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Markus. D
12-11-2007, 04:03 AM
How does the whole Barbarian/Mercenary dealy work?

And as for joining a warband?... and how to get into them :S?


Behold the Void
12-11-2007, 04:13 AM
If you want to be a mercenary or barbarian, you start with 2.5 million to recruit an army. The general distinction (though really, you can do both) is that mercenaries tend to sell their services to other nations to support themselves and make themselves stronger, whereas barbarians pillage cities and steal their resources.

Both mercenaries and barbarians have no set income (although I will allow a small stronghold to support the troops if desired). The stronghold should be a limited military encampment with just enough civilians to support the force and feed it, and have a few utilities that are martially-inclined. If you want a larger city, build a country instead.

The primary source of income for mercenaries and barbarians is combat. Barbarians sweep into nations and raid their settlements, whereas mercenaries get hired to fight for other nations. If you're a mercenary, your job is to make yourself attractive so people will hire you to violence other nations. If you're a barbarian, you want to have soldiers trained to move in, pillage a city, and get out before you meet stiff resistance.

Barbarians and Mercenaries pay only 1/2 upkeep if they have no other means of support. If they have a stronghold, they must pay full upkeep.

01-15-2008, 04:26 AM
've already recruited Tsukasa as a lone Dark Knight in my Mercenary Encampment, so i think that questions be done with. Nickorr has also joined my encampment, This Merc Encampment has to many of the best =P watch out Annifontia!