View Full Version : Tropical Sundance, Marine Smile.

11-16-2010, 10:04 AM
So I was a wondering, wondering to my ultimate doom. Upon the way I discovered I have a voice, eyes and structural faults in the next door’s wall. They hear everything.
Anyway, back to the real point, I am what I am/cold and where's home?
This is the final countdown, people, we have not yet to discover the true meaning of any of this. We are children of the moon and Buddhists of nothing at all.
All the time I feast my eyes upon statues of gold and crimson, they mean nothing to me. They just say what we all want to say; how much do you think cinnamon added will cost? HOW MUCH?
You can add some milk and stuff but it's never exactly what you want. Never does much. You need to add so much to get a milky texture/taste/decent life affirmation.
So you try to forget. You act like you are on top of the world. Does it work? Sometimes. Is it good? Occasionally. But really, is that all you vant?
Because it's not vat I vant. It's not vat I want at all. :nonono:
I try, is all I do. Try my very hardest.
So yeah well to get to the point, we all know what I'm talking about, don't we? Do you? Tell me.
Tell me, EoFF, how much? And why?