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11-01-2010, 04:31 PM
Don't know if anybody else has this game, but I've just achieved the rank of Colonel and I'm working on getting medals for the Heavy Armor and Disguise skills. I'm finding it incredibly hard to get ribbons at this point (due to everybody's level of skill), and I'm wondering if anybody had some advice on which skill works best on what maps, and how to effectively use the skills. I'd appreciate it so I don't accumulate the ribbons painfully slow.

11-02-2010, 07:44 PM
Well, for Heavy Armor, don't you just need to boost 10 times in a match? That's not particularly hard.

As for Disguise, there's not much to say about it. Don't use it when you're obviously heading from where the enemy will be. Experienced players know how to see right off the bat that an enemy is disguised (ex: Helghast-impersonators don't have lit up eyes). Instead try to get to like a side of a level of where anyone could be going anywhere and disguise then. Time your shot wisely since your disguise will expire if you hit an enemy without killing them soon enough.

I've gotten the Platinum in this game - being in the top 1% of leaderboards in one week - so I can answer any questions you got, could be a little more specific, though?

11-03-2010, 02:40 PM
I realized the boost medal shouldn't be too hard, but the disguise ribbon advice is welcomed. Any maps you think where one would be more effective than the other?

Boost is awesome with "capture the flag" type events, and disguise has worked well in Assassination missions . . . I could use a lot more advice on which maps disguise works best on, and which missions (from your experience.)

Thanks again.

11-03-2010, 05:07 PM
Well the Killzone map design really shines with its multiple and sometimes nonobvious paths around the levels, so I could maybe give a few off that which work.

Salumun Market - there's side alleys from out of your spawn that you can find which weave through, and come to the capture & hold areas, I believe, where there are sentry turrits (there are two because this is a symmetrical aspect of the map). Although you'll be heading the opposite direction of the enemy, anyone you run into will probably know you're in disguise. But once you exit you pretty much come to the central street where the enemy will be heading, and you'll be facing their side. This'll be great to pick off at least one kill.

Radec Academy - definitely go up the stairs from your Spawn and try to work your way to the large open room adjacent to the central courtyard (there's many pillars, and a large recess in the middle. You may want to hide in the recess hidden, anyone who sees you probably won't look twice. You can catch people up on the second level (as it goes through here) as well as coming out from the sides, even see someone in the central courtyard.

Pyrrhus Rise - pretty much anywhere running around the central tower, on the level connecting 2 of the 4 smaller towers works, you'll also be able to catch the battle raging on below, particularly during Search & Retrieve.

Helghan Industries - kinda hard to recommend because it's essentially one large road and two buildings which you go through straight. Only one way in, one way out. BUT I know in Search & Destroy there's usually a lower area/room underneath the stairs to the objectives where people aren't around, at least when the Helghast go to destroy the ISA side. You can hide here and peek your head out for shots.

Corinth Crossing - here you definitely have to stay high, you'll be on the second story and above (the peak of the bridge) to lurk and try to get saboteur kills. Probably the high point is the best place to look.

Blood Gracht - head down the long sewer (exposed pipeline) that connects the two spawns (Search & Retrive missions essentially become a Football (American)-like battle for yardage on this area. You can go through here to come up on the oppoenents side of the two buildings that face eachother in the middle. Coming up here is usually a great way to snag kills.

Tharsis Depot - this is another tough one, it's a small map with a lot of "one way in, one way out" areas. Your best bet is to head either the far right as Helghast spawning or far left of the ISA spawn and head through here - it leads where the Search & Destroy objective is for ISA attacking and Helghast defending. In game rounds not focusing on this area, you'll be able to steal some kills from the opposition.

Mostly, just be creative. Identify where the hotspots are, and try to find areas which lead to them with little activity. This'll vary from round to round within each match, so you have to stay spontaneous.

ALSO, a big part to any ribbon where you get kills is getting your shooting technique down. Killzone has a high amount of recoil - in most cases it's better to fire from the hip instead of aiming down the sites (only at long ranges does aiming down your sites become effective). The point is to squeeze off a few bursts that will all likely hit your reticule's spread. Headshots and quick takedowns become very easy once you master your firing control. It's all about feathering the trigger!

That being said, the Saboteur's weapons are very unique. With the sub-machine gun, you're probably gonna want to get relatively close and just empty the clip. But burst firing at slightly longer distances (not too far of course) could also be an effective way to use it. I hate to break my rule, but aiming down the sights here may actually give a better accurate placements of your bullets. Maybe!

For the single-shot rifle, all you need is two, so timing becomes HUGELY important here. The enemies don't move too fast, so just try to line it up right and hit it. Here, aiming down the sights isn't that effective, since the rifle is so accurately, it definitely goes exactly where you're pointing it. If you crouch, you'll notice the reticule is a closed-together + . So practice aiming from the hip.

You may have an easier time with either weapon, so practice with each and decide which one you have an easier time getting kills with.

And have fun. I've been sucked into MW2 lately but KZ2 might be my favorite online shooter this gen. My PSN is rmx687, feel free to add me.

11-05-2010, 04:17 AM
Thanks for the tips! They'll be really useful. And I agree, Killzone 2 is my favorite shooter of this generation. I'm looking forward to KZ3 next year!