View Full Version : WHO TO KILL NIGHT 2 - NEW THREAD

[M] D'Anna
12-22-2007, 06:40 PM
<font color="pink">I don't think the other one's very good so here's a new one :p I believe we should all reconsider our votes. We have several options:

#1. kill cl_out. He's dangerous, and he's the doctor. That's why he wants the cop to reveal himself. However I don't advise this, because this will prove that I'm mafia even more.

#2. kill Cid to discredit cl_out's theory. I don't advise this either - it's too obvious, and cl_out's already in the clear for lynching Shlupquack :(

I think our choice should be:
#3. kill foa. I've been going against foa the whole time and sounding sure that she's mafia. If she gets lynched I'm in trouble. I'm probably next for lynching anyway, unless Koshi keeps playing dumb or Cid jumps and and starts looking dumb. On the other hand if foa is hit by the mafia instead of lynched, I think that would clear me from being mafia. It would look like the mafia are trying to get people to lynch me.


[M] Colette
12-22-2007, 07:58 PM
We've already lost one Mafia and if we're sacrificing me, that's losing one more. We need to keep you and Azar alive for as long as possible, so whatever would clear the two of you from suspicion is fine with me. I'm really busy with college application deadlines at the end of the month, so I don't have the time to make an in-depth analysis like you've done. If foa's looking like it'd have the best outcome, then I'm in accordance with that.

[M] Aaron
12-22-2007, 11:03 PM
Let's kill clout. He's too dangerous to be kept alive. I don't think killing foa will clear you of anything.

Koshiatar will investigate BtV tonight and you'll be cleared. cool?

[M] D'Anna
12-23-2007, 12:24 AM
<font color="pink">No she won't, she said she'll investigate Leeza. Killing clout will make me look suspicious as hell since I was the one arguing with clout the whole time and he suspected me most. Also I believe Koshi when she says she's the cop.

Also you forget that clout is probably the doctor. If he doesn't trust Koshi enough (especially since she said she's investigating Leeza for some reason) he's just going to protect himself.</font>

[M] D'Anna
12-23-2007, 12:36 AM
<font color="pink">Okay apparently no one else is seeing my thought process for wanting to kill foa. :(

Joy says (6:32 PM):
well my thoguht process goes this way xD
Joy says (6:32 PM):
- We would supposedly gain no advantage from killing foa. foa is suspected by some people already, and I've been goign on the whole time about how she's mafia. We kill her, she'll turn out to be citizen.
Joy says (6:33 PM):
- This will prove me wrong. This will look bad on my part.
Joy says (6:33 PM):
- But why would mafia kill foa if it would prove themselves wrong and look bad for them?
Joy says (6:33 PM):
- This means mafia are trying to set me up!
edczxcvbnm says (6:33 PM):
I don't see it
Joy says (6:33 PM):

If you guys can't see it then never mind, we shouldn't kill foa because the townies certainly wouldn't be able to see it xD I thought it was good though ;_; </font>

[M] D'Anna
12-23-2007, 12:49 AM
<font color="pink">Never mind :3

Joy says (6:44 PM):
yeah, ed made a good point
Joy says (6:44 PM):
that foa voted for shlup (right?)
Joy says (6:44 PM):
so foa should already be cleared.
Joy says (6:44 PM):
so i'm already in trouble
Joy says (6:44 PM):
Joy says (6:45 PM):
i dunno how to get people off my back then

I wanna kill clout then, but what if he's protected? If there's two doctors like last time and he made the deciding vote, there's a good chance he is.</font>