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Midgar Fanatic
01-26-2008, 10:32 PM
I would like to pose a moral question with you all if I may. If you were a God and had the chance to eliminate a being’s life because it was utterly meaningless and no one would even notice… would you? I’m faced with such a dilemma and let me tell you folks… I’m seriously considering it.

The “being” in question is named Glayden, and he’s my character in Final Fantasy XI.

It has been difficult not to notice that FFXI seems to be severely under discussed, not just here, but in fact in all FF forums throughout the web. My only assumption is that not as many FF gamers are playing this one as the other titles and I have been trying to understand why this is. Most of the conversations about FFXI that I have read floating out there in cyberspace are almost always negative, and I’ve found it odd that this is usually coming from people who have, for whatever reason, never played the game. My suspicion is that most of these negative feelings arise from a resentful feeling of disinclusion because of the game’s online necessity (which for many people is just not possible). Whether or not this is the case I do not know; however, as a player who has participated in this prodigious project allow me to give you my two cents worth… my only regret is that my opinions of FFXI, although perhaps for different reasons, are by no means much more positive.

My main gripe about this game is undoubtedly the leveling system. To say that it is a tedious process would be a severe understatement to be sure. Not since the original FF have I ever needed to spend so much time wandering around isolated locals hacking away at unoriginal monsters to raise my player just a few levels. And we’re not even talking hours here folks… we’re talking days. At least in FFI there were an assortment of monsters in a variety of different quantities and groups, allowing you to implement different battle strategies while engaged in combat. Instead in FFXI you are forced to brainlessly approach one monster at a time, tell the game’s A.I. to fight, and essentially wait for the battle to end, hopefully in your favour. And when you are finished, you have to rest, in order to gain back the HP you lost in the battle you just completed; this in itself can take as long as up to two to three minutes, depending of course on the amount of damage you received and the amount of HP you want to recover. Although two to three minutes does not seem like very much time, it quickly adds up to a hell of a lot of time when you are fighting dozens and dozens of monsters, just in an effort to collect a measly sum of experience points. It can take a full days worth of boring hunting to raise a single level.

And if you are unlucky enough to die in the heat of battle you lose a tremendous amount of experience points (which can potentially make you fall in levels). This is of course fair enough; however, it gets extremely infuriating when you are stuck in an area with strong monsters who continue to slaughter you once, twice, three times before you can reach a point of sanctuary. Unlucky players, such as has happened to me on at least one occasion, can quickly find themselves down several hard-earned levels within a matter of minutes. This may be a more realistic form of playing, but it doesn’t make it any any more enjoyable for the novice player.

Of course things do get easier when you finally attain higher levels, and the leveling system is much more fun when you do get to fight in groups with other players. This is the point of a MMORPGs after all. However, more often than not newer players quickly find themselves forced to fight alone in this mind-numbing manner… and I will tell you why. The world of Vana’diel has been online now for six years. However, most of the regular players have been around for a long time, and so are quite experienced. These players are much more interested in more challenging quests with more valuable rewards, and are much more submerged in the finer details of the story's continually evolving storyline. As a result, newer players are in the minority, despite Square’s continuing efforts to attract new adventurers. Unfortunately, a party is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and older and more advanced players do not want to be held back by weaker and newer adventurers, despite their enthusiasm. I pity these players because I know how frustrating it is to be so rejected, for I went through it myself.

As it is, organizing parties at any level seems to be getting more difficult every day, as the population of Vana’diel seems to be waning as of late. Square boasts that the world of FFXI now has a population of over a million brave souls… but I don’t know where the hell all these people are!!! I roam around the massive playing fields and the town squares and see very few people interested in any multi-player action. It’s all very strange.

I have many other issues with this game as well… In terms of graphics, well they are not much better than they were in FFX, however I am willing to overlook this missed opportunity because of the enormity of the world itself and the effort that must of went in to creating it. I must say that I do feel sorry for Square that it is so under-experienced. And the monthly financial costs are another gripe I’ve noticed from critics of this game. Although compared to many of the other more popular MMORPGs that are out there, I would say that FFXI is certainly within most people’s budgets (~US$13/month). However, in my case, this is still $13 a month that is not going towards much enjoyment; it seems rather wasteful. And the story itself is very complicated as well, as it is meant to be expansive and continuous. I suppose such is the necessity of a game with no discernable ending. But I will not get into any descriptive details as to avoid any potential spoilers.

I am absolutely starving for a friend to play this game with, someone who I can trust, and share a sense of camaraderie. I am tired of relying on strangers to complete campaigns with because, more often than should, strangers feel somewhat comfortable with our mutual anonymity and often take the opportunity to be somewhat greedy with the mission rewards when they are divvied up. I guess in many ways this virtual reality can be not so different from the real world after all.

But not everything about this game is a disaster; I have to admit that there are many interesting aspects. I like the terrain and city layouts… they are beautiful. A lot of the music is good. And I have to admit that the multiplayer interface is very easy to pick-up on and use when engaged in questing parties (Square got this one right on target and it’s one of the strengths). Alas, I’m afraid there are just so many inhibitions in this game that it is nearly impossible to become as engaged in as I have traditionally found myself with FF titles. I believe the only way to stake a strong claim in this game is to dedicate a substantial portion of ones life in Vana'diel… and I am simply not willing to do this. I don't have time to play it every day. But I suspect this is the case with many of these regular, and much more powerful, players.

And so I return to my initial moral dilemma. In the last few months, I have been seriously considering closing my PlayOnline account, and in effect murdering my online player, and I am having strong reservations about doing so. It would indeed be a strong regret to be losing an important piece of my FF past forever which, although I could certainly recreate, would never truly be the same person. Even if everybody else in Vana’diel wouldn’t be able to tell, I certainly would know… But as it is, my player is spending most of his time just floating there in cyberspace doing absolutely nothing, waiting for me to work up enough interest to boot up the game and put him to work… and this is almost never. I would love nothing more than to feel differently about this game, as I’m sure the serious FFXI gamers feel a magic while playing that is truly special.

As a result, I’m gonna give it one more chance… I’m going to keep the character for as long as one more year in the hopes that I may find some actual adventure in the world.

I have many friends who play video games, but very few of them play RPGs. Most of them are shocked when they hear my scathing critiques of this game, as they are very much aware of my infatuation with the FF series… and I suppose this has come to surprise myself as well. It has a lot of interesting qualities to it, but for the most part I just find it all very frustrating, which is a shame because I know it was such a tremendous endeavor for Square.

But I suppose I will always hold at least one ounce of gratitude for FFXI and I will tell you why: for if there was never a FFXI, then we never would have had a FFXII, and what a terrible injustice it would have been indeed to deprive the video gaming community of such a magnificent game as that.

Thank you.

As for those few individuals who did participate with me throughout the world of Vana’diel, allow me to personally thank you now, as I may never get another chance…

Athwin; Hume warrior
Aeryn; Hume blue mage
Wiaf; Hume dragoon/paladin
Sixkitten; Tarutaru white mage
And most importantly… Yubiningyo; a Tarutaru thief whose experience and generous help were incredible… thank you.

Glayden, Knight of the Kingdom of San d’Oria, Vana’diel
R.I.P.?... Only time will tell.

If anyone is interested in playing FFXI with me… I would love to. I’m always willing to give a FF game, especially one from the main series, a second chance. Nothing would make me more proud than to get the opportunity to make a true hero out of an unfulfilled knight.

Markus. D
03-18-2008, 08:47 PM
Alls I have to say is.

Wrong Forum Section (FFXI has its own section :D).

Wrong time to judge (at least head over to the dunes areas).

and... unoriginal Monsters? (Oh GOSH you are extremely wrong here)

I will say this "Grind" can be a little tedious for some, simple... pick a different class ;]... it's not all the same play style.

You're always welcome to come back and try it again ;]

ps: Rolanberry Fields is amazing :D! you MUST head there before you die (In real life) (and even then, it's not one of the bizarre and unique locations that only FFXI plays host to :]!...)

03-18-2008, 10:04 PM
Thank you for your thoughts. This topic has been moved to the Final Fantasy XI forum for further discussion.

Del Murder
03-20-2008, 04:46 AM
I disagree with much you have posted. Experienced players are always leveling new jobs. Yeah, invites aren't as frequent as they once were, but they are still there. Maybe in the teens people don't want to do Dunes anymore, but who could blame them for that. Most jobs can solo or duo those levels ok, and they go pretty quick.

Markus. D
03-20-2008, 09:39 AM
Also, scrap what I said about the dunes... ... you will have to go through that though, think of it as a trial :]

03-20-2008, 10:19 AM
I can see where you're coming from as I've had Tevyn just sort of hanging out on the server taking up space for probably a good year out of roughly three years that I've played.

I'm pretty sure you're already far past the 13-18 levels since you have such a firm grasp on how demanding parties can be.

On that note, I know everyone always says, "The dunes... Qufim Island... newbies blah blah..." But seriously, that's not even getting started. It doesn't matter what you are doing or where you are in this game; you are always doing something new. Every single level advanced with every single job has its differences. I find it inexcusable for anyone to say that someone is not worth partying with because they don't know how to play their job. Complete and utter bullcrap. But it definitely happens and it happens way more than the majority of the time.

I can deal with the way the game is made. Mechanics are set and the game is balanced the way it is for a reason. No big deal. "Real-Time" environments require certain restrictions. Can't complain.

All of this is definitely more than a normal oddler rant and most of it may not make much sense. One thing that would make this game exponentially better for me? Playing along with someone I know. :choc2:

03-20-2008, 11:42 PM
A month and a half to get a reply. Nice.. My main gripe is that its expensive :[ I don't like to continue paying for games much. Not the fact that its online. I played Guild Wars for a while. It was free2play :} Though it was a horrible example for MMORPG stuff. Hated that game...

Markus. D
03-21-2008, 12:35 AM
A month and a half to get a reply. Nice.. My main gripe is that its expensive :[ I don't like to continue paying for games much. Not the fact that its online. I played Guild Wars for a while. It was free2play :} Though it was a horrible example for MMORPG stuff. Hated that game...

Things folk don't understand about online games is that the current state is never the finale, unless they bring out a sequel.

Patches and updates change things, alot of things.

03-21-2008, 04:21 PM
Patches and updates change things, alot of things.

Ya I remember when my little flying rat was on a 2 hour, and we had no way to heal it when it got bitch slapped by mobs. Now it's a 20 min timer and we got healing stuff for it and it levels up as you fight. Geez the n00b DRG's get all the good stuff when I switch over to SCH.

03-24-2008, 06:26 PM
Patches and updates change things, alot of things.

I agree. I think that the turnaround time for the development team to make changes to the core system of the game is too high; moreover, I think that this caused a loss of players early on in the North American debut period.

03-31-2008, 02:19 PM
My first character I got to 15 but was so bored to tears I deleted him...

But I gave FFXI a 2nd chance and now I'm 65 Blue mage and other things, the game has alot of depth you just need to meet some nice people and get going with the goodness.

04-04-2008, 04:22 AM
Cool, I on the other hand loved this game for many years. It was only because of my time zone that I eventually left.

I would say you haven't really experienced much until you are a higher level, but then again I had awesome fun back in 2004 when I started out. I guess it depends who you play with.

Nakor TheBlue Rider
05-05-2008, 05:08 AM
FFXI enjoyment is directly linked to the people you hang out with in game.

Get into a Linkshell that sourrounds you with people you enjoy being around. Once you have that, relax, take your time to lvl and do quests, the more you rush for it the less youll enjoy it.

if you get the opertunity to rush through missions with friends/Linkshell mates by all means go ahead, but dont stress yourself on those aspects of the game.

an MMO is only as good as the friends you have in that MMO.

05-11-2008, 04:30 AM
FFXI enjoyment is directly linked to the people you hang out with in game.

Get into a Linkshell that sourrounds you with people you enjoy being around. Once you have that, relax, take your time to lvl and do quests, the more you rush for it the less youll enjoy it.

if you get the opertunity to rush through missions with friends/Linkshell mates by all means go ahead, but dont stress yourself on those aspects of the game.

an MMO is only as good as the friends you have in that MMO.

Well said, I agree 110%!

05-11-2008, 07:25 AM
If anything come to Pandy Im wantin everyone on here to go there so we can have one huge LS...that way we know its people we know and enjoy the company of....well most of the time

06-21-2008, 09:05 PM
I played this game for a little while, got sick of WoW and WoW drama...

It was okay, but I was kind of disappointed at how hard it was to progress after level 12 or so. I got to 20 I think and started working on a Secondary, then didn't play for about a month which I pretty much took as my cue to drop game. I'm getting bored with WoW again though and loosely (LOOSELY) considering trying FFXI one more time... my big goal with that game was to unlock Dark Knight >=).

Of course Age of Conan is out now, too... and I love me some Conan...

06-22-2008, 12:33 AM
It's a shame FFXI doesn't give everything to you on a silver platter to begin with, because the game really shines once you get into the higher levels (I'm talking 60+). Though it has never really taken me long to get a job up to that level.

There's so much depth and substance to this game. I find it a shame when people hate it and you ask them what level they got up to, which was around 20. -_-;

Germ Hamee
06-22-2008, 08:41 PM
I don't think I had any fun with this game until I made it to the twenties, so I find it odd that so many people drop the game around then...

06-23-2008, 04:37 AM
Im having fun at 18...I know what to do in the dunes, a place way to high for me...when there is 25s that dont know how to bring up the map

Carl the Llama
06-23-2008, 09:30 AM
Haveing left and come back to this game many times I can firmly say that the main issue for me is the time you need to put into playing and leveling your character, so you cant get in from work and play for a couple of hours before you go to bed cause its hard to form a party and would most likely take that long to get a party together, then after you kill 5-6 mobs another hour has passed, and the gear is another issue if a small one for me... you need so many different gear sets its unreal, and ofcorse there is always the issue of once your in a party hopeing that the guys (being male or female) are actully competent in their job roll... no one wants to play with a DRK that wants to tank, and then there are the monsters... talk about repetative, who wants to fight the exact same thing for 30 odd levels, lets face it nearly all the mobs look exactly the same only with the name of the mob changeing.

That being said on the brighter side I really really enjoy this game and I have found the LS iv always hoped to be in, and like Nakor said iv stopped trying to rush and taken my time in leveling (no more rushing for this lanky Elvaan) and the moves have changed enough for me to really enjoy the game, the monsters have some really cool moves (although who on earth came up with the name for the move Foot Kick... what else are you going to kick with? lol) and prices on the AH are lower then ever imo FFXI is a challengeing game with much fun to be had and it inspires me when I see a PLD strolling in his AF armor to endevor to their level so I can have the armor that looks great.