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01-27-2012, 07:32 PM
The other day I was in my dorm room listening to some quiet music, when I heard a large crowd of people formed in the hallway. For some unknown reason, I grabbed an empty can of dr pepper ten, opened my door, hurled it into the hallway and yelled FRAG OUT! before slamming my door shut.

Stunned silence followed, then the whole group burst out laughing for quite a while I sat down and began listening to music again.

I have no idea why I did this, but I did, and now all throughout the building games of "grenade" are bursting out. It's a bit like tag, but it involves bursting into peoples rooms, yelling grenade and throwing a can before slamming the door.

List some silly things you've done.

01-28-2012, 12:24 AM
I've done thousands of completely silly things, either to watch people react or just because I felt like it. I'm a mischievous little bastard at heart.
Real life exmaples:
1. Putting tabasco sauce on people's pizza when they aren't looking
2. I once put vodka in a Sprite bottle so I could take it with me to school, and pour it in other kids' milk
3. Saran wrap on public toilet seats
4. Wearing polka-dotted clothing and pretending to be a mannequin in front of appliance stores, while holding products from a different appliance store (or sometimes bags of oranges) and making faces at people when they walk by, but quickly change back to a stern mannequin expression when they do a double-take
5. Injecting small amounts of mayonnaise into my ex-neighbor's eggs (he's my ex-neighbor for a reason)
6. I've knocked on doors at hotels to say sentences backwards to people I don't know
7. I taught my ex's dog to respond to a different name, so he never comes to her when she calls
8. I made a papier-mâché bust of my friend's algebra teacher and painted it decoratively and snuck it into his apartment, and he can't bring himself to get rid of it because of how lovely it is, so he's stuck with a bust of his most hated teacher
9. Sometimes I text people asking them what time it is (works like a charm)
10. I tell other people to listen to music that is just plain horrible and tell them I like it, then at the end I say "No, I hated it, I just wanted you to sit there and have your eardrums accosted."
11. Writing "exmaples" instead of examples, among other small mistakes, to make people with OCD who didn't quite notice it the first time have a weird feeling of anxiety about it because they know subconsciously that there's something wrong, and then point it out like this so they skim through the entire post again checking to see if anything else they've already read is misspelled, and now they're probably angry at me because they know I've done it just to make them look for it, but they can't help themselves and have to do it anyway. It doesn't get a lot of people, but for the ones it does, it leaves a lasting impression.
12. I sometimes like to yell at the sky when I'm going for a morning run and I see other people on the street, to freak them out
13. I told a friend to get a tattoo of something stupid, because "it would be cool!" and now I make fun of her every time I see her for actually doing it. "What's up, tramp stamp?" "How's it going, butterfly back?" "Are you hungry, bug butt?" (it's a butterfly being stung by a bee on the lowest part of her back)
14. I sometimes sit on the bus for fun, and do things like stare at other people while wearing clothes stained with many different shades of red so that it looks like I just killed someone, or pretending to talk very loudly on the phone for no reason

EoFF exmaples:
1. i misspeil words, leave the letter i lowercase, and occasionally use the wrong your/you're or their/there/they're on purpose, to annoy shion and ShlupQuack
2. I harass people in chat by pretending not to know what their talking about
3. I make posts in list form so people have to scroll more =P (^see what i did thar)
4. I post sexual things in people's visitor messages
5. I am currently posting in one of HC's threads
6. I make a mockery of political debates, theological/philosophical discussions, and people's opinions in general, because it's more fun that way
7. I pretend to be a real person when I am obviously a bot
8. Posting drunk 24/7
10. Leaving empty spaces in my lists

01-28-2012, 05:16 PM
None of those things are silly. They're all jerky though.

01-28-2012, 05:35 PM
1. I click my fingers every time I approach an automatic door so it looks like I opened it with magic
2. I agree with things foa says