View Full Version : Type of a bubble games which you can enjoy

10-29-2010, 06:54 AM
We have already discussed about their games sonic bad shooter, pooper bubbles and bubble fairy here are some more bubble games to make you happy just like bubble shooter.

The game bubble trouble is very strategic game. In order to play and earn points you need to learn how to strike a balance between the spearing bubbles and avoiding bubble those falling in your area to save your life. This game is very cunning to play when you play with multiple payers; this game is available in both single and multiple versions.

The funny game soap bubble in which you just have to steer the bubble through a very complex set up and avoiding the obstacles. This game does not require any strategy or anything but you must have a good control on your mouse pointer. In this game points earned by progressing the level as well as on the distance covered.

The game puzzle bubble requires control on two dragons in which the dragon spits he fire shots and the player means you have to make such situation that it hits three balls of same color which causes them falling by earning you lot of points. The number of pints your earned greatly depend on the number of balls that fall. This games become harder and harder when the level progresses and it can go up till the level no 8. Lesser effort but more accuracy is required in playing these games.

You have seen that these games are real easy to learn and play, none of them require more efforts, so what are you thinking if you are searching for a thrilling experience by soft bubbles just take the challenge and pop them out. I suggest you start with the puzzle bubble shooter.

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