View Full Version : Garula... Before the Boss Battle??

10-22-2010, 11:39 PM
Interesting enough... I found one!

I was playing FF5 today (have it ON MY ANDROID! How cool is that?!) and I found a Garula on the beach area (BEACH ONLY) outside of Carwen after getting the first crystals.

Amazingly enough, he doesn't attack. He just sits there then randomly leaves. All I got was 1 ABP and nothing else for just standing there. I managed to kill it once and got 5 ABP :eek:

Pretty interesting. Perhaps it's a glitch? Or is there one really there?

10-23-2010, 10:16 AM
Garula is some kid's pet which he lets walk around freely. If you talk to the kid, he'll tell you that garuda is harmless and asks you to please not harm it. It is intentional.

10-25-2010, 08:40 PM
It could be that Garula is a reference to the supposedly harmless Antlion of Final Fantasy IV. Garula, in battle, does not attack very well by himself and only counterattacks once attacked much like the Antlion.