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[M] D'Anna
12-24-2007, 07:05 AM
<font color="pink">Psy (now I can say Psy instead of clout cos' the other Psy is dead xD Yay) claims he knows the cop and I thought he was BSing but he also knows for a fact that Hsu isn't the cop. So he's probably not BSing. How the hell did he find out and who is the cop? We need to get rid of the cop because if we don't, we are all screwed. Hsu and Azar will be lynched and I'm STILL TRYING TO DIG MYSELF OUT OF A HOLE and I never truly will because once you're the top suspect it probably will always linger.

As for who the cop investigated on night 2 that Psy claims he knows, I'm pretty sure it's me. He mentioned his thoughts on me getting investigated before. At least I'm either mafia godfather or citizen, they think.

So. Three things.

1) How the hell did Psy find out?
2) Who's the cop? Cap him!
3) Who did he investigate on night 3 - look for any subtle hints he'll be dropping Psy.</font>

[M] D'Anna
12-24-2007, 07:18 AM
<font color="pink">[M] Cid
[M] crono_logical
[M] Leeza
[M] Del Murder
[M] Roogle
[M] Yamaneko
[M] eestlinc
[M] fire_of_avalon
[M] theundeadhero
[M] Zeromus_X

Everyone left that's not us! Psy mentioned he's suspicious of Cid and can see why undeadhero and Zero would be suspicious too. He could be saying this to throw us off but I think we can assume for now that they're not the cop. And foa was confused as hell so she's not. Leeza was going crazy on day 2 and claiming she was just a citizen and copying what I did on day 1. I don't think she'd risk that if she were really the cop considering she was about to get lynched.

[M] crono_logical
[M] Del Murder
[M] Roogle
[M] Yamaneko
[M] eestlinc

I don't REALLY think it's Roogle either... but I have no good reason for that. So... yeah, that really brings me down to exactly what I said in the other thread. cl_out, Del, Yams, or eest. xD It's very possible Psy is bluffing when he's the cop.

If he's not the cop, Psy will probably be protecting the cop at night (assuming he's the doctor). I think this means it should be safe to cap foa at night.</font>

[M] D'Anna
12-24-2007, 07:59 AM
<font color="pink">Urge to kill foa... rising.... but I'm also beginnign to think that just because foa just such freaking flawed logic in his own fairy happy logic land that only he understands we should keep him -_- ....just mayeb for my sanity we should kill him.

I think I'm just going to go to Neo's house and incapacitate him irl instead, I have his address xD</font>

[M] D'Anna
12-24-2007, 08:18 AM
<font color="pink">Hahahaha never mind. xD I get it. Yams is obviously the cop. I'm more than 90% sure.</font>

[M] D'Anna
12-24-2007, 08:30 AM
<font color="pink">OH MAN It's so obvious. xD If I'm wrong about this I'm gonna look stupid but jeez. Thanks to Psy for bringing attention to the issue and letting me find out who the cop is :p

Here's why I think Yams is the cop.

Let's look at what Yams has done since the beginning. Day 1, he votes for foa, blah blah she's suspicious. Night 1 he investigates her. Day 2 I (well, ed. Thanks >=[) go for foa right away, and he replies "but she's always been one to jump the bandwagon" blah blah and KEEPS DEFENDING HER. THAT'S why he changed his mind for no apparent reason on Day 2. He votes for me because he knows foa is innocent.

And then what happens? After Koshi roleclaims he keeps mentioning the cop in EVERY post!

Liar, youre not the cop Ko, I know this one for sure

My opinion here, Crono made a very good point about some things but he also pointed something out the cop should post what they discover in this thread for ALL to see which means the Mafia would kill the cop because he could find out which ones of us is mafia now this is bad for town first loosing the tracker and then the cop. I disagree the cop ought to keep their findings hidden until it becomes clear he/she has to intervene because if they reveal themselves with too many mafia around then they'll simply get lynched or whacked.

I don't even have to justify my calling ko a liar, but I will I KNOW he is not the cop because the cop would have investigated someone and to randomly reveal themselves as a cop is stupid do you see an undercover cop against the mafia suddenly blowing his cover wide open like that? I sure as hell don't. If the doctor protects the "cop" ko and ko is mafia then his protecting the mafia and the mafia will know who the doctor is which means the real cop will get whacked when they reveal themselves because doctors can't protect themselves only others.

Yamaneko;2386572']Ok, I'm going to actually give BtV the benefit of the doubt today, if he isn't whacked by the mafia and I'm suspicious tomorrow then I'll lynch him perhaps. If he doesn't prove himself innocent in some way.

Hsu what can I say, I'm deeply suspicious of people, paranoid some might say, but I'm definitely sure Ko isn't a cop or if she is she seriously smurfed up. Roleclaiming without presenting anything even a "BtV is definitely innocent I investigated him" which would ofcourse open BtV up for being whacked and herself would have made for a more convincing role claim.

I'm reserving my vote today until I've slept and gotten a little further in to this discussion in the morning. However I'm leaning towards Koshiatar or Cid atm. Cid has no real reason to have voted for me yet, he did. Also Eest changed to BtV now if Void was innocent then he was mighty close to being the lynched person then voting for him would have saved shlup the scummy wench. Anyway more later

Notice the bold! He did that himself. Then he keeps mentioning subtle hints and even bolds and italicizes it the same way in one post :p

Yamaneko;2386760']Yes but you still aren't giving anything usable in your posts Ko, so why say you set them up we lynch them? I'm seeing a pattern here. Maybe you are a cop maybe you aren't but knowing foa is innocent could simply be achieved by her not being mafia if you want doctors protection I think you have to come back with a guilty person tomorrow or no protection should be given. If you give up a mafia name tomorrow I'll be ready to believe you might be a cop I'm still going to look for some subtle hints though as to who is innocent or guilty I think a cop should have investigated someone REALLY suspicious not someone voting for a mafia member it's a wasted investigation in my opinion.

Yamaneko;2386755']Ko that gives us nothing, foa is a proven citizen by voting to lynch Shlup yesterday, why give up a fellow member of the mafia so easily with plenty of other people out there. To have been useful you either would have investigated BtV, Chrono or Cid who are all equally in the posi<b></b>tion of could be mafias. Now I still don't believe you're a cop. We've already ascertained foa's status. Also I think the real cop would have been more discreet this early in the game and given subtle hints about who they had investigated and their results.

Yamaneko;2387069']I'd hoped to get back to vote today, it was obvious ko wasn't the cop perhaps the cop is being clever and hinting at stuff perhaps not. Anyway maybe if the cop is too obvious then the mafia will target them.

Jesus Iceglow, could you be any more obvious xD Although I wouldn't have found it if I wasn't looking for it.</font>

[M] Aaron
12-24-2007, 02:58 PM
Yeah, cop.

So foa will probably be killable tonight then, as psy will protect either himself or the cop.

[M] D'Anna
12-24-2007, 03:05 PM
Could always try to turn the town against yams and lynch him today :D That would let us know who the cop is and stuff.

[M] Colette
12-24-2007, 03:29 PM
Yeah there's really no doubt he's the cop. Getting rid of him isn't going to be easy.

[M] D'Anna
12-24-2007, 04:05 PM
Azar;2387566']Yeah, cop.

So foa will probably be killable tonight then, as psy will protect either himself or the cop.

Why is Psy the doctor? That is something I don't get. He might have crappy doctor powers but he can't be THE doctor. No way Del and Miriel would allow the doctor role to go unassigned for even a day. They must have given it to someone else instead. Psy might be the fake doctor or the one that has a 50/50 chance of working but not the doctor.

The only way he is the doctor is if Del and Miriel reassigned the roles to the initial plans after day 1 but that would be complete bull:skull::skull::skull::skull:.