View Full Version : Introduction to Eizon: Rediscovery (Read First)

08-05-2009, 05:29 PM
Welcome to Eizon! Using our ideas and creativity, we can build our own world with our imagination as our only limitation. All members of the site are welcome to contribute and encouraged to be as in-depth as you want to be. Don't forget that part of what will make this enjoyable is working off of other people's ideas as well as your own. Feel free to do so!

So here's how this works: The pinned threads with "contributions" in the titles are where we'll post our ideas for the many elements that will effect the world. Each thread describes some suggestions for each contribution and lists some examples of how they can be used. If you want to submit an idea for a creature, post it in the Creature Contributions thread, etc. Before long, we'll have countless ideas listed of what makes up Eizon.

Also, art for any of the contributions that are submitted is wholly welcome and downright encouraged. Having a visual can be far more powerful than a thought most of the time.

I assume it's safe to say that the basis of Eizon will be centered around a Final Fantasy-type environment. If that's not the consensus view, well then we can discuss it in General Eizon Discussion (http://forums.eyesonff.com/eizon-rediscovery/126433-general-eizon-discussion.html)!

There is a World Map thread which we can use to discuss the layout of the overall picture of the world. An image is pretty much mandatory! Keep in mind that the world map doesn't have to stay the same and should change constantly as new locations are added. Upkeep of the world map image can be done by anyone as long as it stays consistant with previous versions.

The Announcements Board thread will be updated regularly with interesting news bits about the world. It can be thought of as a want-ad or news posting similar to the boards used for starting hunts in FFXII. Any breaking news across Eizon will be posted here, along with quest advertisements from NPCs and various local announcements.

Now, for the juicy interactive parts! Roleplaying and location management have been integral ingredients of the past Eizons and it will remain that way this time, also. You won't have to worry about the specifics of mircomanagement dealing with your characters' abilities and statistics or your cities' various calculations. Simply put, all you have to do is use your imagination and point things in the direction you want them to go.

For roleplaying a character, just start a new topic in this forum with the name of your character as the title. Same goes for managing a city; make a new topic with the city's name as the title. Please limit only 1 character and 1 city per member. Also, if you're going to do both, then it would work best if your character was from your city. My reasoning behind this is to lighten the load on each person that way they don't get bogged down and think that there is too much required of them, therein burning them out on the whole thing. It'll also allow more focus on the individual characters or cities and make it easier to enrich the parts of Eizon that already exist.

Post the following information in your introductory post when creating a character:
Full Name (if different than just the title of the thread)
Job (or loose description of a station in life)

Post the following information in your introductory post when claiming a city to manage:
Name (should be the title of the thread, also)
Additional information not covered in the Locations thread
Introduction speech, covering the general direction in which you plan to take the city

As a final touch, I thought I'd add a fun bit of playability here, as well. I like to call them Eizon Points. Earning Eizon points is as easy as using your imagination and creativity. The more you contribute to Eizon, the more it will reward you. The more creative you are in your roleplaying, city management, and contributions, the more Eizon Points you'll get. You can redeem your points in certain situations during roleplaying and city management. The exact details can't be explained. You'll just have to find out for yourselves!

Please note, however, that roleplaying and city management will be held back until we have a good foundation of the general Eizon environment.

Also, I think it goes without saying that all forum rules must be followed here without exception to the rest of the forums.

Where can we comment on how badly oddler is running Eizon? We can do that in the General Eizon Discussion thread, of course, as well as compliment others on their creativity and discuss other things that are Eizon-related.

So, let's get busy throwing out ideas! Above all, let's make Eizon our own, and let's have some fun! :choc2: