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Wolf Kanno
03-01-2010, 12:24 AM
I love the job class system in FFV and was curious to know what everyone's favorite set-ups were. What classes do you feel were the best, which ones could be better, which ones were only good as sub-jobs, and which ones were just plain terrible.

03-01-2010, 05:11 AM
This looks somehow familiar.
GOOD -------------------------
Knight - Useful fall back for most of the game, and if you keep a character as a knight from the very beginning of the game you can learn Double Grip fairly early for a large advantage the rest of the game.

Monk - One of the most useful classes in the game, just for the ability to have all of your spell casters learn Brawl to make random battles easier. Good damage, but I would rather have a Knight just because I think swords are cool.

Mystic Knight - With Double Grip (which you can have had your knight learn by the time you get this) the Mystic Knight is a boss destroying machine. Very useful, though I never got too attached to the class for some reason.

Dragoon - Unfortunately I didn't find dragoons all that useful in FFV, but I still love the class all the same. Goes in good even though it doesn't deserve it.

Samurai - Only useful in combination with Double Grip or Dual Wield, but Slash! is a very OP skill once you learn it.

Black Mage - I would never lug one through a dungeon if it wasn't for brawl. Shines on elementally weak bosses, but like most games if I don't have enough MP to use magic every battle I tend to lose interest in casting classes. Still valuable to bring along though.

BAD -------------------------
Thief - Terrible class, I only ever have it equiped at the end of the game to grind out the very useful support abilities. Totally not worth dragging one arround for though.

Berserker - I love not being able to control my characters....

Beastmaster - Never found out how to use these effectively.

Geomancer - Ditto, though bypassing damage floors is a good ability to know.

Ranger - No use for this class other than X-Fight!

Bard - No use for this class at all

Dancer - See Bard

Chemist - See Bard and Dancer

UGLY -------------------------
White Mage - The fact that you can have classes shift into White Mage between battles to heal mitigates the usefulness of this class. Still, Brawl lets them carry their weight.

Blue Mage - I never researched Blue Magic, so I never used this class. I'm guessing like in most games Blue Magic is OP if you know what you are doing.

Red Mage - Nice and strong when you get them, then peter out. Just like any good jack of all trades.

Time Mage - Never had that much of a use for them, only redeeming feature was that they could act as a White or Black Mage as well as a Time Mage.

Summoner - Fun to use, but I didn't find it all that better than any other classes.

Ninja - I wasn't to high on the Ninja, it seemed like they had average damage output but high vulnerability. Of course Dual Weild is undisputedly an excellent ability to know.

(Wow, I just got a look at the FFV:A extra classes on FF wiki, and I have to say all the sprites look terrible.)

03-02-2010, 07:17 PM
The Good

Knight - Beastly.

White Mage - I need that healing.

Black Mage - I need that magic.

Time Mage - They used Slow right?

Samurai - Can also be beastly.

Dragoon - I just think the name is cool and it reminds of Legend of the Dragoon.


The Bad

Thief - I always find them useless in every FF game.

Beserker - See above Velo sarcasm.

The Ugly

All the others because I cba to use them.

Flying Mullet
03-02-2010, 07:57 PM
The thread title made me think we were going to talk about which of Boko's chicks/kids were good, bad or ugly.

03-03-2010, 01:15 AM
The thread title made me think we were going to talk about which of Boko's chicks/kids were good, bad or ugly.

We could do that too

03-08-2010, 05:07 AM

Samurai - good evade, good weapons, giltoss

Mystic Knight - sword magic is very good


Knight - the staple


Time Mage - meteor not good enough


Berserker - wtf

Bard - not useless but almost