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Azure Chrysanthemum
02-04-2008, 02:43 AM
Technological Progression:

A basic research facility costs 10,000 gil, and provides 1 point of research every season. To increase the amount of points gained from research, double the price of the research facility (20,000 for 2 points, 40,000 for 3 points, and so on). A new level of technology requires points equal to its, level, so level 1 technology requires 1 research point but level 6 technology requires 6 research points. If you complete a level of research in one season, the rest of the research points will be placed into the next-highest technology level unless otherwise specified, so it is possible to research several levels of technology in one season.

Basic technology begins at steampunk level. This will go through the exact specifications of how technological leveling works.

The explanation of this is fairly abstract in terms of power and ability. Itís to give you an idea of how strong it is, but itís difficult to represent without numeric statistical terms, which I am trying to avoid for simplicityís sake.

Technology Types:

Steam technology refers to technology that only requires simple mechanical engineering and fuel to function. Magitechnology requires the use of magic to make it work.

You can make something that would be acceptable as steam tech as magitechnology. All magitechnology requires gemstones as cores to power, steam technology fuel is readily available and thus is not factored into the cost for creation. 1 gemstone is required for each 3 levels of magitechnology used.

Expandable Field Technology:

This covers technology like barriers or special defensive embrasures that can defend groups of soldiers. For every rank, expand the number of soldiers it can defend/encamp by 1.5 times rounded up

Thus, level 1 can defend a soldier, level 2 can defend 2, level 3 can defend 3, level 4 can defend 5, level 6 can defend 8, and so on.

Further, a standard shield can defend against 5 hits from a rifle or 1 shot from a cannon. This increases by 1 increment (10 rifle hits/2 cannon shots at level 2, 15 rifle hits/3 cannon shots at level 3, etc.) for each rank increase.


Things like tanks and magitek armor grow larger and gain more options. Initially, each warmachine can carry a single crew member. This number expands by 1 every 2 ranks, and the armaments scale with level, starting with the power of a basic, ship-borne cannon and increasing in power level by 1.5 times per rank. Each crew expansion gives the warmachine a secondary weapon that begins with the starting power, so a rank 3 tank has a primary and secondargy gun, the secondary gun being as strong as a basic tankís primary gun, and so on and so forth. Basic speed is 10 mph.


Each rank of propulsion allows for rocket boosters that have the potential to increase land speed by 5 mph or the air speed (if applicable) by 10 mph. Propulsion can be applied to any number of inventions through the use of the Combined Technology research.

Increased Production:

This applies to genetic engineering for healthier crops or herds, or more efficient machinery to harvest resources. For every level of technology, increase your existing production by 10% (so at level 1, if you were normally producing crops for 10,000 people, you instead produce crops for 11,000 people. At level 2, you would produce enough crops for 12,100 people, and so on).


Teleportation technology allows you to move people certain distances. Level 1 teleportation allows for the movement of one person 1 mile. Each further level increases the amount of people and distance by 1.5 times, rounded up to the nearest mile/person.


Level 1 explosive technology is as strong as a single stick of dynamite. Each subsequent level increases the potency by 1.5 times, rounded up to the nearest stick of dynamite.

Combining Technology:

Select two technologies (such as warmachines and explosives for explosive rounds). The technology level of the combined tech indicates the level at which both can be used when combining them together, so a level 3 combined warmachine/explosive allows for level 3 warmachines to load up to level 3 explosive ammunition.

Any further technological mechanics will be added on request.


Forging can be used to strengthen materials and make better use of special materials like Mythril and Adamantite. Each level allows you to harden or strengthen the metal alloy you produce.

Magitek Generators:

Magitek Generators are gems that are imbued with energy that can be used to fuel and operate machinery. This allows to to make gem-based engines that can sustain a construct roughly the size of basic magitek armor. Each level increases the sustainability by an additional 1.5 times, rounded up.

02-06-2008, 05:00 PM
I would like to say that with these technologies, be creative in how you use them. Think of how you can combine certain techs to create something. A simple example of a combination.

Forging + Propulsion +Combination = Guns. You can take it a step further by adding engineering/production in there to make more powerful bullet types, rate of fire and lots of other things.

The sky is the limit so think about how to combine things to get what you want.