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Wolf Kanno
02-26-2011, 08:05 PM
This is for the simple help/question thread at the top of the FFIII page. Yeah I know I've been slacking but since the game is getting a port for iPhone I figured it would be nice to garner up some more attention for this lost treasure of the FF franchise.

I don't mind a little more mechanic info. Though this is a quick guide, I feel the frontsite class overview is a bit... lacking. Especially since it doesn't mention the DS remake and the myriad of changes that the title made to the original.

The best descriptions of help will be kept, and I would like to point out this is meant to be informative and fun, so no trolling specific jobs cause you don't care for them or you hate one version of III over the other version. Also, please specify which version of the class you're talking about cause IIIDS did some major balancing and added some skills that are not in the original.

Wolf Kanno
03-01-2011, 04:42 AM
*All evaluations are based off the DS version*

Freelancer and the Staring Classes


Freelancer - Replacing the Onion Knight class, the freelancer is the starting class for every character. It utilizes weak Lv.1 magic and starting equipment. It has low stats but is balanced in most fields. Change class as soon as possible.

Strength: They can equip most of the Warrior/Knight armor and can even use Excalibur and Ultima Weapon. It's class mastery item is actually real good though...

Weakness: Its an Onion Knight that never gets better.

Special Item: Celestial Glove

Warrior - A melee class with a new trick up it's sleeve. Warriors have an ability called Advance which raises their damage output at the cost of sacrificing their defense leaving them vulnerable to attack. The class equips heavy armor and has a decent range of weapons to use mostly swords and axes, though they can iuse some of Knuckle weapons and the Bow.

Strengths: Decent damage dealers with better stats and weapon pool than the Freelancer.

Weakness: Debatably the worst of the starting classes. Red mage has similar stats and equipment pool, while the monk can easily out-damage the class for most of the game. Both classes have better support skills with little trade-off as well. The Warrior can equip some better equipment but by the time they become available, you'll have access to much better classes.

Special Item: Gigantic Axe

Thief: The weakest of the melee classes, Thieves are more practical for other tasks than fighting. They can unlock doors without the aid of a Magic Key and they do have the steal command though it's a much better skill in later entries. The Thief class uses knives and light armor.

Strengths: Great if you don't want to waste money on potions and occasionally thieves can steal rare items like Phoenix Downs and Elixirs. The real point of having a thief though is that they are the only means of getting Gugnir from Odin though it does require the class level to be over 70...

Weakness: Thieves really don't shine in the series until FFV, when monsters start caring more practical loot. Most monsters in III only carry potions and it takes higher levels to steal slightly better items which usually means Hi-Potions or a Offensive item. This is great if you plan on using the Scholar class but we'll get to that later...

Special Item: Gladius

Monk: In my opinion, they are the best of the starting melee class and unlike most of the starting classes, Monks can be easily carried to the end of the game. The Monk still works on the FFI principles which means despite their surprising large weapon pool, their true strength lies in keeping them unarmed, weapons just make them weaker. They use a special skill called Retaliate(counter) which allows them to counter being physically hit once per round. They use light armor and equip knuckle weapons.

Strengths: High damage and HP once hey earn a few class levels, Monks will most likely be out damaging Knights and Vikings by the time they become available. They are durable enough to stay through the whole game with some careful planning and leveling.

Weakness: Ignoring the game's temptation to equip them is not much, Monk's don't do well against magic and may suffer towards the end because of it. Retaliate also loses it's luster by mid-game as well.

Special Item: Shura Gloves

Black Mage: Practitioner of the Offensive magic. Black mages are designed to make :bou::bou::bou::bou: blow up and they are not too bad about it either. Physically, they are the weakest of the starting classes having little HP, Defense, and offensive power. They equip robes and light equipment. They also use Rods, knives and the Bow. They should be placed in the back row at all times.

Strengths: Black magic is great for dealing with crowds or large enemies. The elemental spells can be used to exploit elemental weaknesses among the enemies. While his stats are minimal at first, the BM does get quite a bit more MP to cast the low level spells making them more practical for dungeon crawling and allowing you to ease up wasting high level spells like Quake on small fry. Its exceptionally useful in dungeons where the Mini status is required as melee is useless but magic is unaffected. They also have better offensive options than a white mage.

Weakness: Red Mage... This class can get all the benefits of the black mage while ignoring most of its weaknesses Even worse, the Red Mage class can also heal making them more diversified. While it's great to have a nuking unit for boss fights, some don't find it practical to lug the dead weight through dungeons, especially since the class is a glass cannon making it's own survival in the fight it was brought into not very likely. Basically the class is a lot of maintenance for something another class can do better.

Special Item: Lilith Rod

White Mage: A class focused on healing, buffing and protecting. It is often the corner stone of any party. White mages are for nothing but healing, and I do mean that. They can equip robes, light armor, and uses staves. They have better Magic Defense and regular defense than the black mages making them better at surviving. Still, keep them in the back row.

Strengths: They learn all the skills needed to survive and are durable enough to take some punishment. Also, unlike the Black Mage, having a primary healer is usually a smart way to go and is very practical in the long run. In fact most people keep a White Mage in the party until their high tier replacement shows up.

Weakness: Once again Red Mage, and for similar reasons as the Black Mage except Red Mages provide more offensive oomph for your party. White mages are awful fighters. Granted it's still better to have a dedicated healer...

Special Item: Angel Robe

Red Mage: Quite possibly the best starting class. Red Mages can do everything the Warrior, White Mage, and Black Mage class can do combined and often times doesn't have any of their weaknesses. The RM can use both White and Black magic and can draw from the same equipment pool as the warrior and other mage classes. In the beginning it';s great to use them as melee warriors who use magic to ease the strain of other mages in your party. As the game goes on, it's better to take them out of the front line and focus them into acting as pure mages. They are also the best dressed class. :cool:

Strengths: It's a great melee class and great at using magic, also much like the monk, it's actually fairly plausible to keep a red mage in your party til end game. I would actually recommend having two of them in your class when you start the game if you don't end up making the whole party into this class until the third crystal.

Weakness: Lack of some of the really useful high tier spells certainly hurts, not to mention, like the Warrior, their are some gaps in the game where it seems like the class doesn't get any new equipment though it's not nearly as bad as the Warrior and Dark Knight classes. By end game they are jack of all trades and masters of none, and sadly, it's often better to have a party of specialist than someone who can do a little of everything.

Special Item: Crimson Vest

Del Murder
03-04-2011, 03:37 AM
Keep up the good work!

03-04-2011, 01:09 PM
I actually found that entertaining and informative, and it also makes me want to bust it out and give it another go!

Wolf Kanno
04-30-2011, 12:03 AM
DS Job Evaluation Part 2
Fire Crystal Edition

Well this is certainly a mix bag of classes... No wonder I remember the starting classes better.

Knight - Debatably the best of the four classes given. Knights are a big upgrade over Warriors, they can equip Knightswords, regular swords and heavier armor. No more silly vests for your melee fighters. They also get to use Lv. 1 White Magic and gain a new ability called Defend

Strengths: Quite a few, useful skills, second best defense in the game, can equip heavy armor to help with their already high defense, they also can equip the best weapons in the game with the exception of the Masemune. They actually have some of the best strength in the game, and also get access to the best weapons. Knights are a much needed upgrade from Warriors and have even better longevity than any class you would currently have at this point. They also get all the Paladin skills like auto-guard on weakened party members and Defend gives them a much greater defense bonus than normal guard and actually works in conjunction with the auto-guard ability. If only the class had Counter...

Weakness: Their white magic is pretty terrible. Not only is their MP pool just sad but they only have access to three spells of which only one is useful and yet by the time the class becomes available you should be using Cura with classes that can actually use these spells effectively. The class is also very equipment centric, which helps them end game but also makes their all around usefulness based on where you are in the game. Still, they are easily th best of the second tier classes and easily a great contender for the rest of the game.

Special Item: Save The Queen

Ranger - The class everyone loves but me. Rangers are one of two melee classes that can do some serious damage to groups of enemies. They also can do the same damage in the front or back row which gives them some great defense boosts. In the original game, they could use low level white magic. In the DS version they get the powerful Barrage ability that allows them to attack a group of enemies with four attacks.

Strengths: Obviously long range superiority, Rangers can do as much damage as Knights with the right weapons and they get defense bonuses cause they can fight in the back row with no penalties. With the Barrage ability, they can actually attack groups of enemies.

Weakness: Barrage has a lot of weaknesses, first off, its damage is quartered and even at high levels you won't be doing damage any greater against a single target that you couldn't have done with a normal attack. So its not really useful against single targets. Its split damage makes it not as good as other AoE classes against groups, and even worse, Barrage uses four arrows. Meaning you will bleed though them rather quickly. Which brings us to the other issue at hand which is the class is very equipment needy. Damage will fluctuate on whether you have the best bow and are using the appropriate arrows. Arrows need to be replenished and like FFIV, the game has a tendency to throw them at you in uneven waves. You have to be pretty conservative with the class and careful how you set him up. Personally, I feel most of the other classes are way less of a hassle and often give better benefits.

Special Item: Artemis Bow

Geomancer - Probably my favorite class in FFIII and easily the best version of the class. The Geomancer is a special type of Mage who gets unlimited uses of their magic power at the cost of the spell being random and based on the environment you are fighting in. They get some of the decent mage and light armor gear and use Bells exclusively as their weapons. In terms of melee they are not so great but they are more durable than you would expect.

Strengths: Geomancers are mages who are not redistricted by MP, that alone makes them useful if you ask me. Granted their spells are tied to wherever you are located, but surprisingly enough, most places give them one if not two really strong spells. The first time you see the Geomancer decimate a group of enemies with Earthquake or nuke a boss with ShadowFlare you'll understand why they are a force to be reckoned with. They get a huge arsenal of spells and will have access to water, wind, and earth magic long before the other mages. At high levels, they will be doing as much damage as the high tier mages using Tornado, Quake and Flare. Did I mention they only use the four elements offensive spells (Ice Pillar, Wind Slash, Earthquake, and Fire Pillar) in The World of Darkness?

Weaknesses: Obviously, you have no real control over what spell they use. Which can be an issue in some areas, which is the other problem. Geomancers don't do so well on the ocean and water based dungeons. This is because most of the enemies in these places are water based so any water spell they cast will just heal them. The other issue is when the mage wastes a turn to attempt one of their many instant death spells. Not so bad againts normal enemies but it can be frustrating in a boss fight since all bosses have immunity to death. They are more manageable than other Berserker style classes but some may feel its safer and wiser to stick with normal mages so you have more control.

Special Item: Blessed Bell

Scholar - Oh boy, this class... Well, you only ever need to use it once against a certain boss, and technically, the class has been upgraded quite a bit from the NES version (he can at least use magic and has one ability that looks at both HP and weakness instead of having it split into two skills). Sadly, the Scholar does have some issues that make them a passover class but to be honest, the class has a lot of potential, they just need some high maintenance.

Strengths: Quite a few, Scholars actually have incredible INT stats that make them better with Black Magic than both the Black Mage and Red Mage with it. Their Study ability has several useful effects, it can see an enemies HP, Weakness, and it has the ability to remove all Buffs on an enemy unit. Isn't that snazzy? The class also gets the Chemist ability of Double Potency which doubles the power of all items, including offensive items. This is why I said the Thief can be useful, since they can keep you slightly better stocked. Several enemies in the final dungeon also drop Offensive items regularly, so Scholars do have some long term uses but...

Weaknesses: Where to begin, While Scholars are great Black mages, they can only use Level 1- 3 white and Black magic. Its not so bad when you first get them but eventually Black/Red Mages will do better damage just because they get access to better spells. Scholars have terrible equipment pools and their Tome weapons are pretty awful as weapons. They are entirely dependent on items you get to make them worthwhile party members but most damning of all is that Scholars have the worst vitality stat in the game. For completionist, who want max HP, accidentally gaining a level as a Scholar will completely screw this up cause Scholars practically get no HP when they level. Frankly, their are just better classes you can use over this one. For every strength the class has, it has a terrible catch to it. It probably best to just avoid this class all together.

Special Item: Omnitome

Wolf Kanno
06-17-2012, 08:08 AM
Wolf Kanno Job Evaluation Part 3
Water Crystal ~ The FFIV dream team Crystal!

Bard - Ah the Spoony Bard, forever reviled in the West thanks to Prince Edward of FFIV fame. The DS version does a pretty good job of making this class pretty useful. The Bard is mainly a support class job in this entry., due to the variety of support spells its Sing ability produces.

Strengths: The Bard is mostly useful as a support class and renewable team medic. The Bard's main skill is Sing, which causes a different effect based on whichever Harp the class has equipped. This ranges from a spell that casts protect on the whole party, to one that deals damage based on the difference between the Bard's max HP and current HP. Though it's most useful skill is the ability to cast Haste on your whole party and it's ability to cast a low level cure spell on the whole party. The Bard can essentially keep the party going from damage as well as drastically boost the power of Attacks with Haste. What is really nice is that Sing, usually goes first in a round which is very important for the healing and Protect spell casts. Most status buffs also last two rounds so Your Bard can cast one buff one round, then on their next turn, switch their weapon and cast another buff, allowing them to alternate skills.

Weakness: The class has a couple, obviously since it's Sing skill is dependent on what Harp is equipped, the class is very equipment dependent. Some of the more useful Harps don't become available until later than you wish. The class is also physically like a Mage class, meaning they have to be kept in the back row and even that might not save them from being one shot by a powerful monster, so you often need a Knight or Viking taking point for them. It's healing spell is also not very powerful, so if you are up against an enemy that is dealing heavy damage, a Bard simply cannot keep the party going like a proper white magic casting class could.

Special Item: Ballad Crown

Viking - Powerful warriors from the North, they have big powerful bodies and all their weapons have innate Thunder elemental properties. They are unique in the FF series since a pure tanking job is pretty rare in a console RPG. They are cooler looking in the NES/Famicom version since they use the Dwarf Sprite, ~Lali-Ho~

Strengths: This class is all about brute physical prowess. They have high HP, Vitality and they are quite strong as well. Statistically they can go toe to toe. Unlike some of the other melee classes, the Viking actually has a pretty consistent scale of equipment throughout the game. They can equip the strongest armors in the game and their Hammer Weapon give Vitality bonuses while Axes usually give Strength Bonuses. They gained a new ability in the DS remake, Provoke does two things: 1) It makes the targeted enemy go after the Viking exclusively. 2) It also lowers the enemies defense by a certain amount, at Job Lv. 99 the skill always hits and lowers defense by 50% which is pretty damn nice. The class has the best defense in the game and with two shields equipped and placed in the back row, the class takes almost no damage.

Weaknesses: It is probably the slowest class in the game, meaning Provoke will not even be in effect until round two, and sometimes it's easier to just build a blitzkrieg party that can eliminate a enemy in one round that play the turtling game. While the class is physically strong, the same cannot be said of it's weapon pool which is nice but, will be quickly outclassed by even it's fellow Water Crystal jobs of Dragoon and Dark Knight. Vikings main strength is being a meat shield for a squishy party of mages and bards, but some players will probably be annoyed that their damage potential has been reduced to 3/4ths efficiency by this class.

Special Item: Mighty Hammer

Dark Knight - A personal favorite Job Class of mine, this is one of the "new" classes in FFIII, taking the place of the Magic Knight from the 8-bit version. Ironically enough, the Magic Knight had more in common with the Paladin/Knight class than the Dark Knight. So I guess a reverse Cecil? Despite this change, the Dark Knight retains both traits of the original Magic Knight and the fan favorite Dark Knight class.

Strengths: As usual for this class, Dark Knights are all about offense. They have high strength and can get access to some of the most powerful weapons in the games including Ragnarok and Masamune. They also get access to the same high end gear like the Knight class such as Genji and Crystal armor, which helps with their high defense. The class becomes a beast at end game with it's equipment set-up but it's real strength comes from it's Soul Eater ability, which does powerful non-elemental damage to all enemies that can actually reach the damage cap at higher levels and better gear. Course this sacrifices HP but the Dark Knight can make up for it by equipping the Blood Sword as a secondary weapon to have his normal attacks restore health. Like the Magic Knight, the real usefulness of the Dark Knight comes when facing the Dividing enemies that appear late in the game. Only the D.Knights Samurai Weapons can inflict damage and not make the enemy divide.

Weaknesses: The class has a few, first off it has a terrible equipment pool, the bulk of its gear don't appear until late in the game whereas the class is unlocked around the games midpoint, meaning you'll be lugging around a glass cannon who can only equip the same things as the Warrior and Red Mage class in terms of medium armor and swords. Once the class gets its really good gear, he's a powerhouse but you are also not far from unlocking the uber powerful melee classes of Black Belt and Ninja. The Dark Knight also has a pretty low speed stat, meaning he's likely to be taking hits before he can finish off the enemies. The main issue with the class of course is Soul Eater using HP to be cast. Dark Knights bleed through HP pretty quickly and against powerful foes, this means the D.Knight can be 1-hit-KO if you don't watch it. This class will bleed through Potions and Cure spells so you really need either a Bard using his Healing Song or one of the Mage rods that cast Cura or Curaga to keep him going. His unique master class weapon is one of the strongest weapons in base stats but doesn't give the overall stat bonuses of the Ninja's weapon.

Special Item: Murakumo

Dragoon - One of my other favorite classes in the series, the FFIII Dragoons might be the most broken variant in the series due to being able to Dual-Wield lances and having a Blood Lance that actually works. FFIII is the game that introduced the Jump command and they still do double damage with spear weapons with it. Dragoons are debatable the best of the Water Crystal classes.

Strengths: The class has good strength and it's Jump skill allows it to dodge enemy attacks for a round. Giving it two spears will also increase the damage output of Jump meaning this class can reach max damage rather quickly. Unlike Viking and D.Knight, the Dragoon is actually a bit speedier than both of them, and like the Viking class, the Dragoon has a consistent equipment pool with little waiting to get upgraded stuff. This is one of the few classes that can be carried all the way into the end of the game without any kind of hiccups.

Weaknesses: Has the lowest defense/vitality of the three melee classes in this set, luckily Jump offsets this but bad timing and a powerful enemy like some of the WoD bosses can knock this class out pretty quickly. Eventually, it may be wiser to sacrifice its high offense with survivability by giving the class a shield. It's two best weapons are a bit difficult to obtain since one is it's class mastery weapon and the other is a very rare item from a certain famous FF summon.

Special Item: Magic Lance

Evoker - The Summoner in Training class, the class cannot fully summon Eidolons, rather it randomly casts either a white magic or black magic spell associated with the Summon. I don't really have much love for this class, and feel it is easily in the running for worst class in the game. Despite that, it's still pretty fun to use if you are just messing around.

Strengths: Has a lot of versatility since it can heal, casts status ailments, and deal damage with it's mini-summons. Ifrit and Titan are both extremely useful no matter which version the Evoker summons, same with the optional super powered summons like Odin, Leviathan, and Bahamut.

Weaknesses: You have little control over which version of the summon spell you will get so you're often left sticking to a handful of the available summons whose White and Black counterparts are both equally beneficial. Also, unlike the Geomancer, Evoker's use MP to summon so a botched summon means you're wasting valuable resources, unlike the MP-Free shenanigans of the Geomancer. While the powerful optional summons are also useful to an Evoker, by the time you're strong enough to obtain them, your party should be close to getting access to the infinitely more useful Summoner class. Fact is, you're better off using a traditional mage if you want consistent and controllable results. Black Mages and White Mages even have superior spell pools.

Special Item: Astral Bracers

Just one more set to do and I can just merge this with the FFIII FAQ. Also, a bit of trivia concerning changes between the Famicom and DS versions. The Water Crystal actually gave the most jobs of any Crystal. The Geomancer and Black Belt jobs were part of the package in the Famicom version. Likewise, the Thief was part of the Fire Crystal set, and Ninja and Sage were unique jobs found at the bottom floor of Eureka instead of being part of the Earth Crystal. Hopefully I won't wait 6 months to update this one last time. :D

Wolf Kanno
01-14-2013, 11:36 PM
So I didn't wait until 6-months like I said, instead I waited 7-months!

Earth Crystal

Black Belt - The upgrade to the Monk class, Black Belt's sport the highest Vitality and can do high damage with their unarmed attack their special ability Boost doubles their attack power even more.

Strengths - Where to begin, the class is a pretty good upgrade with high stats, a huge vitality stat, and with a few Job Levels can start hitting close to the game's damage cap. Since they have the highest vitality, they are the perfect job for getting max HP since it's the only stat that is affected by what class you have. Black Belts are pretty damn powerful and snazzy dressers as well. Under the right circumstances, the Black Belt can take down Cloud of Darkness in a single hit because despite the damage indicator, the class can actually break the damage limit.

Weaknesses - Well, despite good defense and the ability to get high HP, the Black Belt has a terrible magic defense so expect this class to lose health quickly when the spells start flying. Getting the class to really shine requires grinding for levels and Job Levels, and until you start hitting the damage cap indicator, Boost is kind of useless since you can do the same amount of damage by just attacking for two rounds instead of wasting a turn with it. Its a high level abusive class, so if you're not playing that type of game then you may want to switch over to the more user-friendly easily exploited classes.

Special Item - Master Dogi

Devout - The upgraded White Mage class, the Devout gains a larger MP pool and gets access to the higher tier magic. It is the ultimate Magic Defense/Support unit. It also has the cutest outfit, which inspired the Cat-Ear-Hood item in later installments.

Strengths - More MP which is balanced around to make it so mid-tier spells get more charges and that even Tier 7 and 8 magic get several casts. This makes using the class beyond emergency healing/raising situations more beneficial and you can finally play around with its defensive skills. The class also has a huge Magic Defense boost and a fairly decent physical defense for a mage making her quite the healing tank in a party. You would be crazy to not have one in your final party.

Weaknesses - Um... you have to go through Eureka to get its last set of spells including the always useful Arise? Seriously its biggest hang-up is that its an 11th hour upgrade and while this job can easily outclass a high Job Level White Mage with a few upgrades it still doesn't change the fact most players would have loved to have this class several hours before it unlocks.

Special Item - Holy Wand

Magus - The upgraded Black Mage class, the Magus gains a larger MP pool and gets access to the higher tier magics. It is one of the most flexible Damage Dealers/ Status Casters in the game. It also has a snazzy outfit.

Strengths - More MP which has been balanced around allows this class to utilize its mid to late tier spells more effectively meaning throwing around more -ara and -aga spells in normal battles. The class also gets access to the potent Flare and Meteor spells and a wide range of status spells that actually work often than you would think and debuffer spells for some of the games peskier enemies.

Weaknesses - Summoners can do most of the Damage dealing payload with little fuss and due to the Magus being downgraded from its NES incarnation the Summoner is largely more effective as well in this regard cause MP isn't as much of an issue. The Magus also loses some of the equipment options its Black Mage counterpart had and while the Devout has a fairly obvious stat boost in defense capabilities, the Magus doesn't making the class easy fodder if you don't have a Knight or Viking taking point for it. This class is debatably the worst of the set.

Special Item - Millennium Rod*

* No relation to Yu-Gi-Oh!

Summoner - The debut of our Eidolon summoning badass class. The Summoner is the upgrade to the Evoker class and instead of summoning spells from the beasts with random chance, the summoner simply summons the beast to lay waste to its enemies.

Strengths - This class, along with the Red Mage, probably got the biggest upgrade from the NES version, a high MP pool, good stats to allow the summons to do consistent and great damage, the Summoner really is the ultimate magical damage dealer. The Summoner is the only class that can use the full powered summon spells.

Weaknesses - You have to track down its best summons, making this class its own mini-sidequest. While it has a good MP pool, its still not a class that can be used for random encounters.

Special Item - Astral Bracers

Ninja - The Ultimate Melee class, Ninja's excel at physical combat and they use their Throw skill to deal high levels of damage. The class has high attack power and speed, but also decent defenses as well. This class was originally a special class not associated with any of the Crystals.

Strengths - One of the fastest jobs in the game and it hits as hard as the Dark Knight. Even with low Job Levels, this class is a force to be reckoned with and can outclass other melee classes. It's Throw ability is also quite powerful and the class can equip some of the best weapons in the game.

Weaknesses - Got seriously nerfed from the original. The class can no longer equip every weapon meaning it doesn't have access to the Knights really powerful weapons. The classes stats have also been lowered a bit in terms of agility and and vitality as well. While the class is still pretty great, the other melee classes have been retooled enough to break even with this class so its no longer as dominating as it used to be.

Special Item - Muramasa

Sage - The Ultimate Mage class, the Sage can cast both White and Black magic, as well as evoke the power of the Eidolons. This class was originally not associated with any of the Crystals.

Strengths - A diverse mage class with high stats in the magic field. The sage is distinct because it can use both White Magic, Black Magic, and the Evokers version of the summoners. This makes the class both powerful and flexible, giving the player a reason to overlook the Devout or Magus job classes.

Weaknesses - Got seriously nerfed in this version by both losing the ability to use full summons but more importantly getting its MP pool drastically reduced to the point where if you were hoping to use White or Black magic you might be better off using their specialized classes over this one. The Evoker spells are also not nearly as useful so the class kind of comes across pretty crippled. Its no longer the dominating class it once was.

Special Item - Sage Staff

Onion Knight - The starter class in the original, is now a special class unlocked through a side quest. The Onion Knight is a Jack of all Trades class that can fight or use spells. It also maintains its secret from the original.

Weaknesses - May b the worst class in the game*. While they get some exclusive gear that is the strongest in the game, said items are dropped randomly from rare and incredibly powerful Dragons that roam the final dungeon. Their stats remain under 15 points in each category even by level 90, and they have a very limited MP pool rivaling the Sages. This makes them physically and magically the weakest class and you should completely ignore them until...

Strengths* - ...you get to level 91 and their stats begin to skyrocket. At level 99, they have maxed stats in all categories. Their exclusive equipment also raises their stats and gives them full immunity to status effects. The class can also the ability to use all of the White and Black magic in the game making them potent mages as well despite their low MP pool. It is basically the strongest class in the game.

Special Item - Onion Blade


So there you have it, all the classes from FFIII DS.