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03-18-2011, 04:25 AM
I am going to post all the quotes from the MIRC chatroom for your convenience and pleasure. I will f\post them by 50's, and when something happens, I will post the next 50. Staff are allowed to snip individual words. Also, please post which ones you like the best!

Now, without further ado:

Quote #1: <Sagensyg> Napoleon vs Europe was like Google vs Ask Jeeves
Quote #2: <Roogle> rubah do you think I'm a Bastion of Chastity
Quote #3: <Sagensyg> But I am a girl ?.?
Quote #4: <Juggs> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v27/Lachrymose/SavvyandMe1.jpg <boel> who is that riding you
Quote #5: <Sagensyg> How you even going to say you gonna get on this ball, and you haven't even helped me pump it yet, it's the principality of it
Quote #6: <Tyler Garrison> you can't just be woot. That doesnt make sense...you could "woot" AT something, but you can't just BE woot. that's just gay. your gay. eff your woot and the lolerskates you rode in on
Quote #7: <Sagensyg> Statutory rape is serious stuff <Sochie> You can do it with ease, just get on your knees
Quote #8: <Sagensyg> God damn I suck ass you guys
Quote #9: <Baron Von Ghoulish> I wondered why mirc was flashing at me like a dirty old man in the park with the crotch cut out of his pants so when he opens his trench coat his dick is just hanging there like two wallnuts in a sock
Quote #10: <Baron Von Ghoulish> Don't you ever let me hear you say last night instead of this morning which was last night for you again.
Quote #11: <Baron Von Ghoulish> reading twitter trending topics is like driving through the digital ghetto of the internet.
Quote #12: * stu listens to Stu - Song Written to Seduce Lawrence (Sexually)
Quote #13: <skottie> ?disappear <Meredy> EDICT E2JK[disappear][: 消失 shochocolate frosting n,vs しょうしつ | 消失 sochocolate frosting n,vs そうしつ :]
Quote #14: <Dingus Terrortrousers> Vodka is awful you crazy man <Yar> i love that shiz <Yar> its so amazing <Yar> reminds me of hair spray
Quote #15: <Lissa> necrophilia isn't illegal if he wanted it before he died rite??
Quote #16: <Arc> I sent nudes <Arc> to two gusy <Arc> I wanna smurf guys atm
Quote #17: * Arc pre-cum dance flaccid walk
Quote #18: <۬Sagensyg> I love doing the gym teacher/coach
Quote #19: <stu> melissa, you have to understand <stu> I am like a dog <stu> I'm loyal to my bone
Quote #20: <stu> I can be respectful and friendly and like a gentleman but if I pitch a tent I am tearing off clothes and licking all kinds of clit
Quote #22: <stu> lawrence has never been able to the obituaries haha since shes the one whop transports the bodie
Quote #23: <Clouffie> i think you should write about shotguns that don't shoot bullets <Clouffie> they shoot LOVE <Baron Von Ghoulish> my dick is a love shotgun
Quote #24: <Clouffie> also i think you are pretty much retarded <Clouffie> and your girlfriend sounds retarded <Clouffie> and your mom sounds retarded <Clouffie> basically it seems like you've cultivated a retard colony
Quote #25: <Utamaru> Baron Von Ghoulish: I suggest you seek professional help, as you don't seem to realize that *you* are God
Quote #26: <Baron Von Ghoulish> I like my women like I like my coffee <Baron Von Ghoulish> COVERED IN BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES
Quote #27: <Lissa> i like to stick my finger in my cats mouth while shes yawning
Quote #28: <tavintosh> allie does your cat ever nibble your ears <tavintosh> my roommate's cats do that t ome <tavintosh> and it's kinda creepty <tavintosh> and i'm like cat i didn't know we knew each other that well
Quote #29: <o_O> It's time for a grog fest <o_O> who wants a grog?
Quote #30: <Rantzien> Tina Moberg is in a relationship and it's complicated. <Roland Powershower> Moberg. <Roland Powershower> That's like an iceberg made of moustaches.
Quote #31: <Sagensyg>,%%`,`,`, Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? `,`,`%%,
Quote #32: <Sagensyg> My cousin plays an autistic guitar.
Quote #33: <RiceFlats> I am going to have to say now, outright, before I am sober, that I love blink-182; I think they were very iconic of my high school years and I feel even now they strike a chord with me!
Quote #34: <Kari> curves are the new anorexia
Quote #35: <Baron Von Ghoulish> My neighbors complained about my Nativity Set. Sorry if zombies and Chucky in a manger offends you.
Quote #36: <Lissa> im was thing fellpool <Lissa> omg <Lissa> wth did i type
Quote #37: <Baron Von Ghoulish> yes! <Baron Von Ghoulish> had a bag of frozen fires left
Quote #38: <stu> saying my eye balls really fast <stu> sounds like saying myyyyyy balls
Quote #39: <decomposeur> scott you fizzy bitch flap
Quote #40: <Xvose> Also, i DO have a magical power to just DO things, like stop crying randomly and stop doing drugs randomly
Quote #41: <stu> and now, for my next impression, jesse owens! * stu runs
Quote #42: <Kefkai> Prostitues are cheap and you'll be needing one
Quote #43: <copy cat> it hurts to sit down :(
Quote #44: <Distortion Pedal> oh god <Distortion Pedal> I like that
Quote #45: <Roogle> I never thought that rap would help our family <Sadia> It usually has a reverse effect
Quote #46: <Shiny> shiny use some of dat MP
Quote #47: <Shiny> finna get me some more oreas
Quote #48: <Grant Professional> Babies have high elasticity. <Grant Professional> Meaning many can be squashed into a space smaller than a baby if a little weight/force is applied.
Quote #49: <tavaryn> i am the b.
Quote #50: <Noah> Luckily I am already aware that I'm a gumshoe

03-18-2011, 05:18 AM
I think I lost 5 IQ points just reading the first half dozen or so quotes

03-18-2011, 03:18 PM
Staff are allowed to snip individual words.

Thank you for your permission. :roll2

What is the point in this game? This seems like a soon to be unsuccessful attempt to abuse the rep system.

03-18-2011, 03:25 PM
Are we suppose to continue with the quote? I went to chat and this is the only quote I found. :bigsmile:

Quote #51:[22:23] <Meredy> Christmas would fit that role perfectly.

No idea what it is suppose to mean but then, it is interesting isn't it? The whole thing is so random. :bigsmile:

03-18-2011, 04:07 PM
you know what, that would be better, and no I just wanted to see a limit break. Okay, each person who posts needs to add another 10 or so

03-18-2011, 04:37 PM
This really is a tough game. I went to chat again, waited for a couple of minutes and the only quote I get is this one again:

Quote #52: Christmas would fit that role perfectly.

Kudos to those that can complete this game and get to the end boss. :bigsmile:

Loony BoB
03-18-2011, 04:49 PM
This is probably more suited to the wiki.

EDIT: Oh, I see how you're doing it now. I've removed the demands for adding more via limit break things because that is completely against what the reputation system is about.

03-18-2011, 06:48 PM
ok, christmas, what you do is typee !quote (quote number here)

03-18-2011, 09:58 PM
Oh, I see how this thing works. You go to chat and you type the command! Then you just get the random quotes that was generated? :bigsmile:

So it is more like a copy and paste game rather than waiting for the interesting quotes to come out from the others? :bigsmile:

BTW, is that Meredy a bot or something? :bigsmile:

These are pretty interesting:

Quote #53: I don't want to have sex with a pig <Arc> I'd just rub some bacon on my junk if I wanted to recreate the feeling

Quote #54 : I'm gonna buy a cat and call it rofla, and I'll make a collar (except it'll be called a colla), and it'll play this dude rapping going "I'm a rofla, Imma imma rofla." and I'm going to make a device and hook it up to the cats jaws, making it look as though the cat is rapping.

quote #55: Baron Von Ghoulish: I suggest you seek professional help, as you don't seem to realize that *you* are God

03-19-2011, 07:54 PM
Oh joy! We've moved the spamming of chat to the forums!! :bigsmile:

BTW, is that Meredy a bot or something? :bigsmile:

Yes, he was created by Munty, so smack him around when you see him next...and Munty, too! :bigsmile:

03-21-2011, 04:10 PM
fun fact, if someone gives you +op (I think thats the right one) and you kick meredy, it also kicks every person on chat and it has to be reset (at least on the old chat)