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I Don't Need A Name
08-30-2011, 10:46 PM
So who hear likes the band Warpaint? For those who don't know who they are, they're an all female, art rock 4 piece from LA. They've worked with the likes of John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer.

I recently caught them at Reading Festival and they put on one beautiful show (both audible and visual, if you know what I mean ;))

This is their lead single called Undertow (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMkqbY0oGKQ)

08-31-2011, 03:11 AM
I think I've heard of them, but I'm probably lying to both you and myself.
It's pleasant.
I'll learn more about them.
I like art rock (Yes ftw), and I love female vocals (If Shakira was the Medusa, she would still be among the most beautiful women in the world).