View Full Version : need help with golden amulet and theifs cuffs +spoilers+ also need tips on making gil

11-22-2010, 02:04 PM
so i just finished raithwalls tomb (spelling) and read up on golden amulet and theifs cuffs.

i need help finding the person that gave me the cactus flower quest and his wife's location so i can get these two items.

is it too late in the game to get these?
i already killed the mark way earlier in the game.

also i need tips on making gil.


trying to follow the guide here http://faqs.ign.com/articles/744/744825p1.html
i go to the village with dantros wife and when i talk to her, she just says something about there must be trouble on the north bank where her husband is, tried talking to the kid on the dock and going back in the village and can't get this thing started.

she wont ask for the flower and i have no clue how to get to the north bank without the boat.

i saw this thread had some views but no responces :( want to get the theif's cuffs and golden amulet..

11-23-2010, 04:18 AM
One way to make gil is to just steal from absolutely everything. It'll double your loot, therefore doubling your gil! The lazy way is to just give someone a steal gambit instead of attacking, but of course that leaves you out one attacker.

I just googled for the Golden Amulet and pasted into this thread, so it could be inaccurate.

Golden Amulet:
1. Treasure chests:
- Ozmone plains/ The Shred
- Henne Mines/ Phase 1 Dig
- Cerobi Steppe/ North Liavell Hills
- Nabreus Deadlands/ Vale of lingering Sorrow
2. Bought from the following Shops:
- Eruyt Village ............ 4500 gil (after Henne Mines)
- Bur Omisace .............. 4500 gil
- Mosphoran Highwaste ...... 4500 gil
- Lowtown .................. 4500 gil (after Pharos at Ridorana)
3. Reward:
- "Back to Barheim Passage" quest,
you need to pass these items to Dantro's Wife before ending it:
a. Great Serpentskin x1
b. Semclam Shells x5
c. Nebralim x2
d. Valeblossom Dew x3
4. Bazaar goods, sell:
- Tattered Garment x1

11-25-2010, 09:12 PM
ok well thanks, i also found you can buy both the amulet and theif cuffs at mt buromice(spelling) right now I'm in the golmore jungle and found that the courle pelts (spelling again) sell for 400 some odd gil a peice. ive racked up 30k gil so far. are there any other tips for golmore jungle? or the mt burosmice (sp lol) area I'm about to make my way to?

ive found one enemy i can't seem to steal from thats very dangerous to me, its a snake with a long name starting with m i think. i can't even find it in the beastery in the strategy guide.its usually near a crossroads with two malboros.

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If i bought the forgotten grimoire for beasts, would the loot on the panthers that drops be better than the coeurl pelts?