View Full Version : nihopalaoa accesory, possible to get in my current location?

12-13-2010, 05:22 AM
so this nihopalaoa is supposed to reverse the properties of items the user uses, like making alarm clocks make enemies fall asleep, or pheonix downs do massive damage?

does it only change the effects of the items the person that has the accessory equiped used?

also I'm at the point i have to fight teh elder wyrm and heard if you put the thing to sleep it makes the fight easier.

so far i know you need to do ten hunts and have 30k points with the hunters guild?

so for levels on my party members

vaan 27 blood sword/round shield, golden helm, golden armor
balthier 18 heavy lance , bronze helm , bronze armor
fran 25 elfin bow/onion firery arrows, bronze helm, bronze armor
basch 18 iron hammer , iron helm, golden armor
ash 24 kotetsu , balaclava, heavy coat
penelo 21 bronze mace, leather shield, headguard, wizard's robes
and i still have larsa
so my goal is to get enough hunts done to get this nihopalaoa accesory

what gear should i get for the hunts and what levels should my party members be for the hunts.

latest hunt i have done is the wyvren king or whatnot right in the area before raithwall .

all help and tips appreciated

Shin Gouken
12-16-2010, 04:35 PM
Can't go into details on the hunts because i'm in a rush but you'll also need to save a fair bit of LP to unlock the License and 30,000 Gil to buy it.

It only affects items on the equipped character and items ignore vitality so will work 100% if the target is not completley immune. Pheonix downs i believe KO enemies instantly who do not carry the Safety Augment (Entites, Marks Bosses and generally tougher or late game enemies)