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Election Booth
03-23-2011, 10:47 AM
"This was never meant to see the light of day; I ran out of options. But if you pretend I'm awesome, you'll go farther in life."

Ladies and gentlemen of Eyes on Final Fantasy, once again I am late! It isn't because I am not devoted to ensuring this election is run smoothly. It was just bad timing. Anyway, without waffling on too much (ha yeah right) I would like to get straight into it.

The first proposal was on what to do with INACTIVE ACCOUNTS. I mean, people join up, they make a couple posts (sometimes) and then they bugger off. Sometimes they stick around for a bit longer, and then bugger off, only returning when they need :bou::bou::bou::bou:. Hi Linus. :)

Here is, in no particular order, what our Party Heads (Heads of Party? Important Dudes?) thought to be the best idea:

The Poké Party

There may be Pokémon that you don't use at times, and you leave them in the PC, but that does that mean you don't love and cherish them? Hell no!

There may be some Pokémon you love less than others...


But what it really comes down to is having all your Pokémon together, and that is really something special. The aim of Pokemon is to catch them all, and on a broader scale, all this goes for EoFF as well.
Having a PC with more Pokémon or a forum with more members, inactive or not, is never a bad thing, as it adds worth and retains history. Inactives are still a part of EoFF, if we were to cull all inactives, would we then have to cull the founders of EoFF? If you say we should remove those who weren't significant, where would we draw the line?

Sure, maybe you've never seen your Farfetch'd since you traded for it in Vermillion City, and maybe no one here knows who Jace is, but the important thing is that they've left they're mark, no matter how big or small. Getting rid of them would be a shame and an atrocity.

Obviously everyone wants more Pokémon to use in their party, and everyone wants more active members, so how do we do that? Well that's all about making EoFF less boring and we'll find out more about that in the next episode.
Stay tuned.


The Newbie Party

Inactives: What should we do with the dead weight?
Leave them but continue to do our best to bring them back. I'm a firm believer in never deleting accounts, that's for sure. There are no real benefits. Some people might point to freeing up usernames, but this is no big deal for most people. I've yet to try registering for a site and, upon finding my preferred username is not available, given up on registering. The members will still sign up, and that's a good thing. As for the benefits of keeping them, they are significant. There are security benefits first and foremost - deleting accounts means deleting all sorts of information we can use for EoFF's benefit. A good example is a banned user provides us with IP addresses and email addresses which, should a troublesome member or spambot try to use, we can trace and block effectively.

But without doubt the biggest benefit of them all is that they are still users, they are merely inactive. Volcanoes can be inactive for long periods of time, but then become active once more - members at EoFF are no different. And sure, someone could simply say "Oh, but they can just re-register if they want to come back" - but why not make it EASY for them to come back? And on top of that, we can send them emails if they still have accounts and are accepting emails from administrators. This means we can encourage them to come back every time we send out a mass-email. Personally, I'm heavily in favour of doing such a thing and have been the one to do just that before.

Newbies are great, and all members were newbies once. However, some never stuck around for the long term and having inactive members return to posting regularly is just as good for the health of Eyes on Final Fantasy as a fresh newbie. And who knows, perhaps we will get more members via these returning members when they get their friends to sign up? Hopefully, we can get the best out of both worlds. But absolutely make use of the "dead weight" by recognising that any member that has the potential to return to active posting is absolutely not 'dead weight' at all.


1. Inactives.

So you say that various members have gone missing? Never fear, the Justice League of the Internet is on the job. Assuming this isn't another one of Dr Yams' attempts to gather subjects for his hybrid EoFF member creations*, I would start by trying to contact the members directly. Years ago, colleague and eternal newbie Captain Chocobo sent a massive email to all missing members. The result was a glorious day where many forgotten heroes of the golden age came back to join us for one more mission**. It may be time to do that yet again. However, I would not stop there. Usually those members only show up for a couple days, post in a general spam thread, then go back on their way. We must compel them to stay. Now, I'm not suggesting we use mind control to make them turn on their fellow members, like my arch nemesis Grammar Nazi once tried on my sidekick and ward, Backspace Boy***. However, I do think we should make this attempt when we are doing a large scale event, much like the elections! Or publicize our other events such as Eyes on Plays, when we contact these forgotten friends.

Of course, some people just outgrow the days of magic and superheroes and will never come back to it. Losing comrades you care about is hard, I know this all too well****. When that happens, we will never forget the memories we have, but we must move on into a new era (WIN THE FUTURE--FOR GREAT JUSTICE!). Naw, I'm kidding. The JLI will drag these members back kicking and screaming, or be deleted trying!

Alternatively, we can just make this place as awesome as we can so that nobody ever wants to leave. :cool:

*see Super Delete Adventures #463: Dr Yams' Ultimate Sandwich
**see Justice League of the Internet #200: A Present from the Past
***see The Spamtastic Super Delete #135: Backspace Boy's Perfect Prose?
****see Justice League of the Internet #75: Lightning_Demon's Shocking Fate

So there you have it. These are the options the party leaders are proposing. Provide feedback now, but remember: the strongest response will be your vote! Keep that in mind as we draw nearer to the finish.

Next topic incoming!

Election Booth
03-23-2011, 10:53 AM
Our next topic was a huge one, ladies and gentlemen. The Front Site. Every man and his dog and his dog's favourite bone has an opinion on this (even if your opinion is "don't care, it doesn't affect me"). This is an opportunity for our leaders to really shine and show us all what they could do in charge of EoFF.

The Newbie Party

The Front Site: Does it need improving? If so, how?
Absolutely. While it still has many basic ideas right and it is certainly a commendable design, it simply has not moved forward as fast as it has needed to in line with the rest of today's internet. It's the time of Facebook, of Twitter, of innovation, opinion and social networking. We have for a long time focused on the black and white of Final Fantasy and now it is time to give EoFF a hell of a lot more colour. This is actually something that EoFF is already working towards - Rantzien, Baloki, Roogle, myself and the rest of the forums staff have all been spending time considering our options for the way forward and it is not far away now. I'm heavily invested on improving the length of time before everything goes live, asking for ways in which we can shorten any estimated timeframes and how we can get the community to contribute. Some key decisions need to be made before everything moves forward on a more public level, but rest assured that forward Eyes on Final Fantasy - and our community as a whole - will most certainly move. Expect all sorts of things to become a little more regular, expect every member to have the chance for their time in the limelight of our frontsite, expect interactivity and forum-site integration. Quite frankly, you should expect a lot.

I personally want to see articles, opinion mattering, comments, polls and all sorts of things on the frontsite. Incentives, too. I wish I could tell you so much more and I hope to tell you all more very soon, but again, it's key decisions which are holding me back from being able to do so at the moment. I hope that some of you are able to get as excited as I am about this, because I feel it's really important to get our frontsite to the next level, and perhaps even more importantly for me, I feel it's time we did it as a community. You know how site staff was recently disbanded? Well, I expect them to be back on a completely new level and people will probably want to be on the 'site staff' (or whatever they become) more than ever before.

Hopefully. I'm optimistic, but I feel it's warranted. :) On a sidenote, I'm really interested in what the other parties have to say about this because it's a big thing and if there's any debate over the way forward then all the better for EoFF!


2. The Front Site

The front site is the brand of EoFF. The comic shop window. Every group needs a good brand, just ask the JLI's new publicist, Mr. Completely Harmless Man (wait...that cloak...that green skin...that sinister expression...could it be?). The EoFF front site has been there for many years and has done its job well. Many of us came to this great site from it. But, just like a store front needs to change its arrangement every now and then, our front site needs a change.

The first step is to break out of these evil chains that have been keeping us hostage for months. Yes, I'm talking about the shackles brought on by that evil AI, vile Bot 4 (vB4). Once a benevolent supercomputer, vB4 promised to modernize our great site and usher in an era of prosperity. However, she one day became self-aware (don't they all), and halted all progress in order to enslave us into creating more and more skins for her hide her true colors behind*.

Fortunately, we have finally started the necessary steps to fully integrate our front site and forums using into one cohesive unit (much like the JLI Red and Gold Teams). This is and should be the focus project going forward for the next several weeks. Once it is done, the site will have a new fresh look and be easier to navigate and update than it ever was before.

This project will be top priority, and it should have the full support from members and staff. I think the key is to get everyone involved so it feels like a community project and not just a 'BoB-Baloki-Ratzien' project. Perhaps there can be various ways we promote it. Soliciting volunteers or design suggestions, and offering rewards for hard work. The biggest reward, of course, will be having a site and forums we can navigate fluidly and that have a similar sleek and modern design. Much like when Mr. Completely Harmless Man redesigned JLI headquarters. All for free too (though it does look vaguely familiar...).

*see Justice League of the Internet #469-473: Upgrade from Hell

The Poké Party

Hi, my name is Election Booth, and I am not affiliated with the Poké Party. However, I just thought I'd say, it's a tad sad that the Poké Party didn't submit anything for such an important topic. Is this a sign that they aren't willing to take charge? Who knows.

03-23-2011, 12:26 PM
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I'll write an article later. Having two staff members involved is quite an exciting twist! THEY KNOW MORE THAN WE DO, EoFF.

Wait, I'm not saying I'll interview them either.

PS That Quindoof is smurfing amazing

EDIT: NICK YOU MADE A SPELLING ERROR. Never going to let you forget the day you confused your their/they're IN AN ELECTION. Shameful, absolutely shameful


03-23-2011, 01:48 PM



The photo above was taken a few years back, before he changes....He is now more beast than human. No longer the person he used to be, but now he had turned into everything that he sworn to destroy!

Psychotic when he had an erection


Hunger for buttholes and blood of more newbies, he manipulated the Poke Party into a senseless competition for domination over EoFF! Below is a video taken by our spies when the vile Dark lord himself is giving instructions to his minions.

YouTube - Everything That Has Transpired Has Done So According to My Design (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVl_sjUrNQE)



Seeing the 501th legion a sore to his eyes, he secretly masterminded a plot to purge them off from the face of the galaxy. The video below is taken when Psychotic himself personally ordered the purge!!

YouTube - Order 66 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKQ8_ZJiwqo)



According to the ancient prophecies of EoFF, Psychotic is believed to be the chosen one. The one that will destroy the bots, spammers and other evils. The one that will bring balance to the forums. It sadden me to see that he had turned out to be such great evil. Below is a video of Devil Man crying at Psychotic before he was banned and vanquished forever.

YouTube - You were the chosen one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUBWxiu5cOo)


It devasted me to see my friend turned into such a state! For the sake of the good of EoFF, for the love of all that is holy, Join me and the Newbie Party, Vote for us and not some party that was being manipulated by that vile monster! :bigsmile:

Unbreakable Will
03-23-2011, 01:49 PM

Lmao is that dear ol' Arthur? :bigsmile:

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Unbreakable Will
03-23-2011, 03:35 PM
I love it :D

03-24-2011, 12:59 AM
Bad Pokeparty! No treat!

03-24-2011, 10:21 AM

I heard that there was something prepared, it just didn't get through all the links in the chain in time. I tried to pester Election Booth, telling him to have a heart you dirty old bastard but he just kept saying "rules are rules; exceptions cause riots". I even threatened him with bad publicity. The guy is a machine.

03-24-2011, 04:26 PM
The Poké Party apologies for the delay in the submission for the Front Site debate, due a combination of an unexpected surge of Team Rocket activity and the fact that the party leaders are on opposite sides of the planet. Champion Lynx has posted the proposal, you can use the provided link to see it. Thank you and have a nice day. :)


03-24-2011, 06:19 PM
Hahaha, Quin for win.

It's a shame we didn't have an answer for the other section but oh well, life goes on. :)

We choose you, EoFF. :love: