View Full Version : Yogurt!

03-28-2010, 12:48 AM
I love yogurt. I eat it for breakfast every day! And sometimes I just eat it! Right now I've got some blueberry yogurt. What's your favorite flavor? :3

03-28-2010, 12:05 PM
I also really like yogurt. Banana/pear is nice, and so is strawberry. But as for a favourite it's probably something like blueberry and one with different kinds of berries.

Yogurt with fruit, muesli and then honey on top is sooooo good.

03-28-2010, 12:08 PM
When it comes to yogurt, I like any sort of berry flavour.


Meat Puppet
03-28-2010, 02:09 PM
I like smearing it all over my body

Rebellious Eagle
03-28-2010, 03:53 PM
Yogurt is awesome. I eat it every day. I like the Yoplait Boston Cream Pie one. <3

03-28-2010, 04:01 PM
I am recently trying eating yogurt instead of milk with my cereal. Also trying out some new brands of cereal. Crazy I know but that's just how I am I guess, I like living on the edge

03-28-2010, 04:04 PM
Anything Berry or Banana Yogurt does it for me!

Sometimes if my stomach is out of whack.. I have plain yogurt with rice sprinkled with sugar...

Not too appetizing but it helps to flush the nasties...

03-28-2010, 06:40 PM
I actually can't stand yogurt. At all.


03-28-2010, 06:54 PM
Lemon yogurt is awesome.

The Summoner of Leviathan
03-28-2010, 07:05 PM
Anything but plain. :D

03-28-2010, 07:24 PM
Yogurt is awesome. I like getting rings for everyone and turning them to Yogurt, making an army of awesomeness!

03-28-2010, 07:29 PM
Anything but plain. :D

03-28-2010, 07:31 PM
Strawberry Banana yogurt is great!

vinnie's mini's
03-28-2010, 10:56 PM
I'm not a huge fan of yogurt but every now and again I really fancy some.

Apricot yogurt is to die for though :jess:

03-28-2010, 11:08 PM
I only eat yogurt with 0,1% fat or less. Some yogurts are loaded with sugar, but you can actually buy some with less that taste just as good (and better) than those calorie bombs.

Ace Protorney
03-29-2010, 12:44 AM
I enjoy a good yogurt, but it's a dairy product, and as such, it is a food that I have to avoid. :/

03-29-2010, 12:31 PM
I had this french cheesecake flavoured yoghurt (why is spell check saying there is a "h" in this word, it makes no sense) once and it was goddamn delicious.

03-29-2010, 02:36 PM
Blend it with frozen Strawbees!

03-29-2010, 06:43 PM
Strawberry, with no bits! Always.

03-29-2010, 06:45 PM
Yogurt is yummy :p

03-29-2010, 07:46 PM

Other than that, I hate yogurt with a passion. :greenie: