduction cycle. It lays dormant for many months until it build up enough nutrients. It then grows into a plants in mere hours and spreads it seeds, after which it withers and dies. Anyone exposed to the smells accomponied by the growing process will have his inhabitions lowered. Besides the Amore seed it is also called Lover's bane, for it only affects males.

Azure Chrysanthemum
12-07-2007, 12:17 AM
Phoenix isn't a new creature and they already exist in this setting. Beyond that, approved.

12-07-2007, 02:47 AM
man im so behind, i havent really done anything yet, and my happy candies are kicking in... soo....uh.....what....uhh...... omg....... tomorrow...............................zZZzzzZZZzZZzZZZZzzzzz..........

12-07-2007, 09:04 PM
((sry to double post))

Chocofish- large, yellow, sweet fish that some say resemble a chocobo. Delicacy, only in Chocoland

Zibbite- Cuter, Fuzzier, smaller, and blurple (blue-purple). Slightly smaller. Live in Chocoland.

Pheonix- a red, big, and beautiful bird whose tears and down are important potions.

Chocotree- a palm-like tree that bears chocofruit. Only found in Chocoland.

Chocofruit- Verisitile. Delicious delicacy, can be cooked in many foods, staple to Chocoland natives. Sweet, but bitter and delicious when cooked. Yellow, long, but straight. (like a straight banana). Also an ingredient for exotic and potenet potions.

Mooglifruit- a red circular free bearing tons of seeds. (like a pomagranite). Found only in Chocoland.

Azure Chrysanthemum
12-07-2007, 09:24 PM
Phoenix was already submitted, and I'm saying the exact same thing. It's not an original creation, it already exists in this world, it doesn't count.

5,000 for the rest of them though.

Aerith's Knight
12-07-2007, 09:53 PM
lolz phoenix doesnt really excist but okay

Fluomantis - The fluomantis is a scorpion of twice the regular size. It is considered to be a good training enemy for young soldiers. Its sharp tail contains one of the deadliest poisons in the world. At twilight, the Fluomantis gives off a Fluorescent light that scares off possible hunters, but makes it easy to find for soldiers. The poison, when carefully contained, is a valuable potion ingredient(ether).

Shifting sand - A creature that has the ability to stir loose sand around, creating an artificial, but small, sandstorm. no real indentification of its physical build have been confirmed due to fighting conditions and poor sight. Leaves minor traces of red powder in the sand.

Jelly Blob - This unusual name was made up by the first person to see the creature, a 7 year old child. The Jelly Blob is a magically animated lifeform that has managed to excist without a the magical energy of a nercromonger due to an unknown process that occurs deep within its body. the color of this creature is based on the amount of magic left in them.

Mytador - a Mytador is a mole-like creature that lives deep underground. First found when the dwarven population dug a tunnel 3 miles beneath the earth. considered to be a bad omen among dwarves, for they take it as a sign that they dug too deep. A Mytador has a prominent snout and six legs, with razor sharp claws, with which they can dig through the hardest rock(if given enough time). Their nales are used to make the strongest armor in the dwarven kingdom

Azure Chrysanthemum
12-07-2007, 09:59 PM
By "in this world" I mean there are already Phoenix in Eizon. And approved.

12-07-2007, 10:11 PM
i didnt see. 5000 each or 5000 total?

Azure Chrysanthemum
12-07-2007, 10:33 PM

Aerith's Knight
12-07-2007, 10:37 PM
its prob the only way to make money before the big thing starts.. but with that 10.000.000 thing looming.. i just cant make enough money :cry:

and no one wants to be my general :sad:

12-07-2007, 10:44 PM

An enormous plant that consists of a main body with 10-20 vines. The main body is shaped like a gigantic rose blossom. Normally, an adult Festrina's vines are between 1-2 feet thick and range from 50-200 feet in length. Festrinae are omnivorous and use their vines to snare their prey then bring it to the main body for consumption. Only dwelling in deep forests, they are rarely seen until they have you in their grip. At night, if the main body is subjected to moonlight, they secrete a liquid from their vines called Moonglaze.


A viscous, turquoise liquid that is secreted from the vines of a Festrina plant. Extremely poisonous to all species besides Mithra. If contact is made with the skin, a burning rash immediately forms and spreads at the rate of 1 inch of skin per hour for a Hume. The speed the rash spreads will change depending on the race that comes in contact with it, slower for thick-skinned species, faster for fragile species. If untreated within 1 day, the victim becomes paralyzed and will die 1 day after that. The effect is not contagious except by touching the liquid itself. If contacted by a Mithra, the affected area will simply itch for 1 hour. Moonglaze is extremely useful in curing paralysis when diluted through alchemy.

12-07-2007, 11:32 PM
Entity of HATE
A type of strong elemental that absorbs all attacks and grows stronger from them. The only way to kill them is with kindness. They excrete HATE fire which causes berserk status and extreme HATE to all that comes into contact with them. Very rarely are they seen, but they are feared as 10 can destroy an entire city in an hour.

Aerith's Knight
12-08-2007, 02:19 PM
Cetra flowers - The Cetra flowers are pure white flowers that sparkle with a glow when covered in morning dew. These flowers only grow in the Cetra royal keep's garden. Said to be a variation of ordinary flowers magic'd together by a Arch-mage millenia ago.

Abegus Flammeus - an ancient flower only found in the Empire. The Abegus Flammeus, also called the "flaming flower", spontanously erupts in fire at the end of its life. The flower stores the energy of the sunlight over many decades before it can release enough energy to do so. It is thought to be good luck when seeing such a beautiful flower go up in flames.

White mabel tree - The white mable tree only grows in the Cetra royal keep's gardens and is the symbol on the Cetra flag. Although unknown to most people its bark is actually white, instead of the brown on the Empire's flag. Its carries a round fruit the size of a peach, white in color when ripe and tastes like a combination of strawberries and banana's. This fruit is only given to royal guests in case of celebration, due to its rarity.

Markus. D
12-10-2007, 12:45 PM
I like my horrors...

Wayward Minion - A pre-animated corpse that has managed to slip from the influence from its master (Usually kills off the host once breaking free), these corpses usually emerges commonly in-cases of newly training in the art of necromancy. It’s a slowly moving creature and has sustained life from consuming anything living that has managed to come within its range of site.

Saint Incubus - Nocturnal Bat-like viles that randomly dive on creatures that manage to lurk below its scent deep within caverns.
Opening its own wings beholds small fragments of light elemental crystal shavings and tiny shards that the Incubus recovers from deep crevasses’ of destruction left by once-cast magical spells. Sometimes blinding victims with the violent flashes it then begins to slowly sap away life-force from the prey.
A rare site in general, a rarer site is seeing an Incubus unintentionally conjure random levels of the magic: Holy.
It’s longevity is not especially hearty and will only ever live in packs of 2 maximum.

Azure Chrysanthemum
12-10-2007, 07:55 PM
All approved.

12-11-2007, 02:03 AM
Darth Choco- a single black chocobo villain that roams the land and attacks lonely, unattentative travelers. DC is the reason people dont travel at night. It attacks using its Dark Force attack, which is just like FFT's Choco ball, but it turns the victim into licorice, black licorice. (sp?) in the day, he sleeps in the underground Death Cavern. :p

Azure Chrysanthemum
12-11-2007, 02:30 AM
Not gonna approve that chocobo, I have rules that will be forthcoming on various breeds of chocobo and mutated pre-existing monsters aren't really what I'm looking for.

12-11-2007, 02:33 AM

Aerith's Knight
12-11-2007, 02:54 AM
nice try tifa :)

12-11-2007, 02:59 AM
lol yes, this sig goes out to you, void :p


12-12-2007, 01:12 AM

A common rodent of all areas of Annifontia, Skisks are easily described as a cross between a skunk and a meerkat. Their fur is completely black and their skin is usually a pale yellow-white. Skisks have a defense mechanism similar to a skunk's in that they spray liquid at their aggressor. The scent of the liquid is not necessarily disgusting but causes temporary blindness so the Skisk can escape. Skisks eat small to medium insects and are actively preyed upon by Fal Fal and Beglars. They are commonly poached animals whose pelts are tanned and used in the making of leather accessories.


Tiri are small insects that dwell in deep woodlands and marshes. Averaging 2 inches long, they look similar to an overgrown ant with wings. They cannot fly but can propel themselves, like grasshoppers, over distances of 50 feet. Tiri do not make stationary homes; instead, they constantly migrate from bushes to trees to bogs searching for food. They are mainly scavengers that will engulf the remains of dead animals when found. Their wings can be crushed into what Arcolyphs call Arco Dust.

Arco Dust

Arco Dust is created by crushing the wings of Tiri into a fine powder and being enchanted by an Arcolyph. It is rarely able to be taken from the Arcolyphs but has been done so on few occasions. To prevent this substance from being used by anyone else, Archolyphs have learned not to enchant the powder of a crushed Tiri wing until right before its use. When sprinkled on an inanimate object, said object becomes 1/20 its former size. This effect takes mere seconds to activate so if used for immoral reasons and in great quantities, say to shrink a building with inhabitants inside, it can be extremely dangerous.

The Triumphant Hero
12-12-2007, 01:14 AM
All accepted for 5,000

The Triumphant Hero
12-12-2007, 02:36 AM
Sorry for the double-post.

The Alinek are the remains of what was once a mighty empire. They live in small communities of about 10-20 all across Annifontia, and tend to stay in hiding from the modern powers. The event that brought their downfall was speculated to be disease. Since they live forever and only have children once every 500 years, they are in no rush to attempt to assert their place as leaders of Annifontia. They have the ability to teleport short distances, and are extraordinarily strong and fast. They stand eight feet high on average. They have a very hard exoskeleton that gives thim a fearsome appearance, and can be shaped to provide them with armor and weapons if they need them. They are actually very caring creatures, although extraordinarily xenophobic.

Azure Chrysanthemum
12-12-2007, 02:42 AM

12-12-2007, 04:16 AM

Geoites are giant mountain-dwelling humanoids that hibernate through the summer months. They range in color depending on the surrounding climate from off-white to dark brown. A Geoite's skin is rough and very close to rock-like in texture making them extremely hard to spot in mountainous terrain and very durable creatures. Only Lyrae (rock-eating worms) and well-trained Hunters can distinguish a Geoite from a rock at any distance. They are very territorial and attack/eat people of all races that enter their "homes", which are usually small caves or outcroppings in mountains. A Geoite's biological make-up is almost identical to a Hume's with the one main difference being their bodies only contain 1 pint of blood. Geoite's blood can be diluted through alchemy to make a solution that cures petrification.

Markus. D
12-12-2007, 07:12 AM
Grim Essence: A formless floating orb that can be found wondering places that have been influenced with evil.
It sometimes loses small powdery deposits, which have been researched to reveal dark energies which are known to have commonly been bought out by past incantations of forbidden magic.
Being formless and assumed otherworldly it is immune to both Physical Attacks and Spells of common element.
Such research has been performed with arrogant simplicity due to it for some reason not-attacking.
Recent researcher's logs have shown signs of unintentional self-vocal silence when aggravating the inner glowing particles with non-adamantine solid materials.
It has been imbued with the name “Grim Essence” due to all of the odd behaviours mentioned above.

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Sized just larger than a polar bear, these cool-climate creatures are kings of the tundra. Their bodies are built like a bear's and their heads resemble those of pudgy sabertooth tigers. They are also clawed and have large tusks but only use them when threatened. Normally, Charoks will stay together in packs of 5-10, the pack being their immediate mate and offspring. They are carnivorous and usually find food by scavenging the lands. A Charok only needs to eat its own size in food to be able to survive for an entire season. If food cannot be found and parts of the pack start to die off, they become instinctually canniballistic and eat the dead to survive. Charoks can be hunted for their tusks, furs, and claws but can sometimes prove more of a nuisance than a benefit since they are very aggressive when the pack is disturbed.

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Grehrieu's Jewelry

A complete set of jewelry forged by the magical Elvaan crafter Grehrieu. Grehrieu was the most gifted crafter amongst all Elvaan at one time and made many trinkets of great worth. She refused to sell most of them, saying that the average customer was unworthy of such craftsmanship. The items that she deemed unsellable she kept in a secret vault guarded by 5 henchmen. Being the paranoid and untrustworthy woman she was, Grehrieu thought that they may be tempted to steal from her vault. To keep them from doing so, she offered them one piece of magical jewelry each to keep them pacified. Of course, the henchmen accepted. The pieces were two earrings, a choker, a ring, and a bangle. What they did not know was that each piece of jewelry was enchanted by Grehrieu so that she could constantly keep an eye on all of them. The sixth piece and final piece of the set, a thin and scarcely decorated tiara, she kept for herself. When wearing the tiara, Grehrieu could see through the eyes of all of the henchmen wearing the other pieces of the set at once and know exactly what they were up to. Grehrieu's vault remained safe until her death but the six pieces of jewelry have long been lost or passed down to those who don't know their power.

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say.. dont selena and me get something for the museum.. you could even sponser it void :).. i mean, your money is infinite

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Museum brings in money every Sunday, as with other facilities.

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Oddler has an awesome sense of beastery~~ :3

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Sindles live approximately 50 feet beneath the earth in desert regions. Their bodies are disc-like, only about 2 feet thick with a diameter sizing from 30-40 feet. Sindles are carnivorous. Grown around the outside lining of their disc-like bodies are retractable "arms" with crab-type pincers on the ends and tiny mouths along them. When food is sensed above ground, they extend these appendages to the surface and kill by snapping or strangling their prey. They then leech their "arms" against the victim and use the saliva from their mouths to liquify them into a form they can digest. The feeding process can take up to an entire day depending on the size of the prey. Sindles sense by vibration, much like a "Graboid" from Tremors. (:lol:) Sindle saliva, if properly extracted, can be diluted through alchemy to cure basic poisons.

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By using evil black magic, powerful mages can call upon magical energy and fuse it to an inanimate object. Upon the entrance of an object, this energy becomes a Rho, a warped and malicious spirit that desires only to be freed from its prison. When in the vicinity of an object possessed by a Rho, most people will feel an extreme urge to examine it. If the possessed object comes in contact with a living person, the Rho transfers itself into that being and assumes total control over its actions. In order to be freed, the Rho's host must die, so it will do anything in its host's power to cause it to destroy themself. When dead, the Rho returns to its original magical energy state. A Rho is only created with the intention of death or chaos and can only be destroyed with the death of its creator.

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Magical creatures that are common to the northwestern seas of Annifontia. Kylin-Lin appear to be very lanky humanoids, averaging 8 feet tall, with webbed features. They live at the bottom of the sea in domes made of plantlife from the surrouding area and dine on fish of all kinds. Kylin-Lin breathe air but do not have gills. Instead, their bodies emit a magical field that pushes water away from them and absorbs the oxygen from it into the field. Being very gentle and humble, Kylin-Lin have saved many people who have come close to drowning by pulling them close to their bodies and returning them to the surface.

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Nomadic and curious, the race of Gahjee travel the plains of Annifontia in small bands of up to 500. A normal adult stands only 4 feet high. Making up for their small height, their bodies are extremely solid and muscular. They are resourceful and cunning, relying on their mediating skills to coax trade agreements from passersby. Also fierce warriors, the Gahjee are well-trained at defending themselves and will aid groups of soldiers if proposed an enticing price. Having made their way across most every nook of Annifontia, they may even charge for directions or helpful tips about hidden places.


A chemically produced variation of a common maple tree. Engineered by the Galkan alchemist Docile Falcon, the Lackleaf is a "failed" experiment. In his hut, he spent all his time mixing substances with living organisms and evaluating the results. Upon pouring Grim Tears onto maple saplings, he recorded an effect that seemed to stunt the growth of every subject he tried it on. Frustrated with his failures and calling them Lackleafs, he tossed the saplings behind his hut. Docile Falcon died soon after but his "failed" experiments quickly rooted to his yard and began to grow. The secret to them growing was to be shunned from sunlight. Behind his hut, the lack of sunlight caused them to actually start to grow leaves. Now they are found all over the region usually in darkened areas such as against mountainsides and under taller trees in forests. The trunk of a Lackleaf only grows to about 5 feet above the ground with its branches sprouting horizontally along the earth. Lackleaf Sap can be diluted through alchemy to create a solution that cures blindness.


An Eparah is an ethereal being that serves a god or goddess. Depending on the alignment of the deity, the Eparah may have holy, mischievous, or even evil intentions. Usually sent as messengers that take a person to the world of the afterlife, they quickly flit into existence and grasp the person, taking them back to their master. An Eparah has no physical description since it can change its shape and hardly any have ever been seen by living people. If their master wills it, they can be issued orders to defend those that worship their deity or attack those that seek to cause harm those that worship them.

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Well, here's my creatures. :)


A Terror is a desert lizard that can fly. It eats small livestock such as mice, rabbits and fish. Its tail has a small spiked tip which it uses for attacking enemies. It also has three ivory horns on its head which can be quite expensive and is why some people hunt them down. They can be quite vicious vultures and king of the skies if you are in the desert. It also has fins on its tail so help it glide through the air faster and smoother. They are mainly found it dry areas, they are attracted to heat because of their black scales which absorb the heat.


Shellie is quite a common mammal. They love to eat grass, hay and insects which the chew with their two front teeth. Its torso is covered in tough green scales for the males and purple scales for the females. The scales are to shield them from rain or an attack. The rest of its body is soft and woolly and has large ears to hear if there is any danger. They are sweet and nice and mainly used for livestock or for their scales and wool. You would mainly find them in a grassland area.


Royalens are cute and fluffy little creatures. They are small and have medium wings but have big legs. They are known to be very fast but can’t fly very well. They love to eat worms and any other insects lurking about. They got the name Royalen because of the shape of their hair on their head which is in the shape of a crown. Their wings can vary on all different colours and they are very beautiful birds. You would usually find them in forests or somewhere with lots of bugs and nesting grounds.


A Squillet is a nocturnal creature. It can see in the dark and can run very fast. Its tail can be all kinds of beautiful colours which are for attracting the opposite sex. It eats small rodents and insects which also include fish. It’s a small creature but very shy, good at hiding and rare to be seen in the daylight. You would find them in woodland areas.

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Monsters/Creatures from other games are frowned upon and not allowed.