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Unbreakable Will
06-27-2009, 03:54 PM
OK, so everyone should know by now, but in case you dont... Michael Jackson is DEAD!!! Well, now to the point, the other night I was EXTREMELY tired, but for some reason I still couldn't fall asleep, so I started channel surfing. I came across the (and by the way how in the hell did they get this going so quickly? It's like they were planning for it..) Michael Jackson tribute. Well I watched it for a while, waiting for Thriller to come on for the 20th time today, and eventually drifted off to sleep. The dream started off with me going to the mailbox *woohoo!* and I saw a letter with my name on it. I opened up said letter and it was an invitation to MJ's funeral... Side Note:WTF?
Anyway, I ended up going. It was a good funeral I guess, MJ in his casket his other noses beside him, I almost expected Thriller to play and him jump out saying it was his big comeback. Well three days went by, in the dream mind you, and an emergency news broadcast came up. The announcer said that Michael Jackson had risen from the dead and he had proclaimed himself the Anti-Christ. Yeah, imagine this really happening, 30 year old women screaming, little boy children running to their closets wetting themselves from fear.

Well guys and gals, whats YOUR most fucked up dream of all time?

06-27-2009, 04:13 PM
i had a dream where i was admin........1 day i will be....