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Carl the Llama
04-22-2008, 12:33 AM
After obtaining Mully's permission I have decided to write an FAQ for this oh so wonderful game.


First of all I would highly recomend setting the difficulty to Hard as contrary to popular belief I think that it is easyer to start off in hard then it is to do either of the others (and cause you can unlock another difficulty if you complete it in hard (so Mully tells us).

Name: self explanitory really, your not allowed spaces or symbles in your name.

Gender: No, there is no hermaphridite option Male or Female, its all down to asthetics really.

Alignment: you get 3 options to choose from here I'll brake them down.

Good: with good you can equip good only equipment and when your step onto a Graveyard you will lose 1 life.

Neutral: You cant equip either Good or Evil equipment but you can step onto both Chapel's and Graveyards without loseing a life.

Evil: swith evil as you can imagin, you can equip the evil only equipment and you will lose 1 life when stepping onto a Chapel.

Class: each of the classes has a special.

Druids: Peaceful beings in tune with nature, Druids have a calming effect on foes, allowing them to run from battle easier.

Elementalists: Understanding the elements around them, the Elementalist can change the elements of themselves and those they face in battle.

Gypsys: Having learned from their experiences as a traveling nomad, Gypsies can carry more items in their inventory and gain extra experience after battle.:choc:

Knights: Using their extensive training knowledge, Knights get a better attribute bonus from equipment.

Mage Warrior: Having studied as a Knight and a Sorceror, the Mage Warrior is a practicioner of both but a master of none.

Merchant: Being wise with money, Merchants can buy things cheaper and find more gold than others.:choc:

Ninja: Ninjas get a bonus dodge modifier making it easier for them to dodge attacks in battle.

Ogre: Due to their massive physical size, Ogres have a chance of scoring a critical hit in battle.

Pirate: Doing what pirates love to do best, the Pirate has a better chance to loot for items or gold after battle.

Sorceror: Studying the arcane arts of magic, Sorcerors know how to harness the ether to cast helpful spells.

I have marked out the two I feel are best to start with: Gypsy's can carry 8 items from the start and have the best balanced stats along with Merchants. Merchant's find more gold and they get discounts in the shops. when makeing a new character there is 2 way you can go about doing things, first you can balance your STR and MAG out so they are nice and even or you can chuck all your points out into STR or MAG, if your tempted to increace your AGI or Life dont, you will just be wasting your time doing such a thing as AGI determins the rate at which you dodge attacks, now while that might sound good on paper it isnt, and Life only determins how many time you can lose (there is no "HP").

Battle system:


As you can see im in A Battle to the Death! with unlucky Kyono, now he is fighting with Magic today so lets take both of our stats into account Kyono 6 KaiserDragon 1098, its a pretty forgon conclusion that Kyono is going to lose but anyhow, when your on the field you will encounter enemy's such as Kyono and a battle will ensue what you need to take into account is the stat of the enemy (in this case Magic 6) and your stat and then you can decide if you want to fight or run if your stat is say 8 its pretty safe to do battle now you can try and dodge if you like, with dodge its the same system as attacking but it takes your AGI into account instead of your MAG stat so lets say you have AGI 10 Vs MAG 6 you stand a good chance of dodgeing. same as your Attack, your character may dodge on his own if your not successfull in smiteing the opponant before you.

There is a 30% attribute to both your's and the enemy's stats so lets say for instance you have 100 MAG and your enemy has the same stats, the is a chance that both you and he could have that increased/decreased between 70 and 130. So, with that in mind, there is a chance that you could encounter an enemy with 55 strength and you with 100 strength there is a very small chance that it could take the maximum 30% away from you and give the opponant a maximum of 30 equaling 71.5 on their half and 70 on yours so be carful :cool:

Now we have gone through the basic's of the battle system let me give you a hint: The save button is your friend! when you first start the game you will die a whole smurfload so every time you kill an enemy make sure you save your game so it will be like this, step kill save step kill save etc and keep an eye on your life, if you start out with 3 life it means you can lose 3 times before its game over, so say you run into God and try to run (and fail on the first attempt but succeed on the second) you will be down to 2 life, if you save it when you have 2 life it means you will have 2 life again when you start out so word of the wise is, if you die on your first step dont save it, just exit without saveing and load again.

Leveling Stats:

Its quite simple really when you have some gold to spend you can spend it on increaseing your characters stats, in the red town you can increase STR AGI and Life and in the blue town its MAG AGI and Life I would recomend ignoring AGI and (unless you have a very little (3<)) Life untill you have a decent amount (enough so that you can murder Del Murder with 50 strength) once you have killed Del you will obtain the keys to all the temples.

Character Advancement Quest:

First of all to advance your character you will need to locate a Rye, which can be found anywhere on the world map, once you have it you can go to the red town and hand it in to Raven Nox who will upgrade you to level 2, once done you need to track down a lovely Gooey toast and hand it in to Denmark in the blue town and he will allow you to choose a secondary job. Then you need to track down 2 Tastey Pies and hand them in to Raven Nox and she will again upgrade you a level for each of your jobs. Then you need to track down the elusive Doc France twice and hand them into Denmark and he will allow you to choose a 3rd and final job and you shall be turned into a Chameleon. At this point you have to track down no less then 3 Crossblades... good luck with this one, it took me roughly 4 hours to locate these, they can be found on both enemy's and just random items but the only place iv found them is in the blue cave which is only accessable after you complete the game.

ok thats about it for now feel free to contribute to this faq or ask questions, I'll try my best to find the answer for you.

Carl the Llama
04-23-2008, 11:43 PM
In an exclusive interview from mully I have some new information for you!!!

Ever wondered if the Uber Bosses have some Uber stuffs? well Mully has just confided in me that they do! and Pirates are more likly to have these items drop from them.

Where can I go to find these enemy's more often you ask? Mully also confided in me that Cids Tower is the best place to find such bosses!

Also we (me and Mully) may have found a way to find out if your saved has worked or not! simply save your game and then open up another brouser and log into your account again and compare the stats the character on your screen has with the stats you character has, if the stats are the same then it saved if not flick back to the other window with the game and save again.

More coming soon!

Edit: News Just in! for those of you who want to have a convo with good ole spuuky you need to have the following requirements:

Be a Demigod
Have all stats (base) over 1k
Have Items, Spells and the Beastery all at a minimum of 95%

Good luck and happy hunting!