View Full Version : Brave Story: New Traveller

10-27-2008, 06:44 PM
Has anyone else played this? It's a fun, original (IE not port/remake) RPG for the PSP. It's based on a light novel or something, but with a new cast and the cast of the novel making cameos. I'm not very far yet. I love the Unity Attack, it's kinda like the Duel and Triple Techs from Chrono Trigger. Which is awesome cause I haven't seen that since, well Chrono.

So basically the story starts with the hero and herorine setting in the real world chatting...kinda. She's talking and he's playing a handheld. Then her dog runs off and she chases it. Something happens and she's in a coma. Then a talking frog comes and tells him about the world Vision and the Goddess that can grant his wish to bring her back. And off he goes into the gate into Vision.

And there's all kinds of races too. Like the Kitkins and Waterkins and umm...birdthingkins. And your first party member is a girl kitkin. And then you get a waterkin as a guest character and then a permenent waterkin joins the party.

There's also a fun minigame where you catch these cute little birds and then fight other people with them. Yup, cute cock fighting xD

10-27-2008, 07:14 PM
I have heard some great reviews about this game and plan on picking it up one of these days. The problem in so many games are coming out right now that my pockets are really feeling the absence of money! xD