View Full Version : I am sorry..Please forgive me and farewell

The Majestic
01-25-2008, 02:32 AM
I bid you all farewell... :( :cry: I must leave now... no joke... Something big has occured and I am to be left COmputerless... I will miss you all Believe me on that... and please.. do not forget about me....:mad: :cry:

To Arc_Master_14 Thanks for being a great friend.. I hope you the best.. and remember.. You have the strongest of hearts ..

To Ace14 I need to thank you as well for being a great friend... I hope you the best til I return... and remember... You have the Kindest of Hearts :tongue: :cry:

To all the others out there... To all those people who've helped.. and do remember I LOVE YOU ALL !! ..

Well till next time.. I bid you all Farewell...

Don't forget .. The Majestic... Eoff's Rpg Guy... The guy who dreamed of being one of the best members to Eoff.. i love you all... G..Good...Good Bye

01-25-2008, 02:44 AM
duly noted:)

We miss you so much already we forgive you for making a leaving thread, and look eagerly for you to begin posting again.