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10-03-2009, 11:20 PM
my old psp can't play games (long story) so i'm thinkin of gettin a psp go. i thought since i'm gettin a new one might as well get a l8er one. though all of da draw backs like only downloadin games, n it havin a little bit lower LCD n others things i don't remember. so i was just thinkin of gettin da dissidia psp bundle, so which one is better

10-04-2009, 05:48 AM
well if you're concerned about having a slick model, the psp-3000 is really thin and feels great so I wouldn't say you'd be compromising a lot of style getting a 3000, plus you can still get download games and prices are going down and capacity is going up on memory cards/readers.

Personally, I'm getting a PSP Go b/c it's more ergonomic for my hands, i like the sleekness of it, and it's a little more compact, and thus more feasible as an MP3 player, the storage will help me get the most out of watching videos on the go. Plus I like that it has blue tooth so I can use a sixaxis/dualshock 3 on it for controls.

But if a game you really want has a bundle, there's no reason not to get a psp-3000 for much cheaper. You could really go either way.

10-04-2009, 06:51 AM
Go check some reviews of the go and you'll realize that it's not even a serious question.

PSPGo = bigger price, less features, huge pain in the ...

Especially considering you use to have a working PSP means you have a library of games... none of which are playable on the Go. Don't shoot yourself in the foot by getting one.

To itemize some of the downsides.

-You can only download games. This is a feature available to the 3000, so it's not like it's special. Considering the bad decision on wireless, the Go is just as slow as the 3000 on connection. That means downloading games will take a long time. Also, it has been discovered that it doesn't save your progress if you lose your connection. Welcome to dial-up circa 1995 downloading hassles.

-Smaller screen. Sure, I guess squeezing more into less space makes things look potentially crisper, but realistically the size is probably better.

-The location of the thumb nub is poor and in general holding one doesn't look comfortable. From many reviewers this has been confirmed as being a problem.

-The new USB connection is some BS proprietary device. No longer will you be able to use standard mini-USB plugs that work with most other devices (like cameras and such). Enjoy that added cost on top of it all.

Seriously... I had a thread on this about a month back and as more info surfaced about the Go it became very obvious the choice to make. I was gonna pick up a 3000 on black Friday, but my wife surprised me with it instead after a discussion about the pros and cons. No regrets honestly. As the reviews have started coming out I really think the Go is relatively doomed.


Another point...

-If you can only buy games from Sony... Sony controls the price. No special deals from Amazon (I just got GoW for 4 bucks). You won't be able to get any great sales at the store due to clearance (got Madworld for 12 bucks the other day). Sony will set the price and it will be full price. If we both spent 40 bucks on Dissidia.... you'd get the game. I'd get the manual, a box, and a disc... not to mention a decent bit of extra room left on my mem stick that's not being wasted on games I could've had on UMD.

If Sony wanted to be smart they would've at least made the games slightly cheaper than retail considering you're getting nothing solid for your money. They really need to find a way to allow people to use their old libraries with this most recent system.

10-04-2009, 02:02 PM
it has also been discovered that the Go's loading times are no faster than the 2000/3000, so that nonsense about faster loading times because of it being all in the memory has been proven false... Joystiq has a good review on the Go, you might wanna check that out as well...