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06-02-2010, 06:42 PM
Yeah, I retired from playing FFXI in October of 09 due to the fact that I barely have no time to play it since I decided to go back to school to study Medical coding and billing. So I decided to make this thread to show what I have accomplished in my 3 years of playing. Let's start off with main job, which was 75 DRG. Here was the following items I have obtained:

Weapon: Thalassocrat(augmented with DEX+1 and Attack+5), Cletine(which I use when I'm soloing with /BLU sub)

Subweapon - Pole Grip

Ammo - Smart Grenade

Head - Ace's Helm, Patroclus's Helm(fulltimed this before I got Ace's Helm), Voyager Sallet

Neck - Peacock Amulet(took me 3 weeks to get this)

Earrings - Fenrir's Earring(used it during it the day only), Ethereal Earring(stopped using Fenrir's earring to fulltime this), Brutal Earring, Dragoon's Earring(angon macro only)

Body - Aurum Cuirass, Askar Korazin(which I used before I got Aurum), Assault Jerkin(which I used before I got Askar)

Hands - Dusk Gloves(Augmented with DEX+3, VIT-2, INT-2), Aurum Gauntlets(fulltimed this until I got Dusk), Hecatomb Gauntlets(ws macro)

Rings - Ulthalam's Ring, Rajas Ring, Flame Ring(ws macro)

Back - Forager's Mantle

Waist - Swift Belt, Warwolf belt(WS macro)

Legs - Homam Cosciales, Aurum Cuisses(WS macro)

Feet - Aurum Sabatons, Hecatomb Leggings(WS macro)

Subjobs for DRG - WAR, SAM, BLU

Well these were my accomplishments for my character. As for the game itself, here is what I accomplished:

Completed CoP, RotZ, and ToAU ONLY as a 75 DRG

Did Sky, Dynamis, Limbus ONLY as a 75 DRG. Obtained Dynamis-Xarcabard but I never did it.

Took me only 1 or 2 tries on the following items: Assault Jerkin, Empress Hairpin, Bounding Boots, Askar Korazin, Mushroom Helm, Aurum Sabatons, Almah Torque, Dodo skin, Aurum Cuirass.

Able to obtain Destroyers from Western Shadow(MNK was gonna be my next 75 job, but I was only able to reach 55 before I retired).

Able to obtain the WS "Drakesbane" from Nyzul Isle

Able to reach floor 80 on Nyzul Isle(my static disbanded for some reason, but I was content with reaching to floor 80)

Completed CoP 6-4 WITHOUT the use of /NIN subjob.(Believe it or not, I used /WAR. I found Double Attack to be so useful. My NIN was gimped anyway, it was only 25 and it didn't have Utsusemi ><)

Completed Divine Might and Apocalypse Nigh

So there you have it. These are my accomplishments in my 3 years of playing this game. I think I did pretty good. And the fact that I did all this stuff as a DRG(face it, it was my only 75 job :p), I find that to be impressive. So what are your thoughts on my accomplishments? Do you think I did good or should I have done better?

Del Murder
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Del Murder
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Maybe we can all post our extended character profiles like you did. I'd be interested to see how others gear their characters (especially that gear elitist Ouch!) and what missions they've accomplished. I'll work on mine later.

06-02-2010, 11:18 PM
Maybe we can all post our extended character profiles like you did. I'd be interested to see how others gear their characters (especially that gear elitist Ouch!) and what missions they've accomplished. I'll work on mine later.

Ask and ye shall receive:

Idling (http://www.ffxiah.com/item_sets.php?id=113658)
Resting (http://www.ffxiah.com/item_sets.php?id=113659)
Healing Magic (http://www.ffxiah.com/item_sets.php?id=113661)
Dark Magic (http://www.ffxiah.com/item_sets.php?id=113662)
Elemental Magic (http://www.ffxiah.com/item_sets.php?id=113654)
White Enfeebling Magic (http://www.ffxiah.com/item_sets.php?id=113652)
Black Enfeebling Magic (http://www.ffxiah.com/item_sets.php?id=113609)
Fast Cast (refresh, haste, raise, ninjitsu, etc.) (http://www.ffxiah.com/item_sets.php?id=159922)

The list above is non-exhaustive. There are some more subtle gear changes involved for certain spells (a maximum INT+ gear set used for elemental debuffs or enhancing magic gear, for example) that are minute variances of the above and do not warrant the effort of creating a gear profile on FFXIAH.

As far as missions go: (Windurst) Rank 10, (Zilart) The Sealed Shrine, (Promathia) The Secrets of Worship, (Altana) The Long March North, (Assault) Lance Corporal, (Campaign) Starlight Medal), A Crystalline Prohpesy (Fin.), A Moogle Kupo d'Etat (Fin.), and Shantotto in Chains. Been slacking in these. Currently working on Wings of the Goddess to prepare for Visions of Abyssia; I'll go ahead and just burn through COP after the level caps are removed. I have no shame!

Del Murder
06-03-2010, 12:28 AM
Well I don't have the skillz of Ouch! to create cool looking FFXIAH gear sets so I'll just list mine:

Character: Tmoney
Race: Tarutaru
Main Job: BLU
Support Jobs: NIN, THF, DNC, WAR, RDM, WHM (but usually NIN)


Main Weapon: Perdu Hanger
Sub Weapon: Koggelmander, Genbu's Shield
Ranged Weapon: Junior Musketeer's Chakram +2
Ammo: Bibiki Seashell
Head: Walahra Turban, Anwig Salade (STR +4 WS Acc +15, Acc +10 Atk +5), Mirage Keffiyeh, Magus Keffiyeh +1, Homam Zucchetto
Neck: Peacock Charm, Chivalrous Chain, Promise Badge
Ears: Suppanomimi, Brutal Earring, Minuet Earring, Ethereal Earring
Body: Mirage Jubbah, Magus Jubbah +1, Assault Jerkin, Errant Houppelande
Hands: Dusk Gloves, Pallas's Bracelets, Mirage Bazubands
Fingers: Rajas Ring, Ulthalam's Ring, Flame Ring
Back: Mirage Mantle, Smilodon Mantle +1, Amamet Mantle +1
Waist: Swift Belt, Warwolf Belt, Anrin Obi
Legs: Homam Cosicales, Mirage Shalwar, Desultor Tassets (Cure +5%, Movement +8%)
Feet: Homam Gambieras, Denali Gamashes

I'll go back later and color code this list for specific tasks. :) Also if I feel like it later I'll do PLD but I don't really play PLD anymore. BLU is too awesome!


Windurst Mission: Rank 10
San d'Oria Mission: Rank 10
Bastok Mission: Rank 10
Rize of the Zilart Mission: Completed (including Divine Might)
Chains of Promathia Mission: Completed (including Apocalypse Nigh)
Treasures of Aht Ugn Mission: Completed
Assault Rank: Captain
Wings of the Goddess Mission: The current last one (will get the name later)
Windurst (S) Mission: Current final one
San d'Oria (S) Mission: Blood of Heroes
Bastok (S) Mission: Current final one
Campaign Medal: Medal of Altana
A Crystalline Prophecy Mission: Completed
A Moogle Kupo d'Etat Mission: Completed
A Shantotto Asscention Mission: Completed
Dynamis: Defeated Dynamis Lord, have Tavnazania access
Limbus: Defeated Proto-Ultima and Proto-Omega
Sky: Defeated all gods including Kirin
Sea: Defeated all Jailers including Jailer of Love

06-03-2010, 01:00 AM
Didn't even know you played FFXI.

06-03-2010, 02:06 AM
Didn't even know you played FFXI.

o.O I would post in the recent accomplishments thread for 2007-2009 and sometimes would make threads here lol

Legs: Desultor Tassets (Cure +5%, Movement +8%)

Is this a new item from one of the last updates? Never seen it before, but overall, nice BLU gear :)

06-03-2010, 02:17 AM
It's one of the three pairs of pants you can choose after beating A Shantotto Ascension; those are two of the many augments it can have. Interesting choice. More utility than the PDT-4% I see most people pairing with the movement speed.

Del Murder
06-03-2010, 02:28 AM
Well I don't use it for kiting, mostly just general running around, which you do a lot of in this game. So PDT-4% was kind of useless to me while 5% cure was useful since BLU does have cure spells.

06-03-2010, 03:24 AM
Aye, exactly. I'm just not too sold on the PDT-4% for kiting unless you've already got a good chunk of PDT reduction gear on hand, and BLU doesn't have very many realistically obtainable pieces for that (at least none coming to me off the top of my head).