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Behold the Void
02-04-2008, 03:46 AM

Happiness can be relatively measured on the following scale:

Rebellious -> Mutinous -> Severely Unhappy -> Seriously Unhappy -> Moderately Unhappy -> Unhappy -> Disgruntled -> Dissatisfied -> Content -> Appeased -> Pleased -> Happy -> Moderately Happy -> Seriously Happy -> Severely Happy -> Worshipful -> Fanatic

General rule of thumb. People start Dissatisfied (because people are ungrateful bastards who believe the universe should bend knee for them). Lack of basic amenities (enough food, a sewer system, etc) lowers happiness by two steps. Conscription lowers happiness by 2 steps.

Having the basics does not adversely affect happiness, but it doesn't increase it either.

Having less than 1 police per 100 increases crime, and brings happiness down a step. Soldiers stationed in the city equal to 1 in 50 will negate this entirely, unless they went off to war at any point during the season or they were needed to actually fight.

Churches/Propoganda posts increase happiness by two steps, and another step every two seasons because Propoganda and Churches make people think they're happy even if they aren't. Any kind of luxury item increases happiness by another step.

Each reasonably-sized luxury facility increases happiness by 1 step. Note that theaters don't need to have full capacity for every citizen in town, not every citizen is seeing the same play at the same time every day. However, there should be enough to service a reasonable amount of the community at any given time, I'll leave that to your best judgment.

Every 25% above 100% tax rate lowers happiness by 1 step. Every 25% below raises happiness one step.

Unhappy people start to leave. Around 100-ish people will leave per step starting at Unhappy every season. Inversely, every step above that will see 100-ish people migrate in per step. A new city will fill halfway for the first two seasons (for a total of 75% capacity), before going to normal population growth/shrinkage.


Health is factored much in the way Happiness is.

Diseased -> Very Sick -> Sick -> Ill -> Neutral -> Well -> Healthy -> Very Healthy -> Fantastic Condition.

Neutral means births and deaths more or less average out. Every step above gives an extra 100-something, every step below loses an extra 100-something to population.

Default condition is ill, a sewer brings it to Neutral. Condition worsens by one step every season there isn't enough food to go around. A balanced diet of farm and pastureland increases condition by one step. Disease regularly travels through areas (this will be an event posted by a co-coordinator) and they drop health by a specific amount of steps depending on the disease. Other facilities like hospitals and baths can further increase health by one step each.