View Full Version : Task 6

03-27-2010, 11:19 PM
I want to just close this and forget about it, but a lot of people worked hard so I feel like I should give some explanation.

I was originally entirely against running this competition. I feel like I was kind of forced into it. That said, I decided to make it my version of fun. I tried to make it hard, so that people who weren't serious about it would quit. More people were serious about it than I had expected, but I was impressed and thought it was cool. I felt things were going better than expected overall.

Now we have a rule in the Staff Forum that one person, if they really want to, can veto something. Basically, there is no winner of this competition. After being forced into running this competition, criticized by other staff and few but very vocal members, and now denied the ability to actually knight someone at all, I think it's time to just cut our losses.

I have written up entirely how I feel about this situation in the Staff Forum, and I hope to see it handled as I've requested. If you have any further comments or concerns you should direct them to Psychotic. I'll be playing my video games, which I haven't had time for all week.

To the contestants: You did an awesome, awesome job. I don't care what certain other people have to say, I was impressed and had a lot of fun with you.