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12-14-2010, 11:15 AM
I don't know what it is, enlighten me EoFF!

If i find your answers satisfactory I may be enclined to join in on the reindeer games

Otherwise bah humbug

12-14-2010, 11:46 AM
Christmas alway have nice meaning. :mymelheart:

12-14-2010, 12:37 PM
Bad things always happen to people who get all bah humbug. Don't you watch television!?1?!

12-14-2010, 03:00 PM
Be excellent to each other.

12-14-2010, 04:22 PM
Party on, dude.

12-14-2010, 04:48 PM
Obviously it is reckless capitalistic hedonism. I'm buying a new television for christmas!

12-14-2010, 06:14 PM
It is capitalistic hedonism, but it's not always reckless. What it means to me is basically to give gifts to those you love and/or those less fortunate than you often in exchange for something sometimes less materialistic. For instance, I don't have a lot of money for gifts for my family and friends, but I set aside a certain amount of money to give gifts for an organization that then donates these gifts to struggling families with needy children.

12-14-2010, 06:45 PM

Lone Wolf Leonhart
12-14-2010, 08:16 PM
I like receiving gifts with little to no effort on my part :up:

Really though, I bought my own presents this year. My mother said it's mostly for the kids, so I didn't need to be surprised.

12-14-2010, 08:17 PM

Maybe that's your gardiner's name, but mine is asian.

12-15-2010, 01:42 AM
Christmas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - History (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas#History)

Basically, to me Christmas is a celebration of a huge lie. I hate this holiday, and refuse to participate. :)

12-15-2010, 02:04 AM
It's a time to celebrate and have fun. It's an excuse to have awesome cookies and awesome egg nog and pretty lights and continue family traditions and do stuff to make people you like happy. This usually involves buying a crapload of things you don't need to buy. If you're the type to get hung up on things like "ew greedy capitalism" or "Jesus wasn't even born in December" then just skip it. Really, just skip it because the whole thing is just going to make you miserable if you aren't capable of having fun.

I love Christmas. I'm only annoyed when there's some scrooge who has to ask how much every single gift cost the giver and say stupid :bou::bou::bou::bou: like "why did you buy me that you can't afford it" or "no you better return that gift and give them their money back, they can't afford it." If someone does something nice for you, just shut up and be happy.

Marshall Banana
12-15-2010, 02:47 AM
I'm with Weee-tot (I just made that up. Isn't it a cute nickname!?)! Getting hung up on those things is a shallow way to view Christmas.

Reminds me of single people who complain about Valentine's Day: "Why do people need a holiday to dote on their significant others," a lot say. They don't, brickheads. It's just for fun!

12-15-2010, 02:51 AM
Weee-tot. I like it!

12-15-2010, 02:56 AM
If you're the type to get hung up on things like "ew greedy capitalism"

Seriously, Charlie Brown got over this 45 years ago and Charlie Brown never gets over anything. If people are so hellbent on making themselves miserable I wish they'd just go away and be miserable alone and stop whining all the damn time.

12-15-2010, 05:39 AM
If you're the type to get hung up on things like "ew greedy capitalism"

Seriously, Charlie Brown got over this 45 years ago and Charlie Brown never gets over anything. If people are so hellbent on making themselves miserable I wish they'd just go away and be miserable alone and stop whining all the damn time.

But whining is what makes us happy again. :jess:

Though if it helps any, I don't have the energy for an anti-Christmas rant this year, though unrelated I'm all for the capitalist aspects of it. :p

12-15-2010, 06:24 AM
Giving and receiving gifts, eating good food, spend time with family.

12-15-2010, 06:48 AM
Well, other than celebrating the birth of Christ, we get to meet up with the whole family and spend some pleasant time together in harmony. We give gifts to other people out of good will in order to make those people smile. Also, so that we get gifts as well :D

Loony BoB
12-15-2010, 04:00 PM
For me, it's two things. Firstly, the celebration of Jesus's birth and life. That doesn't mean it's his birthday, it should be noted - I know it's not, everyone knows it's not. I don't care, that doesn't mean I can't be reminded on a year-by-year basis to take the time to set aside a few minutes and celebrate the birth/life on a different day.

The other thing is the more obvious one, which is to spend time with the ones you love and make them happy by doing more than you usually would for them. This can be in the form of gifts, services (which can be given as gifts, if you wish), time, efforts, whatever.

People who say it's all about money haven't had an adorably cute hand-made gift given to them by a child at any point in their life. I can get a nice new toy but I'll treasure some of the cards I got from my younger siblings for life.

12-15-2010, 10:01 PM
It's a time to enjoy a small vacation from work and party, and spend time with those closest to you, or completely alone if you rather. Or you can do that giving and receiving thing that is fun usually, and some people use it as a way to celebrate mythological holy figures. It's the time of year to do whatever makes you and/or others happy...I think. Oh yeah, and you can scare the :bou::bou::bou::bou: out of people by gathering a small mob and going in front of somebodies house and start loudly singing.

12-15-2010, 10:05 PM
A FAT man comes and gives the GOOD kids toys and the BAD kids coal!

12-15-2010, 10:05 PM
Christmas originates from the sixties. A young man named Thomas Traven was sitting in a dingy, dark, leaking basement one night, contemplating his life, contemplating the meaning of it all. He'd lost his job, his Burmese, even his dignity. With loss like that comes a certain, let's say, pain. After much formulating, bouncing off and on the walls for days on end, he came up with an idea.
His idea was to approach strangers on the street and say; "What's the gamble, tax and credit, reasonable, Steven?" This combination of phrases would cause the listener to lose all memory of the conversation. Thomas would then flee with their tax money.
After much of this same old same old, one day Thomas came upon a lonely donkey. The donkey inexplicably could talk, play cards and otherwise generally goof around. Thomas made a friend. They played a lot of cards and Thomas forgot all about his little con. Or did he?
The donkey-creature had secretly made off with all his tax money he had collected, by uttering the very same phrase; "What's the gamble, tax and credit, reasonable, Steven?"
Thomas had no memory of any of it. He once again found himself locked away in his basement, pondering the meaning of it all.
Elsewhere, the donkey was shot and stuffed to be shown in a museum. But not before uttering the forgetting-phrase at another would be victim. But this man was not affected, and straight away knew what the phrase could do and what to do with it. A careful combination of extra words into the magical phrase altered reality, causing everyone to believe that for decades and decades there had been a thing called Christmas once a year, where all this Christmas-ey stuff happens. He then, knowing his destiny had been fulfilled, departed for the Heavens.

12-15-2010, 10:29 PM

I'm buying a new television for christmas!

Me too!

12-15-2010, 11:39 PM
Christmas is a great excuse for sex.

12-15-2010, 11:50 PM
You never fail to confuse me, Laddy.

12-15-2010, 11:57 PM
Get a big box, get naked, send to hot guy.

12-16-2010, 03:05 AM
so you're going to the post office, naked, with an empty box, and send it???

12-16-2010, 03:19 AM
I'm in the box.


12-16-2010, 04:27 AM
I bought myself a TV on Black Friday. :D

I'm in the box.


Who's going to mail it for you? :confused:

12-21-2010, 03:44 AM
Hell, whoever wants to.

12-21-2010, 07:41 AM
What if no one does?