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02-04-2008, 08:09 PM
So I decided to buy Burnout Paradise today. And after one long sitting and one sore ass I decided to peel myself away from the game to talk about it.

When I first started playing it was pretty intimidating being dumped in the middle of the city. I just cruised around for about an hour which was fun. I realised that the demo was so small compared to the actual game. And the demp was a pretty boring part of the city too. Ive managed to get a B license already and have unlocked about a dozen or so cars. Im probably going to try and get to an A license by tonight.

So far the game is great. This is probably up their with Burnout 2. My only complaint is that god damn DJ Atomica. What an asshole. Seriously, I dont need any of your bloody tips for racing. I know why I lost so just shut it! And the soundtrack to this game ranges from bad to cringy. Do I really want to be listening to Avril Lavigne while playing this game? No.

02-05-2008, 02:46 PM
That's the one thing I didn't realize the PS3 version lacked when I picked it up--no custom soundtracks! If I had known that beforehand (if my 360 was working) I would have definitely went with the 360 version. Otherwise, game's great.

As for Atomica, he's ok. I kinda got used to him with the SSX series, so I thought it was actually pretty cool to have him in Paradise. He makes some SSX references now and then too. He also gives some hints to some of the hidden areas in the game.

Last time I played it, over the weekend, I was going through the Burning Routes for all the cars I had unlocked at the time. (For those that don't know, completing a Burning Route unlocks an alternate version of the car used). In the process, I got a few of those 'Shut Down' missions and unlocked those cars, then did *their* Burning Routes. I think I have almost 40 cars now, and am less than 10 wins from my Class A license.

Showtime mode is kind of different, and I don't use it seriously very much. I find I use it most often when I get lost during a race (showtime cancels whatever event you were doing), or if I crash during a normal drive while trying to get somewhere. The 'Wrecked' animation sequence is a little too long for me, so I usually just cancel out of it with a Showtime and keep bouncing along to my destination.

I like how the different styles of cars seem to reflect the 3 numbered Burnout games. I like how you learn where things are as you play. The way the major start/finish lines correspond to the compass helps with that. I don't like having to look at the map all the time during an event since I don't know the routes that well yet. I have crashed many, many times during a race or burning route (and Showtime Cancel'd out of it) because of that. It would be nice if they had an option to make the map an overlay over a larger portion of the screen.

I don't really have a problem with not being able to restart an event after you fail. It's something I got used to, and driving back to the start line (if you don't use a nearby race that will take you back there anyway) gives you an opportunity to do it a little slower and see any shortcuts.

Haven't played Multiplayer very much, but the Freeburn mode is very much like Tony Hawk. You're constantly competing for the longest jump, longest drift, most barrel rolls, etc. I haven't done any of the structured co-op challenges yet.

Great Burnout game. Awesome with the Dual Shock 3. Just wish my PS3 version had Custom Soundtracks.

02-05-2008, 07:32 PM
I think the game is structered very well in that while you cant restart an event once you've lost theres usually always one in front of you or around the corner. Although thats only good when you just wants points for your license I guess.

Ive played some online multiplayer but it just seems less fun in the actual game surprisingly. I felt I got the most out of it playing the demo. And people are usually doing there own thing anyway, like trying to get the biggest airtime etc. I miss just having takedown matches with random people online. It seems people only wanted to do that in the demo. When I harrass people online (which is especially fun in Burnout) I just get booted from the game. And while I think im a very capable Burnout player, I hate being put in races against people who are ridiculously good at the game. Ive played people ranked as high as 8th on the leaderboard and they just ruin everyone playing. And seeing as I dont have the very best cars yet, its also pretty unfair when I get into a game with half the people with using the F1 car.

02-05-2008, 10:28 PM
This game is definitely a blast to play. I've got over 100 events left to win to upgrade my current license.

I've been to the airfield a few times, and there's some pretty nice jumps there involving these large pipes suspended in air by these cranes.

Old Manus
02-05-2008, 10:47 PM
You've got to be joking. DJ Striker was so awful in Burnout 3 that you would have thought they got the point by now. You just put me off buying the game.

Boney King
02-05-2008, 11:40 PM
Burnout Dominator was awful. This isn't anything like that, is it? I liked Burnout 3 and Revenge, never played the other ones.

02-06-2008, 12:07 AM
Burnout Dominator was awful. This isn't anything like that, is it? I liked Burnout 3 and Revenge, never played the other ones.

I never played Burnout Dominator. I love the first two games but disliked the third. It seemed from then on that all the games were similer to Burnout 3, so I never bothered to buy any of them. Burnout Paradise however is totally unique from ANY racing game available, so Im sure its different to Dominator. I wouldnt of even considered getting this game unless I had played the demo beforehand.

One other thing I forgot to mention, Showtime sucks compared to the old Crash modes. It just feels silly hopping down the road crashing into cars.

02-06-2008, 12:35 PM
Another thing I forgot to mention is the Screensaver mode. I think they call it 'Picture Paradise'. If you idle your car for a short while, it will cut its engine then switch into a black & white tour of the town while playing classical music. I do that now instead of hitting 'pause' when I have to get up.