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Queen Award, First of Her Name
12-25-2011, 05:19 PM
I guess there's another guy who we should honor with the Lifetime Achievement Ciddie. I've never heard of him, but apparently he's been one of the most active and popular members in EoFF history. Some may even consider him the EoFF People's Champion. From anti-staff, to Cid's Knight, to Admin, he's done it all. His name is Raistlin. Naw, just kidding. It's Psychotic of course! Listen what some of his friends and colleagues have to say about him:

Paul is one of my best friends. It's unfortunate that we have been out of touch lately, but I love him dearly. He is one of the biggest reasons I became such a forum regular. I remember our BAoTW times, and then in later years, Habbo Hotel raids with the forum and Acrowars. What a champ! He really makes the forum a fun and inclusive place and he makes everyone feel like a friend.

Hanging out with Paul is such a blast and I hope to do it again next time I visit Jolly Ol'. Because then I will get my revenge for him tricking me into thinking that my hat had lice, and that there were no pens in England, and that chavs use socks as condoms instead of actual condoms. I'll take a big swirly crap on his head and then I'll rub little heart patterns on his chest. That's called a Wisconsin Twirler.

Isn't that a better gift than the Lifetime Achievement Award? :)

Friends forever!
Jessica. <3

PS: A Nigerian scammer added me on Facebook the other day. She called me her "dearly friend." WAS IT YOU?

Psychotic is a gigantic loser who can go and die in a fire at the bottom of a well. I don't like him! I do my best to stay away from him at all times. Also, I will likely invite him to my wedding, but that's beside the point. With that in mind, the rest of this message is from my cat.

When I met Psychotic a few years back, it was pretty great fun. The guy is an all round amusing bastard and I hope to meet him again. Hopefully next time I won't leave him with a purple arm, but oh well. Anyways. As a member, Psychotic started out as what can only be described as a little punk, a rebel of sorts that got together with a bunch of people who thought that the class clown was cool and established a little gang or something and they called themselves the W-Boats, probably some kind of reference to Nazis. I feared that Psychotic may be their Hitler, but I guess I was wrong because he instead joined the EoFF army and worked his way up the ranks until he was given a massive amount of power and the title of either Führer or Administrator (I forget which). Either way, he ended up a pretty cool guy. People love him and you can see why - he's good fun to be around. Whether it's at EoFF, gaming online or in person, the guy always has something amusing to say and some great ideas for mischief. Overall, though, this is about who he is at EoFF and how much his membership means to the place. Psychotic has played a massive part in shaping the community of Eyes on Final Fantasy. I don't doubt that dozens of members have stayed because of the friendship they have built up with him and even more people have - be it directly through made friends with other people at EoFF because of Psychotic, either directly thorugh him bringing them together via the W-Boats or indirectly via him keeping so many members around at EoFF long enough for them to meet. He brings people together, for good or for smurfing around with pre-mentioned good. Long may this continue.


The chivalrous defender of the underdog. The leader of the best rebellion that ever was, (so good that even after nothing was left to rebel against, they still rebelled.) The man who remembered everything and didn't charge a dime to remind you about things! The man who rigged the ciddies nominations (not these ciddies, I assure you) in favor of the weak and poor. The man who cornered everyone with his unearthly dancing moves. The man who banned from sunrise till sunset. (Quote: I have banned over 100 rule breakers. Fact. Check it out if you don't believe me. CTRL+F Psychotic on banned users page.) The man who probably banned your second account, if you ever had one. The man who slayed Emma Watson fans, chavs, Halle Berry and socs with his bare thraving hands. The man who created 8 people, stuffed them in a house and taught them how to live, we laughed and we cried. The man who beat Pandemic 2. smurf you, Madagasscar. The man who shed light on Loony BoB's penetrational endeavours. TThe man who started making an RPG Maker game and finished it, something Chuck Norris never did. The man who won this Lifetime Achievement Award!

I'll try to avoid telling you what a great guy you are, I already wrote that speech once, so you probably remember it! In my eyes, you already won this award a brazilian years ago, from your almost constant presence on the forums over the years to your welcoming nature towards everyone at the forums, and especially the newer members, helping them feel welcome at the forums. You're most definitely responsible for turning a lot of would-be-leavers into regulars over the years, and I think you're responsible for a huge chunk of the activity we've seen on the forums and still see today! I don't dare to think what EoFF would be if you had never shown up way back in 2002. That's why you deserve this award.

I'd also like to share my favorite Psy moment! It's when we stayed up all night trying to get Slowpoke killed in the third mafia game. I grew more and more insane over the night, sometimes yelling at objects, and you still managed to turn things around in the most amazing manner ever. Staying up ruined my sleeping pattern for days, but it was a night to remember for sure!

Things I know about Paul.

He once shared a hotel room with me where we sat there making hillariously high pitched comments about Narnia and how Mr Tumnus was touching me. Eventually when questioned about what was going on by Hotel staff the only appropriate answer was "Gay Sex"

that same night he spat in Jack's drink and also dipped his fingers in it after putting them inside his boxers. I dunked my balls in the drink we then told Jack what happened and this led to our above incident later that night.

He got teabagged in my lounge by me on a sofa, Quin still has the video to prove this.

He's going bald.

He had Jack once stand butt naked in front of him Jack deliberately let the towel slip. Paul got an eyeful of his arse.

He secretly loves getting butt raped by everyone at every UK meet up. This is why he invites so many dog piles. During the most recent one, I believe he almost suffocated on Amratis' tits.

Psy makes fun of me all the time, but I know it's all in good humor. At least, that's what I say to myself every night as I peep on the EoFF females through the bushes.

There have been many great members here over the years, and Psychotic has met several of them.

I once laughed at a joke Psychotic made, but then I saw he was quoting Rantzien.

Levian always keeps wondering who Psy's secret e-girlfriend is. I have to keep correcting him that 'inflatable' doesn't start with 'e'.

For the longest time I equated Psychotic with being a walrus, but then he finally posted a picture of himself. I apologized to the walrus.

Some of Psy's classic avatars are a giant 'P'. I guess that's how they identify them in England. In America, all you have to do is register in a database and then go door to door through the neighborhood letting the parents in the area know what you are.

Now for some srs business. Psy is one of the reasons I still come to EoFF. I just would not like this place as much without him. He's not just clever and witty, he 'gets it'. He can sniff out a second account like nobody's business. In the same way, he knows how to see through all the BS that gets said in the mafia games, making him the best mafia player ever at this forum. He's just a really smart dude. There are not a lot of members whose posts are always worth reading, but Psy is one of them. Every single one of them gets that 100% Psy guarantee of quality.

His contributions to staff have been great. As mentioned, he's some kind of bloodhound when it comes to second accounts. He also knows how to give a serious response when needed, but at the same time reminding us that we're just running a forums here. His opinion on things I consider higher than most, because he's very good at knowing how people think and how they will react to certain decisions. It's that kind of talent that makes him such a great troll as well (or perhaps the greatest troll?). He knows how to push people's buttons without crossing the line, and that's the kind of humor you can appreciate from a friend.

If Dr Unne was EoFF's dad, Leeza was EoFF's mom, foa is EoFF's big sister, and Loony BoB is EoFF's weird overly-organized cousin, the Psy is EoFF's best buddy. He keeps us in check, but always has our back (literally in Agent Proto's case ). And the best part is, he'll be with us FOREVER.

Congratulations [s]ShlupQuack's Bikini Zone Waxer Raistlin's Ball Sweat Bather Goldenboko's Taint Scraper Agent Proto's Back Shaver Psychotic!

Thank you Psychotic for your achievements!

Lifetime Achievement Ciddie Recipiants
Big Ogre Umaro (aka GokuKid749876)
Citizen Bleys
Dr Unne (aka God)
Loony BoB

12-25-2011, 05:59 PM
Congrats, buddy! Well deserved.

12-25-2011, 06:11 PM
Psy is one of the first people who approached me and made me feel welcome to EoFF. I doubt I'd be here today if it weren't for him. Thanks for being Psychotic! :love:

12-25-2011, 06:11 PM
Uh. Wow. I genuinely was not expecting this! :redface:

2012 will be my 10th year on Eyes on and coming up to 6 on staff. You lovely sweet people have said that EoFF would not have been the same without me; well, I do not know what kind of a man I would be had I not joined either. The things I've experienced as a direct result on EoFF, be it a simple chuckle from a funny one-liner forum post or meeting some incredible people and spending time with them causing mischief IRL, I would not swap them for anything.

I've always tried to work hard for this forum, to make it fun for all of you (and it was fun doing it!) and I think I've really put my heart and soul into it over the years. So I am glad that you fine folks are appreciative and enjoyed it too, 'cause it that makes it worth it.

But that is the past. The future, well, I think EoFF and the role of staff is changing. There's less moderation work now than there used to be and I don't have the tech skills of other staffers. I guess I've tried to make my own role as like, a prankster who causes mischief and havoc. Just y'all coming onto the forums one day and finding something out of place to mix it up a little. I hope I'm not too annoying! I just want you all to have fun! Honestly!

Thank you. And not just for this award, although I am truly grateful for this. Thank you for being here and being great over the years. 'cause there aint no Psychotic without EoFF, and there aint no EoFF without YOU! Keep on truckin', and you'll always have my sword. (metaphorical)

Madame Adequate
12-25-2011, 06:15 PM
Paul is an absolutely top fellow who deserves all manner of praise and adulation.

So hop to it you wretched ingrates! :mad2:

12-25-2011, 06:16 PM
Congrats Hippaul

12-25-2011, 06:36 PM
Del's speech was the best. The first line just killed me.

If Dr Unne was EoFF's dad, Leeza was EoFF's mom, foa is EoFF's big sister, and Loony BoB is EoFF's weird overly-organized cousin, the Psy is EoFF's best buddy.

You forgot Bleys as the creepy, drunken uncle.

Congrats, Psy. There's not many whose presence has had such a continual impact on the forums over the past 7-8 years.

12-25-2011, 07:10 PM
What, that spammer got an award? Next they will be giving something to PG on purpose. I hope you are proud of yourself, Psychotic, and this road down which you are taking us.

12-25-2011, 07:24 PM
I think Paul is a pretty cool guy. Eh posts on EoFF and doesn't afraid of anything.

Grats <3 We need to talk more and hang out and such (why haven't we done much of that yet what the hell)

12-25-2011, 07:39 PM
Yaaaaaaaay! Yaaaaaaay!


Well deserved, good buddy. :)

12-25-2011, 08:11 PM
Congrats, Paul! :monster:

12-25-2011, 08:30 PM
Congratulations, Paul! Very well deserved. :)

12-25-2011, 08:54 PM
Excellent job, Psy!

Marshall Banana
12-25-2011, 09:31 PM

12-25-2011, 09:36 PM

Huckleberry Quin
12-25-2011, 11:10 PM
Definitely well deserved, even if you are a stallion milker. Surprised you haven't won it earlier really, because the rest of those lot are even bigger sacks of waste than you.

And you're a pretty massive fucking bag.

12-25-2011, 11:48 PM
smurfing massive bag sounds better

I think I know how to get one of these things now. I mean, it's too late for me, but for you newbs out there, just spam the HELL out of the forums for your first couple years, only throw in a serious comment when it'll catch everyone off guard. Then get on staff for a while, which is easy, you just have to tell Loony BoB you have a younger sister who likes older guys and you have pictures of her in her underwear--you're in. Next step: 30,000 posts. I know it sounds like a lot, but I've got a way to break the system. Use "What's New?" and post in every thread that pops up. All the cool kids post like 2-sentence replies tops, and usually just one. So anytime you find yourself waxing grandiloquently about Jiros gorgeous mane or arguing with Wolf Kanno about the latest method for identifying a wild chocobo's gender, stop before you send that 3 paragraph reply. Cut everything after the second sentence and save it in some kind of txt file for use later. If you're really stuck, just use the quote function and post a smilie that has some vague connection to what they said. You're really cooking with gas if you can get a quote train going, those things are fucking AWESOME for post counts. Also, you get bonus points for mentioning CKs/admins/developers in your posts, so throw them in when you can. If you don't know anything witty to say about them just use the EoFF stereotype list of awesomeness that's posted somewhere or other. It's plum full of succinct descriptions of famous EoFFers. For instance:

8. Psychotic is not nearly as funny as he makes everyone think he is.
23b. Raistlin is pretentious.
64a. Loony BoB stalks EoFF chicks (I use this one a lot myself)
72. Fire_of_Avalon is awesomesauce
936. Levian is pretty.

and so on. The list is hella long, so you probably won't be able to get it all down immediately, but pick 10-15 of your favorite and really spam those for a while till you get the others memorized.
Get these simple rules down and you're set, 10-15 years from now you can have a Lifetime Achievement Ciddie too!

Huckleberry Quin
12-25-2011, 11:56 PM
No, it doesn't.

12-26-2011, 12:03 AM
First of all, thank you quin for the opportunity to rack up a relatively simple addition to my post count.

Second of all, yes it do.

smurfing bag sounds like some retarded European name for a condom

Huckleberry Quin
12-26-2011, 12:11 AM
No need to get touchy, chionos, your ignorance can be quickly fixed.

"Fucking massive bag" - a bag that is fucking massive.
"Pretty massive fucking bag" - Quite a large bag. Swear word is just a swear word rather than an adjective. Similar to "massive fuck-off bag". E.g. "I just took a massive fucking dump, now the bathroom's fucking swamped." Same word, different meanings. You just need to read it in the right cadence instead of being an idiot. Although it may just be that you're not English and suffer from a lack of ridiculously creative language. I'm not sure if many places use terms like "adjective fuck-off noun".

Now let's go back to wanking Paul off before you embarrass yourself.

12-26-2011, 12:17 AM
you know to save yourself a lot of words you could've just said "I am opposed to namedropping. Incidentally has anyone seen my list of popular EoFFers? I appear to have spilled it all over this post."

Huckleberry Quin
12-26-2011, 12:20 AM
That definitely would've sped this whole thing up.

Well done, Psy. You are handsome and wonderful and an inspiration to Steve us all.

12-26-2011, 12:24 AM
First of all, thank you quin for the opportunity to rack up a relatively simple addition to my post count.

Second of all, yes it do.

12-26-2011, 12:29 AM
First of all, thank you quin for the opportunity to rack up a relatively simple addition to my post count.

Second of all, yes it do.

YES! yesyesyesyes

Del Murder
12-26-2011, 06:15 PM
Spam Brigade - 2
BAotW - 1

Good move, old man, but we're still ahead. :cool:

12-26-2011, 06:36 PM

12-26-2011, 07:15 PM
Spam Brigade - 2
BAotW - 1

Good move, old man, but we're still ahead. :cool:

Isn't the whole point of spamming to not achieve anything? Points should be given out by amount of members banned. :colbert:

12-26-2011, 07:26 PM
Spam Brigade - 2
BAotW - 1

Good move, old man, but we're still ahead. :cool:

Isn't the whole point of spamming to not achieve anything? Points should be given out by amount of members banned. :colbert:
If that's the case, then sign me up for Spam Brigade and I'll get myself banned instantly. CP everywhere :jess:

12-26-2011, 07:53 PM
Firstly, PAUL! JACKASS :D Even better the guy isn't even in country any more, we made a dude flee to Poland!

Secondly: Yes Paul...without making your ego bigger than it is, you rock certainly more than Quin.

12-26-2011, 07:54 PM
you rock certainly more than Quin.Gonna get this put on a business card.

12-26-2011, 07:55 PM
Oh wow! Congrats Psy!

What can I say about him that he doesn't already know. Paul is amazing. In fact he was the whole reason I stayed here. I'm coming upon my 8th year here this summer which means it'll be my 7th year of being friends with Psy. When I joined, eoff was still a super active place and I felt lost in the jumble. In fact I joined then didn't come back for a few months because you guys were jerks. I can't remember who messaged whom first but then I was only coming back for those messages from Psy. It made me feel special that someone was going out of their way to message me. Which, when I'm active, I try to apply the same thing to newcomers that made me feel so welcomed.

I really wouldn't be the person I am today without him. Sometimes we go in lulls where we might not talk but when we do again, It's just as it was before. He put up with me when I was sheltered kid who didn't know how to handle attention so I craved it to the hermit hates the public girl I am today. If he ever had advice for me he made me laugh with it, which made it stuck more than anything. Which, the fact that he put up with me long enough to even give me advice is a testament to his will.

And while eoff may not have been the same without him, I know I would be a completely different person had we never had our time travelling adventures.

Congratulations Psychotic, you truly deserve this award.

Huckleberry Quin
12-26-2011, 10:32 PM
Oh yeah, I remember The Oncoming Storm that lasted for months. Good times.

12-27-2011, 03:39 AM
How do we decide who gets these things anyway

(Good job psychotic man you're pretty neat)

12-27-2011, 03:58 AM
How do we decide who gets these things anyway

(Good job psychotic man you're pretty neat)

that's cute :)

The Man
12-27-2011, 04:02 AM
Congrats :monster:

12-27-2011, 04:02 AM
We as in the forum as a collective. Though I do imagine it's just Loony BoB and his evil machinations behind it all :)

12-27-2011, 07:39 AM
As it has been from the beginning so it will be forevermore. I don't know if any of you will believe it, but I remember when LB was not an evil puppeteer controlling our lives.

I also remember a time when Psychotic was just a douchebag, not a really cool douchebag who deserves our respect.

12-27-2011, 01:40 PM
I think I love you.

12-27-2011, 04:37 PM
My default response for these types of awards is "About Smurfing Time"

Ace Protorney
12-28-2011, 08:34 AM
Spam Brigade - 2
BAotW - 1

Good move, old man, but we're still ahead. :cool:

Isn't the whole point of spamming to not achieve anything? Points should be given out by amount of members banned. :colbert:

Welcome to the show where everything is made up and the points don't matter.

Loony BoB
12-28-2011, 12:44 PM
How do we decide who gets these things anyway

(Good job psychotic man you're pretty neat)
Given that the entire idea is for the person to be surprised when they get the award, having the recipient be chosen by the public would make the surprise impossible. Having it chosen by a select group such as staff would likely still leave many candidates out. I'm incredibly thankful that I had no freaking clue that I had been selected for such an award when I won it... I think there was a thread in the events committee forum or something, but I'd not seen it until after the 'congrats' thread was made.

On this occasion I consulted with Murd and we agreed on the two winners. Next time? We'll have to wait and see! Now that Psy is on the list, I can probably consult with him, Shlup (also on list) and whoever is running the next Ciddies. I'm hoping that will end up being me, anyway, as I like to run the mid-year Ciddies and have someone else run the end of year ones. :) Of course, that's not to say that there will definitely be another Lifetimer award next time, so we'll see what happens at the appropriate time.

12-28-2011, 01:13 PM
That is actually a really sensible idea.

12-28-2011, 11:42 PM
Aww Paul I'm proud of you and happy for you! Although YOU NEVER CALL YOUR SON!!! :mad2:

12-29-2011, 12:10 PM
Well to be honest, I didn't vote for the Staff Awards (mostly because I forgot) but I saw this coming. It was much deserved imo. Even though you're blonde and British, you're pretty much the best thing since this black woman singing on a toilet:


Congratulations and I hope for many more years of your abuse. <3