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12-10-2001, 11:50 AM
Okay, due to certain comments in the FF8-remake thread, I have decided to create my own thread here in general FF. Basically, what we intend to do here is create an entire FF game within this thread.
The rules?
There are NO rules!!!

For those of you who haven't visited the FF8-remake, we basically right the story in the threads. So, the first poster will start, then the next poster continues the story. It can be as serious or as light hearted as you like.
Oh, and as much as I'd like to see some original characters, I have absolutly no problem with other FF characters being introduced! I'll probably end up bringing in some as well!
Anyway, shall I start?

We open to a small village with houses built with straw and sticks. The people are poor, but happy. We then meet our hero, who is...

Giga Guess
12-10-2001, 09:06 PM
...Dax Yauntz, Knight in training.

*I'm really bad w/ beginnings*

12-10-2001, 09:53 PM
And there's a vampire in the story somewhere, as a playable character. Dun care how he gets into it, just put him in :D

12-10-2001, 10:08 PM
hmm..okay, I'll try and get an intro going...

Dax, knight in training, was one of Yang's, the trainer's, most promising student. He trained him hard, and trained him well, for the day his destiny will be fulfilled...

Elephant Man
12-10-2001, 10:30 PM
there was a sinister evil going on in the land. the evil tyrant king, Vocock Masteiro, was killing everyone he thought was annoying. it was Dax's destiny to kill him.

Giga Guess
12-11-2001, 07:50 PM
Yang's other student, Erin, who is a master marksman (Bow or Gun, I don't really care) has a crush on Dax, and has for years.
Yang:*looking at some ominous clouds building* It's begun...

(BTW, maybe each character has a gem or something to be used to unlock secret powers in each charcter. ie// Dax has a Ruby, Erin, an emerald. Also, what manner of a system are we using (Materia, Level learning, etc.) just as valuable info)

12-11-2001, 09:27 PM
The clouds gather, the thunder shakes the land, and the village suddely bursts into flames! Everyone is in a panic, except Yang, Dax and Erin

Yang:My students, you quest begins here. Soon, a mighty beast will be sent by the gods! If you can work as a team to kill it, you will be granted extraordinary power!
Dax:huh? what are you talking about?
Yang:I'll explain later, go!

Then, from the sky, a clap of thunder, and Ramuh came from the sky!
Ramuh:Who dareth challenge me mortals? If thine killeth me, I'll grant thee thine power!
Yang:Go my children!

~~FF Supreme boss music (something kewl)~~
Boss:Ramuh (weak against water)
Players:Dax and Erin

Giga Guess
12-12-2001, 03:45 PM
They get their asses whupped, initially...

Enter Barry Heim
*Summoner/Blk Mage*

Barry: No Ramuh, it ends here...
*Beat Ramuh, get summon "Ramuh"*

Dax: Who're you?
Barry: I'll explain later, COME ON!!!

12-12-2001, 07:31 PM
then they returned to Yang's monastary (yes, i only just put that there, so sue me!)
Yang:Well done honarable students! You have achived your first Aikido
Yang:Yes, these legendary beings can be summoned by one who posess the....summoner's ring

Giga Guess
12-12-2001, 08:22 PM
Dax: That guy.....I never caught his name....he had a strange ring. What does this ring look like.

Yang: It's a silver band, with many gems set into it. Rubies, Emeralds, Topazes, Sappires, some Jade even. It's positively beautiful!

Dax: A large diamond in the center...?

Yang: Yes....how did you know?

Erin: AFTER HIM!!!!!

12-13-2001, 09:39 PM
Yang:No, this is not the answer my students. We much live in peace if we are to find the answer
Yang:The ancient texts say that you must visit the "cave of Ifrit", whatever that is!
FF-Fan:Well D'uh!!!
Yang:Go, for it is west of here!
Dax:Yes Master

Giga Guess
12-14-2001, 07:41 PM
*Enter a large volcano*

Ifrit's Cave

Dax: DAMN! It's sealed!
*Dax pounds on the wall*
Erin: Nice.
*Start venturing through the cave*
Erin: There he is!
Dax: Who.
Erin: That guy who saved us from Ramuh!
*Name Barry*
Barry: so you've found me. About time.
Dax: A little owly today...
Barry; Well, come along, I haven't got all day.

12-14-2001, 08:10 PM
They enter, only to see Ifrit fighting with another person, a woman coated in ice! They are firing multi coloured balls of power at each other, neither of them hitting!
The woman is of course Shiva
Dax:Hmm....we might as well just let them fight it out!

Then Ifrit and Shiva stop and stare at the party...

Shiva:Pah, the only thing I hate more than you Ifrit, humans!
Ifrit:Yes, I've been in almost all the Final Fantasies, and not once do they say "oh, he looks hard, let's not kill him.
Shiva:Well, we'll work as a team for a change!
Ifrit:Didn't work in FF6!!
Shiva:And no doubt they'll receive our powers if we lose
Ifrit:Which we will!
Shiva:Meh, let's go for it anyway!

~~Boss theme~~
Shiva:Weak against Fire
Ifrit:Weak against Ice

Giga Guess
12-14-2001, 08:19 PM
*Gain Akidos "Ifrit" and "Shiva"*

Dax: So you're a summoner?
Barry: How did you know?
Erin: Our master told us of the Summoner's Ring, and it sounds remarkably like the one you're wearing.
Barry:.........So what if I am?
Dax: Than that makes you our last hope.
Barry:..........What's in it for me?

12-19-2001, 08:11 PM
Dax: well uh, this is a FF, so there must be a lot of treasure on the way.
Barry: i'll go if i get 60%.
Erin: Hey you guys, don't wanna spoil the conversation but the vulcano is ERRUPTING!!!!!

Giga Guess
12-19-2001, 08:17 PM
Erin: Run, dammit! RUN!
Dax: We're not gonna make it!
*A force field appears protecting them*
Barry: Who...? What...?
Dax: No talking! Just Run!
*Get out safely*
White Cloaked Person: I've been waiting.
Erin: Who are you...?
WCP: I am....

12-20-2001, 11:22 AM
"....The Angel of Aikido, queen of the Aikidos"
Dax:What are you doing here?
Angel:I need to inform you of something, but now is not the time. I shall see you again soon.....
The Angel disappears.....
Dax:We must inform Master Yang at once, are you coming Barry?
Barry:May is well, I'm starting to get an interest in these Aikido guys.

Giga Guess
12-20-2001, 01:50 PM
*Reach Yang's Monastary*
Dax: Master Yang! You'll never guess what I saw!
Yang: You have capture two Akido, and met the Angel. Correct?
Barry:.....What the?!
Dax *aside*: You'll get used to it.
Yang: This is astounding. The Angel! What happened?
Dax: Well we escaped Ifrit's Cave, and there was the Angel...
Yang: Her name is Gabrielle, by the way.
Dax:...Gabrielle. We couldn't obtain her powers, though.
Yang: And no wonder. You wouldn't have stood a chance!
Erin: Lemme guess. She would've wasted us without even breaking a sweat right?
Yang: In essence, yes.

12-20-2001, 02:09 PM
Dax:So what do we do now?
Yang:Well, first we must obtain all the Aikidos, else our great threat will never be surpassed

Then, a loud crash is heard, and the sound of women screaming

Yang:Oh my, it's the Hades Empire!!
Dax:What?! I thought we were at peace with them?
Yang:No, the Hades Empire does not know the meaning of peace!

Many guards dressed in black armor appear

Yang:Oh my, it is worse than I had feared, they're Elite, the Hades Empire's most well trained guards
Then through the gates another man appears, but this time he wears samurai armor

Yang:Oh my oh my oh my, that's Tovart, the evil general of the Hades Empire. He is unbeatable!!
Dax:That's not like you Master Yang
Yang:Oh, me and him go way back....

~~Flashback of Yang and Tovart~~

12-20-2001, 06:55 PM
*Standing in a field*
Yang:You killed her! You'll pay for this!
Tovart: You think you can best me? I'll defeat you as I did your daughter!

Yang and Tovart fight for hours, wearing each other down

Tovart: You're a lot tougher than I thought, but you still can't match me!

Tovart summons the Aikido DarkLich which casts Dark Horizon


~~Back To Yang's Monastary~~
Yang: Even I couldn't defeat him back then... he gave me the scars that cover my battered body, and he stole my daughters life! He will pay for that, if it's the last thing I do!

Yang goes to face Tovart, but is restrained by Dax

Yang: Let me go! I must avenge my daughter!
Dax: You can't! What about living in peace?
Yang: :bou::bou::bou::bou::bou: peace, I'm gonna kill that b@st@rd!
Dax: We need you to help us save the world from whatever generic evil we have to!
Yang: NO! Tovart MUST die!

Erin hit's Yang over the head with the butt of her crossbow, knocking him out

Erin: Quick, let's get him outta here, we gotta run from this Tovart dude... we can't hope to fight this many people!

12-20-2001, 07:25 PM
Tovart:Put all the women and children in the carts, they will make excelent slaves!
Elite Member:Yes General!


But they leave

Tovart:Find Master Yang, but I want him alive....

12-20-2001, 07:40 PM
Soldier: There they go!!
All: ah cr@p!!

they run through the town and at the end:

Tovart: No more running now!!

Dax: mmm... that Tovart guy looks kinda like Golbeze....
Tovart: What are you talking about???? I want to Fight!!!

Giga Guess
12-20-2001, 07:41 PM
Dax: No we'll never survive. We gotta sneak out back.
*Fight a few Elites, then escape*
Yang: uhhn. No! We must save the villargers!
Dax: I never thought I'd be saying this to you, but patience! I have a plan. His fortress is on the other side of this forest right...
Barry: Uhmmm, suicide isn't part of my deal.
Dax: Huh?
Barry: A firce tribe of savages live in that forest. Not to mention the dragons.
Dax: Then we're gonna have to be extra careful.
*Start walking through the forest, and confront "Dragon Whelp"*
Erin: Watch it! They're as dangerous as the adults!
*Get beaten down pretty good.*
Tribesman: Draco! there you are! I've been looking all over for you.
Draco: CooOOOoo.
Tribesman: ??? Who are you?
Barry: Run! It's a Dragon Clanner!
Tribesman: Whoa! I mean no harm. First, though, let's get a couple of things straight. First, I'm not necessarily a Dragon Clanner. I'm a half-breed. Half Dragon Clan, half Phoenix Clan. Next, I don't believe in fighting, unless it's necessary. Okay?
Dax: What's your name?
Tribesman: Trey. Hey, Draco says he saw you fleeing a man in dark armor. Is this true?
Dax: Well, yeah. He's...
Trey: Tovart. I know. He's made both of my tribes into his own personal puppets. I've been waiting for a chance to get him for years.
Erin: Wait, If your tribes fell under his control, why are you still.....sane?
Trey: I.....uh....hid. I was a coward. But now I'm ready. Look, I don't care what you say, I'm coming with you.
Barry: I ain't splitting any of my loot with HIM!
Trey: Relax old man. There's more things in this world than money.
Barry: *Sputter, sputter* OLD MAN?!

12-20-2001, 08:33 PM
Barry: OLD MAN!
Erin: Get over it

Barry shakes his head and mutters about being called an old man

Dax: We've got a job to do and we need to do it now! First, we've got to save those villagers from Tovart and his troops. Here's my plan...

Group huddle in which there is a lot of hispering. The huddle then disperses and makes their way to the castle

~~Outside Tovart's Fortress~~
Dax: OK everyone, take your positions and follow the plan exactly

Everyone nods their head in agreement and ready themselves for battle

Giga Guess
12-20-2001, 08:39 PM
*Fight Hell's Mouth (The Gate)*
Trey: Whoa. THAT was freaky.
*Enter Tovart's fortress*
Erin: Umm, is it just me or is this place just freaky?
Barry: Get over it.
Erin: GRRRR!
*Reach a large cage, with the villagers in it.*
Villager #1: Hey it's Dax!
Villager #2: Help us Dax!
Dax: SSSSSHHH! You wanna get me caught?! Hey, there's the keys over there!
*Dax unlocks the cage only to be confronted by Akido Natalia, a Black Angel*
Natalia: Master Tolvart told me to expect you.
~~~Fight Natalia~~~

12-20-2001, 08:55 PM
after doing some damage to her:
Natalia: you know, i hate figthing alone....
Gilgamesh shows op.
Yes, natalia?
Help me with destroing them!

Giga Guess
12-20-2001, 09:03 PM
*Beat them*
*Gain Akidos Gilgamesh, and Natalia*
Trey: Now lets get out of here!
*They escape, and the fortress dissolves into thin air*
Erin: That was it?! Where was the Earth shattering...

12-21-2001, 12:59 PM
Tovart, in the highest room in the fort

Tovart:Excellent, the chosen one has fallen right into my hands.
Biggs, Tovart's right hand, enters the room
Biggs:Sir, they have taken the prisoners as you ordered and captured Natalia.
Tovart:Indeed, now Natalia can be our guide!
Tovart steps over a giant portal in the center of the room and stares into it. It shows the world....from Barry's eyes
Tovart:heh heh. Hahaha! MWa ha haa haa! WHAH HAAA HAAAA HAAAA HAAAA!!!!!!!!

And so....

Giga Guess
12-21-2001, 01:05 PM
Barry: *Staggers a bit* My....head...
Erin: What's wrong?
Barry: N-nothing....
Trey: *Walks past* Wanna wheelchair? Old Man?
Barry: GRRRRRRR!!!!! I'm gonna KILL HIM!!!!!
Erin: Don't do something you're gonna regret later.
Barry:.....Regret? Who'll regret?

12-21-2001, 01:21 PM
At the village...

~~Sad music~~

Dax:The village...it is ruined.
Woman:They set fire to the whole place!
Erin:Tovart....he must pay for this!!
Dax:Don't forget, he was only under orders from the Emperor.
Barry:Yes, that Emperor Frahma, he's the true evil behind all this

They return to the remains of Master Yang's monastary, where Yang looks depressed.
Yang:Did you know that me and my late wife built this?
Dax:You had a wife?
Yang:Yes, once. I loved her more than I loved life itself. I still do. Our dream was to let young students trainand become mighty warriors, defending all that is good. But now....the only memory of her i have...is gone...
Dax:How did she die?
Yang:I'm not sure. I got home one night, th monastary was finished, and I couldn't wait to tell her the news, and she had a lone shuriken in the back of her head. I don't know who did it, and one day I'll have my revenge!
Dax:Master, I didn't know you had so much hate inside you
Yang:Dear child, everyone has hate. I'm just good at conceling it
Dax:Master...I'm sorry...

Giga Guess
12-21-2001, 01:29 PM
Trey: If I said I could bring her back, if only for a chance to say goodbye, what would you say?
Yang: Y-you what?
Trey: While I'm not a necromancer by any stretch of the imagination, the Phoenix Clan is capable of breaching the barrier of death. But I need the assistance of a white wizard.
Yang: HEY! I know of a White Wizard! She likes in the town of Ferris! Just mention my name to her.
Dax: I have a bad feeling about this...

12-21-2001, 02:32 PM
Tovart:Fwah haa haa! They intend to bring someone back from the dead! This is an ideal oportunity for you Biggs!
Biggs:Indeed, I am a true necromancer!!
Tovart:Okay then, we'll screw around with Yang for a while!!! Here's the plan....

~~Back in the Village~~

Dax:We had better visit the store folk. They could use the money to help rebuild the stores!

Potions 100g
Fenix Downs 500g
Wooden Swords 1000g

Afterwards you get onto the world map. Follow the path to reach the cave that leads to Ferris...

Giga Guess
12-21-2001, 02:49 PM
~~Traverse the cave to find...~~

Woman: Greetings. Do...I sense the summoner's ring.
Dax: Jeez...not another fight with an Akido...
Woman: No, I'll come peacefully.
*Gained Akido Aurora*
Enter Ferris.
Trey: Jeez! Will ya look at that Cathedral! It's huge!!! Hey lets check out for blacksmiths.
Dax: What makes you think we'll find a smithy?
Erin: With a name like Ferris, what do you expect?
***Steel Sword>500 Gil(Dax)
Mythril Spear>550 Gil (Trey)
Reflex Bow>525 Gil (Erin)
Full Metal Staff>450 Gil (Barry)
Mythril Vest> 600 Gil (Barry, Trey and Erin)
Plate Mail> 700 Gil (Dax)
Circlet> 450 Gil (Erin)
Skull Cap> 300 Gil (Dax, Trey and Barry)
~~Enter the Cathedral~~
*See a woman kneeling*
Dax: Do you know where I can find the White Wizard of Ferris.
Woman: That would be me.
Dax: Great! We need your help.
Woman: What with?
Dax: A ceremony to revive the spirit of my master's dead wife.
Woman: Black...Arts? I don't think so.
Dax: Please! It's only so he can say his last goodbyes to her.
Woman:..........You seem honest enough. All right. I'll go with you.
Dax: Do you have a name?
Woman: My name is Kathy Menard.

12-21-2001, 02:59 PM
~~The lovely Kathy joins the party!~~

Count Dracula:I vont to join da party
~~Count Dracula joins the party~~
Dracula:I vant to suck your blood!
~~Count Dracula Left the party~~
(There is your vampire!)

12-21-2001, 02:59 PM
~~@ Yang's Monastery~~
Trey: Yang? We're back and we brought Kathy with us...

Yang emerges from a backroom

Yang: Oh good, maybe we can get on with this then. It's gonna be hard enough without waiting... let's get on with it

Trey and Elana cast SoulSeek and the room turns pure white. Out of the light emerges a woman, Yang's wife, Cristiana.

Cristiana: Yang? Is that you?
Yang: Cristiana! I thought I'd never see you again!
Cristiana: It's been a long time husband...
Yang: I never got to say goodbye... I've been carrying your death for years... Who did it? Tell me who killed you!
Crisiana: It was...

A pitch black portal appears, swallowing up the bright light and Cristiana

Trey: Wha... what's happening! This isn't right! It's not supposed to happen like this!

Out of the darkness materialises a shape... it's NeoBahamut!

Yang: CRISTIANA... I'm gonna kill you for this NeoBahamut!

~~FF Supreme boss music (something kewl)~~
Boss: NeoBahamut (weak against Heal)
Party: Dax (F), Trey (B), Kathy (B), Yang (F)

EDIT: LMAO! That was brilliant Cloud! Now Wolfboy can be happy!

Giga Guess
12-21-2001, 03:12 PM
***Trey begins to glow***
Trey: *.{Phoenix. Destroy this abomination of the underworld}.*
<Poof! NeoBahamut disappears>
Yang: Y-you are a summoner too?
Trey: No. Phoenix clanners have the innate ability to summon the Phoenix, but it's not NEARLY as powerful as a true summoner. Also, as a Dragon Clanner, I can commune with Dragons, so his weakness came shining through for me to see.
Dax:........I didn't understand a word of that.
Trey: *Rolls his eyes* Never mind.
Christiana: Yang!
Yang: Darling! You're back!
*Christiana embraces Yang*
Trey: Wait! I sense something!
Kathy: A dark presence......

12-21-2001, 03:12 PM
Voice:They defeated NeoBahamut?!!? How can this be?!!
Dax:Who goes there?!
Voice:No-one has ever defeated NeoBahamut before!!
The man steps out of the shadows and reveals himself to be Biggs
Dax:Who the hell are you?!
Biggs:Master Tovar ordered me to dispose of you, when you casts the reserection spell, i reversed it to create a sumoning spell!
Biggs:Indeed, now I am forced to destroy you myself!

~~Biggs Boss theme~~
Biggs:I summon you undead!
~~3 skeletons come to the aid of Biggs~~

After battle
Biggs:How can this be?! Pah, I shall return!
~~Biggs escapes~~

Giga Guess
12-21-2001, 03:16 PM
Christiana: I.....am running short of time...............Yang....I always....loved you.....with....all......my...heart.
Yang: No. Please, just a few minutes more.
Christiana: I.................love...................you.
Disappears in a shower of sparkles.
Barry: HEY!
Sparkles gather around Barry.
Christiana: I may have died, but I'm still going to help.
*Christiana transforms into a radiant angel*
*Gain Akido Christiana*

12-21-2001, 03:33 PM
Yang: Cristiana... you'll always be with me...
Barry: After all that, we still don't know who killed her!
Yang: It doesn't matter now I know she's happy... but I'm still gonna kill Tovart for what he did to my daughter though!
Dax: OK Yang, but what are we gonna do know?
Yang: First we've got to gather more allies and Akido's
Erin: Where are we gonna find them?
Barry: Well, we haven't got the compulsory flying device yet, that's gotta be high on the list!
Trey: How about we do something different for once? I can summon a dragon who'll fly us about! That'll be pretty great won't it?

Trey summons Green Dragon

Trey: Come on! Just hop on its back and we get to places a lot faster!
Yang: Ick, flying... I've never been that fond of heights... Well I'm gonna have to get on with it. First we need to go to DownUnder land, which is inhabitd by the antipodeans. We should find a very strong Akido there, and also it gives outr writers a lot of silly ideas for us to do there, which can lead to all sorts of fun!

Giga Guess
12-21-2001, 03:45 PM
***Rech DownUnderland***
Trey: Good job Green Dragon. Go rest.
Now, for the Akido.
Erin: Yeah, where is it?
All: *Look behind them* YIKES!
Critter: I believe you are looking for me.
*Fight Titan*
*Gain Akido Titan*

12-21-2001, 03:58 PM
Dax:Well, that was simple enough!
Yang:Yes, we could do with some rest. Let us stay in that village down there!

~~Enter Tranquille~~

Dwarf:Rally Ho!!
Dax:Ah crap!
Dwarf:Ye got tae say the special greeting if ye wish tae enter dwoof toon
Dax:(Werily)Rally Ho.
Erin:RALLY HO!!!!
Yang:Rally Ho! come on Barry, you got to respect their greeting
Barry:I'm not saying that stupid word!!
Dwarf:Then ye dinnae kin cerm in! Ye must stay here!

~~Night time~~

Kathy is outside the inn looking depressed!
Dax leaves the inn and joins Kathy
Dax:Couldn't sleep either?
Dax:Something on your mind?
Kathy:You could say that...
Kathy turns her head and stares passionatly inot Dax's eyes
Dax:Have...we met before?
Kathy:Now is not the time for us to discuss that.
Kathy:Good night Dax
Dax:uh...good night
Kathy enters the inn
Dax:What was that all about?

The next morning....

Giga Guess
12-21-2001, 04:06 PM
Trey: Hey! Where is everyone?
~~Flash to the Elder's house~~
Elder: I dinna want anything to do with this.
Emperor: Why? I mean all I ask is for you to destroy those meddling brats.
Elder: Nae. I won't do it.
Emperor: Fine. Tovart, destroy this puny town.
Tovart: With pleasure.

12-21-2001, 04:51 PM
The Emperor gets on a large battle ship and flys away...

Tovart emits a blue light from his hand and a giant Hydra appears!
Tovart:Hydra, drown these pathetic citizens!!
Hydra roars, the creates a large tsunami engulfing the town.
Elder:Nooo! Please!!
Dax:We gotta do something!! Fast!!

12-21-2001, 05:03 PM
Barry rushes into the village and casts fire 2, evaporating the water.

Dax: Nice one Barry!

Tovart turns around and sees the party

Tovart: Ah, it's a pleasure to see you again old man, but unfortunately I'm busy, so I'll let my friends take care of you!

At Tovart's signal, 4 soldiers and 2 commanders charge at the party

~~FF Supreme Battle Music (Not boss)~~
Creatures: Soldiers*4 (Weak against fire), Commander*2 (Weak against fire)
Party: Dax (F), Erin (F), Kathy (B)
Defeat enemy: Party gets 379Gp

~~FF Supreme boss music (something kewl)~~
Boss: Hydra (Weak against flare)
Party: Barry (B), Trey (F)
Defeat Hydra: Trey gets White Dragon summon

After Battle
Dax: Hey, where's Yang?
Barry: Sh*t! He's over there chasing Tovart!
Yang: Tovart! Come and face me now! It's time for you to die!
Tovart: Yes, let's put an end to this little charade!
Dax: We gotta stop this from happening!

Dax tries to help Yang, but Erin won't let him
Dax: Dammit! Let me help him!
Erin: You can't help him, this has to be settled by Yang, and Yang alone... he'll only resent us for helping him...

~~FF Supreme boss music (something kewl)~~
Boss: Tovart (No weaknesses)
Party: Yang (F)

The fight lasts for a long time, but slowly, Tovart gains the upper hand. With a slashing riposte, he tears Yang's stomach open.

Yang: I'll be with you soon Nadine...
Tovart: No you won't old man... something you didn't realise... Nadine IS still alive, but she's under my masters control as his concubine!
Yang: Wha.. what? This can't be... I'd know if she was still alive!
Tovart: I cast a Death Web to ensure you knew nothing about it... I'd been sent there specifically for your daughter... I bet you didn't know that either!
Yang: Damn you Tovart...
Tovart: Don't you know? I'm already damned! And now it's time to finish you off!

As Tovart raised his sword above his head, Dax runs over to stop him, but hes too late. Tovarts sword slices through Yang's neck, severing the head from the shoulders

Dax: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA :bou::bou::bou::bou::bou:ING WELL KILL YOU TOVART!!!!!!

Dax charges at Tovart, but is easily brushed aside

Tovart: I tire of this, let's speed up the proceedings!

Tovart summons Dark Lich. As DarkLich is about to cast Dark Horizon, Trey summons White Dragon, which flies at Dark Lich

Trey: Quick! Let's get the hell out of here! We can't do any more here!
Kathy and Erin grab Dax and drag him out of the village...

(I'd like to ask if you could please not bring Yang back from the dead coz' I've got some really cool plans for where this might go...)

12-21-2001, 05:18 PM
White Dragon swoops at Lich, but Lich insted counters with a blow to White's chest. Green blood seeps out of the wound and White Dragon falls to earth. Lich de-materialises.
Tovart:My job here is done.
A portal opens up and Tovart enters to an unknown place...
Erin:Leave it Dax....
Dax:how can you say that?!?! He's dead!!! DEAD DAMMIT!!!!!
Trey looks into a nearby pool, deep in thought
Kathy:Trey, what's wrong?
Trey:White Dragon was my first Aikido. I got him at the age of five, and I thought upon him as my best friend. Now he's.....
Kathy:I'm sorry Trey....

They return to the dragon and fly up to the overworld

Dax:What should we do now?
Erin:I think we should tell the king that our treaty has been broken by Hades.
Dax:Good idea...
Erin:Look, we shouldn't lose it over Yang. He would want us to be calm and...
Dax:You didn't know Yang like I did!!! You just got in our way!!!
Erin:Don't say such things
Trey:Guys, let's leave it until this is over, okay?

The dragon nears Norse castle, residence of the king...

12-21-2001, 06:06 PM
A big monster suddenly appears...

Yang: What foul thing are you.

Monster: I am Necron.

Yang: Why are you here, why did you kill everyone?

Necron: Sod off did I do this. I've just appeared for no
apparent reason and will try to kill you.

Dax: Shall we kick his @ss?

Barry: May aswell. I could use some EXP cus Im a summoner and at the moment I've got Cr@ap EXP.

Necron: All life fears death but lves only to-

Dax: Shat'up! Heard it in Star Wars and FF9.

Beat Necron and receive new Akidos Necon.

Yang: Well, that was pointless.

Monsastry begins to shake...

Dax: Master, we gotta get out of here!!!

Barry: To my airship that is hidden behind that wall!

They go in the airship and fly away as loads of dragons are released.

Dex: There gonna destory the airship. Can you pass me those strap on bombs.

Gets the strap on bombs and puts them on.

Dex: Alright, see you later.

Yang: What are you doing!?

Dex: Im just gonna jump of the ship and blow muself up. Dont worry, I'll probably survive, this is FF.

Does so and dies.

Yang: Damn it! Does everyone die!?

Questioning music like in Dr. Who...

12-21-2001, 06:16 PM
**At the kingdom**

Erin: Finally here!
Biggs: So, trying to tell about us to the king hey?
All: aw, cr@p not you again!
Biggs: Yes it's me, and i have plans with you!!
Natalia, Gilgamesh!! NOW!!

**Natalia takes control of Dax, and Gilgamesh comes out of Summoners ring.**

Erin: WTF????
Biggs: Hahaah!! They pretended like they were gained by you!!

~FF Supreme Boss music**
Dax(Natalia):weak against Holy power.
Biggs: none

Gilgamesh: I'm outta here, i have buissness with Odin....

Natalia and Biggs: Get back you coward!!!!

Giga Guess
12-21-2001, 11:58 PM
Beat Natalia
Kathy: VILE SPIRIT! I banish you to the abyss from whence you came!!!
Natalia: Nooooooooooooo.......*poof*
Trey: *Carry's Dax's body away* Quickly!!!! If I'm to revive him we must act fast!
*Party enters the cockpit of the airship*
Trey: Barry, make a summoner's circle.
*Barry waves a hand, and an intricate circle appears*
Trey: Kathy! Cast Life on him.
*Glitters appear above Dax*
Trey: Now Erin...
Erin: What?
Trey: I need you to shed a tear on his behalf.
Erin:...Cry? I haven't cried since I was a child.
Trey: PLEASE! One tear. I beg of you.
Erin: I'll try. *She sheds a single tear, which falls on Dax's chest*
Trey: Oh mighty Phoenix hear my prayer!
The tear's of a maiden,
Magic of the purest light.

Chromium god of all dragons, heed my pleas.
A circle etched,
From the hand of the last Magus.
Return my fallen Comrade to his former strength!
*A phoenix, and dragon appear above dax, and then enter his body*
Dax: *GASP!!!* I-I-I-I'm alive?! Oh Erin!!! I thought I'd never see you again!

*Please, whoever posts next, leave the scene as Dax's revival. No funny stuff, PLEASE!!!!*

12-22-2001, 01:12 PM
Dax effortlessly flys into Erin's arms and hugs her
Dax:I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you like that
Erin:You...idiot!! You scared us all to death!
Kathy turns her head and walks some distance away from the reunion
Barry:Good to have ya back dude
Trey:Yeah, welcome back
Dax:Oh, you guys!
Dax notices Kathy alone, but doesn't really give it a second though.
Some time later the group enters the large Castle of Norse
King Norse:Ah, welcome travellers!
To the right of the king is a robed figure. This is Flagg, the King's fortune teller and wizard. Only his chin is visable under the robe.
Flagg:It is as I predicted sire, the chosen ones have come!
King Norse:Excellent! Now, what is the matter of which you wish to speak to me about?

12-23-2001, 09:25 PM
Portal to the Void:Mwah haa haa *absorbs Final Freak*

Final Freak:No, I just wanted to ruin a thread!! Nooo!

Portal to the Void:I shall reverse time, and we are back at the castle. Flagg is not Mogus, but Flagg. Let us continue....

EDIT:Please excuse the double post, I didn't realise!

Giga Guess
12-23-2001, 10:09 PM
King Norse: The chosen ones, eh? I have something to ask of you.
Trey: Shoot.
King Norse: My daughter, she is an adventurous soul. She wandered into the Crystalline Cave, Guarded by the Crystal Dragon...
Trey:...A Dragon?! Great!
King Norse: E-e-e-excuse me?
Trey: My apologies sire. I am a member of the Dragon Clan. Dragons are my specialty. I humbly request that I go.
Dax: Me too.
King Norse: I must insist though, take these weapons.
*Dual Blade (Dax)
Randomly attacks twice.
Aerin Spear (Trey)
Protects vs. Wind
Angel's Dart (Erin)
2x Damage vs. Demons
Obsidian Rod (Barry)
Randomly casts Shadow
Morning Star (Kathy)
Randomly casts Holy)*
King Norse: Please, use them in good health.
*Exit Castle Norse*
*IF Erin is in your party*
Erin: Dax.
Dax: What?
Erin: I was really scared.
Dax: Of what?
Erin: I was afraid I lost you forever. Dax...?
Dax: Hmmm.
Erin: Dax, I......hey, there's the cave.
*Erin runs ahead*
Dax: I wonder what that was all about.

12-23-2001, 10:26 PM
Erin: We were attacked by Hades! They have broken the alliance! The troops were led by Tovart, the dark knight!
King Norse: Nonsense! We met with Ambassador Tovart today! WE shared some excellenté chocolates as well!

Flagg leans over and mutters in the Kings ear

KN: What?! That was my royal poodles poopie? Euugh! *spits onto the floor making various icky sounds* That's gross! Why didn't you tell me?
Flagg: Your highness, you commanded me to be silent during all meetings.
KN: So I did... SILENCE FLAGG! Thou shalt not speak during my meetings!
F: As you wish your majesty... *sighs*
F: *sighs*
KN: That's more like it... now what was I saying?

Flagg leans over again and whispers in King Norse's ear

KN: Ah... that's right! Ambassador Tovart was here earlier, so he couldn't have fought you today!
Dax: WTF? But we saw him kill Master Yang! He couldn't have been here!

Erin pulls Dax back and whispers in his ear

Erin: We saw him teleport earlier didn't we? He could easily have got here!
Dax: Yeah, you're right!

Dax steps forward again

Dax: We saw him teleport earlier today, he could easily have made it here!
KN: Flagg, this is your area of expertise, you may speak now
F: Thank you, your splendiferous... I'm afraid my poor uneducated friends, teleportation is impossible... Even with all the aikido's in the world, teleportation is still impossible. The only power that can teleport is that of a God... and since the Gods left our planet millenia ago, that is obviously impossible...

~~Elsewhere, in a galaxy far, far away~~

Final Freak: Where the hell am I?

FF looks around and sees he's standing in a large desert. Far away on the horizon, he sees a large city...

FF: OH well, I'm gonna have to go over there...

EDIT: Bugger... I took so long posting, I didn't finish before GG did... what are we gonna do about this?

12-23-2001, 10:38 PM
okay, I got it. GG is the first one, but before they leave the castle, Spat's bit happens, then they leave for GG's cave. Got it? Damn, that still doesn't work....

Okay, new story. They enter and they talk about the "apparant" two Tovarts. King Norse gives them their weapons. They then head off to meet KN's daughter and kill/save/meet the dragon, okay?

I'm not going to confuse the matter by adding more story, next time I willl though!

12-23-2001, 10:46 PM
Damn, that was a lot easier than I thought it would be... so here it is:


Erin: We were attacked by Hades! They have broken the alliance! The troops were led by Tovart, the dark knight!
King Norse: Nonsense! We met with Ambassador Tovart today! WE shared some excellenté chocolates as well!

Flagg leans over and mutters in the Kings ear

KN: What?! That was my royal poodles poopie? Euugh! *spits onto the floor making various icky sounds* That's gross! Why didn't you tell me?
Flagg: Your highness, you commanded me to be silent during all meetings.
KN: So I did... SILENCE FLAGG! Thou shalt not speak during my meetings!
F: As you wish your majesty... *sighs*
F: *sighs*
KN: That's more like it... now what was I saying?

Flagg leans over again and whispers in King Norse's ear

KN: Ah... that's right! Ambassador Tovart was here earlier, so he couldn't have fought you today!
Dax: WTF? But we saw him kill Master Yang! He couldn't have been here!

Erin pulls Dax back and whispers in his ear

Erin: We saw him teleport earlier didn't we? He could easily have got here!
Dax: Yeah, you're right!

Dax steps forward again

Dax: We saw him teleport earlier today, he could easily have made it here!
KN: Flagg, this is your area of expertise, you may speak now
F: Thank you, your splendiferous... I'm afraid my poor uneducated friends, teleportation is impossible... Even with all the aikido's in the world, teleportation is still impossible. The only power that can teleport is that of a God... and since the Gods left our planet millennia ago, that is obviously impossible...

Dax: Bu… But that would mean…
Barry: …The Gods have returned and that Tovart is in league with one of them!
~~Cue funky surprise plot twist music~~
King Norse: If that’s true… it could mean catastrophe for this planet… but I’m not sure if I should believe you. If you are truly the chosen ones, here to save us, you can do something for me…
Trey: Shoot.
King Norse: My daughter, she is an adventurous soul. She wandered into the Crystalline Cave, guarded by the Crystal Dragon...
Trey: ...A Dragon?! Great!
King Norse: E-e-e-excuse me?
Trey: My apologies sire. I am a member of the Dragon Clan. Dragons are my specialty. I humbly request that I go.
Dax: Me too.
King Norse: I must insist though, that you take these weapons.

*Dual Blade (Dax) Randomly attacks twice.
Aerin Spear (Trey) Protects vs. Wind
Angel's Dart (Erin) 2x Damage vs. Demons
Obsidian Rod (Barry) Randomly casts Shadow
Morning Star (Kathy) Randomly casts Holy*

King Norse: Please, use them in good health.

*Exit Castle Norse*

*IF Erin is in your party*
Erin: Dax.
Dax: What?
Erin: I was really scared.
Dax: Of what?
Erin: I was afraid I lost you forever. Dax...?
Dax: Hmmm.
Erin: Dax, I......hey, there's the cave.

*Erin runs ahead*

Dax: I wonder what that was all about.

~~Elsewhere, in a galaxy far, far away~~

Final Freak: Where the hell am I?

FF looks around and sees he's standing in a large desert. Far away on the horizon, he sees a large city...

FF: OH well, I'm gonna have to go over there...

EDIT: As an afterthought, maybe we should delete the last 3 posts to get the story to flow better?

Giga Guess
12-24-2001, 06:22 AM
Okay, just to step back for a sec, I want to develop my chars a bit. (Not to say anything. Everyone is holding to their characters that I intended VERY well.)

Dax Yauntz
Weapon of Choice: Swords/Katanas
"Job": Knight
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Age: 21
Personality: Sort of quiet, but not afraid to show what he really feels.
Erin Hart
Weapon of Coice: Bows/Crossbows
"Job": Hunter
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Age: 19
Personality: Very fiery, and never afraid to get into a fight. She NEVR backs down from what she believes.
Barry Heim
Weapon of Choice: Rods/Staves
"Job": Black mage/Summoner
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black w/ Red irises
Age: 35
Personality: The last of the true summoners. While he comes off as a foul mouthed(Believe me, I WILL fit this in.), cold, and distant, he is just a big ol' softie underneath. Kinda like Cid Highwind, unsympathetic, but not uncaring
Trey McGuinness
Weapon of Choice: Spears/Lances
"Job": Dragoon/Blue Wizard but can also summon dragons!
Hair Color: Black w/ blond tips
Eye Color: Green
Age: 18
Personality: While not a true summoner, he is still capable of summoning dragons which he defeats. He is shy, and deep, but can be a bit hotheaded. However, he is willing to put everything on the line to protect others.
Kathy Menard
Weapon of Choice: Flails
"Job": White Mage/ Summoner (But VERY limited summoning skills. Maybe only to develop later.)
Hair Color: VERY deep red.
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 23
Personality: Very mysterious, this cleric from Ferris abhors violence.

12-24-2001, 09:37 AM
**has nothing do to with the story**

~elswhere, in a galaxy far far away~
Hey you all, sorry. i didn't wanted to ruin anything, i wanted to make that part a dream that Dax had. Sorry!
And: I will delete my earlier post and I will now try only to post something if it makes sense.
BTW: We could make some rules, like no more stupid stuff (like what i did).

12-24-2001, 12:13 PM
Hey Final Freak, that's very good spirited of you! Alot of people in this thread take the story very seriously (me included). We're more than happy to have you contribute as long as you take other people's replies into account.

Anyway, I think I'll reveiw the status of my characters as well:

Tovart Palazzio
Weapons of Choice: The Katana of Yggdrasil
Description: Dark, cold, typical bad guy. Tovart's plans are unknown. He is the General of the Hades empire and is loyal to the Emperor. Very powerful in both magical and physical strength.

Description: The Emperor is the old and original ruler of the Hades empire. At first his intentions were good and liberal, but of the more recent years he has become the hostile ruler. Any who opose him die.

Yang Lee
Weapon: Bare fists
Hair:Brown, but mostly bald
Eyes: Brown
Description:At a young age Yang wanted to teach his martial arts. His father had done the same. But as his wife died before he could have children he insted taught the children of his village. He started teaching Dax as he was born, talking to him as a baby. At a later age Erin, Dax's friend, was convinced to also train with Yang. Unfortunatly, Yang has now passed away...

Descritption: Biggs is what I call "The Gilgamesh of FF Supreme". He's the guy who you fight time and time again, never a tough battle, but always manages to escape. Biggs is a Necromancer, dressed in purple and can control the undead. Not a particular threat.

12-24-2001, 12:18 PM
I have an idea.

Earlier, Gilgamesh said he had buisness with Odin.
why won't we let the party encouter Gilgamesh when he is just arguing with Odin who has the most power, like:
Gilgamesh: I am stronger than you! I have 4 swords!
Odin: At least i don't die in FF5.

Edit: Eeuh, well maybe a little more serius, but it is an idea...

12-24-2001, 12:23 PM
Not that I'm rejecting your idea or anything, but I think that statement was refering to a particualr scene in FF8. In case you don't know what I'm on about I shall not say anymore as it could be classed as a spoiler.

Oh, and seeing as one sword is the Excalipur, I'd say he had 3.1 swords!

12-24-2001, 12:29 PM
Yeah, that's true.
But then Odin could say:
That's not true! One of them is mine, and Excalipoor is s***.
And then they could see the party and fight them together.

12-24-2001, 12:48 PM
Okay, but I'm guessing Odin would be a kewl Aikido. That means we can't involve him in the story until the party is strong enough to have an Aikido like that. See what I'm on about? Anyway, this bloody cave...

Erin:Wow, it sure is a dark cave!
Dax:Come on Erin, we don't have the time!
Erin:But....I think we should explore....
Barry:Might be some nice booty in here, mebbe we should check it out!
Kathy:Indeed, it is a mysterious cave.
Trey:C'mon Dax, let's check it out!
Dax:.....oh very well!
Erin:Yay! Thanks Dax!

After exploring the cave with various traps and battles you come to a room with three treasure chests.

Dax:At last, some real treasure!
Barry:Let's just take 'em all and get out of here!
Then, a booming voice is heard
Dax:Whoa, what was that?!

Then, Barry's eyes emit a very faint light, but only for a second. No-one notices.

Barry:The middle one.
Barry:Take the middle chest!
Dax walks up to the middle chest and opens it. It is empty.
Voice:Fools, you didn't even attempt to discover the correct chest!
A dark figure appears.
Chimera:Die for trying to steal my tresure

~~FF Supreme Boss Theme (something kewl)~~
Chimera-weak against different element depending on which head is in action (A lion, a goat, a dragon and a snake on his backside)
Party-Dax and two other members

12-24-2001, 01:04 PM
Voice: don't attack the snake! it will counterattack with bio3!!
Dax: who are you???
Voice: mind that!! Attack the goathead with fire, the dragonhead with ice and the lionhead..... try just normal attacks against tha

12-24-2001, 06:29 PM
~~After Battle~~
Dax turns around to face the figure in the darkness

Dax: Who the hell are you?

A bright light is emitted from the figure, illuminating it, showing the figure to be the Angel of Aikidos

Erin: You again? Are you going to tell us more about what's going on here?
Barry: Sod that, can you tell us which one's got the treasure in?
Trey: Old man, just give up on the treasure, we've got more important things to do...
Kathy: Hey, calm down Barry, we've got better things to concentrate on...
Barry: Hmph... "old man"...
Angel: As I'm sure you now know, the Gods have returned to this planet, for better or worse... the evil you have been fighting is far worse than you could have thought, you are fighting against Bill Gates...
Kathy: Bill... Gates... *faints*
Dax: I... It can't be! Anything but him! Dear God no!
Trey: But what is your part in all this Aikido Angel?
Angel: I want to protect my world, and the only way to do that is to help you. Unfortunately, you don't have the power to harness me yet, so I can only give you little bits of information... but I.. We need you to save us all...
Dax: We'll do our best, we WILL destroy Bill Gates! *cheers from the Linux users all over the world*

~~In a galaxy far, far away~~
Final Freak is still walking over the desert

FF: How big is this bloody desert? I've been walking for hours now!

He looks up and sees 3 vultures circling over his head

FF: Great, just great... this is all I need!

Final Freak's attention is caught by a dust cloud on the horizon, which speeds towards him

FF: WTF is that! I... It's Gilgamesh!
Gilgamesh: I have found you now Odin. I want a new sword now!
FF: WTF?! I'm not Odin! I'm just a 14-year-old kid who wanted to screw up a perfectly good story! Why is this happening to me?
Gilgamesh: Don't try to fool me Odin, I know it's you!

Gilgamesh draws Excalipur and swings it at Final Freak, hitting him in the side

FF: Hey, that didn't hurt!
Gilgamesh: Damn stupid mother-:bou::bou::bou::bou::bou:ing piece of sh!t sword! Dammit...

Gilgamesh draws Zantetzuken

FF: Bugger that one's real ain't it?
GIlgamesh: Yes, and now it's time to die Odin!
FF: For the last bloody time, I'm not Odin! Oh sod this...

Final Freak kicks Gilgamesh in the nads and runs away across the desert

Gilgamesh: ...I... I'll get.. you.. Odin!

Gilgamesh collases to the floor clutching his groin

12-24-2001, 06:56 PM
Angel:Uh...when I said Bill Gates I meant the Acclaimed
<Color=red>CHAOS GOD</color>!!!
Dax:Chaos God? Didn't he get killed many millenia ago?
Angel:Yes, by me. But somehow he still has an influence over this planet. I don't know how or why, but somewhere he is effecting things!!
Angel:That is all I can say for now....
The Angel fades away.....


Tovart:Grr, that interfering bitch! She will pose a problem!!
Biggs:Indeed, she even put a stop to our trap!
Tovart:Hmm....because of her my power over Barry has gone for a while!!

The portal that Tovart stands over becomes an empty pool of water.
Tovart:God damn, now I'm pissed!!
Biggs:Shall I go destroy them sir?
Tovart:Hmm...not yet. Send the Colonel!
Biggs:Yes sir!!

Biggs goes over to the communication device
Biggs:Colonel Wedge, you are to rendezvous with Dax and the others, do everything to stop them finding the princess!!

We meet Wedge who wears a standard Hades Elite uniform....only with pips on his shoulder.
Wedge:Yes Biggs sir!!!

12-24-2001, 07:26 PM
~~@ Crystalline Cave~~
Wedge: Yes Biggs sir... who does he think he is? We used to be best friends, but since he got promoted, he's just become a right hard-ass... looking down on me as if I'm not good enough for him... I'll show him!

~~Further inside the Crystalline Cave~~
Dax: Why does she have to be so bloody mysterious all the time?
Trey: Well, this is an FF so it's probably just building up to some big plot twist... you know, the usual stuff
Dax: Yeah, I guess you're right Trey...
Kathy: Sssh, you two! I can hear some one coming!

The party slink backwards into the shadows

Wedge: Ordering me about like that... "You will do this," or "You will do that," or even "You must kiss my arse." It's so demeaning! I mean, I'm at least as good as he is, he just took all the credit for our work... all because his name is first alphabetically... some people get all the bloody luck...

Sneaking out, Dax comes up behind Wedge and wraps his arm around Wedge's neck. Barry stands in front of Wedge, lighting the cavern up with a small ball of flame

Barry: Where you sent here to try and stop us from finding the princess?
Wedge: Ye... Yes! But I don't want to be part of the Hades Empire anymore!
Dax: You want to join us instead?
Wedge: Well... not really, but I'm willing to sell information to you
Trey: What kind of information?
Barry: Sod that, how much for the information?
Wedge: Not much... just protection as far as Angel's Gate, the only sanctuary left on this planet...
Barry: Well, as long as it ain't money, I couldn't care less, so done! Now give us the information!
Wedge: How do I know you'll take me there if I tell you my info now? I'll only tell you once we get to Angel's Gate
Dax: Dammit! Can't you just trust us? We are the good guys after all...
Erin: Just leave it Dax, let's just give him what he wants and then get on with our job...

(I've left one BIG idea for a plotline hanging there... can you guess what it is yet?)

12-24-2001, 08:22 PM
Dax:Okay, from one cave to the next, where is the crystaline cave?
Wedge:It's north of here, in the icy lands of Neon. Very few monsters are there due to the cold.
Dax:I thought you wern't going to tell us any secrets until we reached Angel's Gate.
Wedge:Well, from there you can get to the gate. Then as I said will tell you the secrets.
Trey:Something wrong Kathy? You seem down
Kathy:Nothing, but thanks for your concern


Wedge:Through that forest, then you reach the Neon wasteland. Rumors are that a city is there, but the snow makes it invisable to see.

The gang enter the forest....

Dax:What is in here?
Wedge:I can't say
Dax:What? Why?
Wedge:I don't want to make you angry
Dax:What is in here dammit!!??
Wedge:You won't like it
Wedge:I told you you wouldn't like it
Dax:bleeding b@stard moogles?!?!!? NOOOO!!

12-24-2001, 08:39 PM
Erin: Ahh, they're so cute!
Dax: MOTHER-:bou::bou::bou::bou::bou:ING MOOGLES!! GODDAMN SONSOFB!TCHES! I'M GONNA KILL THE ENTIRE MOTHER-:bou::bou::bou::bou::bou:ING LOT OF YA!

Dax draws his sword and approaches on the Moogles

Moogle A: Kupo?
Moogle B: Kupoppo...

Moogle A draws an Uzi 9mm from behind it's back and aims it at Dax

Dax: Holy sh!t! They're :bou::bou::bou::bou::bou:ing well loaded up to the eyeballs!

The party leap to the side as Moogle B fires a missile at them

Barry: Sh!t let's just leg it!

~~In a galaxy far, far away~~
Final Freak looks up at the large town he's about to enter

FF: Well, I'm finally here...

Final Freak enters, but finds the streets deserted... all he can hear is a slight rumbling noise

FF: WTF is that?

The rumbling noise slowly gets louder until all of a sudden, two giant Space Hoppers come bouncing around the corner

FF: Holy sh!t!

Final Freak runs down the street being chased by two giant Space Hoppers

12-24-2001, 09:42 PM
In the icy wastelands of Neon...

Dax:We'll never get to the Crystaline Cave in this weather
Wedge:It's like this 24/7. There's no way we'll make it.

Then a moogle comes out of the forest....on a chocobo!
Mog:Kupo, this will take you to the city Kupo.
Dax:Hey, this one can talk
Mog:Kupo, yes kupo. The other kupos hate me. Can I come with you Kupo?
Erin:Of course you can!
Erin huggles Mog

The Gang get on the chocobo and look for the city...

~~Chocobo Theme~~

Giga Guess
12-26-2001, 06:05 AM
~~Beat Chocobo~~
~~Barry Gains Akido Chocobo~~
*Can summon Chocobo on the world map @ 1/8 of Barry's Max MP. Open to debate.*
Dax: A chocobo. It's......kinda cute.
Erin: It stinks.
Dax: Look at it's eyes. You can't hate it.
Erin: It reeks.
Dax: Come on. Hop on it.
Erin: It is absolutely rancid. There is NO way I'm getting on.
Dax: Either that, or I'm leaving you behind.
Erin: Time's a wastin'! *Hops on*
~~After a while of aimless wandering~~
Trey: S-s-s-s-s-so c-c-c-cold. C-can't go on. *Collapses*
Erin: U-ugh. *Down*
*Barry, Kathy and Wedge collapse*
Dax: H-huh?
Mog: Wake up! Wake up!
*Glitters on everyone*
Erin: It's warm...
Moogle: The Crystalline Cave, right?
Dax: Weren't we just there?
Wedge: It was an illusion created by Tovart.
Dax: Ah.
Moogle: Just follow me! I saw a girl go there a little while ago.
Barry: So what're we waiting for?! Let's go!
~~Finally reach Crystalline Cave.~~
Erin: It's so beautiful...
Wedge: Be on the lookout. This place is crawling with monsters.
~~Reach the depths of Crystalline Cave~~
Dax: The girl! She's cornered by the dragon...!
Erin: Charge!!!!
~~Fight Crystal Dragon~~
~~Trey gains Akido Crystal Dragon~~
Phoebe?! Is that you, Phoebe?!
Princess Pheobe: Uncle Trey! I thought you were gone for good.
Trey: Nah. Alive and kicking.
Dax: Wait you know her.
Trey: She stumbled upon my glade a few months back. Ever since, she came by periodically, and I taught her the way of the Dragon. Really, I doubt if the Dragon was going to hurt her. Phoebe, your father is very worried. I have to bring you back.
Phoebe: Okay! Let's go.
~~~Reach Castle Norse~~~
King Norse: Phoebe! My precious Phoebe. Oh how can I ever repay you?
Barry: *Mumbles* Cash or credit...
KN: Pardon?
Dax: We aren't in it for the money, sire. *Glares at Barry*
KN: Nevertheless, please rest. I imagine your ordeal has left you drained.
~~~Trey's Dream World~~~
Trey: Where am I? I'm...alone?
*Hear a sound in the distance*
Trey: Who's there?

12-26-2001, 07:18 PM
**Nothing to do with story**
~in the meanwhile, in a galaxy far away~

Hey, maybe we should put a ninja in this story somewere. And again, for the ones that did not read my exscuse for :bou::bou::bou::bou::bou:ing up this story what i honestly don't wanted: I'm sorry.

12-26-2001, 08:57 PM
Then, a yellwo submarine flys past...

John:Hey Final Freak, why so glum?
FF:I just want to have some friends
Paul:You can get by with a little help from your friends
Ringo:Yeah, friends are the best!
George:You got to love your friends

The Beatles fly away singing the friend song

FF:But that's the whole bloody point, I have no friends.

The Beatles in unison:#He's a real nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans for nobody!
Paul:I love making people feel happy!


Giga Guess
12-26-2001, 09:57 PM
~~~Back to Trey's dream~~~
Voice: You will fail....
Trey: Who are you...?
Voice: I am the Chaos God, the lord of Nightmares. I AM INCUBUS!
Trey: You...why are you coming to my dreams...?
Incubus: It is irrelevant. I will destroy you and your pathetic friends.
Trey: NO! We will succeed.
Female voice: Leave him Incubus.
Trey: I know you...Angel?
Angel: Go now. You know your objective.
Trey: Wait!!
Angel: Goodbye *Echo, echo*

*Trey wakes up to find everyone standing around his bed*
Erin: Are you all right?
Barry: You scared the shit outta us!
Trey: The Chaos God, or Incubus, came to me in a dream. He told me we would fail.
Dax: I guess that means we're on the right track! Great!

12-27-2001, 04:57 PM
~~Outside Norse Castle~~

Dax:Finally we can get to the Angel Sanctuary!
Wedge:Indeed!! My dream will soon come true!
Kathy:If it wasn't for these fire armlets the king gave us we would not reach the sactuary.
Barry:Pah, I thought they were gonna be Fire nullifiers. Not some poxy wind deflector.
Erin:Be grateful Barry. Without these we could not continue.
So the gang finally heads to Angel's Sanctury...

Wedge:There it is!! Look, you can just make it out!
Erin:Finally, we're here!

They ride up to the sanctuary, but...

Wedge:It's ruined. All ruined!!
Kathy:The whole place has been burned down!
Barry:Damn them....
Dax:We must find out who did this!!

~~Other side of the Ruin~~

Biggs:Bah haa haa! Burn! Burn everything!!
Elite Troop:Sir, the enemy has been sighted over there!
Biggs:Hmm...looks as though Wedge failed...
Elite Trooper:Sir, Wedge is leading them here!
Biggs:What?! He betrayed us!! Wait... he couldn't have. He didn't know we was to burn this place....
Elite Trooper:Your orders sir?
Biggs:..........Kill him. And the others.
Elite Trooper:Yes sir

Dax and the others run up the rubble to Biggs and the Trooper....

Biggs:Pah, I thought I could trust you Wedge
Wedge:Not any more! This is revenge!!
Biggs fires a plasma ball from his wrist and knocks Wedge out cold.
Biggs:I'm sorry Wedge...
Dax:You'll pay for that!!

Then the large airship we saw at Tranquille flies overhead....

Biggs:Unfortunatly, I don't have time to deal with you
Biggs chants some latin and grabs a hold of the rope ladder.
Dax:Come back here!!!

Then the ground starts to shake, and a skeleton of a dragon appears from under the crust

Dax:what is THAT?
Trey:The Crystal Dragon....that Biggs killed it.
Kathy:That explains why we did not encounter it!

Trey ponces ontop of the dragon...

Trey:I must send this back to the afterlife. Let me do this alone...

~~FFSupreme Boss theme (something kewl)~~

Undead Dragon:Weak against Holy, Fire and Cure

12-27-2001, 09:17 PM
**Beat undead dragon**

Biggs: %$&%^*&! how did he do that?????
Tovart: Biggs!!You screwed up again!
Biggs: I'm sorry sir....
Tovart: Maybe we should punish you by sending you into the void, by that Final Freak...
Biggs: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Anything but that!!! I wont screw up anymore! Just don't send me to that.. that, Freak!! Kill me or something!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!!!

~In the meanwhile ( Yes, you know where....)

Final Freak: WHAT is so worse about me! I do have friends! (Didn't thougth that did you?)
Odin: There you are Gilgamesh!
Final Freak: Not that again!! (damm i must be braindead or something.. im making fun of myself....):freak:

Giga Guess
12-27-2001, 11:46 PM
Trey: I....killed another Dragon....
*An aura glows around Crystal Dragon*
C.Drgn: Crystal is the purest of all gems. A necromancer cannot totally corrupt me, just control me, until one such as you defeats me. I thank you for releasing me.
*NOW Trey gains Crystal Dragon Akido*
Kathy: Let's go in and see what's left.
~~As they enter~~
Mysterious Voice: Kathy? Is that you Kathy?
Kathy: What the?
Mysterious Voice: I am Carbunkle. the Akido Angel sent me to protect you.
*Kathy gains Akido Carbunkle*
Barry: Wait, hold the phone. I am the only one that has the Summoner's Ring. How come you and Trey can get Akidos too?
Trey: My tribe, or the Dragon Tribe, at least, have had a rapport with Dragons for centuries. As for Kathy, though...
Kathy: Honestly, I have no idea. Now lets go.
~~Reach the Altar of the Angel~~
Angel: I haven't much...time. Seek out....the sorcerer....who draws one's strength....out...as....a....physical, tangible object.......Only then....will you have the power to defeat Incubus.
Dax: I heard of a magician who can create gems from a person's aura. Maybe that's what she's talking about.
Trey: Let's get outside. Maybe Green Dragon can fly us there.
*Outside, the call Green Dragon*
Trey: So where to?
Dax: A town called Argus.
*Fly to Argus*
Barry: Let's check in at the inn.
~Enter the Inn, and see a cinematic of a beautiful dancer performing an elaborate dance, when suddenly...~
*A wall crashes down*
Biggs: My master gave me one last chance. I SHALL NOT FAIL!
*KO's Trey, Erin, and Wedge*
Dax: Barry, Kathy, come on.
~Fight a while, neither side gaining much of an advantage.~
Dancer: Don't! Hurt! My! CUSTOMERS!
~Beat Biggs~
Dax: Where'd you learn to fight like that?
Dancer: Oh, you know. People come from around the world, so I pick up a few things. So what brings you here?
Kathy: We're here to meet the magician, Chyaz.
Dancer: OH! I know where to find him. Just let your friends rest up, then I'll lead you to him. By the way, my name's Brittney Cher
Name: Brittney Cher
"Job": Singer/Dancer
Weapons: Dancer items (Ribbons, Fans, etc.)
Age: 21
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Blond
Personality: A vibrant upbeat young woman, Brittney has the potential to be an excellent warrior, but prefers to sing and dance. As for her overall personality, think Selphie Lite (Like Selphie, but not NEARLY as annoying)

12-28-2001, 08:35 AM
**Biggs lying half-dead on ground**: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I failed again...... i must get outta here!! I don't want to the void!!

~you know where~

Final Freak: Now i just had it with this #$@#U)$$ Void crap!!
** Beats Odin up and teleports to real world**

now for some info: Cloud you said that if i just took this thing serious, the others would take my things serious too. Now i did that and still you don't take me serious!
(can't blame you all though:D) instead of that beatle crap you could have said: Nah, maybe we should't put a ninja in it. Is this because i'm a newbie or something???

12-28-2001, 02:45 PM
In a far away galaxy or whatever...

Cloud_of_Midgar:You're a n00b? why didn't you say so!

The Beatles return in their submarine...
John:Get him boys!
The Beatles tommy gun FF down.
FF:Why....I just wanted to make the world a better place....*dies*
CoM:Death to all who impede my revival!!

Back in the real world, or the ficticious real world....

~~Tovart's Fortress~~

Biggs:I'm sorry I failed you sire. It will not happen again!
Tovart:Nonsense. You destroyed the Sanctuary. That was the only objective I gave you.
Biggs:Thank you sire. You are most forgiving!
Tovart:The Emperor is coming soon. Make sure all the troops are ready.
Biggs:As you wish!

Biggs leaves the room

Tovart looms over the portal...
The portal shows the image of the Dax and the others.
Tovart:Excellent! With the sanctuary gone I once again have contol over Barry! Soon Dax, your soul will be mine!!

~~Back with Dax and co.~~

12-28-2001, 04:00 PM
What the hell are you talking about??? Oh, and i teleported myself just into safety. And i got something for you:
Death to all who hate newbies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beatles: Let's get CoM!!!!!!!
CoM: Nooo, i just wanted to destroy all newbies!! Don't hurt me! I'll do anything!!

anyway to get this story along:

Barry: I don't feel so good....
Dax: Should we stop over?
Barry: No, i can remove the thing that makes me sick by myself....
**Barry attackes Dax**

Giga Guess
12-28-2001, 08:54 PM
*Defeat Barry*
Barry: UwaaaaAAAAAUUUGH!
*A Black Opal falls off the Summoner's Ring*
Dax: It's shining, but there's no light...
*A Black "Flash"*
Tovart_Soul: I was sent to spy on you. However, since you decapacitated my host, and discovered me...
~~Fight Tovart_Soul~~
You beat him, of course.
Barry: Uhhh.......where the hell am I? What's going on? Whhy does my *$!#%§È head hurt?
Dax: You.....don't worry about it. Now on to Chyaz's place. Lead the way, Brittney.
~~Chyaz's place~~
Chyaz: Oh my, oh my! Such strong auras! This will be interesting. For a mere price of 10000Gil, I'll draw a gem suiting your powers.
*For Trey:
A master of Dragons, your gem can only be the aquamarine
*For Barry:
Hardly a minion of darkness, but a soul of shadows nonetheless. An onyx suits you well.
*For Erin:
A maiden suited better to nature than most, you must be an emerald.
*For Kathy:
A spirit of untainted purity. Crystal all the way.
*For Brittney:
Despite your easy going exterior, you are a warrior through and through. I bestow upon you the ruby.
*For Dax:
Oh....my....god! Such POWER! You are the first I have ever seen deserving of the moonstone.

12-28-2001, 10:45 PM
~~Tovart's fortress~~

We see Tovart's face. It starts out as a grin, the turns to a look of horror.
Tovart picks up a chalice and throws it at the wall. It shatters

Emperor Frahma enters
Frahma:Tovart! Have you gone quite mad?
Tovart:Sire. You are early
Frahma:Yes, thought I'd pay you a surprise visit...
Tovart swifly glides behind Frahma and puts his hands around his head
Tovart pops Frahma's head out of it's socket with such ease it made Tovart laugh.
And boy does he laugh! For you see dear readers, Tovart has become the new Emperor of the Hades empire
Tovart:Heh heh heh, soon Dax, soon...

Giga Guess
12-28-2001, 10:58 PM
~~~Back to Dax & Co.~~~
Dax: I got a chill...
Barry: Never mind that now. Let's go to Angel, and see what we do with these gems.
~~Fly to Angel Sanctuary~~
Dax: Angel! Hey Angel! We got the gems!
Angel: Now, once you become strong enough....
Erin: *aside* Like we haven't heard THAT before.
Angel:...you will be able to become more powerful than you ever imagined.
Dax: Well, to take on the gods, we're gonna need all the help we can get. What do we have to do?
Angel: Only those pure of heart, and clear of conscience cane harness these powers. You must clear the skeletons from your closets, or else, you will never break the barrier of your current forms.

BTW, to everyone else, PLEASE add some characters. I want this to have LOTS & LOTS of characters.

12-29-2001, 12:55 PM
~~That night, around a campfire~~
Erin: So what skeletons do you lot have in your closets?
Dax: I must avenge Yang's murder... and find out who killed his wife... and rescue his daughter! Damn... that's a lot! I think I'll save mine until last then...
Barry: I must find out who I truly am, for I don't think I'm completely human... *Draws back his hood, exposing his black eyes with red irises* I'm yet to see a single human with eyes like these...
Trey: I must unite my two clans as my parents once tried to do themselves
Brittney:I need to reconcile with my family... we parted in bad spirits when I left to follow my dream of being a dancer
Kathy:... I have nothing...
Erin: Nothing? Surely there must be something?
Kathy: No... nothing
Erin: I think it's about time us two had a girly chat *drags Kathy off into a clearing away from the campfire*
Kathy: Wha... what do you think you're doing?
Erin: I've seen the way you look at him! Don't even think about trying it coz' he's mine!
Erin: Yeah right... I'm not stupid, I can see it in your eyes right now! You're not as pure as everyone thinks you are, are you? I know what you're thinking... trust me, I've been there. There's nothing we can do about it though, just promise me you'll wait until all of this is over before trying anything with him, or I will hunt you down and skin you alive...
Kathy: Why don't you go after him?
Erin: It... it'd never work... I'm just a little sister to him, nothing else... we can never be... it's just fated that way... Promise me, or may the Gods help me now, I'll see you never, and I mean NEVER have a chance...
Kathy: I promise...

~~Later that night~~
Dax: What did you and Kathy talk about last night?
Erin: Nothing really, just girl-stuff y'know... nothing you need to worry yourself with
Dax: "Nothing to worry yourself with"? When Kathy came out of that clearing, she was as white as a sheet and shaking like a leaf... whatever the hell you said, it scared the crap out of her! Hell, I'm not sure I even want to know what it was you did!
Erin: Trust me, you won't have to worry about it... *mutters*at least not yet...

~~The next day~~
Dax: OK, where are we going first?
Brittney: Mine should be the easiest so lets get that over and done with. We need to go to Goodwin where I was brought up.
Dax: OK, 'nuff said. Trey, you know what to do

*Trey summons Green Dragon and the party climb on, flying to Goodwin*
Brittney: Just follow me, I still know this place like the back of my hand *Brittney leads the party through the streets where people stop and stare at her, whispering to each other* Seems like I'm still recognized around here... well, here we are... could you please wait outside? *Brittney enters house alone*
Man: Wha... Brittney? Is that you?
Brittney: Yes Jez, it's me... it's been a while!
Jez: What the hell are you doing back here? Mum and Dad will freak if they see you!
Brittney: That's why I'm here... it's time I faced them after all these years...
Jez: That really ain't gonna help at all...
Man: What's going on here? We'll have no trouble here! Bri... Brittney?! How dare you come back into my house! GET THE :bou::bou::bou::bou::bou: OUT!
Brittney: Hello to you too father...
Dad: Don't take that tone of voice with me little girl, you gave up your right to even talk to us when you left all those years ago... I told you what we'd do, but you went ahead and did it anyway!
Woman: Brittney!!
Dad: Quiet woman! Just get back to the cooking!
Brittney: That's right Dad, the women can never do anything that could possibly go against your wishes! We're all so silly and useless at thinking for ourselves! Goddammit, just look at yourself! You disgust me! To think you're my father... hell, to think you're anybody's father is to give humanity yet another reason for extinction... you're a disgrace to men all ver the world!
Dad: *mutters ominously* How dare you talk to me like that, *voice quickly rises in volume* you little BITCH! *Swings a slap at Brittney, but she ducks and grabs him by the balls*
Brittney: Now you try to strike your own daughter? How dare you?! *Punches him in the face, knocking him over*
Mum: Leave your father alone! He's done nothing wrong!
Brittney: Nothing wrong? NOTHING WRONG?! You all knew what he was doing to me all those nights, yet you never did a damn thing to stop him! Now I know why... "He's done nothing wrong!" Raping little children is perfectly fine then is it? I ought to :bou::bou::bou::bou::bou:ing well kill the fat bastard now... but that wouldn't be justice... that'd be doing humanity a big favour but I'm not a murderer... I'm ust here for one thing... my teddybear... GET ME MY TEDYBEAR NOW YOU FAT BASTARD OR I'LL CUT YOUR :bou::bou::bou::bou::bou:ING BALLS OFF!

*Dad staggers to his feet and lumbers off into a backroom. He quickly returns clutching a mouldy-looking teddybear*
Dad: Here, take the :bou::bou::bou::bou::bou:ing thing and get the hell out of here! I don't want to see you here ever again!
Brittney: Jez, Mum, are you going to stay here with this pig or are you going to lead your own lives?
*a silence descends over the room*
Mum:... just leave Brittney, just leave...
*Brittney turns around on her heel and walks out of the house*

Dax: So how did it go? I heard raised voices in there, but I figured you could handle yourself...
Brittney: Thiings are just peachy now... lets get the hell out of here and have some damn fun!

~~In a galaxy, not so far, far away~~
FF: Heh, now I've beaten up both Odin and Gilgamesh, AND watched the Beatles beat the sh!t out of Cloud, things are finally going my way!

*A giant space anus lands on Final Freak, absorbing him into itself, and then farting him out into the middle of a cesspit in Moria*

FF: Bloody hell, it smells a bit in here! Where the hell am I?

12-29-2001, 07:43 PM
Jez: Wait!! I am going too!!

** Personality Jez**

Weapon of choice: Knife: The assasin.
Job: Black mage.
Age: 24.
Hair Colour: RedEye colour: blue/green.
personality: He is kinda like Kathy

~far away blabla

~Voice: it's me Quistis! I want revenge, cause you called me ugly!!
Final Freak: Finally my chance to kill her!! Yes!!!!
**FF draws masamune and slices truh her body*
FF: Yes!! It's getting better all the time!!
** teleports to real world**

Giga Guess
12-30-2001, 07:23 AM
If I may, Final Freak...

Jez Cher
Same, except
"job": Time mage/White mage
Weapon of Choice: Clubs/Scepters.
Gem: Cat's Eye.

*On Green Dragon*
Trey: So where to next?
Barry: I...think I'm next. I remember a mountain... and seeing a red glow.....
Erin:....hmmm.....Freya's Peak!!!
Dax: All right! Let's go!

~~Freya's Peak~~
Dax: Familiar Barry?
Barry: Yes....but it answers nothing. DAMMIT! *Punches the wall. It cracks into a door*
~~Enter the depths of Freya's peak~~
*Everyone (Who, BTW, looks like Barry) says he should see the elder*
Elder: Barry! My stars, I thought I'd never see you again...
Barry: Huh?
Elder: You were sent from here...
Barry: Yes?
Elder:....on a mission...
Barry: Yes. yes?
Elder:...to infiltrate, and ultimately destroy mankind. Now dispose of the pitiful....humans.
Barry: N-no, this is impossible. NO! I won't!
~~Fight the Elder~~
Elder: Excellent... Angel was right.
Barry: Wha...?
Elder: She said for me to test you to seeif you were really honest about this. She said it was hardly necessary, but still standard procedure. Still, I AM happy to see you, my son
Barry: YOU MEAN YOU WERE :bou::bou::bou::bou::bou:ING WITH ME THE WHOLE TIME?!?! Waitaminit. D-dad?!
Elder: Yes. I see you are adept in the black arts. It should prove useful on your voyages. Here. This is a staff I used when I was your age.

*Fallen Angel
~NECESSARY for Barry's Transformation.
Ups all Black Magic strength

~Exit Freya's peak~
Jez: You know, Dad has been really sad since you left.
Brittney: So...? He's still just the same belligerant asshole he always has been.
Jez: Maybe you should just go back. This time, just TRY to be civil.
Brittney: Okay. I'll do it for you. And mom. You know, she was the only sane soul I ever hjad in my life.
Jez: HEY!
Brittney:What, did you think you were normal or something? Come on.
Trey: Hey! Enough with the family moment! Hop on!
~~Climb aboard Green Dragon~~

*So let's see. Brittney was tested for Forgiveness, and Barry for his reliability.*

12-30-2001, 08:28 PM
Biggs: Not so fast!!
Erin: Not you again....
Dax: why don't you leave? you'll probaly lose again..
Jez: Who the :bou::bou::bou::bou::bou: is he????
Biggs: I will not lose this time!! Bring it here!!

**a large robot appears**
Biggs: Presenting Gatesweapon!! The most powerful weapon that runs on Windows!!
Barry: Damm, we are not strong enough to beat a weapon!!
Biggs: Now enough talked! And it's general Biggs!! Fire!!
**nothing happens**
Biggs: Why don't you fire??
Controller: Sir, it says there is a fatal error at 53543000E!
Biggs: Damm!Guess we just have to fight them ourselves...

**FF supreme Biggs boss theme**
**beat Biggs and Controller**
Biggs: (&*&)(^(*&! We will run for now!! And controller?
Controller: Yes sir?
Biggs: Remind me to kill Bill Gates!!
Controller: yes sir!
**Party blocks Biggs and Controllers way**
Dax: How did you become a general?
Biggs: Emperor Tovart was in such a good mood....
All: Emperor Tovart?????????????????!!!!!!!!

Giga Guess
12-31-2001, 05:16 AM
Trey: This is bad... Bad guys and absolute power do NOT mix. We have to act. FAST!
Brittney: Dad? Dad! I want to talk to you.
Britt's Dad: So you've finally come crawling back.
Brittney: (I don't need this.) Dad, just try not to get mad now.
*Swings at Brittney when Trey intercepts*
Trey: Don't.
B's Dad: Or what?
Dax: Trust Me. He's not the type you want to make mad.
~~~Some time later~~~
Brittney: I'm still mad at you, you know.
B's Dad: Look, I can't undo what I did. But please. I'm begging oyu to forgive me.
Brittney: Well, every girl needs a daddy to mooch cash off of. Come here.
B's Mom: Oh, this is wonderful. OH! I almost forgot! Here, I was going to give this to you as a wedding present, but since it's owhere in the near future...
Brittney recieves Aura Ribbon
NECESARRY to upgrade Brittney.
Randomly casts Stop/Slow

~~~Back aboard Green Dragon~~~
Erin: So, Jez, what do you need to do, to "clear your conscience?"
Jez: Huh?
Erin: in order to use you gem, you must clear your heart and mind. In other words, make amends for past wrongs.
Jez: I.....don't really know.
Trey: Anyhow, we're here.
~~On the ground~~
Barry: so where exactly is "here."
Trey: My home. The Phoenix Clan encampment. The Dragon Clan is just over that ridge. Both were in beautiful country, until Tovart's vile presence corrupted it. Now....
*gestures to several dead trees*
Trey: Anyhow, in order to do this, we need to free my people from Tovarts grasp. Now come on.

12-31-2001, 10:31 PM
The are crossing the ridge, when a cloaked man stands between them.
Dax:Is that....
Erin:Indeed, it's that guy from Norse

They walk upto the figure....

Dax:How did you get here?
Flagg:Dear child, I am a master of the black arts.
Dax:What are you doing here?
Flagg:I've come to warn you.
Flagg:Hades intends to storm the castle soon. There is an Aikido there. But it is nearly dead. It must take a vessle before it is too late.
With this, Flagg disappears....
Dax:Oh man, why now?
Erin:Shall we go?
Dax:We don't have much choice!

Giga Guess
12-31-2001, 10:51 PM
***Norse Castle***
Dax: We made it! Flagg show us the Akido.
Flagg: Very well.
~Walk through several winding corridors to find an Akido, fading *literally* fast. The Akido is a woman dressed in green, with large green wings~
Akido: I am Dryad, mistress of nature in all it's splendor. Flagg? Oh is that you? *Walks towards him, but stumbles* Please. Did you find a suitable vessel?
Flagg: I hope so...
Barry: Wait, WE'RE the vessels? No WAY I'm gonna let something possess me.
Dryad: Oh, no. I won't "possess" you. I'll just inhabit your body. You'll not even know I'm....there. Oh. I'm...getting weaker. You...*points to Erin* I choose you.
*In a rustle of leaves, and flower petals, she rushes into Erins body*
Trey: So how does it feel?
Erin: Warm...
*Dryad: Beware! I sense an evil presence!*
Erin: Guys, we got company!
*Biggs, and Tovart enter*
Tovart: So Dryad found her vessel, huh? Wel, VESSEL, you're coming with me.
Erin(?): NO.
Biggs: Whoa!
Tovart: Enough of this idle chatter.
~~Battle with Tovart~~
Party: Erin (B)

Basically, Erin and Tovart exchange blows until...
*Nature's Lore*
Tovart: Ugh...This is NOT the end.
Erin: Whoa! That was great! Just the feeling of power coarsing through my veins I...Oh Dax, I was scared.
Dax: Don't worry, I'm there for you.
Erin: Now, let's get back to the Phoenix Clan.
*Back on the surface*
Trey: Green Dragon was a little tired, so I called my Red Dragon. Hop on!
*Headed for Phoenix Ridge*

01-01-2002, 05:50 PM
Tovart: I will not let you go, nor will Choas God!!!

**a large storm begins**
Trey: Hold on!!!
** Red Dragon falls**

Dax: ow, my head.
Trey: now we can't get to the phoenixclan...
Jez: Wait a minute i know this place!! This is Cid's place!
** Jez looks at a large building**
maybe he can help! He can build airships that can go through suchs storms!


Jez: Anybody here?
Voice: Hello!
** a man walks to the party**
I am Cid what can i do?
Dax: Can you make us an airship?
Cid: AAAAAAAAAAAAAARgh!! They always ask that, but pay me?NOOOOOOOOOOOO, they don't!!! I only do it if you pay me 123589735823 Gp!
**dax looks at barry**
Barry: o no!! Not MY money!!

Linus J
01-01-2002, 08:59 PM
Cid: well, what about if I follow and get the first best valuable treasure you find? Though I will take my airship and keep it when I leave your party.
Barry: Ok (mutters something about putting a bolt through Cid's head)

Cid Smith
Weapon of choice: tools
Job: Engineer
Age: 45
Hair Colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
personality: a bit greedy, but always lusting for more adventures.

01-01-2002, 11:39 PM
~~@ Tovart's Fortress~~
Tovart: Make sure that the woman they call Erin is dead... she must be eliminated at all costs, the Aikido she contains is too powerful to allow the "Chosen Ones" to have... she must be destroyed!
Unnamed Assassin: As you wish sire... I will expect extra payment for this though, it is a very dangerous task... and I'd like half up front...
Tovart: I'm only agreeing because I know you can be trusted... you have served me well in the past...
*pays the assassin up front*
Tovart: But if you even think about running awea with that money, I will have you hunted down and executed...
UA: As you wish sire...
*UA leaves*

~~@ Cid's Place~~
Dax: OK, let's get to Phoenix Ridge then
*party flies to Phoenix Ridge in their new airship

~~@ Phoenix Ridge~~
Dax: Are we going to meet your parents then?
Trey: After we set my people free... and that ain't gonna be easy!
*party splits into 2 parties of 4*
Trey: OK, here's the plan...
*the two parties huddle up and there is a lot of whisperings*
Barry: OK, that's sorted... let's get to it then!

*he two parties storm the tribe successfully defeating them until one person is left*
Trey: Let me do this alone... *faces enemy alone*

==FFSupreme Boss music==
Boss: Dejamir (Doom)
Party: Trey

~~After battle~~
Dejamir: S... Son? Is that you?
Trey: Father! I'm so glad you're back! It's so good to see you! But where's mother?
Dejamir: I... I don't know! The last thing I remember is that blinding light coming from Tovart... I don't remember anything else... Isn't she here?
Trey: No... she's either with the Dragon clan or... with HIM...
Dejamir: Dear gods no! Please let her be with the Dragon clan...
... *He slowly turns his head towards Trey*
Where were you when all of this happened? I don't remember seeing you here when all hell was braking loose...
Trey: *tears well up in his eyes* I... I'm sorry father... I failed you and mother... I ran away like the coward I am and deserted all of you... I'm so sorry... please forgive me...
Dejamir: You abandoned us in our hour of need? How could you do this to us son?
Trey: I'm so sorry I'm a coward father, I wish I'd stayed to try and help you... but that's all changed now, I WILL defeat Tovart and get mother back...
Dejamir: Do this son and you are redeemed in my eyes...
Trey: I will father, I will... *to the party* Come on, lets get to the Dragon tribe now!

*party flies to the Dragon tribe*
Trey: OK, I don't know too much about these people so this is gonna be mostly played by ear...
Voice: That's if you have any ears left when I've finished with you...

*a shadowy figure steps out of the shrubbery, revealing the Unnamed Assassin*

UA: It's time for you to die... especially you Erin *throws a knife at Erin*
Erin/Dryad: NO! *A tree branch shoots out and knocks the blade aside*
UA: Uh-oh... *throws 4 more knives at Erin/Dryad, all of which are deflected away by tree branches* This could be a bit of a problem...
*Erin/Dryad creates a trap out of tree branches around UA*
Dax: OK, since we got ya now, you can answer some questions...
UA: Well, if I'm gonna die, I might as well blab for all I'm worth...
Barry: For a start, who are you and what are you ding here?
UA: My name is Cara Brigstowe... I'm an assassin in the pay of Emperor Tovart. I was sent to eliminate Erin because of the Aikido that is in inside of her... Tovart frears it because Dryad is a very powerful Aikido... not powerful enough to truly defeat him, but in unison with the other Aikido's you control, he can be defeated by you...
Barry: That was a hell of a lot easer than I thought it would be... So if we can defeat Tovart, why don't we just go and kick his arse now?
Cara: Because he can still kill the rest of you easily... only Erin can stand against him... and she cannot defeat him on her own... the rest of you must find your ultimate level Aikido's as well before you can stand against Tovart yourselves...
Erin: Why are you helping us this much?
Cara: I am tired... so tired of the relentless killing... I've been doing this for so many years and I'm haunted every night by the faces of the dead... if I may, I'd like to join you, and help put an end to the death that surrounds this world...
Brittney: Why should we trust you? You've admitted you're in the pay of Tovart and were hired to kill Erin...
Cara: You have no real reason to trust me... I will not blame you if you refuse me, but my sins weigh greatly on my shoulders, and it is a tiresome burden...

*In a flash of light, the Aikido Angel appears*
AA: She is trustworthy... my divinations show she is to help you in your battle against the Chaos God...
Dax: Well, if you say so, then she can join... I trust you complicitly Aikido Angel...

*Aikido Angel nods and disappears in a flash of light*
Erin: So it's OK if I release her now?
Kathy: Go for it, you heard what the Aikido Angel said...
*Erin/Dryad removes the tree branches enclosing Cara*
Cara: I thank you for your forgiveness...
*Cara joins the party*

Cara Brigstowe
Weapon of Choice: Knives
Job: Assassin
Age: 31
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Personality: Is burdened by the years of slaughter behind her, and wants to redeem herself
Gem: Nightstone (pitch-black except for a white dot at it's centre)

Dax: OK, then lets go kick some arse!
*party splits into 3 groups of 3*

EDIT: I've just had THE most excellent idea... I'm gonna turn this into an ACTUAL RPG via RPGM2K... This could be pretty damn cool!

EDIT 2: I've updated the character lists... here they are:

Dax Yauntz
Weapon of Choice: Swords/Katanas
Job: Knight
Gem: Moonstone (Power)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Age: 21
Personality: Sort of quiet, but not afraid to show what he really feels.
Erin Hart
Weapon of Coice: Bows/Crossbows
"Job": Hunter
Gem: Emerald (Nature)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Age: 19
Personality: Very fiery, and never afraid to get into a fight. She NEVR backs down from what she believes.
Yang Lee
Weapon: Bare fists
Job: Monk
Gem: N/A
Hair:Brown, but mostly bald
Eyes: Brown
Description:At a young age Yang wanted to teach his martial arts. His father had done the same. But as his wife died before he could have children he insted taught the children of his village. He started teaching Dax as he was born, talking to him as a baby. At a later age Erin, Dax's friend, was convinced to also train with Yang. Unfortunatly, Yang has now passed away...
Barry Heim
Weapon of Choice: Rods/Staves
Job: Black mage/Summoner
Gem: Onyx (Shadow)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black w/ Red irises
Age: 35
Personality: The last of the true summoners. While he comes off as a foul mouthed(Believe me, I WILL fit this in.), cold, and distant, he is just a big ol' softie underneath. Kinda like Cid Highwind, unsympathetic, but not uncaring
Trey McGuinness
Weapon of Choice: Spears/Lances
Job: Dragoon/Blue Wizard but can also summon dragons!
Gem: Aquamarine (Dragon)
Hair Color: Black w/ blond tips
Eye Color: Green
Age: 18
Personality: While not a true summoner, he is still capable of summoning dragons which he defeats. He is shy, and deep, but can be a bit hotheaded. However, he is willing to put everything on the line to protect others.
Kathy Menard
Weapon of Choice: Flails
Job: White Mage/ Summoner (But VERY limited summoning skills. Maybe only to develop later.)
Gem: Crystal (Purity)
Hair Color: VERY deep red.
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 23
Personality: Very mysterious, this cleric from Ferris abhors violence.
Name: Brittney Cher
Weapons: Dancer items (Ribbons, Fans, etc.)
Job: Singer/Dancer
Gem: Ruby (Warrior)
Age: 21
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Blond
Personality: A vibrant upbeat young woman, Brittney has the potential to be an excellent warrior, but prefers to sing and dance. As for her overall personality, think Selphie Lite (Like Selphie, but not NEARLY as annoying)
Jez Cher
Same, except
job: Time mage/White mage
Weapon of Choice: Clubs/Scepters.
Gem: Cat's Eye
(I got kinda confused over Jez due to both FF and GG giving him stats... make up your minds please... I mean, smae as who? Brittney or Kathy?)
Cid Smith
Weapon of choice: tools
Job: Engineer
Age: 45
Hair Colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
Personality: a bit greedy, but always lusting for more adventures.
Gem: Reorx's Tear (Increases Hit Rate)
Cara Brigstowe
Weapon of Choice: Knives
Job: Assassin
Age: 31
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Personality: Is burdened by the years of slaughter behind her, and wants to redeem herself
Gem: Nightstone (Instant Kill)

Tovart Palazzio
Weapons of Choice: The Katana of Yggdrasil
Description: Dark, cold, typical bad guy. Tovart's plans are unknown. He is the General of the Hades empire and is loyal to the Emperor. Very powerful in both magical and physical strength.
Emperor Frahma
Description: The Emperor is the old and original ruler of the Hades empire. At first his intentions were good and liberal, but of the more recent years he has become the hostile ruler. Any who opose him die.
Descritption: Biggs is what I call "The Gilgamesh of FF Supreme". He's the guy who you fight time and time again, never a tough battle, but always manages to escape. Biggs is a Necromancer, dressed in purple and can control the undead. Not a particular threat.

01-02-2002, 02:38 PM

Satanic Monk:Oh mighty spirit, grant thee the power I seek! Give me your eternal blessing
Satanic Preist:When the time comes, he will come to us!
Satanic Monk:But it has been many years since Apocalypse plagued the earth! Why does he refuse to be freed?
Satanic Preist:Remember your teachings, the Chaos God is vengful! He sentenced Apocalypse for not obeying him.
Satanic Monk:But Apocalypse was the true master of evil!
Satanic Preist:I don't doubt that. Once we release him he will burn the Chaos God and grant us eternal life!
Satanic Monk takes off his hood and stares at the giant jar in the middle of the room. On the front is a giant eye.

The Monk is unimportant, there is a clan of them in the underground monestary. But the Preist simply calls himself "The Master".

Name:The Master
Appearance:Grey hair, bold on top. Green eyes.
Clothes:A grey robe
Description:This man may be old looking but he is the strongest magic user in the world. Very evil and considers death to be a joyus event! Has never felt remorse. Very very dangerous

01-02-2002, 04:19 PM
(In discussion between me & Cloud, we've realised we've completely missed out Mog and Wedge from the story... eep!)

~~@ Dragon Tribe after the battle~~
Trey: Mother? Mother?! Where are you??? Dear god, let her be here, let her be here... Motheeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man: Tr... Trey, is that you?
Trey: Yeah San, it's me...
San: I know what happened to your mother...
Trey: What? What happened to her?
San: She was here during the peace talks between us and the Phoenix tribe, and when Tovart's troops attacked at first, she led the fight back... but...
San: I'm so sorry Trey... so sorry...
Trey: You're not the one to be sorry, I'm the one who deserted her and ran like a coward! I deserve to die for this... Who did it? Do you know who specifically?
San: It was Biggs, Tovart's General... I saw it all right in front of my eyes... I couldn't reach her in time... I'm so sorry Trey... You can't blame yourself for this... most men wouldn't have been able to handle the fear...
Trey: But you did, and so did everyone else here... I'm a coward, simple as that *storms off*
San: *whispers* We just didn't have time to get away ourselves...

~~@ Phoenix Ridge~~
Dejamir: Well, what news of your mother?
Trey: ...
Dejamir: Well?
Trey: ... *breaks down crying*
Dejamir: No... she's been taken... *but Trey shakes his head* Wha... what? She's dead?
Trey: Y... yes! And it's all my fault! I'm gonna kill that bastard... I'm gonna fucking well kill him...
Dejamir: ... *breaks down crying* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Wedge: *runs up to Trey and Dejamir* Yeah Trey, what d'ya want?
Trey: *stone cold(not the WWF guy) voice* Were you with Biggs as he attacked the Dragon Tribe?
Wedge: *Glances about furtively* Y.. Yes
Trey: Did you see Biggs kill a woman, about this man's age? *points to Dejamir*
Wedge: *swallows nervously* Yes...
...I know where you're going with this Trey... I was there when he killed your mother... as she lay there, bleeding to death, she beckoned me down to talk to her... she gave me this to give to you... she said you shouldn't blame yourself, but Biggs and Tovart for her death... that's one of the reasons I left the Hades Empire... to find you, but you landed in my lap! I just couldn't tell you though... I knew it'd mean you knowing I was there when your mother died... and I didn't want to be the one to tell you that... I'm sorry I was so weak Trey, forgive me, please? *gives Trey an aquamarine amulet which Trey puts on*

*Trey gains ability, Pacify (casts stop on enemies or unchaoses party member) and unlocks higher summoning skills*

Trey: You have my forgiveness Wedge... but I must avenge her death... Biggs MUST DIE!
Dejamir: You get that son of a bitch for me son... get him for me...
Trey: *grips his dad's shoulder* I will dad, I will...

~~Meanwhile, in another part of Phoenix Ridge~~
Cara: You still don't trust me do you Brittney? Even after the Aikido Angel said you could trust me?
Brittney: It's not that... I... I... nevermind...
Cara: *cocks her headto the side, staring at Brittney* I understand... trust me, I understand what it's like. It's not easy feeling this way when you think it's so wrong... it's not... you can love a woman just as much as a man... in your case, possibly a lot more so...
Brittney: Wha.. what? You know?
Cara: I know... trust me, when you've been and seen as much as I have, nothing suprises you... In fact, some things you welcome into your heart... don't worry darling, don't worry... I understand completely *holds Brittney close to her*
Brittney: Yo... you're not going to tell anyone are you?
Cara: Not if you don't want me to... it's your life and your right to live it the way you want...
Brittney: Thank you Cara.. th--
Cara: *places her finger on Brittney's lips* hush darling... no need to thank me, just trying to make up for what I was... *lies back and sighs* Things were a hell of a lot easier back then... I got a job, did it, got paid, wait for the next job... nice and simple! But I slowly began to abhor the atrocities I was commiting... sometimes I'd wipe out entire families, including little children and pets... I hated myself back then... Now, I have another chance, to lead a normal life again, to fdo good, to be able to love--
Brittney: Love?
Cara: Yes, love... it's been a long time since I last could bring myself to lie with someone... and then it was just cold and remote... like I was just commiting a cho--
Brittney: *kisses Cara on the lips... 3 guesses where this leads*
However, the couple are unaware of a presence watching them...
Mog: *whispers to himself* Kupoppo! This is better than the Playboy channel!

EDIT: Giga Guess, if you're still trying to get hold of me, look for me as Spatvark on MSN with the email account spatvark@hotmail.com... hope to chat to ya soon...

Giga Guess
01-03-2002, 05:53 AM
~~~Back with Trey~~~
Dejamir: *Not to be left out* Here.
Trey: What's this?
Dejamir: This is a spear of legendary power. Only the chosen can use it's Power.
~Trey obtains Gungnir
Necessary for Treys Transformation
Randomly casts a Blue Magic spell

*Some high level dragons
Bahamut, Tiamat, and Shinryuu*
Dejamir: I also heard legends of armors from both Dragon and Phoenix tribes hidden within the ridge. They should prove useful.

*Armors are the Mirrored Gauntlet, Dragon's Mail, and Phoenix Crest. All Trey's. If anyone wants to add other armors, go ahead.*
Trey: Father. I-it would put my heart at ease if you came...
Dejamir: No. I am the Chieftain of the Dragon Clan. I must help bring peace to our clans, and lead tham to a whole new era. I thank you, my son. Your mother would be proud.
Trey:....Mother.... Hey.....WHITE DRAGON! Is that you?!
White Drgn: CoooooOOOoo....
Trey: Mother. I shall avenge you.

Hey CoM, what are Wedge's stats?

01-03-2002, 04:31 PM
pfft, fine!

Decription:Ex-Hades Colonel. Was a high ranker amongst Elite, Hades' most powerful troops. Despite this Wedge is a wuss and hates hurting people. Biggs, and old college, used to be his equal, but not his rival. But as soon as Biggs began to toy with Necromancer abilities he forgot Wedge and insted used his own selfish ways to become under Tovart.
Weapon:Hand gun
Tall:Not very

01-03-2002, 05:46 PM
Hey spatvark, this turning in to a game is a cool idea!

And for Jez stat's.... well, maybe we should do it like this:

Jez Cher.
age: 24
Weapon: Knives/rod's.
Gem: Emerald Star
Personality: He keeps distance between others, because he don't know how to act normal to them.
This is because his father mistreatet him....

01-03-2002, 09:40 PM
Name: Mog
Weapon of choice: Spear
Job: Moogle
Gem: Mooglerush (Summons Moogle hoard to attack random enemy)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Age: ???
Personality: Kupoppo! Need I say more?

EDIT: This may take me ages to make the game coz' I'm learning how to make the game from scratch...

Giga Guess
01-04-2002, 12:37 AM
BTW, Dax is 6'2" Erin: 5'6" Trey: 5'11" Barry: 5'10" Brittney: 5'4"

*If you get all of Trey's Artifacts (Mirrored Gauntlets, Phoenix Crest, Dragon's Armor, Aquamarine Pendant, and Gungnir), you are treated to the following scene:
Trey begins to glow slightly.
Trey: What the f-
A dragon rises out of the ocean, while a phoenix rises above some montains. First the dragon spirals above Trey for a short while, and then enters his body, causing Trey to grow great Dragon wings. Also it gives him some AWESOME armor. Then the phoenix rises behind him, and the tosses some red glitters onto him, giving him a helm that has a phoenix's head at the front and two red wings at either side.
Trey: W-wow! This is amazing! The feeling of power....it's....indescribable!
Erin: So THAT'S angel was talking about! It's so....
Barry: God damn...!
(In other words, each character requires a full set of equipment to transform!)
Erin: I suppose I'm next up, huh?
Trey: That you are! So where to?

01-04-2002, 12:33 PM
ello minna-san so can I join now... since there are no rules don't mind it I enter hehe:

Trey: Now I'm fully armed let's go kick some butt... Iyahh

Trey unleashes a powerful chi that almost shaked the entire environment... He levitates...

Trey: This is the power...

Barry: Bah, show off...

Trey looks at Barry with eyes so intimidating as ever...

Trey: Jealous...

Erin: Hey what about me? I'm supposed to be next...

Trey and Barry ignored Erin in the process... They looked as each other as if they're enemies.

Suddenly an explosion was heard at the back of Barry. Barry was never shocked, he knew the same force came from Trey.

Trey: I'm impressed...

Barry: hmm... for me your a very definition of garbage!

Trey: I'm unlike you who treat Akidos as pawns...

Giga Guess
01-05-2002, 06:26 AM
Dax: Come on, we gotta get going.
Trey: Just give me a couple more minutes...
*Flies high up, and swoops down. As he reaches a couple of feet above the ground, he suddenly collapses*
~~Trey's Dream~~
Voice: You failed them...
Trey: Who are you? Incubus?
Voice: No...I am a demon serving him. I am Knightmare!
Trey: Who did I fail?
Knightmare: Your mother, and Yang. You know, deep down, you are weak. To weak to be of any use to them. You buffoon.
Trey: N-n-no! I am not weak! I will destroy you!
*Trey lunges at Knightmare, and he is knocked aside. Easily*
Knightmare: Mwahahahaha! You pitiful fool! Take this! *Gestures at Trey, and locks him in crystal*
~~~Back in the real world~~~
Erin: Trey! TREY! Wake up! Trey!
Kathy: Stand aside. I sense something within his soul. We must go deep into his subconscious to remove this anomaly.
Dax: We can...do that?
Kathy: Just hold still...
*A white whirlwind swoops them into Trey's body*
Trey's Subconscious
*Start in a desert*
Dax: We may as well start walking.
*Reach a pillar with three pathways*
Person #2: They are marked......hmmmm...."Memories"...."Recall"....and "Failures"
*In Memories*
*In Dragon Camp*
Young Dragoon: Go away, you Phoenix LOSER!
Dragoon 2: Yeah, go back to the other birdbrains.
*More assorted mockery*
Natasha (Trey's mother): Never mind them. You are destined to far greater achievments than they could ever hope to have.
Young Trey: But....why are they so mean to me?
Natasha: They fear you because they are taught that the Phoenix Tribe, which your father is from, is evil. They were never taught what I know about tham.
~~~Bright flash, and your in Phoenix Ridge~~~
Trey *Slightly older, but still fairly young*: HEY! (A Phoenix Clanner belts him over the head with a branch)
*Trey starts crying*
Dejamir: No. Don't cry. I never want to see you cry. Ever. A man never cries
Trey: *snf* O-okay.
*Spirit Trey appears*
Trey: And I never cried from that moment on. I became almost totally numb to emotion, bottling it all up...
*Recall: Enter a room filled with the other party members*
Cara: You call yourself a warrior?!
Kathy: You disgust me.
Barry: Your so F---ing weak. I always hated that.
Erin: I HATE you!
Cid: You're useless.
Brittney: Just leave us alone...
Wedge: Your mother put up a better fight than you. You never even tried.
Mog: Kupo. You are a fool.
Dax: You failed your tribe. You failed my master. You failed all of us.
*BTW, you fight all of them*
Weak vs. Ice
Absorbs Fire

Enter Failures
*A dark room*
Then White Dragon appears, and dies. Then Natasha appears, and dies. Then Yang appears and dies.
Trey: I failed all of them. Just leave, before I prove to be the downfall of you as well...
*Choose Yes and you leave.*
*Choose No and...*
Trey: Why?! I'm weak! I'm useless! I'm nothing but a burden to you. Just leave me.
Dax: What are you saying? You were probably the biggest help we had! If it wasn't for you, we would still be stuck in that run down village. You made all this happen.
*Exit that room. If all the areas have been visited, the a summoner's circle appears on the floor*
Dax: Let's go!
*Trey's Deep Subconscious*
*The floors are crystalline, and the background is very psychedelic*
*Walk for some ways, until you see a black robed figure*
Dax: Who are you?
BRF: What does it matter to you? Oh, I get it. You're this pathetic mortals "friends." I will destroy you as easily as I defeated him.
*Fight Knightmare*
Absorbs Shadow
Weak vs. Holy
Earth misses.
Whups your party easily
Trey: *No.*
Knightmare: What...?
Trey: *No more. They believe in me. I will not let them down*
*Trey does mano-e-mano with Knightmare*
*Trey soon levitates, the flies high into the air*
Trey: *Powers of my dreams, UNLOCKED! Unreal!!!*
*Casts Blue Magic "Unreal" on Knightmare*
Knightmare: NOOOOOoooooo........!
*Gain spear "Essence of Souls" aka "Soulspear"*
~~Back in the real world~~
Trey: Uhhh......
Cid: I think he's comin' to!
Erin: Trey! Are you okay?
Trey: I...my head hurts.
Barry: So...
Trey: Yeah?
Barry: Did you mean what you said about me before?
Trey: Huh...?
Barry: About enslaving Akidos?
Trey: No...that was Knightmares influence. Now, lets go Erin. You have a date with destiny.

01-05-2002, 11:08 AM
Umm, what the hell are we going to do with Erin? Me not know... *is confuzzled*

01-05-2002, 03:26 PM
In the Sky....
We see the giant airship we saw in Tranquille and in Angel's Sactuary.
Aboard the Zephyr Sky, supreme battleship of the Hades Empire...
Tovart is on the bridge, along with a member of Elite who is piloting Zephyr.
Tovart:How long until we meet our destination?
Elite Pilot:Aproximatly 1 hour sire.
Tovart:Excellent! Prepare the "weapon"
Another Elite standing to the right of Tovart steps forward.
Elitie:Sir...I'm not so sure about this....
Tovart puts his hand around the soldiers neck and breaks it like a twig. Another Elitie steps forward.
Elite#2:Sir, I'll prepare the weapon!
Tovart:Excellent, we need more soldiers like you and less like this vermin!
Tovart drops the dead soldier to the floor and kicks his corpse away.

~~In the central lower part of Zephyr~~

A loud growling is heard
Elite#1:This thing is going to destroy an entire continent! How can we aid in such a thing?
Elite#2:Quiet you fool! I just saw Tovart kill a man for saying that!
Elite#1:But damn man, what is this thing anyway?!
Elite#2:Remember the rumors that Tovart had an Aikido that could be summoned in a continuous loop thus never disappearing?
Elite#1:You don't mean....
Elite#2:Yeah, that thing in there is....THE ATMA WEAPON
Atma Weapon walks around in his cage. He has a large metal harness around his head and a large metal propbe pointed at his head. An electrica charge is emitted from Atma to a device. This is Hades' latest weapon, the Thor Cannon! And Zephyr is heading straight for Dax and the others, ready to test the Thor Cannon!!

01-05-2002, 03:46 PM
** Back with Dax and the others**
Trey: Let's head back to the airship..
**At the airship**
Jez: What da :bou::bou::bou::bou::bou: is that???
Dax: Hey, i saw that before, but where.....
Erin: Dax!! That is Tovart's airship!!!
Mog: kupo! You are right. But what is that thing at the front of the airship?

01-05-2002, 05:04 PM
Barry: This can't be good... lets get the hell out of here!
Dax: We can't! We have to fight them now! Who knows what destruction they'll unleash now!
Erin: Yeah, we gotta stop 'em NOW!
Cid: Well, **** it, let's go get those bastards! They might have some money on there!
Dax: OK, you heard the man, let's gp kick some arse!
*Cid steers towards the Zephyr Sky*

~~Onboard the Zephyr Sky~~
Elite 1: WTF are they do... they're coming right for us!
Elite 2: Emperor Tovart, shall we fire the weapon now?
Tovart: Not yet... let them come closer...

~~Onboard the Airship~~
Cid: OK, I'm gonna raise the ship up above them, giving us a vantage point
Wedge: Wha.. OH MY GOD! Do you know what that is on the front? That's Atma! They were working on that before I defected. It's power is awesome! Maybe even more so than Dryads! This is gonna be one tough battle!
Remember, ti cannot be unsummoned, so you're gonna have to obliterate it!
Trey: No problems... with me on the top of my game, we're gonna kick it's arse!

~~Back @ the Zephyr Sky~~
Tovart: Remember, I want the woman Erin alive! I MUST have that Aikido!
Elite 2: Yessir!
Tovart: FIRE!
*Elite 2 fires the Thor Cannon at the airship, catching it on the side*
Tovart: Fire at the balloon! Bring them down, NOW!
Elite 2: YESSIR!
*Elite 2 aims the Thor Cannon at the airship's balloon, but Atma retaliates, breaking free and tears the cage open*
Tovart: Dammit, not again! *warps off of the Zephyr Sky*
Elite 2:Oh my go--aargh! *Is eaten by Atma*
*All hell breaks loose on the Zephyr Sky*

~~@ the Airship~~
Dax: Quick, now's our chance. Get them!
*The Airship clamps onto the Zephyr Sky, and the party leap onto the deck, where Atma is eating the crew*

*Party splits into 3 groups of 4*
~~FF Supreme Boss Music~~
Boss: Atma (Earth)
Party: Trey (F), Erin (B), Mog (F), Cid (B)

Party wins; destroys Atma completely

Dax: WTF? This whole ship is falling apart! Let's get the hell off!
Cid & Barry: But what about the treasures?!
Cara: Sod the treasures, let's just get the hell out of here!
Cid: I want the damn treasures...
Barry: Bugger this... I'm gonna scavenge the wreckage!
Cid: Good idea, let's just get hte airship down now! I need to make some repairs whilst I'm at it anyway!

*Party board the Airship, detach it from the Zephyr Sky and take it down so Cid can repair it*

01-05-2002, 05:33 PM
On the ground..

Barry: TREASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to that wreckage!!
Cid: *(&)*&)^***)(* i first have to make the airship, and that could take a while..
Dax; How long?
Cid: A day, maybe 2.
Erin: That is a long time... Hey, were are Cara, Kathy, Trey,wedge, Mog and Jez??

01-05-2002, 05:54 PM
Cid:Damn, this is going to take some time.
Dax:Where are we anyway?
Wedge:I know this place....this is where I grew up!
Dax:Is everyone accounted for?
Cara:Everyone except Erin
Dax looks around and sees Erin on the floor. She has passed out
Dax:Erin?! Erin, speak to me!!! Kathy!! Get here!!!
Kathy runs up to Dax and Erin.
Kathy:She has passed out....but not by a concusion. Maybe it is stress.
Dax:She's alive?!
Kathy:Yes, she is alive
Dax looks Kathy straight in the eyes.
Dax:Phew, that's good I guess!
The two companions stare...there is a long awkward silence.....
Cid:I've an idea. Me Barry and Mog stay here and repair the ship!
Wedge:We'll go to Windine, my home town. The folks there should greet us with open arms!
Dax:Okay then, me Wedge and [choose party member] will head for Windine, the rest help Cid and serch for parts.

~~World Map~~

The journey is long, but a secret Chocobo Forest can be found to make life easier.

~~At Windine~~

Wedge:We'll take Erin to the clinic first, then look around the town.
Dax:Sounds fair

But a woman's scream is heard...
Wedge:Auntie May!!!
Wedge runs up to where he heard the voice.
Wedge:What's going on?!
Dax and [member] run up to help out.
Dax:Don't tell me Hades got this place as well!!

~~Aunt May's house~~

Satanic Knight:Die bitch!
May:Please, just tell me what you want!
Knight:Nothing you have could be of any value. Insted you shall die.
May:Noooo, mercy!!!
The knight draws his sword and slashed May's chest open. She dies. Bloody seeps from her wound.
Wedge enters
Wedge:Aunt May....
The knight turns around. He has black armor with gold engravings. A large helmet with tiny holes for visablitlty.
Knight:Hmph, who are you?
Wedge:You killed her you sick bastard!!
Dax and [member] enter, followed by 2 more knights
Wedge:What is going on?
Dax:Let's just finish em off!

~~Battle theme~~
3 knights-weak VS Holy

01-05-2002, 07:01 PM
WTF FF? You're totally ruining Biggs... he's getting over-used and he's supposed to be a comedy character...

Anyway, back to the story (ignores FF's post...)

~~@ Aunt May's House~~
*beat Knights*
Dax: Who the hell where those guys?
Wedge: Aunt May... damn you! I'm gonna hunt you bastards down!
Dax: How many people are we all going to hunt down and kill every last one of them? It seems to be all we ever do... oh well...
Wait! This one's still alive! Who the hell are you!
Dying Soldier: I... I'm a warrior of Apoc... sent to hunt you down...
Wedge: Dax, leave him to me... get Erin to a medic, now!
*Dax slings Erin ver his houlder and runs out*
Wedge: Now it's just you and me... *Wedge grins evilly*

~~In the streets of Windine~~
*Dax hears muffled screams behind him*
Dax: Servers the bastard right...
*sprints to infirmary*
Dax: Medic! Can somebody help us please?!
*Medics rush over quickly and take Erin from Dax*
Medic 1: Don't worry, we can take care of her...
*Dax slumps down in a chair and falls asleep*

~~Later that day~~
Wedge: Wake up Dax, the medics are back...
Dax: Hunh?! They're back? How is Erin? Where is she? I gotta see her now!
Wedge: Hey man, just calm down... she's fine, they've just got her resting in bed. Follow me, I'll take you to her... she's been asking for you...

Giga Guess
01-05-2002, 11:31 PM
***BTW, Omni Trey gains new stats:
Omni Trey
Absorbs: Fire, Water
Nullifies: Thunder, Earth
Weak vs.: Shadow, Ice
New Dragons: Silver Dragon, Gold Dragon, Mini Dragon, Tiamat, Bahamut, Shinryuu.
New Blue: Pacify, Fire Breath(literally), Stone Gaze, Blaster, Gold Fist, Unreal

Back to the story...
Erin: Dax!
Dax: So what happened?
Erin: I...uh...got hurt. Dryad had to heal me, so she basically hit the shutdown switch. Sorry if I scared you.
Dax: So long as you're all right.
Erin: Dax?
Dax: Hm?
Erin: You wanna know my secret? The 'skeleton in my closet?'
Dax: What?
Erin: I've wanted to tell you this for a long time. Dax, I....I love you. I always have. I mean.....oh, I don't know why I'm even bothering. All I am to you is just a little sister. I....*sob*
Dax: Shhh... Don't cry.
Erin: So...?
Dax: this is pretty heavy. Let me think on it. Okay? this isn't just a simple little question. It's....confusing. Okay?
Cara: Brittney?
Brittney: Yeah?
Cara: About the other night. I...uh...
Brittney: Don't worry. i won't say anything to anyone else.
*Enter Mog*
Mog: WOO-HOO! Kupo, you two were GREAT last night! Doing an encore soon?
Cara: I say we hurt him.
Brittney: Lots.
*They tackle and start beating Mog*
Mog: Hey! Ow! Not the hair!

01-06-2002, 02:16 AM
~~~Back at Dax~~~

Dax: *I don't know what to say... will I admit that I love her...* Erin...

Erin: Yes...

Dax: I love you to... as a sister...

Erin: ...

Erin got up and ran over the nearest door... She's weeping while crying...

Dax: Erin WAIT!

Giga Guess
01-06-2002, 06:20 AM
Kathy: What did you say to her?!
Dax: I..I don't know! All I know is she jumped me with this question. "Do you love me?" I don't know how to answer that. I've never been faced with a question like that.
Kathy: Maybe, you should go and, I don't know, apologize?
~~On a small ridge~~
*Erin is looking at a sunset overlooking the ocean*
Dax: Erin!
Erin: Ohhh...
Dax: Erin, look. I'm sorry...
Erin: Look, you don't have to apologize. I was a fool for thinking you ever had any feelings for me.
Dax: No. The thing is, I don't KNOW how I feel about you. On one hand, I've known you so long, you're like a sister to me. On the other hand....
Erin: What?
Dax: On the other hand, I...think I love you too.
Erin:*tear* That's all I asked. I won't push. you have to make this decision on your own. Just be sure to let me know when you do make up your mind.
~~At the airship~~
Cid: It's done! So where to, boss?
Dax: Well...

01-06-2002, 11:33 AM
OK, I've sussed the ideas for Dax, Erin, Wedge, Cara and Cid, but I haven't got a clue about Kathy, Mog and Jez...


Dax: Well... who wants to be next?
Mog: (very bruised) Kupo? I thought Erin was next?
Dax: Well, I.. uh... we're putting that one on hold for the moment...
Mog: Kupoppo?! Oh well...
Cid: How about we just go looking for more treasure so you guys can pay me?
Dax: Well, if no-one else is volunteering, we might as well...
Wedge: How about hunting down those bastards we met in Windine... I got quite a bit of info out of the one who was still living...
Dax: What the hell did you do the guy anyway? I could hear the screams from down the street!
Wedge: Just a few interrogation tips I learned from being in the Hades Empire...
*Cara's face turns white*
Dax: Cara, you know something about this?
Cara: I learnt those techniques myself, they're... not exactly nice, shall I say? Anyway, what did you find out Wedge?
Wedge: Well, they were members of the Order of Apoc, and they're led by some dude called the Master. Dunno what his real name is, but it doesn't matter...
Cara: *whispers* Xiang Lei...
Dax: Wat was that?
Cara: His name is Xiang Lei... he once hired me for a job when I was very young... I still remember her, she was my first target...
Dax: She?
Cara: Yes... she... I... it still haunts me to this day... The look of fear on her face as she turned and ran away... I just threw the shuriken, and hit her in the back of her head... she just dropped like a stone *chokes backa cry*
Dax: *grips his sword-hilt very tight, so tight his knuckles go white* What.. was... her name?
Cara: *looks up and meets Dax's eyes, which are strained with rage* Cristiana...
Dax: *howls* DAMN YOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! *draws his sword and leaps at Cara, slashing downwards, but Brittney tackles him to the ground*
Cara: You don't have to worry Brittney... if he wants to kill me, so be it... I'll take whatever he decides is best. I offer my life to you Dax, do with it as you may...
Dax: ... Why the hell shouldn't I?
Brittney: ... Be--
Cara: *whispers to Brittney* It's alright, you don't have to tell him
Brittney: Yes I do if I want to save your life... *turns to Dax* you can't kill Cara because I love her and she loves me
Dax: Yo.. you what?! You're making this up!
Mog: Kupo! No they're kupoppoing not! I watched them two nights ago! Why d'ya think I'm all bruised like this?
Dax: They're fucking lesbians?! Eep!
Barry: Jeez! You don't like moogles and you don't like lesbians... what kind of person are you?
Dax: Me, that's what... and I'm still going to kill her!

*in a flash of light, the Aikido Angel appears*

AA: Stop right there Dax! You WILL not harm Cara... she is one of the chosen ones such as yourself!
Dax: Whatyagonnado? Stop me? The only way you're gonna do that is by killing me! *charges at Cara, but AA flashes a light out, snaring Dax, knocking him to the floor*
Erin: Listen to me Dax, Cara is not the one to blame for this, Xiang Lei is! He's the one who hired her, he's the one who told her to kill Cristiana, he's the one to blame for all of this! If you want to kill someone, kill him, not Cara!
AA: Listen to Erin, she is right. Cara is not the one you should seek vengeance against, it should be the Master
Dax: .. I guess that makes sense, but I still don't forgive you Cara!
Cara: *nods* How can I expect you to forgive me, when I can't even forgive myself?
Brittney: *whispers* I forgive you Cara...

Giga Guess
01-06-2002, 06:48 PM
Actually, we kinda forgot about Jez....
Dax: So where do we find this "Master?"
Cara: He's near the city Neon, in a dormant volcano.
Cid: All right, enough yappin'! Let's go!
~~~In the Apocalypse Sanctuary (HEY, that has a nice ring to it!)~~~
Voice: STOP!
Dax: Aack!
Voice: You shall go no further. The master decreed so.
Dax: Who are you? Show yourself, you cowards!
Barry: I...sense Akidos. Very near.
Second voice: Closer than you think.
*They step into the light*
First Akido: I am Thor, the thunder god.
Second Akido: I am Uller, lord of ice.
Third Akido: And I am Agni, ruler of the flame.
===FF Supreme Boss Music===
Absorbs Thunder
Weak vs. Wind

Absorbs Ice
Nullifies Water
Weak vs. Fire

Absorbs Fire
Nullifies Ice
Weak vs. Water
*Win, and gain Akido Thor, Akido Uller, Akido Agni, and Akido Triad (All three form a tri-elemental attack)*

Dax: Onwards...
~~~Reach the Depths of Apocalypse Sanctuary~~~
Xiang Lei: So you've come. My dark lord warned me of your arrival.
Trey: Y-you were warned?! You expected us?! (Not good.)
Xiang Lei: Yes. I've been watching you for some time. Ah, Cara. You've led these fools here at last. Now kill them. I grow weary of this.
Cara: Wrong, bitch. I'm on their side now.
Xiang Lei: Ah, a traitor. Then you shall die with them.
Dax: NO! You're MINE!
*What comes next...?:p *

01-06-2002, 07:57 PM
(Dammit, you didn't save any love scenes for me!! *dies*)

~~In a galaxy far far away~~
Giant Head:For the crime of being completly gay and developing other people's plot twists, we find you...GUILTY!

Final Freak is sentanced to spend the rest of his years in a sheet of glass floating around in space....

Main game
Xiang Lei:m-m-master?
The Master:Fuh huh huh, leave them here.
Xiang:But they invaded our domain! They killed our Aikidos!!
The Master:As I expected them too.
The Master:Please, treat them as our guests!
Xiang:If you so wish it Master...

Xiang leaves, confused....

Dax:What is the meaning of this?!
The Master:Dax, please follow me. We have much to discuss.

Two of the same knights appear.
The Master:Take these fine people to their....accomodations. But leave the boy.
The group reluctantly go to the prisons, except for Dax
The Master:At last, we meet. Come, this way.
Dax wants to go elsewhere, but finds himself following the strange man
They walk down a corridor. Along the way monks bow to the Master, but he insists that they rise.
Exventually they reach a door with a Hex on it. The Master mutters something, and the door opens. Along another room, then another Hex. The Master casts the same spell.
Dax:What is the point of this tour of yours?
The Master:You shall soon see.
The Master picks up an unlit oil lamp and lights it with magic. The two go down a dark stepcase.
The finally reach a large door. The Master clasps something around his neck and pulls it forward, revealing a key in the shape of a skull.
The Master:This key was crafted by the worlds greatest sorcerers. It cannot be duplicated.
The Master places the key within the lock, and an uninteresting click is heard. He pushed the door aside and reveals a well lit room. On the walls are large decorative cloths, and the entire room is scripted in gold design. In the center of this room is a wooden stand. On the stand is a large thick book.
The Master:My dear boy, do you know what that is?
Dax:I don't know, and I don't care.
The Master:Fuh huh huh, knowledge is the root of all power my boy. Take heed and listen.
Dax is knocked back, but listens...
The Master:That book is the true Bible, the original copy. It is based completly on fact!
Dax:What are you getting at?
The Master:The Bible as you know it is a faerie tale, a myth. The great Apocalypse didn't want the likes of you to take this book. So he wrote another, a fake. He gave it to a man and told him it was the work of god. The fool belived him!
Dax:How do you know all this?
The Master:Hmm...a bright young boy, I was just getting to that. The great Apocalypse gave one man and one alone the power to read this book. That was 2000 years ago! And I was that man!
Dax:You're 2000 years old? Pull the other one!
The Master:Indeed, it is a tall tale! But a true one my boy. And when he arises, he shall scorch the land, all will be destroyed! And I shall stand beside him and become the ruler of the new world, a world of his teaching!! And the Chaos God will finally DIE!!!
Dax was taken back by the Master's insanitiy
Dax:Why are you telling me this?
The Master:Because Chapter 19, verse 3, paragraph 4....
"When the one destined to defeat the Chaos God arrives in the hands of Apocalypse, two fates are destined. One, he will banquesh the Chaos God. Either that, or he will be sacrificed to me, and I shall torch the earth once again".
The Master:That's right child, tonight you will be sacrificed!!
The Master waves his hand over Dax's face and he falls into a deep slumber.
The Master:Fuh huh huh, and your friend will be watching! For they too will be the first to die!
The Master casts a spell on Dax, and he levitates behind Dax. The accend the stairs, to Dax's doom....

01-06-2002, 09:25 PM
(I thought the Master WAS Xiang Lei... BLARG! Oh well, I'll go your way Cloud, it's a hell of a lot better)

*Dax and the Master ascend the stairs to find the guards lying on the floor, dead and the party standing over them*
Master: What the hell? Y... you defeated them? How dare you! You will pay for violating my sanctuary!

~~FFSupreme Boss Music~~
Boss: Master (Holy)
Party: Erin (B), Trey (F), Barry (B)
*Party win and the spell holding Dax breaks, dropping him to the floor*

Master: Dammit! You can't kill me that easily though... 2000 years teaches you a few tricks! *is warped out of the Apocalypse Sanctuary*

Erin: Where the hell was Cara during all that?

~~Elsewhere in the Apocalypse Sanctuary~~
Cara: Xiang? Where are you? I'm coming for you now!
*Cara runs around the corner and bumps into Xiang who's looking for a place to hide*
Cara: Face your fate like a man Xiang... you twisted me... you destroyed who I was and turned my heart to stone... now is the time for your comeuppance... Bring it on old man!
Xiang: Dammit! Well, here goes...

==FFSupreme Boss Music~~
Boss: Xiang (None)
Party: Cara (F)
*Cara wins and stands over Xiang*

Cara: *seething* I should kill you old man, but that would make me no better than what I was before... and I'm not that person anymore*

*an aura surrounds Cara, filling her with light; gains Aikido Mord Sith and takes her ultimate form (sounds like something out of Pokemon! Eeugh!)*
Cara: I... I feel cleansed!
*there's a lengthy pause*
Cara: However, there is someone here who might just want a quiet word with you...

*drags Xiang along behind her to where the party is*

Cara: Dax, I brought you a present!
Dax: Hmm... if he hurt you so much, why didn't YOU kill him?
Cara: That would be murder, and I don't do that anymore...
Dax: And you think I do?
Cara: No, it's not that... you were so upset when you found out I killed Crisiana, In thought you may want some private time with the man who hired me...
Dax: I suppose so...

01-07-2002, 12:57 PM
Dax: haha

Dax looks at Xiang very naughty...

Dax: I think I need something to be settled with Xiang... Hey Cara wanna come?

Cara: Nevermind... That look in your eyes remind me of planning something... something bad.

Dax: Hey shh... don't speak like that, remember we have a honorable guess *looks at Xiang*

Xiang: huh? *I have a bad feeling about this... and I don't like how that man looked at me*

Dax huhuhahahuhuhaha

Cara: Are you going insane!

Dax No! hmm Xiang, Xiang, Xiang...

Dax held up his hand to cast a fireball

Dax: Have this!

Xiang: agh...

Dax: So that was fun! haha

Cara: Dax... *looks like bring Xiang here was a bad idea... I think Dax is getting crazy*

Dax: Can I have a moment with our visitor... IN PRIVATE!

Cara: But Dax...

Dax looked at Cara, with his eyes insecurely.

Cara: ok ok fine, I've got it...

Dax: Good...

Dax tuned back with Xiang...

Cara: Dax, wait...

Dax looked back.

Cara: By the way, can you do me a favor and don't look at me like that again!

01-07-2002, 01:11 PM
The Master (Xiang):So, my dear boy. What do you intend to do now?
Dax:Heh heh, I'm gonna make you suffer! You're going to feel pain you've never felt before!! Then you'll feel pain greater than that!!
The Master:Quite right. I've been quite bad. It is most deserving.
Dax:Heh heh, you may act cool now, but soon you'll scream!! HAhaAhHaHA!!
The Master:Yes, I'm sure I will.
Dax:Quiet fool!!
The Master:How much does hurting me mean to you?
Dax:Oh, it means the world!! You're gonna feel pain! painpainpainpainpainpainpainpainpain!!!!!!PAIN!
The Master:You seem very sure of yourself on that note.
Dax:Ain't you scared?! I bet you are! Soon it will show!
The Master simply turns his head and stares at Dax.
The Master:My dear boy, untie me please.
The Master:Cut me loose.
Dax pulls out his sword and cuts the rope.
The Master stands up and brushed himself off
The Master:Thank you my boy. Now I think I'll be leaving. So many things to prepare. Good day!
The Master strolls down the corridor, humming in his gruff voice.
A couple of minutes later, the gang come around the corner. Dax is motionless...
Erin:Dax?! Where is he?! What happened?!
Dax:I....let him lose...
Erin:Dax?! I'm scared! What's going on?
Dax:I....the Master wished it.
Kathy:Oh no, it seems this was all part of the Master's plan!
Trey:Damn that fuck ass!
Erin:Dax, please!! Snap out of it!
Kathy:Everyone, stand back!
Everyone does so.
Kathy steps up to Dax and turns his head to the side. She puts her lips to his and they kiss. A bright white light appears around them, and it appears Dax is healed. His arms and legs begin to show signs of life. But they still kiss, and they get deaper and deaper. Erin mearly stands, god smacked.
Dax puts his hands around Kathy's face, and they get closer.
Barry sniggers in the background, but Cara kicks him in the shin.
Finally, Erin finds words...
Erin:What the fuck?!
Dax forced himself to stop. He never heard sweet Erin swear before.
Erin:Get off of him you bitch, what have you done to him?!
Kathy:It was the only way. I had to use a love spell. It is the only thing that supresses...
Erin:My arse it is!! You god damn bitch, I'll kill you!!
And in true Jerry Springer fashion, both girls grab ahold of each other's hair.
Again, Barry sniggers, but Cara is too busy trying to prise the two women from each other!

Wraith:What is your bidding master?
The Master:Just kill them all. I have to further purpose for them
Wraith:It shall be done sire!
The Wraith grabs his scythe and enters the monestary. Walking down the plains are the monks, and the Master in a Chocobo pulled cart. On the back of the cart is the Jar with the eye in the center. The Jar that sealed Apocalypse for all these years.

As the girls continue to fight, the Wraith draws nearer, ready to murder each and every one of them...

01-07-2002, 04:11 PM
(OK, now I'm REALLY confused... at first Xiang Lei and the Master were the same people, then they weren't, and now they are again... WTF?!)


Cara: I give up... let those two beat the crap out of each other!
*Cara hears a sniggering and kicks Barry in the shins again*
Barry: Ow! That wasn't me!
Cara: Hunh?! Who the hell was it then?
*Cara and Barry turn around, and come face-to-face with Wraith's scythe... they simultaneously duck*
*Everyone whirls around and stare at Wraith except for Erin and Kathy who are still fighting, Mog who is watching them whilst eating some popcorn and Dax who is still under the love spell and is trying to help Kathy*

~~FF Supreme Boss Music (Far too many bosses recently...)~~
Boss: Wraith (Pure)
Party: Cara (F), Barry (B), Trey(F), Cid (B),
*Party wins*

Trey: Damn, we gotta get after ther Master! But we can't leave these 4 like this!
Barry: We can't? *Trey glares at him* OK, I can fix Dax at least... *Barry casts Dispel on Dax, removing the love spell*
*There's a long pause with only the sound of Kathy and Erin still fighting*
Trey: Do ya think we oughta tell them we removed the love spell?
Cid: Naw, let's just wait for them to get tired out... they need to get it out of their system...
Barry: Plus we get to watch 'em duke it out... lots of fun!
*Brittney and Cara glare at Barry*
Barry: Hey, there point were perfectly valid... it's just my reason is a bit more personal... meh!

Giga Guess
01-07-2002, 07:59 PM
~~A little later~~~
*Dax is holding Kathy back, Trey is holding Erin back. Both are struggling to get at each other.*
Trey: Now we're going to sit down....and talk this out ...like civilized human BEINGS!
*Everyone stares at Trey, who has never gotten angry before*
Trey: GOD! I mean, the fate of the world hangs in the friggin' balance here, and the best thing you guys do is start a petty squabble! Now, Erin, Kathy I want you to shake hands and talk this out. CIVILIZED!!!!!
~~~Much later~~~
Dax: now come on! We have work to do.
Barry: Hold on. You have some sort of spell on you. I don't know what. Even I couldn't break it. We need to seek professional help.
Cid: Okay, uhmm...lets see.....Strong Sorcerers....AH! Let's go to Ferris! ANY place with a church that big MUST have an exorcist.
Kathy: Yes, they do! Lets go!

01-07-2002, 09:29 PM
~~Somewhere Unknown to the player~~
An Elite runs down a metal corridor, almost as though his life depended on it....
The Elite burst through two double doors
Tovart:Excellent, we teleport to the moon imediatly!
Biggs comes from around the corner.
Tovart:You are incharge while we prepare....
We zoom into Tovart's eyes
Tovart:....the Hades Death Ray!!!
Biggs:As you wish!
Tovart steps into the other room. We hear a loud sound, a bright light (This is Tov teleporting to the moon)
Biggs:Time to show those fools what I'm really made of!
Biggs grabs a small bag from the table
Biggs:Even if I lose this time, the Grand Undead Dragon will crush those twerps!! Fwah haaa haaa!

(Crap I know, but I was forced to reply!)

Giga Guess
01-08-2002, 06:31 PM
~~Meanwhile, in Ferris~~
Kathy: Come on. We must get to the chrch. I think Dax is slipping back.
Erin: *Slaps him* Knock it off!
Dax: Wha-?
~~Enter the Church~~
Priest: Kathy, it's good to see you again.
Kathy: Yea, but now is not the time for pleasantries. I need you to perform an exorcism on this man *Wedge thrusts Dax forward*
Priest: Hmmmm. Yes, I do sense a dark presence in him. One moment.
*Priest begins chanting. Soon White sparks are entering Dax's body, while black ones are leaving, when suddenly a dark phantom emerges*
Wraith: NO!!! I will not let you have him!

~~Fight Wraith(darkness)~~
Weak vs. Holy, Fire
Absorbs Shadow, Poison
EXTREMELY high evade
Wedge(B), Erin(F), Kathy(B), Barry(B)

*Beat Wraith and Dax slumps over*
Priest: He needs rest. Leave him.

~~Later that evening~~
Erin: *alone* Is Trey right? Have I let Dax become more important than....well everything? No, impossible. But...
Trey: *enters* Couldn't sleep?
Erin: Wha? Oh, no, I couldn't.
Trey: By the way, sorry.
Erin: What?
Trey: I'm sorry for getting mad at you and Kathy like that. It's just.....
Erin: Just what?
Trey: *sighs* I don't like seeing people fight over something as trivial as that. Not that Dax is trivial, but if Dax loves Kathy, then there's nothing you can do...
Erin: *grumbles* Jeez, thanks.
Trey: On the other hand, if he loves you...
Erin: Well, there IS a possibility. Thanks. I needed that.
Trey: *suddenly smiling* No problem.
~~That morning~~
Barry: You okay, Dax?
Dax: Uhhhhh.....feels like a train hit me, but other than that....
Barry: At least that spook left you. Man, that was f---ing creepy.
Dax: Well THAT makes me feel better.
Barry: Hey, no problem!
Dax: So is everyone waiting...?
Barry: Yeah. Erin was really worried. Maybe you should go see her.

01-09-2002, 01:47 PM
~Dax went to find Erin~

Dax: Erin... Where are you...

Dax: Eri---

Dax saw Trey and Erin kissing. Dax never felt like this before. Never... He didn't know what he felt, Is it jealousy...

As they were kissing, Trey caught his eyes on Dax. He saw Dax together withe unexplainable face, even Trey never seen Dax wore this kind of face.

Trey: *what will I do now...*

Trey got up, pushed Erin away from his wet lips... He got up and said.

Trey: It's not what you think...

Dax: ...

Erin is also speechless, his tongue seemed to be cut off. Then she looked also at Dax.

Erin: Dax...

The same time Dax was also speechless a flash back started to be formed in his mind.

~~On a small ridge~~
*Erin is looking at a sunset overlooking the ocean*
Dax: Erin!
Erin: Ohhh...
Dax: Erin, look. I'm sorry...
Erin: Look, you don't have to apologize. I was a fool for thinking you ever had any feelings for me.
Dax: No. The thing is, I don't KNOW how I feel about you. On one hand, I've known you so long, you're like a sister to me. On the other hand....
Erin: What?
Dax: On the other hand, I...think I love you too.
Erin:*tear* That's all I asked. I won't push. you have to make this decision on your own. Just be sure to let me know when you do make up your mind.

end of flashback...

Dax seemed to be in a dream world that time, Never in his life he felt like this... Is this anger... hate... or jealousy!?

*series of words started flashing on the screen*

How will I continue...?

Is this fate...?

So what will I do now...?

What will become of me?

My friend Trey? Fight?

Can I?

Is this love...?

01-09-2002, 02:58 PM
Dax turns around, his back facing the two...
Dax has his weapon in his hand...
Dax clenches it so tightly, the veins in his hand begin to swell...
He turns around.....
He stares at Trey, then at Erin.....
He throws his sword to the ground...
Dax walks away...
Trey:Dax, please I...
Dax:No Trey, don't.
Erin:Dax, I...
Dax leaves the scene....
Trey:What have we done?!
Erin:Trey, we must never do this again....
Trey:I know. I think you're cute an all, but Dax needs you. I'm going to leave.
Trey:There is so many of you now, Dax does not need me being a burden to him. Go, kill Tovart. I do not deserve to help out.
Erin:Trey no, we need everyone we can!!
Trey:No dammit!! I must leave!!
Trey uses his dragoon abilities to jump over the nearby cliff edge...

~~The next morning~~
Dax:Now is the time. Now we go to kill Tovart.
Wedge:Dax, please...
Dax:Quiet Wedge, this is serious.
Barry:Don't take it out on Wedge dude!
Dax:Shut up Barry.
Barry:Screw you dude, I'm outta here!
Barry throws his chair on the floor and leaves
Dax:Anyone else want to quit?!
The group is silent...
Dax:Okay, we invade Tovart's fort again. tonight! We'll visit Cid and see if the Airship is ready.
[choose party]
Dax:We'll go, the rest stay here!

01-10-2002, 08:37 AM
~~@ Tovart's Fortress~~
Sentry 1: *yawns* Man this is boring, I mean why the hell are we here? It's not as if someone's gonna actually attack here!
Sentry 2: Quiet you! If any hears us and reports it, we're screwed man! Tovart'll have us executed!
Sentry 1: Who the hell is gonna hear us? They're all in bed, like we should be, don't ya think? *long silence* Uh, mate? Where are ya? Hello? *Sentry 1 spins around to a noise behind him and sees the blade flash towards him...*

Dax: Nice work Cara...
Cara: Quiet you! We gotta be careful... if anyone hears us, they'll have the entire fortress after us!
Dax: *seething* Don't you dare order me about!
Cara: Just grow up Dax, just grow up...
Dax: ...

~~Inside Tovart's Fortress~~
*The party sneak inside and enter a dimly lit chamber... the lights flare up and Tovart is standing there*
Tovart: Ah, so glad you could finally make it, I've been expecting you! Please, come in, but don't make yourselves too comfortable... I've got a few suprises for you! *Dax throws his sword at Tovart... it passes through where his jugular is and continues through, leaving Tovart unmarked* Hah! You think I'd risk just sitting here on my own against 4 of you whilst unarmed! Hah, you're bigger fools than I thought you were! *disappears*
Dax: Damn that guy's got a nerve! I'm gonna kill him!
Wedge: Well just keep cool until you get to him, we need ya brain on the job of getting to him... I'm guessing it ain't gonna be easy...
Erin: Wedge is r--
Dax: Don't Erin...

~~First Floor~~
*Party enter a maze of mirrors*
Wedge: OK, I already know my way through this, so follow me!
Erin: No Wedge... Tovart knows you joined us... he'll have changed the layout of the maze or added traps to th path you know, we gotta do this from scratch...
Wedge: I s'pose so..
Tovart's Voice: Hesitating already? Doesn't bode well for ya!
Tovart's Voice: ooh, you got me quaking in my boots! Come and get me, boy!
Dax: FUCK YOU! *Dax rushes off into the maze*
Erin: Dax! Wait for us! Shit! We're gonna have to go after him!

~~On A Snowy Mountaintop~~
Trey: At least you understand Farley *The white dragon coo's back at him and nuzzles him* I can't go back, not if it means getting in the way of Dax and Erin... they're so obviously in love with each other... I can't do that for my selfish purposes...
*In a flash of light, the Aikido Angel appears*
AA: Trey, stop this foolishness now! You are one of the prophesised chosen ones!
Trey: Bu.. but I can't stand in the way of their love! It's wrong!
AA: *sighs* I wish I could tell you that you're doing the right thing, I know it would be easir on your consciencs, but you have to let things progress naturally. If Erin and Dax truly love each other, they will be togther, and neither you, me, Incubus or Apocalypse could stand in their way... it's not up for you to decide what to do, you are fated to fight alongside them in the final battle...
Trey: Fate? You think I give a damn about fate? I love Erin! Just being around her drives me crazy... I can't stand this...
AA: Trey, what I'm about to do is against the laws set down by the Council of God's, but I'm willing to take the risk... know that I cannot falsify what is already fated... *Aikido Angel places her fingertips to Trey's temples and closes her eyes. Images flash across Trey's vision, slowly settling down*

Dax: Tovart, it's time for you to die...
Tovart: I think not boy, you can't stand against me alone!
Dax: Fuck you Tovart... it's time to settle this, I shall avenge Yang!
*Dax and Tovart fight and eventually Dax is on the floor with his sword across the room and Tovart is standing above him, sword raised high... the blade swings down*
Erin: *rushes into the room to see Dax die* NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! *Erin starts to shake, her skin slowly turning green as she merges fully with Dryad* It's time...

*Aikido Angel removes her fingers from Trey's forehead*
AA: This is what will happen unless you go back now and help them... Dax will die, and along with him the fate of the planet is doomed, for while Erin does defeat Tovart/Incubus, she falls against Apocalypse and all is lost...
Trey: No... I can't let this happen! Farley! *hops onto the white dragon's back* Where are they?
AA: Tovart's Fortress; hurry now, there is still time!
*Aikido Angel watches Trey fly off*
AA: *whispers* A tragic waste, but that's how it is fated...
*Incubus appears next to AA*
Incubus: Yes, it is a shame... you know, you can stop his death
AA: And why should I trust you, the Chaos God?
Incubus: I already know I have lost... I knew long ago that this would happen. Believe it or not, I love this planet as much as you do... I may want to rule it, but the most important thing, is I want it alive... if Apocalypse wins, we're all doomed, me as well
AA: *incredulously* You knew this would happen? All the thing's you've done, and you knew this would happen?!
CG: Yes, it was the only way to save the world, to save you rather... do they know your true identity yet? No, I didn't think they did... Anyway, all that I have done, all, and I mean ALL that I've done has been to bring forth the prophecy and to cultivate the power within the chosen ones...
AA: And have you told Tovart this? No, I didn't think you did... he wouldn't be so happy to know that all of this has been going on!
CG: Frahma knew... that was why he had turned the way he did. Frahma was a good man, he didn't deserve to die the way he did... and it still puzzles me too
AA: What?! You mean... Tovart wasn't fated to kill Frahma?
CG: Fate?! There's no such thing! It's all a lie... there is no destiny, we all make it up as we go along! Shit happens is the whole universes slogan!
AA: The.. then how is Trey going to die, if not at Tovart's hand?
CG: I didn't say Tovart won't kill him, in fact I'm pretty damn sure he will! But when and where doesn't matter, we all die, even Gods like me and... you as well. But that's besides the point, from here on in we work together. I'm pretty sure neither of us want's to see you die now, do we?
AA: No...

~~Back @ Tovart's Fortress~~
Erin: Dax! Where the hell are you? *She sees Dax sprint past her, but as she turns she realises it's just a reflection from somewhere else* Dax, speak to me! You can't defeat him on your own! You need our help!
TV: Yes, listen to them Dax! You're too puny to beat me on your own! You'll die, begging for your life! I'll kill you, just like I killed that pathetic old man Yang!
Dax: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *there is a sound of smashing glass as Dax just charges through them, tearing his skin*
Wedgge: Goddammit! Dax, I'm coming after ya! *Wedge follows suit, quickly followed by Erin and Cara*

~~2nd Floor~~
*Dax comes face to face with Biggs*
Dax: Get the hell outta my way you little maggot!
Biggs: Hah, you're gonna have to get past the Grand Undead Dragon! Mwa haa haa!

~~FFSupreme Boss Music~~
*Music is cut short as Dax just leaps at the Grand Undead Dragon and chops its head off in one go*
Dax: There, job done, now FUCK OFF!
Biggs: Yo.. you defeated Grand Undead Dragon?! *gulp* I, um... I've got a doctor's appointment to get too! *flees*
Dax: Arsehole...
*Dax dashes up the stairs to the 3rd Floor*

~~1st Floor~~
*WHUMP! Wedge and Biggs run right into each other*
Biggs: Wedge? You're here too? I didn't think you'd dare show ya face around here again after deserting to join with those wussies!
Wedge: Those wussies are each worth at least ten of you *spits at Biggs feet*
Biggs: How da-- *Cara and Erin arrive on the scene* Oh shit! *turns to flee, but Wedge grabs him*
Wedge: Oh no you don't... you two, get after Dax, you gotta help him! I'll deal with Biggs here.
Biggs: So it's finally come down to this... I've waited for this a long time... I was always better than you, and now I'm gonna prove it!
Wedge: You were never my better, you were my equal back then, but you can't match me now!

~~FFSupreme Boss Music~~
Boss: Biggs (None)
Party: Wedge (F)
*Wedge wins, unarming Biggs and laying the tip of his sword to Biggs' throat*

Wedge: Do you give up?
Biggs: Yes! yes, I give up!
Wege: Good, I really didn't want to kill you... *sheathes his sword, steps over Biggs and starts up the stairs*
Biggs: Mwa haa haa, you fool! You believed me! *aims a handgun at the back of Wedge's head*
Wede: Trust... you? Hah! *spins round, drawing his own gun, firing it just as Biggs shoots*
Biggs: Hee hee hee, I got you in the arm! And now to finish you off! *Biggs sees a puddle of blood spreading at his feet and looks down at the gaping hole in his chest* Wha.. what? How the hell did that get there? *Biggs looks up suprised and meets Wedge's eyes before slumping forwards*
Wedge: Dammit Biggs, you never could shoot for shit... *an aura surrounds Wedge, filling him with light; gains Aikido Crusader and takes ultimate form; continues up the stairs again, his arm healed by the transformation*

~~3rd Floor~~
*Dax runs into a room full of pits and razor-sharp pendulums but continues running, leaping over the pits and dodging the pendulums without slowing down and charges up to the top of the tower*

~~2nd Floor~~
Cara: Holy shit! That thing is massive!
Erin: And he defeated it on his own?!
*both spin around to the sound of footsteps on the stairs and see it's Wedge*
Wedge: Come on, we can't stay here gawping at the dead beast, let's just get after Dax!
*the trio charge up the stairs*
Wedge: fuck me! These traps are just evil, we're gonna have to be real cautious doing this!

~~Top Floor~~
*Dax emerges into a richly decorated chamber*
Dax: Tovart, it's time for you to die...
Tovart: I think not boy, you can't stand against me alone!
Dax: Fuck you Tovart... it's time to settle this, I shall avenge Yang!

~~FFSupreme Boss Music~~
Boss: Tovart (None)
Party: Dax (F)
*Dax and Tovart fight and eventually Dax is on the floor with his sword across the room and Tovart is standing above him, sword raised high... the blade swings down... all of a sudden, the ceiling is torn off and Trey jumps in, knocking Tovart off-balance*
Tovart: For that, you will die! *summons Dark Lich, which mortally wounds Trey*
Dax: Trey.. why? You didn't have to do that!
Trey: *coughs up blood* Y.. yes I did... you can't die now, you must live on to defeat Apocalypse! *dies*
Dax: Dammit, now you really are going to--
*Dax hears a voice in his head... it's Yang!*
Yang: [i]Surrender yourself to me... on your own you cannot defeat Tovart, but in your body, I can.. I must![/i}
Dax: Ma... Master Yang? I will obey you! *is possessed by Yang*
Dax/Yang: Ahh, it is so good to breathe again! *flexes his muscles* The strength... *looks up and meets Tovart's eyes* It's time for you to pay for killing me and taking my daughter away from me...

~~FFSupreme Boss Music~~
Boss: Tovart (None)
Party: Dax/Yang (F)
*Dax/Yang wins*

D/Y: NOOOOOOO!!!!! Where is she you bastard!
*Dax/Yang lifts off of the ground, an aura surrounds him, filling him with light; gains Aikido Yang, takes ultimate form; slowly floats to the floor*
Dax: Yang... wel WILL find her... Trey! *Dax dives to the floor where the white dragon is nidging him, wondering why his master isn't moving... the rest of the party emerge into the chamber*

Erin: Trey! Wh.. what have you done to him Dax!
Dax: What?! I didn't do anything, he died saving me from Tovart!
Erin: He's dead because of you! You because you just couldn't control yourself! You think the rest of us aren't suffering? You think we haven't got enough shit of our own to put up with? But no, Dax the mighty has to go off and be a dickhead and now look what happened! He's dead because of you, no-one else but you! You fucking bastard!

*Erin heaves Trey over her shoulder and leaps onto the White Dragon*

Erin: (To the dragon) Back to Ferris quickly! Kathy might be able to help him!

*as the dragon takes off, Dax leaps up, clutching onto one of it's legs*

01-10-2002, 12:12 PM
Dax: I'm sorry Erin...

He didn't hold on to the legs for long, then he came falling to the ground.

After a loud thug he got up...
Tears fell from Dax eyes one by one.

Dax: Am I crying? For what?

He tried to wept his tears but he can't stop it from falling as if it was meant to be that way.

scenes began flashing into his mind again... Started with the Trey and Erin's forbidden love affair upto the death of Trey.

Now with no one to rely on will he continue the fight...

Dax: I've made up my mind... I'm gonna work alone...

01-10-2002, 01:16 PM
Okay, not an addition to the story, I just want to say congratulations to Spatvark for making what I consider the greatest reply we've had yet.

01-10-2002, 01:26 PM
Originally posted by Cloud of midgar
Okay, not an addition to the story, I just want to say congratulations to Spatvark for making what I consider the greatest reply we've had yet.

Aww, thanks Cloud! I was up until about 1:30am writing that, when I really shoulda been revising or sleeping, but I just couldn't stop!

01-10-2002, 04:10 PM
Dax stands up and finds himself in a wood
Dax:Strange....this place looks familiar...
Dax pushes the branches aside, when he hears shouting of some sort....

~~In the Wood~~

Mog:Please Kupos, untie me!
Cheif Moogle:You have shamed us all Kupo! You will die for leaving the forest Kupo!
Mog:Please, no!!
Moogles with flaming torches set the wood around Mog
Dax draws his sword and runs up to poor Mog
Dax:Leave him alone!!!
All the moogles run and hide at the sight of a human!
Mog:Kupo! You saved me Kupo!
Dax:What are you doing here?!
Mog:I flew down to rescue you, but I got caught by the moogles...
Mog:Well, won't be long before the others find us!
Dax:I'm not going back.
Mog:What Kupo?
Dax:I'm leaving! I'm going to fulfill my destiny myself!
Mog:No Kupo, that won't work!
Dax:Sorry Mog, it's decided.
Mog contemplates this.
Mog:At least let me come with you! I can't stay here by myself! I'll carry all you things Kupo!
Dax:Fine, but only until we find somewhere to leave you.
Mog:Yay! Thanks Kupo!

~~World Map~~

Dax and Mog head to Norse castle to speak with the King...
Dax:Maybe the King will give us an airship!
Mog:Yeah Kupo! Good idea Kupo!
Dax enter the throne room, and see King Norse talking to Cid
Cid:God damn %&*$£% Slow ass workers took forever fixing that god damn ship!!!
King Norse:Glad to see your spirits are up!
Cid:Yeah, but now I gotta find Dax and those other mother £$#@&* so we can continue!
Cid:Well, if it isn't the $%£*&% hero of the day!
Dax:Did you say you needed us Cid?
Cid:Yeah, not that you was any %$#@*& help at all!!
Dax:Can we fly away?
Cid:Sure! But where are the others?
Dax:Me and Mog have left them. They've gone to try and resurect Trey, but we have our own destiny.
Cid:Okay, we don't need them! All we need is you me and Mog!
King Norse:Well, we have already made peace with Hades. It turns out they were only obeying Tovart. Now that he's disappeared, Hades are now a peaceful nation again!
Dax:Quiet Mog! The King is trying to speak!

~~Party:Dax Mog and Cid~~

King Norse:So, you three must defend the planet! Go now, and make the world a better place!
Dax:Yes Sire!

Just as Dax said that...
Flagg is thrown accross the room, a large dark blue beam firing at his chest!
King Norse:What is going on?!
Flagg:Run....your majesty.....RUN!!!
King Norse:I will not leave my kingdom!
Flagg:This man.....has....powers that....surpass my own!! GO!!!
Flagg fires a green beam and the two beams are pushed against one another....
The man contoling the blue beam enters. It is Xiang.

The Master:Fuh huh huh! Your powers are just as weak as ever Flagg!
Flagg:Quiet you.....devil..!!
The Master:I tire of this, either get out my way or die.
Flagg:You...will never....kill me!!!
The Master:Do you truly belive that?
The Master whips out a large sword and flicks it into the air. It hits the ceiling and comes down with such force.
Flagg:What.....is that....Ragnarok?!!
The Master:Indeed.
The sword splits the ground in two, and Flagg is forced to remove his ray.
The spell is cast, and Flagg is safe.
The Master:I think not, that hole leads straight to the underworld.
A large tentacle comes from the crack, and grabs Flagg by the leg.
Flagg is dragged into the underworld!
The ground shuts itself together.
The Master waves his hand and the Ragnarok returns to him.
The Master:Now, where was we?
Dax:What is going on now?!
The Master waves his hand. An army of Satanic Knights enter, toomany to fend off.
The Master:Please, follow me.
Dax:Why do you think I...
Dax becomes solid and stiff again...
Dax:I will follow you, Master
Cid:Dax?! WTF?!
Mog:No Kupo! Stop!
The Master:I have no need for you two, you may stay.
Cid would ague, but after seeing the Master's power...
Mog:No!! Leave him alone!
The Master:If you wish to follow, meet me at The Ancient's Graveyard.
Cid:We'll be there alright dammit!
Mog:You wont get away with this!
The Master leaves. Cid Mog and King Norse are completly baffeled!!

Linus J
01-10-2002, 05:17 PM
Cid: well, we gotta get Dax back, but that wouldn't be possible considering how powerful the master is.
King Norse: My lands are often filled with thiefs and kidnappers, where are they when you need them?
Cid: What do you mean with that?
King Norse: Since we can't beat him in any way we need someone to move in the shadows.

Suddenly they hear a voice.
Voice: Sounds like I'm your man.
Cid: Who the %"&#" said that?
Voice: Catch me and I'll help you.

~Dax and The Master~
Dax wakes up when the Master snaps his fingers.
Master: So you're awake again.
Dax: Let me out of this chair now.
Master: you're in no position to make demands, you may be strong but those chains are stronger.
Dax: Let me out fast and I will cut your head of fast.
Quicker than Dax can blink Master pulls out a dagger and puts it to Dax throat.
Master: That fast? Anyway, I wont tolerate more interupptions, but I can't kill you.
Dax: Why?
Master: well, not yet, got to sacrifice you later.
Dax: Aw here it goes...

Giga Guess
01-10-2002, 08:39 PM
~~~Fight the Master's underlings~~~
-Doesn't matter. Dax is badly wounded.

Dax: Ugh....
Barry: WAIT! Bring it on you little fuckers!
Cara: We're here!
Brittney: thought you'd need backup.
~~~Beat the underlings~~~
Dax: GO AWAY! I don't want you to get hurt!

A few steps forward...
~~~Fight Balrog~~~
Dax: A big 'un, huh?

A little later...
Kathy: NO! I'm...a little late, but you're in one piece so...
Wedge: Behind ya' all the way man. Let's do this.
Mog: kupoppo! Gonna kick some ass man!
Dax: GO AWAY! All of you! I don't deserve you. *sprints away*

~~~Fight Drider~~~
Jez: Come on man. We're a team.
Erin: I...I love you.
....and a short while later....
Trey: Did I miss much?
Erin: Trey?!
Trey: Did you think one blessed by the great Phoenix was gonna stay dead? I mean really...
Drider: *ROARS*
Trey: Stow the tearful farewells. We gotta prioritize here.
~~Beat Drider~~
Dax: You're alive?! B-but how? I mean, I saw....
Trey: Like I said. I am one of the most devout followers of the great Phoenix. He wouldn't let me die in the hour of my need.
Erin: now come on! We have one more enemy ahead of us. Now let's do this.
Cara: Together.
Cid: HEY! Wait for me!
*Choose party, and head for the Master*

01-10-2002, 08:54 PM
~~Center of Apocalypse Sanctuary~~
Xiang stands in front of the giant jar that contains Apocalypse's entity.
The Master:Fuh huh huh, they're coming! At last, you shall be freed!
The Master:Yes, I can hear you! It's faint, but there! Fuh huh huh, fwah haa haa!!!
The Master:Soon, I promise you!

~~Back with Dax~~

Dax:How are we going to get through all this?
Cara:He says he needs you alive right?
Dax:Yeah, he wont do anything hazedous!

The Master waves his hand. Four more Wraiths appear.
The Master:Kill the others.


After a series of puzzles, they finally make it
Mosty stairs and jumping puzzles
large room with a boss
Manticore:I sense that you killed the Chimera. I am his superior twin, Manticore.
~~FFSupreme Boss theme~~
~~Manticore escapes, 0 EXP,AP~~

some beds (HP/MP restore etc)
Manticore:You...shall not pass!
~~Boss theme~~
Manticore-weak against all elements

Top Floor

Dax steps through, and confronts the Master....

Linus J
01-10-2002, 10:04 PM
~Back With Cid and stuff~

They find the thief after a long time of seeking.
Thief: You passed my test.
Cid: %"¤% TEST?!
Thief: Everybody that I join in adventures have to find me, you passed, thanks to your little one.
Mog: Kupo
Thief: my name is *name character* Josef Nightdagger...

gotta stop typing now, but what about the thief doesn't have a gem but has to steal it from someone powerful, like Xiang?

01-11-2002, 08:00 AM
with Dax

Dax: You damm mother(*&^(&!! You are going to die for what you did!
Master: Hahahahahaaaaaa!!!!
Dax: You won't be laughing when i and my friends are done with you......
Master: Do you really think that? I got some things for your friends...

With Jez.

Cid: Finally at the sactuary.
Voice: You will not pass this point!
Mog:Kupo! who are you?
Voice: I am The spirit of undead Dragon!!
**Spirit dragon smashes everybody except Jez*
Jez: You...... stay of my friends!!
*Jez suddenly stands in a beam of gold light*
Jez: My gem....it is shining..

Jez Can now cast flare, the ultimate blackmagic.
Spirit: NOOO! I must destroy you!

~FFsupreme Bossmusic~
Spirit dragon. Weak against holy, and fire.


Linus J
01-11-2002, 01:54 PM
Jez was never with Cid and Mog, right? Well:

Cid, Mog and Josef walks on.

Cid: Gotta make up a plan on how to find Dax and release him.
Mog: I'll sneak in through here and check for myself.
Mog sneaks in but quickly rushes back
Mog: Kupo, Dax is loose and the rest of the party is too.
Josef: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go in there and steal some treasures while they're fighting.
Cid: Hell yeah!
Cid and Josef sneaks into the castle.
Mog: But you guys, we gotta help... screw you too!

01-11-2002, 04:29 PM
where was he then??? Please tell me cus' i can change that last part of mine!

Linus J
01-11-2002, 05:23 PM
Well, he was with Erin and all those and you made it seem as if he was with Cid, or maybe it's just me that's confuzed...

Giga Guess
01-11-2002, 08:30 PM
Linus> So he does have a gem anyways. He just doesn't gain it by conventional means.

I'll try my hand @ him

Josef Nightdagger
Age: 35
"Job": Thief
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Gem: Opal
Bio: A thief always hungry for adventure, and always up to a good fight (Add on, or change as you will)


Jez, Cid, EVERYONE was with Dax, but he chose his party, and adventured on into the inner sanctum of the master.

Master: So....you're back.
Dax: You weren't expecting me?
Master: I thought one man could never take on my underlings.
Party Member #1: But he wasn't alone.
Party Member #2: We were behind him all the way.
Party Member #3: He just thought himself unworthy of us. We were there for him. Just as he was there for us.
Master: Enough. This is pathetic. You will all die.

~~~FF Supreme Battle Music~~~
Weak vs. Holy
Strong vs. Shadow
Absorbs Fire

*When he gets low on health, he runs*
Master: You fools think you have won, but this isn't over! I will return!

01-11-2002, 08:40 PM
maybe we should do it that the ones that were not with Dax, including Jez, were waiting outside...

Giga Guess
01-11-2002, 08:44 PM
Huh? Why?

01-11-2002, 08:47 PM
cus, Jez was outside.

and if he was with Dax, sort of the same happend, but than with Xiang.

01-14-2002, 01:10 PM
OK, here's the updated character list:

Playable Characters
Dax Yauntz (Ultimate)
Weapon of Choice: Swords/Katanas
Job: Knight
Gem: Moonstone (Power)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Age: 21
Sort of quiet, but not afraid to show what he really feels.
Erin Hart
Weapon of Choice: Bows/Crossbows
"Job": Hunter
Gem: Emerald (Nature)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Age: 19
Very fiery, and never afraid to get into a fight. She NEVER backs down from what she believes.
Yang Lee (Dead)
Weapon of Choice: Bare fists
Job: Monk
Gem: N/A
Hair:Brown, but mostly bald
Eyes: Brown
At a young age Yang wanted to teach his martial arts. His father had done the same. But as his wife died before he could have children he instead taught the children of his village. He started teaching Dax as he was born, talking to him as a baby. At a later age Erin, Dax's friend, was convinced to also train with Yang. Unfortunatly, Yang has now passed away...
Barry Heim (Ultimate)
Weapon of Choice: Rods/Staves
Job: Black mage/Summoner
Gem: Onyx (Shadow)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black w/ Red irises
Age: 35
The last of the true summoners. While he comes off as a foul mouthed(Believe me, I WILL fit this in.), cold, and distant, he is just a big ol' softie underneath. Kinda like Cid Highwind, unsympathetic, but not uncaring
Trey McGuinness (Ultimate)
Weapon of Choice: Spears/Lances
Job: Dragoon/Blue Wizard but can also summon dragons!
Gem: Aquamarine (Dragon)
Hair Color: Black w/ blond tips
Eye Color: Green
Age: 18
While not a true summoner, he is still capable of summoning dragons which he defeats. He is shy, and deep, but can be a bit hotheaded. However, he is willing to put everything on the line to protect others.
Kathy Menard
Weapon of Choice: Flails
Job: White Mage/ Summoner (But VERY limited summoning skills. Maybe only to develop later.)
Gem: Crystal (Purity)
Hair Color: VERY deep red.
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 23
Very mysterious, this cleric from Ferris abhors violence.
Brittney Cher (Ultimate)
Weapon of Choice: Dancer items (Ribbons, Fans, etc.)
Job: Singer/Dancer
Gem: Ruby (Warrior)
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Blond
Age: 21
A vibrant upbeat young woman, Brittney has the potential to be an excellent warrior, but prefers to sing and dance. As for her overall personality, think Selphie Lite (Like Selphie, but not NEARLY as annoying)
Jez Cher (Ultimate???)
Same, except (Same as who?)
Weapon of Choice: Clubs/Scepters.
Job: Time mage/White mage
Gem: Cat's Eye
(I got kinda confused over Jez due to both FF and GG giving him stats... make up your minds please... I mean, same as who? Brittney or Kathy?)
Cid Smith
Weapon of choice: Tools
Job: Engineer
Gem: Reorx's Tear (Increases Hit Rate of Tools)
Hair Colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
Age: 45
A bit greedy, but always lusting for more adventures.
Cara Brigstowe (Ultimate)
Weapon of Choice: Knives
Job: Assassin
Gem: Nightstone (Instant Kill)
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Age: 31
Is burdened by the years of slaughter behind her, and wants to redeem herself
Weapon of choice: Spear
Job: Moogle
Gem: Mooglerush (Summons Moogle hoard to attack random enemy)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Age: ???
Kupoppo! Need I say more?
Wedge (Ultimate)
Weapon of choice: Hand gun
Job: Soldier
Gem: Amethyst
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Age: 29
Ex-Hades Colonel. Was a high ranker amongst Elite, Hades' most powerful troops. Despite this Wedge is a wuss and hates hurting people. Biggs, and old college, used to be his equal, but not his rival. But as soon as Biggs began to toy with Necromancer abilities he forgot Wedge and instead used his own selfish ways to become under Tovart.
Josef Nightdagger
Weapon of Choice: Knives
Job: Thief
Gem: Opal
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Grey
Age: 35
A thief always hungry for adventure, and always up to a good fight (Add on, or change as you will)

Tovart Palazzio
Weapons of Choice: The Katana of Yggdrasil
Dark, cold, typical bad guy. Tovart's plans are unknown. He was the General of the Hades empire, but after killing his emperor, he usrped him and seized control. Very powerful in both magical and physical strength.
Emperor Frahma (Dead)
The Emperor is the old and original ruler of the Hades empire. At first his intentions were good and liberal, but of the more recent years he has become the hostile ruler. Any who oppose him die. However he was then betrayed by Tovart, whom killed him, usurping the empire. Unbeknownst to the party or Tovart, Frahma was working alongside Incubus in an effort to save the world.
Biggs (Dead)
Biggs is what I call "The Gilgamesh of FF Supreme". He's the guy who you fight time and time again, never a tough battle, but always manages to escape. Biggs is a Necromancer, dressed in purple and can control the undead. Not a particular threat. Killed by his ex-companion Wedge in Tovart's Fortress.
Aikido Angel (Gabrielle)
The Queen of Aikido's, helping the Chosen Ones to save the world from Incubus and Apocalypse. However, since finding out that Incubus is actually on their side, and that there is no fate, Gabrielle's universe has been turned upside down, and she is now unsure of the future of her planet.
Cristiana (Dead)
Yang's wife, found dead one day in his monastery with a shuriken in the back of her head, but now the mystery surrounding her death has been uncovered. She became an Aikido to stay with Yang after temporarily returning to the mortal plain.
Flagg (Dead)
King Norse's magician, loyal subject who put up with a lot of grief. Died fighting the Master.
King Norse
Was in a treaty with the Hades Empire, but that's been absolved due to Tovart's attack on Tranquille. King Norse is eternally greatful to the Chosen Ones for rescuing his daughter, Phoebe, and is now willing to help in anyway he can, including giving the party an airship.
Incubus/Chaos God
Tovart is trying to bring about his ascension to ruler of the world, unaware Incubus is actually trying to save the world from Apocalypse
The Master is trying to free him from the Jar that has been his prison for millennia after the original Chosen Ones overcame him. If freed, he plans to bring upon the Apocalypse and wipe all life from the planet.
The Master/Xiang Lei???
Age: 2000
Appearance:Grey hair, bald on top, green eyes.
Clothes:A grey robe
This man may be old looking but he is the strongest magic user in the world. Very evil and considers death to be a joyus event! Has never felt remorse. Very very dangerous
Count Dracula
A very old vampire, accursed by God for forsaking him after his betrotheds suicide, has scoured the land for centuries, searching for her... trapped in a deep psychotic state, he feeds off of the blood of others to quench his thirst and is driven onwards by the hope of rediscovering his betrothed, he seeks to k=join the Chosen Ones...
Final Freak
A young lad who took it upon himself to destroy the masterpiece that is Final Fantasy Supreme (Even better than pr0n!). He has since been subjected to various tortures by the other writers, including being hunted by Gilgamesh and Odin, who both think he is the other one, being chased by Giant Space Hoppers, being sung "The Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles, being sent to the ceespits of Moria and being imprisoned in a sheet of glass floating around space by 4 giant heads... what more can befall this luckless fellow?

Linus J
01-14-2002, 02:54 PM
You haven't forgot Final Freak right?

Gilgamesh: There you are Odin!
Final Freak in a jar: Oh no not that guy again.
Odin: There you are Gilgamesh!
Final Freak in a jar: What the?!
Gilgamesh: Hey you with the swords, wanna help me defeat Odin?
Odin: Yeah sure, it's that guy in the glas jar right? Could you help me defeat Gilgamesh? He's in that glas jar too.
Final Freak: You gotta be kidding...

~To be continued~

Giga Guess
01-14-2002, 08:06 PM
~~~~LIMIT BREAKS (Like FF8: Lower HP=Greater Chances~~~~
Dax: Vengeance: Like Renzokuken
Erin: Forest Spirits: Summons a random forest creature.
(Post Dryad) Nature's Lore: Heals up party, but lowers Erin's Max HP for the battle.
Yang: War Cry: Raises everyone's attack for a brief time.
Barry: Switcheroo: Switches off with a summon.
Kathy: Angel Wing: Casts random white spells.
Brittney: 1.) Break it Down: Everyone does a personal dance (ie//Trey=Rain Dance). Bonus for correct combos of Party Members
2.) Quartet: Everyone pulls out an instrument (ie//Erin=Reed Flute) and plays.
Jez: Entropy: More time playing the game = more damage. (Thanx Cloud!)
Cid: Combine: Like !Mix from FF5
Cara: Assassin: Instant Kill vs. enemy, Severe Damage vs. Enemy, Severe Damage vs. Party Member, Instant Kill vs. party member, Of lots of stats on all enemies.
Mog: Mooglerush: Level * # of moogles met (Open to debate....)
Wedge: Shot: Like Irvine. Find ammo and use it.
Josef: Expert Thief: Better Chance of getting the good stuff. Also, it deals severe damage.

01-14-2002, 08:27 PM
Barry: OK, what the hell do we do now?
Dax: Well... um... we should... um... dammit! I'vew got absolutely no inspiration... these writers must be really, really uninspired to not be able to think anything else up yet... it's been several days since this particular writer posted and he's done sod all so far... he even claims he's making a game of this, but I don't see any work being done, do you?
Trey: Yeah, he's a bone-idle sod is Spatvark, he never bothers to do anything! He even pays women to put his socks on for him!
Mog: Kupo... that sounds like a good idea actually, but I don't wear socks...
Barry: Not to worry, at least you got to saw Brittney and Cara together... I'd pay to see that!
Mog: If only the video camera had been created by now...
Trey: The what?
Mog: Oh nothing, it doesn't matter...
Dax: You know, I think this has to be the most feeble attempt at writing a comedic section for FFS... Oi, Spatvark, you SUCK! You're bloody terrible!
*Spatvark threatens to write really crappy plotlines for Dax if he doesn't shut up*
Dax: You wouldn't dare!
*Spatvark fiddles with the plotlines*
...Dax: Well come on then, I'm wai--
*a grand piano falls on Dax, killing him instantly*
Trey: Wow, that was unexpected...
Barry: Yeah, I never saw that coming either!
*Spatvark laughs evilly, but is taken aside by Cloud of Midgar*
...*Dax is resurrected by Spatvark, who goes off to sulk in a corner*
Dax: Hah, that's what you get when you mess with the main character!
Trey: Hunh? You're the main character? I thought I was! I've had all the really good plot twists... most of yours have been pretty crappy actually!
Barry: Shut it you two, neither of you are the hero... infact, the real hero is... drumroll please?
*drumroll begins*
FINAL FREAK! Yes its true, it's all true!

Giga Guess
01-14-2002, 08:39 PM
****Ok, Ok....****
Dax: *Reaches down and picks up a sword* Hmmm.....
*Recieve the Ragnarok*
Barry: Hmmm...it seems to have spent all it's powers. Ah well. Might as well take it along.
Trey: *shivers* I got a bad feeling about this...
Dax: *Walks for a while and stops dead in his tracks* .................................
Erin: What...what's wrong?
Kathy: Dax, this isn't funny.....
Wedge: Uhhh....you aren't going back down there are you?
Dax:....*walks back in*
Wedge: Great, just great. It's gonna be weeks getting the stench of brimstone out of my clothes.
~~~In a secret room in Apocalypse Sanctuary~~~
Erin: NO! *Wraps a vine around Dax's feet, and he crashes to the ground.*
Dax:*Drops the Sword* Wha...?
Kathy: Hmmm....maybe we should bring this to Angel.
Xiang: Curses! They didn't fall for it!
Incubus: Patience. In time, all will fall into place...

Linus J
01-15-2002, 02:57 PM
Dax: So, lets get this thing rolling. We split the parties and do different things.
Josef: What I want to know is why everybody got a gem and I don't? Don't hold back on any treasures now.
Dax explains the gem thing to Josef
Josef: So where do I get one?
Dax: Either with that aura man or maybe talk to the aikido angel.
Trey: So one party goes with Josef to the aura/gem guy, and the other party goes with Dax to talk to the aikido angel and go somewhere from there.
Cid: Might I ask to follow Josef?
Erin: And I with Dax!

make up 2 parties of four, and any other members goes somewhere else (something plotwise maybe)

and dont let that aura guy (where ever he lived) make a gem to Josef. Do something with that he has no aura and rest is up to destiny or something, leading to stealing it out of greed.

*~You know where~*
Final Freak: Thank god I convinced those idiots that the jellyfish was the one they were after, but what the **** is that?!
Final Freak hides in the shadows
Gimli: where is that frigging mount doom?!
Frodo: Dont ask me, I told you we should've made a right turn.
Sam: Into that place with lots of orchs and fire?
Frodo: Yeah there. Hey look there in the shadows, it's Saruman, run!
Final Freak: Huh?! Where?...

*to be continued*

01-15-2002, 04:46 PM
In lord of the rings:

saruman: You there in the shadows!! Come here!
FF: Shut up! who do you think you are you %^&*(^*( and ^*(^(*&.
Saruman: You dare defy me?
FF: Well nobody is perfect................
I AM NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boss Fight

FF wins kils Saruman with just looking at him.
FF: He frodo come over here and give me that ring!
Frodo: Alright man.
Hands over ring.
FF: AHAHAHAHAA!! I now have more power than every one of you!!

Now could we be serius? What are we going to do about that Jez Part?

Linus J
01-15-2002, 05:18 PM
I think someone cleared that up. If not: Who cares? We have gathered everyone together now. Or maybe I am talking about something else than you? *goes more crazy than the adventures of Final Freak*

01-15-2002, 05:28 PM
Meanwhile on the moon

Tovart: Fu**ing cr@p! Those guys won't give up! How must i destroy them...

Giga Guess
01-15-2002, 08:30 PM
~~~At Chyaz's place~~~
Chyaz: Who's this? My my my....more business over the past few days.... so, sit down, sit down....
Josef: *sits down*
Chyaz: Hmmm......Huh.
Josef: What?
Chyaz: I'm getting nothing. there must be some supernatural interference.
Dax: Apocalypse...?
Chyaz: Wait...*A small imp apopears, and whispers in his ear* It appears Xiang drew your gem before i could. You are going to have to find him to get your gem.
Dax: Well, thanks anyways...
Josef: DAMMIT! So where is he?! I want my gem.

01-15-2002, 11:06 PM
Xiang on the edge of a cliff.
The Master:Are you sure about this?
Incubus:Yes. He will arrive soon.
The Master:Fuh huh huh, then it will be time!

~~Not too far away~~
Dax:Where the hell is that Angel?!
Voice:dax.....dax, go to the cliff. There is your destiny...
Dax:Angel, is that you?!
Angel:Yes, the cliff edge is where Xiang is.

~~Cliff edge~~
The Master:Excellent. The pawns have arrived.
Barry:Wait, who's that?
The Master:Meet my accomplice, Chaos God
Barry:That's him?!?
Incubus:Ah, I see.
Incubus grabs ahold of The Master's head, and a black fog spews from Xiang's mouth
Incubus:Now you are powerless. Good day.
Incubus de-materialises
The Master:What?! My power.....nooo!!!
Dax:What the hell just happened?
The Master:What....he betrayed me....Apocalypse, what did he....
Dax:I think we should kill him. Now!

~~Mock Battle~~
The Master:Even without my power....I'll finish you vermin off....
Dax draws the Ragnarok....
The sword flys from Dax's hand and plumets into The Master's chest...
The Master:Death...excellent....wait....this isn't death....what is this?!
~~End Battle~~

The Master:Fuh huh huh, now it is all so clear.....all so right...........this is only the death of my vessel, this body. Incubus wanted me to die, for the REVIVAL of APOCALYPSE!!!
Dax:What's going on?!
The Master waves his hand. This is his final attack.
A giant eye ball comes from the ground
The Master:Orb, take care of these vermin. I have found a better sacrifice, myself! See you in the new world mortals! Fuh huh huh!!!
The Master falls backwards, trailing off the cliff.....
The Ragnarok flys up the side of the cliff and back into Dax's hand.
Dax:Guess we got to take care of this guy.
Orb:Foozle boozle! Foozle Boozle!

~~FFSupreme Boss theme~~
Orb-No Weakness

Giga Guess
01-16-2002, 08:24 PM
~~~Everyone save Dax is defeated, save Dax, who has 1 HP~~~
Dax: A-n-g-e-l.........
Angel: You desire my aid?
Dax: YES!
Angel: Very well....
*Angel incinerates Orb*
Dax: Uh........ugh.......
~~Screen fades to black and then back again. Everyone is there, and Dax is the last one to awaken~~
Josef: I got my gem! That bastard Xiang thought he could hold me back, but I got it!
Kathy: Very good...so, now what?
Trey: Ask the Great Poo-Bah.
Dax: Huh?
Trey: You.(Points to Dax)
Dax: I don't know.....I have no idea....

01-17-2002, 08:01 PM
Jez: I think we have to go to the moon to defeat Tovart.
Mog: Kupo! But how do we get there?
Josef: Hey! What about my gem?
Erin: And those ultimate aikido's?
Dax: I know, let's ask Angel.

Giga Guess
01-17-2002, 10:22 PM
~~~At Angel Sanctuary~~~
Angel: You are close to your goal You must seek out that which is blocking your transformations. Afrter that, you must seek out Akidos with incredible power.
Barry, seek out Valhalla...you will gain the powers of a troop of Demi-godesses.
Trey, you must locate, and defeat Bahamut, King of Dragons.
Kathy, Gabriel, the sacred Angel is your goal.
All of you have amazing powers, which are yet untapped. You must find and exploit these powers.

01-18-2002, 02:13 PM
Trey: So what are we waiting for let's seek them out.

Angel: Not so fast Trey... They are certain things that you all need to accomplish to earn them.

Trey: Yah, Like all of them does thos things... It's not like they will give they're powers to someone unworthy.

Angel: So you all know you're taking a risk here. You'll never knew what each of them wants and they're requirements to accomplish.

Trey: We'll be fine, don't worry.

Barry: Yah, we'll beat them all out to earn they're trust.

Angel: *hmm... this guys are intersting, I should try them out myself... I need to think of a test, someone worthy as how they spoke their words*

Giga Guess
01-18-2002, 10:01 PM
Dax: So, uh.....where are they?
Angel: You shall find their temples throughout the land.
Valhalla is found atop the highest peak in the land.

Bahamut is found where fire and water meet and coexist.

Gabriel is found where darkness has never touched.

Now go, and find these Legendary Akidos.
Dax: HEY!
Wedge: What's up?
Dax: Erin! Ask Dryad where they are?
Erin: Hmmm....I KNOW! Mount Acros! That should be where we find Valhalla!
Dax: Ugh.....why can't they be on GROUND level?

01-19-2002, 12:47 PM
On Mnt Valhalla

*white figure*
White Figure:Ghaa haa haa! The tresure will be mine, or my name isn't Vander!
Intro:Vander, the white crusader who trapes the land looking for rare artifacts and objects that can bring him a good price!
Vander:No-one shall reach the top of the mountain before me, especially with all the traps I made! Ghaa haa haa!

~~Bottom of Mnt Valhalla~~

Dax:Damn, how we going to get all the way up there?!
Erin:Dryad says as long as we are weary, we can make it!
Dax:Okay then, let's go!


Vander:Those fools down there want my tresure?! Ghaa haa haa, my bear trap will put them in their place!


Dax:Tread carefully, who knows when we will encounter....
Dax:Barry? What's wrong?!
Barry:My god damn leg's caught!!!!!
Dax:Ouch! That looks painful!
Dax:Hold up, we'll get you out!
Erin and Dax use all their strength to prise open the trap!
Dax:C'mon, we got to be more careful!
Barry:These traps look recently placed! We have got to be careful! The owner might still be here!

Dungeon description:Some tunnels within the mountain lead to higher areas, but some lead to more traps. Traps include ber traps, cages (knocks a weapon's attack power down to break them) and boulder traps which knock the party down a floor.

Towards the top....
Dax and the gang stand in front of a very large door with a monster's head carved in the front of it.
Dax:This must be where the Aikido is!
Erin:It is. I can sense it's presence!
Barry:And maybe some trasure!!!
~~Everything goes dark, and the wind picks up~~
Vander:So, you ARE after my tresure!!
Barry:Who the....
Vander:I'm afraid that treasure is mine!
Barry:Vander?! Is that you?!
Barry:It's been awhile!
Vander:Indeed, I never got my revenge on you cutting my leg open!!!
Barry:It was a tiny wound, and it stopped the snake's poison anyway! I saved your life!
Vander:Pish posh! You just did that so you could steal the treasure!
Dax:Is this a friend of yours Barry?
Barry:We used to be buds, we'd go hunting for treasure all the time, till he got mardy and decided to become rivals insted!
Vander draws a Rapier
Vander:At last, I shall destroy the infamous Treasure Hunter Barry! Ghaa haa haa!
Vander:En garde!
~~Boss Battle~~
Vander-no weakness
~~After awhile~~
Vander:Hmph, you think you have won?! This was only a test! I'll be back, you bet on it!
Vander jumps into the wind and glides away

Dax:Finally, now we can get to the Aikido....
Barry:Heh, looks like Vander lost out again!

Giga Guess
01-19-2002, 06:23 PM
~~~Enter a chamber, gold walls, 6 "Valkyries" on either side, and one that looks like an angel with light blue wings at the end~~~
Angel: Greetings, Chosen ones. My name is Brunhild. Angel told me you would arrive.
Dax:....this is Valhalla......
Brunhild: Well, not for too much longer...that Vander stole the Nexus, which holds us to this world. Retrieve it, and we will gladly lend our powers to you.

***Note! Switcheroo changes all 4 of your party members with a random Valkyrie. Brunhild RARELY appears. Also, if you reach THEIR (ALL 4!) limit, you will execute their technique (Final Strike)***

01-21-2002, 01:19 PM
Dax:Barry, any idea where that Vander could have gotten to?
Barry:We used to have this den back in the olden days, we'd go there and stash our tresure there. No doubt he doesn't hang around there anymore, but there might be some clues.
Dax:Very well, lead the way Barry.

01-21-2002, 03:18 PM
Barry enters the den with the party. Barry bends over to pick up a tatty old book. He opens it and starts to read his journal. A monologue can be heard as the camera spirals around Barry until it is directly above him. With a snap, Barry slams shut the book and bows his head, his body spasming. The camera zooms down to focus onto Barry from the front. Barry looks up, tears streaming down his face; his eyes flicker and are temporarily white, then return to red and black. Standing up, Barry turns back and stalks out of the den.

01-21-2002, 04:58 PM
Dax: Hey, Barry wait!
*Dax runs after Barry*
Dax: You ok?
Barry: Yeah....... Let's go and find Vander

01-22-2002, 07:48 PM
Uhhh...hi guys. I just want to begin by saying I'm sorry for not liking your contributions to the "final fantasy re-written" forum. I just want to apologise for that, now that I've seen what you guys can do when your given a forum of your own. Sorry, sorry and again, sorry:(
Now, as a peace gift I'm giving you this picture of Barry...I drew it up in danish class and I want to know what you think of it...

Apology accepted? If so, then could you post and tell me if it is ok to show you my version of Barry (that is if noone else has drawn one)?

Giga Guess
01-22-2002, 07:52 PM
Barry: Just a sec....*Grabs the book*....his hideout should be around here somewhere. Ah yes. *Places the book on a statue, and a door slides open*
~~Vander's Hideout~~
Vander: Well, well, well....bravo. You haven't forgotten the old tricks. Well, catch me if you can!
Barry: Vander, wait!
~~Chase Vander through many corridors until....~~
Vander: Shite! Dead end!
Barry: That's right asshole. Now hand over the Nexus.
~~FF Supreme Boss Music
Team: Dax, Barry, [Party Member 1], [Party Member 2]

~Beat Vander~
~Recieve the Nexus~
Vander: Ugh....*collapses*
Dax: Is he....
Barry: No, just KOed. Serves ya' right, jackass.
Dax: What's up with you guys?
Barry: We used to be a team. We serched high and low for treasures. And we stashed all our treasures here. However one day, as we found our biggest cache yet. And I mean BIG! Suddenly, Vander looked ill...
Dax: The snake bite, right?
Barry: yeah, I cut the wound to release the poison, but, it got too deep. He lost the leg. I was replace *Reveals that Vander has a peg leg*
...ever since, he never forgave me.
Dax: Damn.
Barry: Just a sec. *Grabs The Cloak of Diablos, Lunar Hat, and Runic Gloves*
*Barry to Neo Barry*
Much like Summoning GF Diablos. Barry appears in a desolate wasteland. Bats swarm about him, and he turns absolutely BLACK. Then his hat turns into a standard Black Mage hat. He gets a LOONG flowing robe, and light silver armor. The Bats fly away to reveal Barry, transformed.
Barry: MUCH better.

01-22-2002, 07:55 PM
Uhhh...hi guys. I just want to begin this by apologising to you for being so negative about your contributions to the "final fantasy VIII re-written" forum. I mean, I thought that you took it over and swallowed it down. But then I saw this forum and :whoa:!
I didn't know you had it in ya! Now, anyway, you probably don't want me to post here, but I bring a peace-gift. A picture of Barry, that I scetched up in danish class today. I have noooo idea if anyone has done one before but it's just how I see him.

Apology accepted? If so I will include the picture in my next post.

Giga Guess
01-22-2002, 08:01 PM
Gudni: Well, I have a good idea of what i want him to be, but what the hell. Go ahead. I'll give my opinion.

01-22-2002, 09:03 PM
Damnit! It won't come:mad2: . There's just this message that I have an unvalid file, and I tried both .gif and .jpg!! Any tips about this sort of thing?

Giga Guess
01-22-2002, 09:03 PM
Not really. Sorry. E-mail it to me, willya?

01-22-2002, 09:08 PM

01-22-2002, 09:20 PM

01-22-2002, 10:27 PM
Don't worry about it! We didnt have a go at you alone, more everyone who was having ago at us! Don't sweat it k? and could ya send us the pic too, be real interesting (FFS fan art! Not bad at all!)

01-22-2002, 10:43 PM
w00ters, Fanart! Please, send it to either Cloud, Giga or myself, we'll all get it anyway...

01-25-2002, 07:26 PM
Dax: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Barry: Thanx.
Erin: so, what do we do now?
Kathy: Guess we have to find Gabriel.... Where darkness never touched..... Where could that be?
Jez: A church!
Cara: Why a church?
Jez: Cus' Angels have a connection with churches and a church gives hope (light) in darkness.
Cid: For some people.... for me friendship gives hope, or 'light in darkness'.
Dax: This is getting complicated, maybe we should discuss this aboard the airship.

Giga Guess
01-26-2002, 06:44 AM
~~~On the Airship~~~
Dax: You don't suppose he's in Ferris, do you Kathy?
Kathy: No. I've checked all the catacombs. And if you get too deep in, the light will have dissipated.
Trey: I know.
Jez: Where is it?
Trey: It is in a town named Lumina. Named for the fact that darkness -Literally- has never touched it. The sun never, ever sets there. They have a gigantic church there. That's where we have to go.
Cid: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!

(BTW, I intend Valhalla to be a kind of Gilgamesh, circa FF8 move, Varying from Brunhild (Holy War: Very strong Non elemental Damage) to Rosa (Kabonk: Very weak, very inaccurate non elemental damage)

01-26-2002, 01:08 PM
Meanwhile on the moon

scientist: Sir Tovart?
Tovart: yes?
Scientist: Those things you asked us to build are near completion.
Tovart: Excellent! you shall be rewarded!
Scientist: Thank you sir!
Scientist2: This one is ready!
Tovart: Good! show them to me.

we see Tovart walking with the scientists to a large room with enormous figures (wich you can't see what they are). Tovart begins to laugh.
end Fmv

Giga Guess
01-27-2002, 07:38 AM
~~~In Lumina~~~
Kathy: Oh, my....it's beautiful....

~~In the Church~~
Priest: God be with you, my children.
Barry:*Aside, to Kathy* Do....do you sense something strange about him...?
Kathy: I think I know what you mean. *To the priest* All right Gabriel. You can drop the act.
Priest: My. You certainly are a sharp one. May I ask how you discovered me?
Kathy: All Akidos exude an aura, one that I sensed quite easily.
Priest: Well, this disguise does me no good anymore. *Transforms to Gabriel*
Kathy: So, I'm to assume you are going to ask us a favor...?

01-27-2002, 09:59 AM
Gabriel: Yes. First you must proof yourself worthy. In the catacombs you will find an akido. Defeat him and i will join you.
Kathy: Dax, let me go with you!

Party for catacombs:

After a long way...

Voice: Finally i have found you!!
other voice: So it was you!!
Dax: who are those?

They look around the corner and see Gilgamesh and Odin.

Gilgamesh: Give me the 4th one, NOW!
Odin: Why should i? You are a lousy Akido!
Gilgamesh: I got four legendary swords!
Odin: That is not true! You don't have my sword and excali-poor isn't a legendary one and sucks!
Gilgamesh: Odin, There are humans here! Around that corner!
Odin: Show yourselves!

Party shows themselves
Gilgamesh: Its... Them!
Dax: Hey, who do whe have to beat to gain Gabriel?
Odin: Hey Gilgamesh, the only thing to do now.....
Gilgamesh: damm, your right, but after this....

FF supreme boss music
Gilgamesh (no weaknesses)
Odin (no weaknesses)


Note*: Gilgamesh can use all his FF8 attacks, except zantetsuken. Odin does zantetsuken every 3 minutes (maybe more, maybe less), but it doesn't kill the party (only a lot of damage)

Beat them

Kathy: now we can go get Gabriel!

01-27-2002, 01:37 PM
Damnit! The stupid pic won't come:mad2:
Meh, anyway. What are your e-mails?

01-27-2002, 01:54 PM
I'll PM mine, Cloud's and Giga's email addresses to ya...

01-27-2002, 10:20 PM
FINALLY!!! I managed to send them to you! Jay me!

01-27-2002, 11:02 PM
Gudni_fighter's piccie of Barry (http://www.angelfire.com/ak5/spatvark/barry2.txt)

The face is very Chakan like... and is that a codpiece or what??? Aw hell, who cares? It's our first fanart! w00terz!

01-28-2002, 01:25 PM
wow, that pic looks great! Hey BTW, how did you make those cool FFS things? They look cool!

01-28-2002, 04:15 PM
If you liked it then I could possibly do some of the other characters as well. That is, if you'll give me some more details, then ,,Barry has black hair. He is a black mage". :p

01-28-2002, 04:26 PM
Okay then, why not try Xiang (The Master)? I had a go but it came out...less than I expected!
Anyway, he's old looking, rugged (but not a beard, more like stubble), bald on top with hair going down the back (longish hair). Anout 5'9" or so, not massivly tall. Wears robes, maybe some old rings or something. And he has a wicked looking sword (The Ragnarok none the less!)! Thing you can do that?
BTW love your Barry pic!

Dax:Yes, let us return to Gabriel.
~~Back in the Church~~
Gabriel:Excellent, you have proven your worth humans.You truly are the chosen ones!
Dax:Great! So what do you want from us this time?
Gabriel:I sense the power of Atma is not yet fully extinguished!
Dax:Tovart's Aikido?
Gabriel:Yes. I cannot sense it's location, which means it is not on this earth. Earth is where I was given life, but anywhere else and I cannot use my power, or even go there!
Dax:But what is so special about Atma? We killed it with ease!
Gabriel:Atma's power is usless to himself, merly a quick defensive aid. But to those who can extract it....
Kathy:This is bad, how can we reach it if it isn't on this earth, let alone kill it again!
Gabriel:Killing Atma again is impossible, it is dead.
Garbriel:Tovart probably wanted you to kill it, that would explain why he made it such a threat!
Dax:So...how can we find it?
Gabriel:I have no idea
Gabriel:Atma could be anywhere, but it cant be somewhere that far away. Then I wouldn't be able to sense him. Therefore, it can only be one of two places...
Kathy:...one of the twin moons!
Kathy:I think we have lost....
Dax:No-one has ever been to the moon before! We're doomed!
Gabreil:Not exactly true my children....

01-28-2002, 05:26 PM
Gabriel: you see, Akido's origanly came from the moon.

Dax: WHAT???!!!!

Gabriel: Yes, we once lived on the moon, but the moon was dieing, we thougth we were doomed.

Barry: But... how did you survive?

Gabriel: someone from earth, a scientist, came to the moon with a spacecraft, and saved us. That spacecraft was buried in a secret place.... Protected by three ancient Akido's.

Kathy: Wich three?

Gabriel: Bahamut, Leviathan, and the Akido Angel.

Dax: What!!! THE Akido Angel???!! the one that helped us??

Trey: Bahamut?!

01-28-2002, 09:30 PM
BUGGER BUGGER BUGGER!!!!! I had a great plot twist for the Aikido Angel (her name is Gabrielle I recall by the way). Could I possibly beg you to edit that bit Final Freak? It would be for the benefit of the story later...

01-28-2002, 09:42 PM
What?! You have a problem with one of FINAL FREAK'S posts?! I never thought I'd see the day!!!

01-29-2002, 08:09 AM
Hey Spatvark, why don't you post your idea about that part and let the others decide which one to use?

01-29-2002, 01:12 PM
~~Irrelivant Side Quest~~

~~Old Castle~~
Dax:What is this place?
Member:Looks like a ruin of some sort.
Dax:Maybe we should investigate!
The party explore the ruin fighting the usual monsters. Items in chests are picked up and progress is made by finding buttons in the wall.
Final Room

~~Large Chair with a grim figure sitting in it~~
Hades:You want blade that instantly kills undead? You must defeat me puny mortals!
~~Boss theme~~
Hades:Weak against Holy, cure has no effect on him
Hades:Fine, here is the Yggdrasil blade replica. It's power is not equal to it, but against undead it is an asset!
Hades disappears
End subquest

01-29-2002, 02:01 PM
After the death of Hades, Dax is overcome by his umm tiredness and falls to the ground.


Here we see a younger Dax, just 15 years old. Dax is sitting at a computer. He is in a IRC chat. Suddenyl Dax gapes in awe at his computer monitor. His face turns red, and he slowly stand up.

Dax: "What?? BANNED?? What the f**k?
I didn't even DO anything? What the hell is this all

Dax picks up the chair he was just sitting in and hurls it through the window next to him.
Dax proceeds to go outside, pick up his chair and put it back in front of the computer, and sit down.
He sends various private messages to the admins of this chat, saying things like:
'What the f**k?? I've been banned from the chat!
Unban me, or face the concequences.'


Dax awakens, and slowly gets to his feet...

01-29-2002, 03:34 PM
I would do, but I want it to be a suprise, and I can't work it in just yet... I'll email my basic idea to ya, and you can see which one you prefer

Oh, btw Old-Man, just coz' you're pissed off at getting banned from chat this morning doesn't give you the right to spam this thread up

01-29-2002, 04:47 PM
OK, I got a new piccie from Gudni_fighter, and HERE (http://www.angelfire.com/ak5/spatvark/Xiang.txt) it is

In responcse to a certain someone accusing me off being too harsh in judging others work, HERE (http://www.angelfire.com/ak5/spatvark/belldandy.txt) isd one I did myself...

01-29-2002, 05:08 PM
after reading Spatvark's idea:
:whoa: , i bet they never see that coming! Maybe we could combine our idea's in some sort of way?

BTW: Those pictures rock!

01-29-2002, 07:08 PM
The one I drew is Xiang. I had never seen the Ragnarok so I could not make the sword look like it. So I just tried to make it as cool looking as possible. Mission accomplished? I sure hope so:p
Oh, and BTW, any more requests (picture requests)? Like, Wedge or something.

Giga Guess
01-29-2002, 09:42 PM
Hey Gudni, now that I have your e-mail, I'll try to send you MY pic of Barry, as well as my other chars (I'm a bit touchy about that....)

(Final Freak, Bahamut was supposed to be just a basic Akido. If you want a BIG dragon summon, could it possibly be Shinryuu, or Tiamat?)

Trey: Akido Angel sent us to find Bahamut. But I've heard legends that he was created long after Akidos appeared. Are you sure about this....?

Gabriel: Did I say Bahamut? I meant Shinryuu, the Dragon God. If Gabrielle sent you to find him, I fear I cannot help you find him. But you've done well as it stands. I have faith in you.

Kathy: Well, let's go find Bahamut.

~On the Airship~~
Cid: So where to now, boss.

Dax: Hmmm....where Water and Fire meet.....try Karnak volcano. It's an island volcano.

01-30-2002, 07:44 PM
Hey Spatvark, i just figured out how to combine them! I'll PM it right away!

Giga Guess
01-30-2002, 10:24 PM
Hey, FF, Spatty, could y'all keep me in the loop. Not to sound paranoid, I'm just a little curious.

EDIT: Forget it. I got ahold of Spat.

Also, for all interested, I have some ideas for secret characters.

01-31-2002, 04:35 PM
alright, Spatvark and me figured that part out! That part of the spacecraft is in it, (give me some time to
figure how it comes in the story!), so Spatvark: go ahead with your part!

02-01-2002, 02:45 PM
Hey, didn't we forgot the skeletons in the closets for Josef and Mog? hey about that idea of secret characters, that is a great idea!

Giga Guess
02-05-2002, 01:24 PM
All right.....they're pretty rudimentary, but......

FIRST, the Designers!

Guess: Comes in one of 9 forms. Giga, Terra, Omega, Neo, Omni, True, Seraph, Ultima, and finally, Trance.
Giga is a Paladin.
Omni is a Mage (White, Black, Time, and some summons)
True is a Black Belt
Neo is a Ninja/Thief
Omega is a Blue Mage
Ultima is a Bard/Dancer
Seraph looks like an Angel, but he has aspects of a dragoon.
Terra is a gun totin' bad ass.
Trance is only available to those who are observant. While the rest are statues, which you approach one of to free, Trance is a crystal off to the wayside. Trance is a mimic, but has ALL magic available.

Cloud of Midgar: Dunno. Can summon Atma. Can junction to other chars.

Spatvark: Dunno

Final Freak: (If you want to. You may just want a spin off.) Dunno.


He is a druid. He morphs into various Were critters, the ultimate being "Forest Spirit." He also controls Terrain. To get him, you have to find several friendly critters (Yeah, I really liked FF9) Once you get all of 'em, Que'Ul appears, and joins your party.

Any other ideas?

02-05-2002, 02:03 PM
Atma Cloud of Midgar©, juntions unto Atma to become real good and stuff! Fires balls of....Atma and....stuff....
And he r0x0rz!!
Seriously, any Aikidos he summons take twice as long to call forth, but they do twice as much damage (As Atma has trouble being un-summoned)

02-05-2002, 03:16 PM
Well, since I'm the one making the game, I get final decisions on everything that goes in it, and I think I may just make me the most kick-ass character you've ever seen... or I might just make him a funny one...

To be honest you guys, we're already in the game, but as comedy characters only at the moment... I may change that later though...

Anyway, a bit of an update on the game, I've now got Kathy in the party and I'm currently working on the resurrection scene...

02-05-2002, 07:27 PM
Hey, sounds like fun!

Final Freak can use the masamume, and can do meteorstorm (50% more powerful than meteo), but costs more mp than meteo.

hey, how about a programmers room or something?

02-06-2002, 02:59 PM
Your part has already been decided upon Final Freak... you're featuring in the game as you do here in the script

02-06-2002, 07:15 PM
eeuh, does that mean that i get sucked into the void and that kinda stuff?

02-06-2002, 07:20 PM
Yes, yes you will.
Also, will either you or Spat post the damn conclusion already!? Y'know, the plot twisty thing I never heard about with Aikido angel -_-
*Sits on Atma Weapon and waits for some development*

02-06-2002, 07:24 PM
aah, cr@p. i'm still paying for that hey? ah well, i deserve it. bout that part: Let Spatvark do it, cus' he can do it a better than me....

edit: but why would you put that part in the real story/game? i mean, it would be weird for someone that didn't read the thread.

02-06-2002, 09:22 PM
I just drew a picture of Trey (based on Giga guess'es picture) and am sending it now to both Giga guess and Spatwark. Jay me, I rule!:tongue:

Giga Guess
02-07-2002, 01:11 AM
It's pretty good! My only complaints:
1.) He's a little too narrow through the chest. We need to find a happy medium.
2.) His tattoos. The one on the L bicep is a phoenix. I'll send the one on the R bicep. It's hard to explain.
3.) His Hair is Blond w/ Black Roots

I don't want it to sound like I'm nitpicking, though. It's really exceptional.

02-07-2002, 11:01 AM
*feels left out*
uhh....picture? Do you not have my mail as well Gudni? It's my username followed by @hotmail.com , not to hard to figure out is it?
Either that or could Guess or Spat fwrd it plz? thx v.much

Giga Guess
02-07-2002, 04:13 PM
SHITE! Sorry man! TOTALLY slipped my mind!

Ifrit's fire
02-07-2002, 04:25 PM
and then someone comes from the sky. It appears to be a moogle. :mog: he goes to yang and wispers in his ear. this is what the moogle told: I got an importmant message from the queen of the moogles. A guy came to us and told the queen she must give her magic stone to him. the stone of destruction. we all refused but then the strange guy summoned an old man from the sky to cast a thunder storm to our country ( moogyria ). the queen handed over the crystal to the man, suddenly a girl whit purple hair and a horn on her head came out of nothing and killed the man with an very very powerfull spell: holy
she toke the crystal and she destroyed it with a strange ring. this crystal of destruction kept all humanbeings alive. so now that it's destroyed everyone will slowly die. there is only one thing to prevent this: make another crystal of destruction. for that we need 3 ingredients: a summoners horn, a huge materia and the sword of odin.

now yang asks the moogle why the girl destroyed the crystal, who is she. and why did the man ,who was probably Barry, wanted the crystal. the moogle doesn't know that. but what he does know is where they can find the girl. in a place called madain sari. you can get the information from her. she also has the summoners horn. but if you take the horn the girl will die.

now let's head to madain sari. when they come there they see something terrible happening to the people of the madain sari

what is it?

Giga Guess
02-07-2002, 04:32 PM

'Scuse me? I don't wanna sound like an asshole, but have you even READ the last, ohhh...7 PAGES? Yang's dead for starters.

02-07-2002, 06:07 PM
didn't think people could mess up worse than me...

but if we follow this script, wouldn't Cloud of Midgar be killed by the beatles in the yellow sub?????????????????????????

02-07-2002, 06:18 PM
Ah krap! Maybe we should tweak the script just a little bit eh? And Ifrit, thanks for the comedy element to it!
And just to keep in pattern...

02-07-2002, 06:27 PM
i know you would say that....

02-08-2002, 07:34 AM
wait, i know!

~in some place hidden in the catacombs of the Lumina church~

Dax: Look, there is some altar!

writtens on the altar: Use the atma crystal (can be found in the catacombs in the church of Ferris) to get a powerful person back.....

~use Atma crystal~
*a portal opens*
Cloud of Midgar: Whoa! I'm back!
Dax: who are you?
Member2: i wonder where that energy of the portal went?

~meanwhile in the void~
Final Freak: so.... tired..STUPID DESERT!!! hey.. what the heck is that? A portal??? NOOOOO!! i'm getting sucked in to it!
*gets sucked into the portal*
FF: Where..where am i?
FF sees a large sign saying:
Welcome to Final Fantasy Supreme!
FF: !!!

02-08-2002, 03:06 PM
I'm under orders to rewrite Final Freaks bit, so here goes... BTW, the Aikido Angel bit is coming later... I'll cuick it in when we get to the right part of the plot...

Gabriel: you see, Akido's originally came from the moon.

Dax: WHAT???!!!!

Gabriel: Yes, we once lived on the moon, but the moon was dieing, we thougt we were doomed.

Barry: But... how did you survive?

Gabriel: Someone from earth, a scientist, came to the moon with a spacecraft, and saved us. That spacecraft was buried in a secret place.... Protected by three ancient Akido's.

Kathy: Which three?

Gabriel: Bahamut, Leviathan, and Maduin.

Trey: Bahamut?!

Sorry about doing this to you guys, but can we redo the stuff after this? It gets rather confusing jumping all over the place and we can clarify where the party is actually going...

Giga Guess
02-08-2002, 03:59 PM
Tret: Akido Angel sent us....
Gabriel: I know. Angel sent you on the Trials of the Heroes. I fear I cannot help you. You are on your own. But have faith. You have found Valhalla and myself. All that remains is Bahamut.
~~Back on the Airship~~
Trey: Where water and fire meet......Hmmm.....
Dax: OH! I know! The volcanic island of Karnak!
Kathy: The great leader speaks.....
Dax: Hey! Was that supposed to be a joke?
~~Sidequest in Karnak~~
~~Reach the Blue Room~~
Voice: A band of warriors........One thinking as all, all as one.......my power has gotten weak.......you.....may choose.......one.

Choose one statue (Or the crystal off to the side.)

______ Guess joins your party!

02-08-2002, 04:27 PM
Oh BTW, Cloud of Midgar joined the party in my last part.

Sidequest in moogle forest.
Inside a hidden passageway under one of the houses in moogle village:
Dax: it sure is dark here..
Voice: Who's there!!??
*Final Freak shows himself*
FF: I am Final Freak. hey, aren't you the ones fighting Tovart?
Member: Yes.
FF: Can i join you?
Dax: i dunno..
Member2: whe could use all the help we can get.
Dax: Fine then, welcome to the group!
*FF joined*

In front of the vulcano
Dax: let's go to the vulcano!
Barry: but... how are we going in? It's to hot there!
Kathy: we could go through the water?
Cara: but how?

Giga Guess
02-08-2002, 05:40 PM
(The Little Yellow Submarine, perhaps...?)

Trey: This is my test. It must be within my powers.........Hmmm.....Ah!
Dax: What?
Trey:...uhhhh....you won't really like it......
Erin: Try us.
Trey: Wellll.......Hold still everyone. CRYSTAL DRAGON!
*Crystal Dragon Appears*
Trey: Crystal Dragon. Hold us in your mouth, and carry us to the inside of the volcano.
*Crystal Dragon Growls*
Trey: Just be careful not to swallow us, okay?
Dax: You weren't kidding.....
~~~Inside Karnak Volcano~~~
*Party gets spit out.*
Cloud of Midgar: Jeez! Next time, feed him a breath mint first, okay?

02-08-2002, 10:35 PM
FF: that was sick dude! ah cr@p, it sure is hot here.
Dax: let's go and find Bahamut!
Trey: i am going with you!
*select party*

after a whole maze

Dax: its getting hotter and hotter.
Trey: we must be close to the core.
Member: what is THAT!
*Member points to a large shadow*
*The shadow moves towarts the party*
Voice: you..are the ones Akido Angel told about..you shall be tested!

FF supreme bossmusic
Bahamut weak against: nothing.

Bahamut casts Megaflare every once in a while (FF4 like)
*beat him*

Giga Guess
02-09-2002, 08:10 PM
Trey: So we got all the legendary akidos! Excellent!
~~Go back to the entrance~~
Dax: All right people. We have a decision to make. Do we power up the rest of the gems? Or do we go for Tovart now?

02-10-2002, 12:42 PM
Trey: well, since we are fighting a god, we should get all the power we can get.
Kathy: i think we should go to Tovart now while Atmaweapon isn't fully charged up yet.

on the moon

Scientist: it shouldn't take very long sir Tovart.
Tovart: how far are you?
Scientist: at 50%. Atma's energy is almost loaded into the weapons.

Giga Guess
02-10-2002, 09:32 PM
~~~Bak on Earth, where the Heroes are now n the outside~~~
Cloud: Well you didn't ask....
Dax: Must....resist.....urge......to strangle him........
Kathy: Maybe we should check out Ferris. I heard that there's some equipment used by a legendary Cleric hidden in the church....
Dax: Ferris it is then.

02-11-2002, 04:14 PM
At Ferris...
Screams of fear are heard by the party.
Dax:What's going on?!?
Jez:The people are evacuating from the village.
Kathy:I sense much distress....and death!
Dax:We got to go help them!

A woman rushes up to the party.
Woman:....village....was invaded....by the....
The woman falls to the floor.
Kathy:It is too late, her soul has already departed.
Barry:What the hell is going on?!
The party run down the hill towards the town. Everywhere villages are being slaughted.
Wedge:No...those uniforms...
One of the slaughtering soldiers walks up to the party. The uniform is very distinctive. It is one of the Hades' elites.
Wedge:But...Hades are peacful again! They no longer obey Tovart!!
Voice:No....they obey me!!!
Wedge:That voice....it can't be..you're dead!
A black shadow walks around the corner, the light hits him to revel who it is.
It is Biggs.
Wedge:NO!!!! I KILLED YOU!!!
Biggs:No my dear. I am master of the undead, I am reserected.
Wedge:DIE IDIOT!!!
Biggs simply walks past him.
Biggs:Ah, my dear Dax.
Dax:You!!! You done this?!
Biggs:I am looking for the...
Biggs grunts and falls to the ground. When he arises his eyes are red.
Biggs:Fuh huh huh! This vessel shall do me nicely!
Dax:I know that voice....Xiang!
Biggs:My little sacrifice, I have an empire behind me and...
Biggs flicks his fingers.
Biggs:Continue the mind meld.
Ragnarok:AS YOU WISH.
Dax grabs the Ragnarok and throws it to the ground. The Ragnarok flys back into Dax's hand.
Biggs:Fuh huh huh, the Ragnarok is cursed, it cannot be unequipped!
Dax:The sword....it wont leave my hand! And since when did I have it?!
Biggs falls to the ground and rises again, returning to his normal state.
Biggs:The Master has enriched me with the soul of Apocalypse. We are one. Nothing can stop us!!
The party draw their weapons and prepare for battle...
~~Biggs Battle theme remix Xiang battle~~

Dax (with Ragnarok, heals Biggs)
party of choice
~~Biggs escapes~~

Giga Guess
02-11-2002, 04:26 PM
Dax: .......cursed.......DAMMIT BIGGS! Get your ass back here! I'm gonna kill you!
Cloud: Meh. I'm in. Let's do this.
Kathy: I'm behund you. You need but tell me what you wish.
(Choose one other party member.)

No weaknesses.

(Survive a set number of rounds)
Biggs: You fool! Did you really believe I would create a weapon I couldn't defend against?!
Dax:....wait....KATHY! Throw me the Crystal!
Kathy: Are....are you sure?
Dax: Trust me.
*Kathy throws Dax Crystal*
Dax: Hey Biggs! D'ya know what this is?!
Biggs: NO! Don't!
Dax: An epitome of purity. Evil cannot survive it's light.
*Dax waves Crystal above the Ragnarok*
The curse on Ragnarok is broken!
Dax: Now you will die. Again!
Biggs: I don't think so. I bid you adieu.

Ifrit's fire
02-11-2002, 05:47 PM

I wasn't looking very good
everyone could make a mistake

well I hate you all byebye

Giga Guess
02-11-2002, 06:20 PM
*sighs* Look Ifrit, I was on pins and needles that day, and I didn't mean to snap at you. Just.......CoM, Spatvark, myself.......even Final Freak take this VERY seriously. Just.....look a little more carefully next time, K?

02-12-2002, 03:56 PM
Dax:We got rid of that idiot, but look at this place...
The camera swoops around to show carnage and dead bodies everywhere. No-one is spared.
Wedge:Why did they do this?! WHY?!

Then the earth shakes....

~~A location some distance away~~
We see a small village, the earth shakes and a gaping hole appears in the center. We zoom out and watch a giant black obelisk rises from the ground.
It towers above the world, casting a shadow that blocks the sun. No-one knows what to make of this towering eye sore, is it evil or is it good? Where did it come from?

All the people know is that nothing like this has ever happened before in the history of mankind...

Giga Guess
02-12-2002, 04:04 PM
Kathy: I...sense something strange from within.
Dax: I....think we should just leave it.
~~In the Church~~
Kathy: Come on! It's in the depths of the catacombs.
~~~Reach the bottom floor~~~
Kathy gains Goddess Robes, Winged Headband, and Silk Gloves

Kathy begins to glow bright white. Suddenly, to glowing white wings emerge from her back. Her hair lengthens, and a halo appears. Ribbons start appearing, and are tossed around by a strong wind. Basically, Kathy truns into an "angel."

02-12-2002, 05:11 PM
Outside of the church.

Party looks again at the obelisk.

Guess: I wonder what could be inside?
FF: Dunno. can't be anything good i guess.
Dax: Man, its getting cold.
Kathy: we must get rid of it!
Erin: But.. How?

Giga Guess
02-12-2002, 11:56 PM
Just a thought. Maybe in the obelisk you'll find the Ultimate Bosses. An idea for their identities:

Alpha Weapon
Beta Wepon
Gamma Weapon
Sigma Weapon
Omega Weapon

(In order of difficulty)

Feedback, please.

02-13-2002, 11:28 AM
yeah, and they were made by the scientists on the moon, powered by atmaweapon.

02-15-2002, 08:02 PM
meanwhile on the moon

Scientist: Sir Tovart, this one is ready!
Tovart: Teleport it to the obilisk!

*the scientist runs off to do it*

Giga Guess
02-15-2002, 09:40 PM
Tovart: Very well. Let's see Dax deal with THIS!
Dax: I have a seriously bad feeling about this. I don't think we should enter.

02-16-2002, 04:31 PM
Dax's suspisions were right, as the Obelisk emits a faint glow that can be seen for miles...

Giga Guess
02-16-2002, 04:44 PM
*Without warning, Dax starts walking towardsthe Monolith*
Erin: Dax? What are you doing Dax?
Wedge: Hey, man. This isn't cool.
Trey: Dax, stop.
*Dax reaches the monolith, and touches it. Almost instantly, a black portal opens*
Incubus: You are mine, mortal!
Erin: Noooooooo!!!!!! Dax, get over here! Get away from there!
*Dax is drawn in, and the portal closes*
Brittney: Come ON! We have to open it again!
*The party frantically tries to open it again*
Jez: It's no use. It won't open.
Erin: We have to find another way. Let's ask King Norse.
~~~Reach Castle Norse~~~
KN: This is terrible news. Terrible. Unfortunately, I can offer you no answers.
KN: However, I do reqire a few favors from you. Perhaps you may find the answers you need on your way.
Erin:.......what do you need from us?

02-16-2002, 05:58 PM
King Norse:Flagg, if you would be so kind.
Flagg walks around the king's chair.
Erin:How can you be alive?! We saw you get swallowed up!
Flagg:It is a long story. And here it is...
"I was taken to the depths of the underworld"
Flagg:Damn you Xiang, you've gone too far! How will I find my way out of this damn forsaken place?!
"After many hours down there I came accross Hades, ruler of the underworld."
Flagg:Who are you may I ask?
Hades:You, the one who is known as Flagg, I grant thee a test.
Flagg:A test?
Hades:Defeat me in battle. Then I shall grant you freedom from here.
Flagg:I accept your challenge.
~~Boss Theme~~

Flagg cannot be controlled. The simply show off great attacks until Hades submits.
Hades:Excellent, you are worthy of free passage from here.
"With a wave of his hand, Hades made a great door open."
Flagg:Thank you oh great one.
"The next thing I knew I'm back on the surface!"
Erin:Good to see you back Flagg!
Flagg:Thank you child, it is good to be back.
King Norse:Okay, now would you please explain the situation to these fine people?
Flagg whispers in the king's ear.
King Norse:Forget that Flagg, you may speak. These are urgent times!
Flagg:A country we have had a treaty with for many many years has been under attack my a deadly tribe for the past week.
Erin:How can we help?
King Norse:Most of our men are either in the war with Hades, the war with the Tribe or protecting this castle! I was hoping you fine people could help out?
Erin:Of course! Okay, listen up, we'll split into three groups, one group will go to the other continent, one group shall defend this castle and the others will aid in stopping Hades once and for all!
~~Some time later~~
Erin:Okay, the groups are....

Hades Empire:

Castle Defence:

Foriegn Land:

King Norse:The ones going tover seas can take the ship. Beware that the Leviathan doesn't attack the ship. It's been on a rampage ever sinse that damned obelisk appeared!!
Flagg:I shall stay here with the defence team.
Trey:We shall take the Dragon to Hades' HQ.
King Norse:Excellent, god speed, and thank you for the help once again!

NOTE:If you all dislike my parties feel free to re-arrange them. Also, if I have missed someone please stick em in oneof the groups of three!

Giga Guess
02-20-2002, 01:05 AM
~~~~Barry's team~~~~
Barry: JESUS! This is so BORING! *Conjures a ligtning bolt in the distance*
*Soon you hear an inhuman scream*
Cid: Uhhhhhh.....I don't think water screams like that.....
Erin: Uhh...water doesn't scream at ALL!
Barry: LEVIATHAN!!!!!!!!
~~~FF Supreme Boss music~~~
Weak vs. Thunder
Negates Fire
Absorbs Water

Barry, Erin, Cid
*If Barry casts a water spell*
Erin: You moron! Fight fire with fire is a figure if SPEECH!

After the battle.

Leviathan: The....summoner. At last. I have longed to test you. Evil has once again returned to the world. I would be honored to aid you now.
*Barry gains Leviathan*
~~Reach the shore of the mysterious continent~~
Erin: I wonder where we are? This is where Norse wanted us to be?
Cid: Hey! A sign! E...L...Y...S...I...U...M. Wow! These guys have a pretty high opinion of this place.
Erin: Come on. We have other business to attend to.

02-20-2002, 07:33 PM
Erin: where do we start?
Barry: looks like we have a whole forest ahead of us.
Cid: well, lets get going then.

*walk a while through the forest*
Cid: There's no end to it!
Erin: wait.
Barry: why?
Erin: i have the feeling we are being watched..

Giga Guess
02-20-2002, 07:58 PM
Cid: It's just your imagination. Let's keep going.
*Suddenly a group of savages appear from the bushes, and overwhelm Cid, Erin and Barry*
Barry: FIRE!
*Several Savages are blasted*
Erin: RUN!!!!
~~Reach the Golden City of Elysium~~
Erin: What a strange place....

~~~@ the Hades Empire~~~
Jez: Looks like noone's home!
Trey: Don't you have ANY survival instincts?! Shut up! Just because there doesn't seem to be anyone doesn't mean anything.
Jez: Ooops. Sorry.
~~They creep over the wall, and onto a balcony~~
Brittney: We're in!
Cara: So much for the easy part.
Trey: Pardon?
Cara: I've been here before. This place is teeming with all kinds of nasty critters.
Trey: So lets check our equipment.
~~~After that.....~~~

02-20-2002, 08:03 PM
(So much for my plans for an epic air battle and making Hades HQ a heavily defended fortress in the sky -_-)
Trey:This is quiet. Too quiet.
Jez:Cara, Brittney, you think you two will be all right alone while me and Trey go on ahead?
Brittney and Cara gaze at each other...
Both:Of course!
Jez puts his face in his hand as he hears both of them already smooching behind him.
Trey:God, I know they keep it to a minimum but the timing is just so bad...
Jez:I think it was Brittney's upbringing that made her the way she is.
Trey:We never really talk to we Jez?
Jez:I'm quiet I know. I want to get to know you all, but I never know how to begin a conversation.
Trey:Maybe we can use this time...

Giga Guess
02-21-2002, 07:01 AM
Trey: So, how close would you say you and Brittney are anyways?
Jez: Very. To be honest, I knew, on some level or another about....*gestures to her and Cara kissing*
Trey: I....never had siblings. An only child. I envy you.
Jez: You wouldn't want my life. You were raised as a warrior, that's true, but you also had some affection. I never did.
Trey: I was raised as a warrior, that's true, but I was never accepted. I wasn't enough of one side, and too much of the other to be truly accepted.
Jez: Well....look. We better get moving. We have a job to do. Once we're done, we can talk, but-
*Suddenly the room begins to shake violently*
Suddenly the Hades Empire begins to rise. It becomes a floating city.
Cara: I think things just got complicated.

(There ya go, Cloud! you might not have an airfight on the way in, but you can have one on the way out.)

02-21-2002, 04:10 PM
Trey:what the hell is going on?
Jez:The fortress.....it must be going into high-security mode!
Cara and Brittney run up to the two guys.
Cara:What's going on?
Trey:I think Hades are preparing something....
~~Siren claxen~~
Trey:We've been found
Trey:Norse...The others!!!
Jez:This is most disturbing!!
Giant gun turrets appaer around the side of Hades HQ. Many winged demons begin flying around the castle.
Cara:It seems Xiang has merged regular Hades soldiers with the spawn of Apoc.
Brittney:Spawn of Apoc?
Cara:I saw a few when I was hired by him. They're winged beasts, black and full of hatred. I never thought a human could withstand their power.
Trey:Norse are going to have trouble fighting them
Jez:We must bring this place down, it's their only hope!
Jez:I'm presuming it's the same manner as the Zephyr Sky, how did you destroy that?
Trey tries to remember...
Trey:It was like this...

02-22-2002, 05:14 PM
Trey: when we destroyed Atma weapon on the Zephyr sky, his destruction probably destroyed the ship.
Jez: So now we can't stop the fortress unless we have something as powerful, maybe more powerfull then the explosion of Atma....
Cara: That's not true!
Trey: huh?
Cara: It must have a engine. If we destroy that the fortress will crash.

02-23-2002, 02:06 PM
Then Trey has one of his moments of sheer genius!
Trey:Wait a second....We're ALREADY IN THE FORT!! (did you not notice that Final Freak?)
Jez:Well that makes things helluva lot easier!
Cara:Indeed, let us look for the Engine room.
The party explore various corridors, until...
Trey:Is anyone else getting hot?
Cara:Yeah, even the cold winds feel warm now.
Jez:We must be nearing the engine!!
Brittney:I don't see any place where it could be!!
Trey tries to find his bearings...
Trey:The heat...it's directly below us!!
Trey:Look, a door in the floor!
The party crouch around the large door.
Jez:It looks like it's sealed, we need a key to open it.
Trey:Damn!! Where we gonna find a key?
Cara:I'd say the highest ranking officer would have ahold of it.
A man, dressed in Apoc armor but with Elite ranking atire walks around the corner.
Armor Man:Tum te tum, I'm so senior, I even have the KEY TO THE ENGINE ROOM. No-one out ranks me except the management staff!
Trey drags the unconcious figure around the corner and steals his key.
Jez:Time to bust this place up!!

While victory was getting closer, their friends in a far away land were less then lucky...

02-23-2002, 07:51 PM
I forgot that. sorry, wont happen again. i'll change it.

with erin and others who are running from the savages:

Barry: i'm so tired.....
Erin: SHUT UP and RUN!!!!!
Cid: dammit, their gaining on us!
Barry: This way!

*They go after Barry and run into another group of savages*

Erin: Nice going Barry.

Giga Guess
02-23-2002, 11:22 PM
Barry: I guess this means we gotta fight.
Cid: Geez, no kidding, genius.

~~~Fight 5 Savages~~~
Strong vs. Poison
Weak vs. Fire

Barry (B), Erin (B), Cid (F)

Barry: We ain't through yet!

~~~Fight 5 more~~~
*Same as above*

Erin: They....just....won't go away!

~~~Fight 5 more~~~
*Same again*

Erin/Dryad: ENOUGH! Begone, I command you!
Savage Chieftain: Dryad? Is it really you?
Dryad: Yes, now please let us pass.
SC: What brings you back here, and why are you bringing foreigners?
Dryad: Well, you see......

02-24-2002, 07:46 PM
Due to Spatvark leaving, I'm presuming that he will no longer post here. Also, I think we can presume that the Final Fantasy Supreme game has been canceled. It looks like the life of this thread is down to me, Giga Guess and Final Freak. Unless of course Syun finds the time to contribute again.
If I find the time I might attempt to create a FFS game on RPGM2K, but I don't think it will nearly be as good as any attempt Spatvark would have made. If anyone else fancies a smash at it, feel free to take over as I completly suck at RPGM2K.
Sorry, I'll try and contribute to the story next time. I'm just not feeling up to it right now.

Giga Guess
02-26-2002, 05:55 PM
Works for me.

02-27-2002, 06:27 PM
too bad that Spatvark is leaving. He had extremly good ideas for the storyline (including the AA one).