View Full Version : Favorite GIL farming spots, early and late (spill the beans)

12-04-2009, 12:51 AM
So i searched the best i could to see if there was a thread about gil farming spots. found none, so i decided to make this thread after being inspired by the Ap sweetspot thread.

so put it in a format like this with these lables
=ancient library=
=jachol cave=
=wind shrine=

"world 1"
"world 2"
"world 3"

put needed transportation device in brackets like this

[black chocobo]

and put a safe level range for the area like this

sorry if this seems a bit complicated, but it might make the usual wall of text some people type out a bit easier to spot needed info.

well ill start a bit myself

"world 1" [black chocobo] =small forest just east of easterly= <21-30> you have two groups that can spawn that give great ap and gill, ramuh can spawn if you defeat him you can learn to summon him. the other spawn is mini dragons, use lightning scrolls/techs on it and they give a bout 1250 exp and 900 gill and 5 ap.

12-12-2009, 06:39 PM
Prototype in World 1. Any level works as long as you have Control.
Statues in World 2. Any level works as long as you have L5 Doom or Soft.