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Mordax Praetorian
03-24-2009, 11:05 PM
<meta :bou::bou::bou::bou::bou::bou::bou::bou::bou::bou:="CONTENT-TYPE" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><title></title><meta name="GENERATOR" content="OpenOffice.org 3.0 (Win32)">:bou::bou::bou::bou::bou::bou::bou: type="text/css"> [!] @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } [/!] </style> The purpose of these tournaments is to further the prospect of seeing Dissidia at professional fighting events such as EVO

Currently, Dissidia has little chance of appearing at these events, as running a tournament from PSPs is awkward, ON FIRST IMPRESSION the game has less depth than other fighters, and because of the high amount of rule grey areas coming mostly from it's RPG elements

The primary short term aims of these tournaments, is to either prove or disprove beyond reasonable doubt, the widely held belief that allowing Dissidia's particular brand of Infinite Combos will lead to very dull matches with a very small selection of characters, and to show that, one way or another, Dissidia matches between skilled players can have just as much, if not more depth than other fighting games, and are exceptionally exciting -- Exactly what we need to show to overcome Dissidia's shortcomings with regards to tournament play

If you cannot participate in the tournaments yourself but have the game, a good way of helping the cause would be to volunteer to help referee by sending an E-Mail to the address for sign ups (below) with the title "Referee Volunteer", please be willing to get on whatever IM is used for the tournament as well

Please use this thread to discuss issues relating to the tournament, and to post resources (in text, thread or video form) to aid people in learning tricks or characters

Go forth and spread the word, direct as many players as possible to this thread

Tournament Platforms

Ideally, Tournament A (Infinites) will be conducted over the internet via X-Link Kai, and Tournament B (No-Infinites) over the internet via PSN, in order to incorporate as many players as possible

However, should one tournament have a half or less the total sign ups of the other, at the end of the 3rd week of selection (14<sup>th</sup> of April), then both tournaments will be moved to the other platform

Tournament Formats

Both tournaments will be Best of 3, except for the Semi Finals and Final, which will be best of 5

I would like for playoffs to be held if possible, as it increases the number of matchups that we see

Each attendee will be limited to a single character per tournament, chosen before either tournament at sign up, and will be forced to stick with that character until the end of the tournament

The character's equipped moves and other abilities may be changed between matches, and between individual games

After each session of play is finished, you must E-Mail me details of what abilities/moves your character had equipped in each game, so be sure to make a note of it, failure to send this list will result in the game being handed to your opponent (and having to play an extra decider if aplicable)

The equipping of Equipment, Accessories and Summons is barred - The primary goal of the tournament is to assess Infinites, and allowing any of these will muddy the water - Barring them here in no way constitutes a recommendation to Tournament Organisers to bar them as well, it is simply not the time to investigate them yet

The use of glitches to equip moves in menu fields they would otherwise not appear in, is also barred, if the CP of the moves/abilities in the list you send do not add up, or you use a move that is not on your list during a match, then you will have the game of the first transgression handed to your opponent (and have to play an extra decider if applicable), and on the second transgression you will be disqualified

Chaos and Cosmos rules will be enforced off

The legal arena pool for the tournament, is all of the arenas, with or without gimmicks

Up until the semi finals, a poll of players still in the tournament, and with a chance of winning, will decide the arena for the first game of all matches in that round

For the purposes of this poll, gimmick versions of arenas are counted as separate entries in the list, for example votes for "Ultimecia's Castle (Gimmick)" do not count towards "Ultimecia's Castle (Plain)", and indeed if you simply vote for "Ultimecia's Castle", your vote will be ignored

Should a tie in this poll occur, then the arena with the most votes for its other version (gimmik/plain) will win, should this also be tied, then the arena with the fewer appearances in the tournament prior to that point shall win

For the Semi Finals and Finals, this vote shall be run publicly on these forums, and any other forums containing this thread

No Arena Version may appear as the first arena of more than one round of the tournament

After the first game of a match, the loser of the previous game will pick the arena for the next game, no arena may make more than one showing in a match, this includes the other version of an arena that has already made a showing

Rules of Selection

Please E-Mail your sign ups to Mordax.Dissidia@googlemail.com with the subject line Dissidia Tournament Sign Up and then either Tournament A (for Infinites and X-Link Kai), Tournament B (for No-Infinites and PSN), or Tournaments A+B to sign up to both

When you sign up, you agree to play in both versions of the tournament if necessary, you agree that if the other platform should be abandoned, and its tournament moved to your platform, then you will play in both tournaments, Tournament A (Infinites) being held first

You also agree that you are willing to obtain and use any chosen Instant Messenger (IM) (including IRC if necessary), and an address for it for tournament purposes

You are encouraged to sign up for both tournaments if possible

With your sign up, you should include:
--Your Screen Names - This should include all of the names you are known as in the circles of Dissidia
--Which tournaments you are signing up for (in the message subject)
--The character you wish to play in each tournament
--The date upon which you are free to begin playing
--Any date after which you will be unable to play
--A list of IMs you would prefer to use for tournament purposes (note - if you do not want your IMs made public, I suggest registering a temporary IM address for the duration of the tournament)

If on Tuesday the 14th of April, if one tournament has twice the sign ups of the other, then the other platform shall be dropped, and the signees for the tournament with the greater number be required to play both, with TournamentA (Infinities) being the first

On Tuesday the 21st of April, sign ups will close, and the size for each tournament will be set at the maximum that can be made with the number of sign ups (8, 16, 32, etc)

If a tournament does not have at least 8 sign ups, then its platform will be dropped, and both tournaments played on the other platform, with the same set of players

If neither tournament has 8 sign ups, then registration will remain open until one of them does

Should both tournaments be moved to the same platform at any point, all players will be contacted, players on the dropped platform will be encouraged to sign up to the other platform, and players on the platform that is kept will be required to submit a character to use for the second tournament

Remember, that you agree to play in both tournaments if need be, and so withdrawing your sign up from one tournament at this stage, will count as withdrawing your sign up for both

Selection of signees to play in each tournament will be conducted as follows:
--Players who have signed up to both tournaments get first priority
--Players who signed up first have second priority
--Players who have restrictive time frames within which they can play, may be dropped in favour of those with less time constraints, however note that this will only happen if you become unable to play in the tournament less than four weeks after it would begin (or 8 weeks if the size is to be 32 players or more), or if starting the tournament late enough to accommodate some players would eliminate more players than it would allow by the first rule

The character you select will have no bearing on weather you are picked

If you sign up, and then wish to change your character, you may do so by sending another sign up E-Mail before the 21<sup>st</sup> of April, note that this will cancel your first sign up, and you will count as having signed up on the date of the latest sign up for selection purposes

Upon being picked you will be E-Mailed with confirmation of this and given the name of the IM most players prefer to use, you then have 48 hours to confirm your place by sending me your address on the named IM, after that time if you have not done this, your place will be passed down the line

If you decide to pick a character that is not level 100, then you will be disqualified at match 1, I should not have to force players to take the tournaments seriously, and making a mockery of them will not be tolerated


No Seeding shall occur, I shall assign each player a number between 1 and the number of players in the tournament, inclusive and in secret, whoever volunteers to be the other referee will then post the tournament brackets, without knowledge of who has what number, with the numbers arranged at random, another thread will then be created with the names and IM addresses plugged into the brackets

Voting will then occur for the first arena of round 1

Timing of matches

Please arrange match times with your opponent either on the forums, or over the IM chosen for the tournament, the deadline for completion of the matches will be given at the start of the round

As the deadline approaches I will begin badgering players that have not completed, and will attempt to force arrangements

If you cannot give an adequate reason for not playing the match before the deadline, you will be disqualified and the win given to your opponent

Rules of Play

TournamentA (Infinites) will have no rules on play

TournamentB (No-Infinites), will bar the use of a repeated move at any point in a combo, after a dodge cancel, with the sole exception that both versions Garland's High Bringer may be used once each

To clarify the wording of the play rule, if you use a move at any point in the combo before a dodge cancel, you may not use it again until the combo has finished, a combo finishes when the enemy player -- Gets up from the ground, Air Dodges, Air Dashes, Jumps, Steps/Dashes/Runs in any direction, Remains in the standing position, or air neutral(in control) for more than a few moments

All other actions will be allowed in both tournaments, including Dodge Cancelling, M-Cancelling and EX-Mode Cancelling

If you believe that your opponent has broken the play rule of the No-Infinites tournament, you are to play the match as if it did not happen, and then point it out afterwards

If upon watching a replay, I or another referee notice a breaking of that rule, for the first offense, victory of that game will be given to your opponent, and a 3rd game to decide the match played if needed. For the second offence you will be disqualified from the tournament

If either player drops from a game in progress, it us up to their opponent weather to play another game, or to claim victory, E-Mails must be sent to me from both players before any other games happen informing me of the decision made

Replays and Refereeing

The tournament shall be refereed by myself, and any number of volunteers who have Dissidia, but are unable to compete for whatever reason

Referees will be looking for breaks of the play rule in TournamentB, for cases where glitches have been used to put moves in places they shouldn't be, and for signs that people are using hacked games

On the subject of hacked games, you are allowed to hack your game to change the music selection, and to allow you to play online where you otherwise would not, but if you are found to be any hacks other than these, you will be disqualified

At the end of a game, both players are asked to save the replay and after the match is finished, send these to all referees in both raw format, and as a .avi, or more compressed video format, from your perspective (I can play nearly any video format, if there is an issue then I will contact you about it)

The best replay of each game, in my sole opinion, will be uploaded to You Tube, if anyone wants the raw replay file for a match to make a more stylish version then this will be provided after the tournament is finished

If one player cannot save or send a replay in this manner, they are asked to send a raw replay to a referee, who will then convert it, if no replay is received from a player, then the opponent's will be used for all decision making

If neither player sends a replay, then the game never happened, and it will need to be played again - No Footage = No Evidence

Advice to players

PLAY TO WIN - If you do not do this, then you are not helping the cause of Dissidia at tournaments as much as you could be, matches between 2 players who really want the victory are always more intense and more exciting, and will inevitably show a higher degree of skill

If you believe a character is underrated, then now is the perfect time to pick it and prove otherwise, if you decide not to use infinites in the infinites tournament, do it because you believe a character without is stronger anyway, not for some misplaced sense of honour

If you believe infinites are broken then play with them in the infinites tournament and prove it, if you believe that Dissidia without infinites is worth the professional scene, then play the tournament without with passion and skill, and prove it

If you aren't playing to win, you won't get as much out of the tournament, the people watching the replays won't get as much out of it, and the tournament organisers will put less stock in the evidence that your matches provide

I cannot stress how important it is to the cause that both tournaments are played through to the end, regardless of how dull or torturous either one may become

Do not try to make extra arrangements with your opponents before hand, if you arrange that neither of you will M-Cancel for example, and then your opponent uses it on you, we will not care, your arrangements do not change the rules of the match, and you are a fool for making them

03-25-2009, 05:54 PM
I love the advice to players xD