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09-07-2010, 05:58 PM
I was wondering after mostly lurking here for the past 5 or so years what kinds of games the EoFFers had in their collections. You're welcome to post pics and/or links (and lists of course!), but I'm not sure of the rules pertaining to pics since I rarely ever post anything like that here.

I have somewhere around 90 pics of the majority of my collection here:
Video Games pictures by astronastroll - Photobucket (http://s1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa341/astronastroll/Video%20Games/)

This is a list of most of the games I have:
Chris Lastname's Page on 1UP.com (http://www.1up.com/do/my1Up?publicUserId=6079636)

Click on the collection tab and you'll see it. That collection is actually incomplete as I'm still looking through my stuff to see just what else I have.

I know some of the pictures are crap; nothing I can really do about it except get a better camera. Also I didn't get to pull all the game boxes out either so I found it easier to take pics of them while they're in my CD books. For the cartridges almost none of them other than my DS games have boxes.

As an added thing to help promote discussion maybe we should tell the other users which games of yours were hardest to find. In my case it was Forever Kingdom and Fire Pro Wrestling A, hands down.

Forever Kingdom on its own took me almost 7 years to find in any capacity, and when I got it it was around 40 bucks (seriously, it got to the point where I thought the game had been scrapped until I saw it at Buybacks a quarter of a block away from me!).

Fire Pro Wrestling A was a game I'd also wanted for a while but never found until I saw it at the flea market. A nice lady was selling it for 7 bucks, and it's the real deal too.

If anybody wants to know anything about certain games let me know.