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08-05-2009, 05:19 PM
This thread is for submitting new creatures to the world. Creatures can be considered any type of monster or even a civilized race.

Some suggestions on what to cover when submitting new creatures:

Appearance, description of normal color, size, shape, etc.
Habitat, regions where the creature is normally found, sensitivity and comfort in certain environments, living habits, etc.
Diet, what types of foods the creature consumes, how it does so, how often it feeds, etc.
Disposition, normal mood of the creature i.e. aggressive/helpful/annoying/shy, partiality to certain other creatures, whether they stay in groups or are solitary creatures, etc.
Rarity, how common or widespread the creature is, if the creature has a known reputation
Appeal, if the creature is hunted, what parts of it are harvested, what are its uses, can it be tamed, etc.

Loony BoB
08-05-2009, 05:22 PM
"or even a civilized race" - we should restrict how many we have to avoid overdoing that end of things. :p Just come up with a set of races that you want and then expand on them rather than inviting for new ones to continually be made.

Aerith's Knight
08-06-2009, 09:33 PM
I still have a creature list from the previous Eizon if you want it. You could change the names and it would at least circumvent a lot of work.

08-07-2009, 02:40 AM
Merglargs! They pose as people but they steal the young of the races for a grand stew!

Aerith's Knight
08-07-2009, 09:49 AM
Mmmmm... stew.

08-07-2009, 12:07 PM
"or even a civilized race" - we should restrict how many we have to avoid overdoing that end of things. :p Just come up with a set of races that you want and then expand on them rather than inviting for new ones to continually be made.

I like the idea but I'd also like to keep things as creatively open as possible. Maybe a set list of "playable" or "mainstream" civilized races, so that others can be added into the storyline and roleplaying parts?

I still have a creature list from the previous Eizon if you want it. You could change the names and it would at least circumvent a lot of work.

You can submit them if you want, but I'll consider most everything from an earlier Eizon to be less creative than something new. :monster:

Merglargs! They pose as people but they steal the young of the races for a grand stew!

Good start! What do they look like when they're not posing as people? By the way, what do you mean by "people"? Do they dress up or shapeshift or what when they're posing? Where do they live? Details!

Also, sounds like something Roogle's already made up. :shifty:

Mmmmm... stew.


08-07-2009, 01:28 PM
Technically, races are considered to be creatures. Let's leave them here in this thread. We should make sure that we finalize the main races first, though.

Rocket Edge
08-07-2009, 02:12 PM
Name: Azergile

Looks simillar to a wolf, is slightly smaller, but approx. the small wight. White fur covers it's whole body, however it's coat can change during the weather. If it is raining for example, it's coat will turn to a dirty coloured grey, however it can also turn to a beautiful golden yellow under the sun. It's coat was seen glowing in the dark a handful of times by people, but no one know's why this is.
Little sketch:

Habitat & Sensitivity
Azergile is an adapt creature that can live in harsh conditions, while being a very clever hunter, working in packs and making use of its instincts. Therefore it is widespread throughout the world of Eizon. It is a very shy creature by nature, refraining from confrontation and especially from the civilised race(s). It prefers to come out at night for hunting purposes, but can often be seen in the day grazing under trees in deserted terrain.

Since it's a predator, it's diet consists of mostly small living creatures, however in desperation this creature is known to kill above it's own weight. Remember that this creature is extremely agile and possesses killer instincts, as well as hunting in packs.

The mood of the Azergile is surprisingly calm and unbeat. It prefers to play with its race rather than disrupt anything. This is why attempts have been made to make the creature a pet.

Rarity & Appeal
Although this creature is widespread throughout the world of Eizon, it is seen seldomly. This is due to the Azergile's fear of humans and urban areas. It prefers to stay in places where it is almost out in obsurity. If you go looking for this race however, chances are you will find it. It's appeal is chiefly down to its coat. Many are fascinated with it as even when hunted, the coat doesn't decompose, and still reflects the mood of the weather.

Loony BoB
08-07-2009, 02:52 PM
I kinda agree with 404 (oh ho ho, seeing deleted posts :D) in that races should have a seperate thread, or at least be identified in the original post once we settle on them. I think inviting a constant stream of races would only result in too many races as everyone will want their slight twist on the races. Also, it would lead to too many races being too similar too each other, something I personally dislike. If people have a case for a new race being invented for any reason then I think we as a group should decide on it rather than just saying "Okay, you made up a race, sounds good!"

But maybe one or two more 'minor' races in addition to just the Shumi might work out okay. But they should only have a very, very small space. Makes 'em special ;)

Aerith's Knight
08-07-2009, 04:06 PM
How about Centaurs? Or sea-dwellers?

08-07-2009, 08:27 PM
Azergile accepted.

When we get the prominent races finished, I'll edit them into the first post in this thread.

Edit: The following have been adapted from Eizon: Rebirth:

Eparah - An Eparah is an ethereal being that serves a god or goddess. Depending on the alignment of the deity, the Eparah may have holy, mischievous, or even evil intentions. Usually sent as messengers that take a person to the world of the afterlife, they quickly flit into existence and grasp the person, taking them back to their master. An Eparah has no physical description since it can change its shape and hardly any have ever been seen by living people. If their master wills it, they can be issued orders to defend those that worship their deity or attack those that seek to cause harm those that worship them.

Festrina - An enormous plant that consists of a main body with 10-20 vines. The main body is shaped like a gigantic rose blossom. Normally, an adult Festrina's vines are between 1-2 feet thick and range from 50-200 feet in length. Festrinae are omnivorous and use their vines to snare their prey then bring it to the main body for consumption. Only dwelling in deep forests, they are rarely seen until they have you in their grip. At night, if the main body is subjected to moonlight, they secrete a liquid from their vines called Moonglaze.

Geoite - Geoites are giant mountain-dwelling humanoids that hibernate through the summer months. They range in color depending on the surrounding climate from off-white to dark brown. A Geoite's skin is rough and very close to rock-like in texture making them extremely hard to spot in mountainous terrain and very durable creatures. Only Lyrae (rock-eating worms) and well-trained Hunters can distinguish a Geoite from a rock at any distance. They are very territorial and attack/eat people of all races that enter their "homes", which are usually small caves or outcroppings in mountains. A Geoite's biological make-up is almost identical to a Hume's with the one main difference being their bodies only contain 1 pint of blood. Geoite's blood can be diluted through alchemy to make a solution that cures petrification.

Lyra - Giant, stubby worms. Their size is easily comparable to the mass of an average chocobo; almost bloblike. Generally subterranean, they eat all types of rock formations (Meteos and Hard Stones being delicacies of sorts) as well as the occasional plantlife. Massive tunnels and labyrinths underground are sometimes made by these creatures, but more commonly they will consume the earth in a way that fashions pits or holes. Lyrae ooze their waste out of their hides, which changes in properties depending on their rock diet.

Rho - By using evil black magic, powerful mages can call upon magical energy and fuse it to an inanimate object. Upon the entrance of an object, this energy becomes a Rho, a warped and malicious spirit that desires only to be freed from its prison. When in the vicinity of an object possessed by a Rho, most people will feel an extreme urge to examine it. If the possessed object comes in contact with a living person, the Rho transfers itself into that being and assumes total control over its actions. In order to be freed, the Rho's host must die, so it will do anything in its host's power to cause it to destroy themself. When dead, the Rho returns to its original magical energy state. A Rho is only created with the intention of death or chaos and can only be destroyed with the death of its creator.

Skisk - A common rodent of all areas of Annifontia, Skisks are easily described as a cross between a skunk and a meerkat. Their fur is completely black and their skin is usually a pale yellow-white. Skisks have a defense mechanism similar to a skunk's in that they spray liquid at their aggressor. The scent of the liquid is not necessarily disgusting but causes temporary blindness so the Skisk can escape. Skisks eat small to medium insects and are actively preyed upon by Azergile. They are commonly poached animals whose pelts are tanned and used in the making of leather accessories.

I felt I should only adapt my own earlier creations since some of you may want to do the same with yours.